Lemania/EnergyFlo Start booster X7 User Manual

Lemania/EnergyFlo Start booster X7 User Manual
Start booster X7
User Manual
Always follow basic safety precautions and wear appropriate safety equipment when
using electrical appliances and batteries. Read all instructions carefully.
Please keep this instruction manual for future reference.
LCD Display Description:
1. The Power Level:
Press the switch button (
) to display the battery state of charge. It will show it in
percentage (XX%). "BATTERY LOW RECHARGE", indicates that the power is low and
that you should recharge it.
2. The Charging Process:
When connected to the home or car charger you will see the "CHARGING" light
indicating that it is charging.
3. The LED Light:
Press the master light switch (
) to turn the light ON and OFF and in the different
lighting modes. The modes are as follows: Regular; Flashing; SOS distress mode.
4. Different Outputs Display:
5V-2A USB Output: When the USB cable is connected to the USB port just press the
power switch (
) to start the charge.
12V-10A DC Output: When you connect your equipment/cable to the 12V-10A
connector and press the power switch, it will start to supply a 12V current.
12V Jump Start: Connect the blue connector of the clamps into the jump starter.
If the display shows "SHORT CIRCUIT IN JUMPING PORT", it indicates a short circuit
has happened.
If the display will shows "WARING CLAMPS REVERSED", it means that the clamps are
not connected properly.
When the display shows "JUMP START READY", it indicates that the clamps are
connected correctly.
When the display shows "PRESS BOOST BUTTON", it indicates that the clamps are
properly connected. In this particular case you will have to press the BOOST button
to complete the boost operation within 30S.
Charging Instruction:
1. Connect your home charger into the universal socket.
2. Connect your charger to the 15V-1A input port of the jump starter.
1. Plug the car adaptor into the socket of cigarette lighter.
Instruction to Jump Start:
1. Make sure that you have at least 75% of the capacity before you start.
2. Connect the RED clamp to the vehicle's battery positive (+) terminal and connect
the BALCK clamp to the vehicle's battery negative (-) terminal.
3. Plug the blue connector of the clamps into the jump starter socket.
4. Start the vehicle
5. When the vehicle has started, remove the blue connector from the jump starter
and disconnect the clamps from the vehicle.
Warning: The BOOST Function is a manual mode. Only use when the battery of the
car is dead or very discharged. First connect the clamps before turning this mode ON.
Instruction to Charge with the USB Port
1. Plug your USB cable to the USB 5V-2A output port.
3. Press the switch button to start the charge
Instruction for the 12V Power Supply Mode:
1. Plug your cable to 12V 10A output port.
2. Connect the other end of your cable to your 12V vehicle or equipment.
3. Press the switch button to start the power supply.
Battery Capacity: 15000mAh (55.5Wh)
Output: 5V/2A; 12V/10A
Input: 15V/1A
Full charging time: 6 hours
Starting current:
Peak current: 500A
Operating temperature : -20℃ ~ 50℃
Q. How to turn off the jump starter?
A. This appliance will power off automatically when no load is detected or charging
is not complete.
Q. How long does it take to fully recharge it?
A. Approximately 6 hours through the 15V1A input.
Q. How many times can this unit charge my cell phone?
A. It depend on the capacity of your cell phone, but on average from 2 to 4 times.
Q. How many times can it jump start a vehicle if it is fully charged?
A. Again it will depend on may factors, such as the vehicle itself and the state of
charge of the vehicle’s battery, but on average from 4 to 10 times.
Q. How often should I recharge the jump starter?
A. We suggest to recharge it every 3 months at least to make sure it is always ready.
H. Warning:
1. Always make sure the blue plug of the cables is well connected with the jump start
socket before jumping starting the vehicle. Otherwise, it will affect the results and
might even melt the blue connector.
2. DO NOT press the “BOOST” button when the cables are not connected properly to
the battery of the vehicle. The BOOST mode is a manual mode, for when the
battery’s voltage is either very low, or the battery is dead.
3. DO NOT connect the two clamps together or connect to the wrong battery
terminals if the indicator light is ON.
4. Always check if the clamps are well connected, check if the vehicle battery
connectors are rusted or dirty. Clean them before jumping starting the vehicle.
5. DO NOT try jump start after 2 attempts. If it doesn’t start after 2 times, please
check your engine or ask your distributor for advice.
Wear appropriate safety equipment, such as gloves, goggles and clothing. Not made
for children. Not to be used as a toy. Do not get it wet and do not immerse it in water.
Do not operate it in a flammable environment, such as in the presence of flammable
liquids or gases. Do not modify it or try to repair it yourself. Only use supplied
accessories, including the charger and clamps.
Do not expose to heat and store in a location where the temperature does not
exceed 50°C. Only charge it in an ambient temperature (0°C-30°C).
Under extreme conditions, battery leakage may occur. Carefully wipe the liquid off
with cloth, and avoid skin contact. In case of skin or eye contact, rinse immediately
with clean water and seek immediate medical attention.
Do not discard. Please send it back to your distributor for recycling purposes.
1. We offer a limited warranty for this product against any defects in material and
workmanship only. The conditions of the warranty are as follows:
2.The warranty is only valid upon presentation of the original receipt (from
dealer/retailer) by the original purchaser with the product to be repaired or replaced
3.The warranty is voided if the serial number, date of purchase and label has been
4.The warranty does not cover damage or product failure resulting from normal wear
and tear, physical abuse, improper installation, misuse, modification or repairs by
unauthorized third parties
5.We do not assume responsibility for any loss or damage incurred during shipment
or as a result of major force.
6.We are not liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from the use
or misuse of this product
7.All warranty claims are limited to repair of the defective product and at the sole
discretion of us
8.If we repair or replace the product, the product will be covered for the remaining
time of the original warranty period. Repair or replacement may involve the use of
reconditioned units which are equivalent in function. Replaced part or product
becomes the property of us
9.Consumable components such as batteries are not covered by the warranty
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