Computer Storage Devices
Computer Storage Devices
Some older forms of data storage devices are:
 Floppy Disks  Zip Disks  CD + RW  CD + R  DVD + RW  DVD + R  Storage Tapes
Floppy Disk - They are plastic square disks, usually with a silver or black sliding piece going across
the top. These disks come in a variety of colors and they hold about 144 million bytes (around 1.44
megabytes, or MB). Bytes are characters, symbols and letters.
Zip Disk - They look like a floppy disk, but are a little thicker. This disk holds about 200 MB (around
200 million bytes) of data.
CD + RW Disc (Compact Disc Rewriteable) - This disc looks like a regular CD. The only difference is
that you can write on this disc and erase it as many times as you want. A CD + RW disc holds about 650
CD + R Disc (Compact Disc Recordable) - This one is a CD that you can record on. It’s mostly used to
record audio and once it's been written on, you cannot rewrite or erase anything from it. This compact
disc comes in different sizes, and they are usually silver in color.
A DVD – R Disc (Digital Video Recordable) - These discs hold the space of about 4.7 GB (gigabytes),
or 4700 MB, and are used to record movies on, or to store data from a computer (backups).
Storage Tape - This one is a magnetically coated ribbon of plastic, capable of storing large amounts of
data at a very low cost. Usually, storage tapes are a little bigger than audio tapes. Older computers
used tape and tape drives, but even today, some people still back their systems up with storage tape.
Computer Storage Devices
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Some newer and probably more common storage devices are:
 External Hard Drive  Flash Drive  Smart Cards  Memory Sticks
External Hard Drive - This is a drive in which a plastic or metal case surrounds the hard drive. It can
be taken with you (they comes in various sizes), and also can be used for backing up the data on your
computer's hard drive. They can hold very large amounts of data.
Flash Drive - This a storage device that comes in many colors and often has a stick shape to it. They
are very small in size, but they can hold a lot of data on them.
Smart Cards - These are the size of an ATM card. A smart card contains a "chip" with memory and is
typically used to hold customer account information and a "balance" of money similar to a checking
account. When inserted into a smart card reader, they can read and update data for you.
Memory Stick - This is a rectangular shaped disk that is used mostly with digital cameras and
notebook computers.
Computer Storage Devices
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