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The Model 35 Talent Amplifier is a full-featured stereo headphone amplifier (cue) for use with the StudioComm
74/75 Surround Monitoring System.
Key Features:
• Excellent audio quality
• Supports one or two sets of high-impedance headphones (>150 Ω)
• ¼-inch and 3.5 mm output connectors
• Stereo/mono switch
• Powered by connected StudioComm system—no batteries required
• Microphone stand mounting adapter included
Model 35 modules are typically deployed in voice-over booths, studio areas, or other locations where voice or
music talent needs access to a headphone cue feed. Using a standard 3-pin XLR audio cable, the Model 35
connects directly to, and is poweredby, a StudioComm 74/75 system. The Model 35 provides a stereo audio
amplifier, built-in level control, stereo/mono switch, and support for one or two pairs of headphones. Up to
four Model 35 Talent Amplifier modules can be used with a StudioComm 74/75 system.
Power Requirements: +20-32 Vdc (modulated
with left channel audio), provided by Model 74
Central Controller
Power Present LED: red, indicates presence of
operating power
Input (from Model 74): 3-pin female XLR
Loop Thru: 3-pin male XLR, connected in parallel with
input connector
Headphone Outputs: 2, ¼ -inch, 3-conductor (stereo)
phone jacks
Headphone Output: 1, feeds two headphone jacks
Load: intended for connection to one or two pairs
of headphones with total impedance of 75 ohms or
Output Level: user adjustable
Maximum Output Voltage: 16 V peak-to-peak
into 150 ohms @ 1% THD+Noise, 400 Hz
Distortion (THD+N): 0.03%
Frequency Response: 20 Hz-20 kHz ±0.5 dB
Dimensions (Overall):
4.2 inches wide (10.7 cm)
2.0 inches high (5.1 cm)
5.3 inches deep (13.5 cm)
Mounting: desktop; microphone stand mounting
adapter included
Weight: 0.8 pounds (0.4 kg)
Studio Technologies, Inc.
Skokie, Illinois USA
+1 847-676-9177
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