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Dimension Info
Depth Metric: 34.29 mm
Depth U S: 1.35"
Height Metric: 16 mm
Width Metric: 14.224 mm
Width U S: 0.559"
Height U S: 0.632"
Keystone, USB Type A-A, Feed-Thru, Fog White OR-KSUSBAA
Ortronics USB connectors provide convenience and flexibility to extend and connect at the desk,
podium, or tabletop level where a USB enabled keyboard, mouse, cameras or flash storage drive, are
often used.
•Compatible with Wiremold® pathway products
•Rugged thermoplastic construction for secure fit
•Flush mounted modules for an aesthetic appearance
•All modules snap in for easy installation
ORTRONICS TECHCHOICE® KEYSTONE footprint is a rear loading style module that comes in a
variety of A/V connector types as well as Category 5e and 6 data connectivity. It’s ideal for creating a
quality solution for A/V and data connectivity. The keystone footprint can also be used with Series II
through the use of an adapter bezel.
General Info
Product Series: Keystone
Type: Other
Footprint: Keystone
Color: Fog White
Number Of Ports: 1
Technical Info
Equipment Type: USB
Performance Rating: USB 2.0
Country of Origin: TAIWAN
Eco Information
RoHS Compliant: Yes
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