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Glenda LED Light Kit
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Please be sure to read our instructions thoroughly before attempting installation.
STEP 1: Parts List and Bike Preparation
Check Parts list supplied with your kit to be sure all parts are handy.
Park the motorcycle on hard pavement or concrete to insure the bike will
be stable during the installation. If you can mount the bike on a stand with
tie-down straps, this will help secure the motorcycle
Follow the manufacturers guidelines for disconnecting the battery. This is
important to prevent damage to the electrical system.
WARNING: During the installation procedure, DO NOT touch the blue
wire to 12V+ or you will fry the lights!
Fig 1
Note: Clearwater lights include a very high quality means of connecting to the motorcycle’s
electrical system. “Posi” devices made by Posi-Products are used to securely and safely
make electrical connections on the bike. You can view instructions on the proper installation
of the Posi-Products at They simply screw together and mate the
wires. We suggest keeping your lights on all the time, we do not furnish an “on-off” switch.
It is important to be sure that the wire you use will turn off when the bike is turned off.
Otherwise, you will end up with a dead battery. Nobody likes that.
STEP 2: Mounting the Lights
One side at a time, remove both fender bolts. Be sure to keep fender from
hanging and being damaged. Use a wire tie or piece of wire to hold the
fender until you are ready to install the new bolts. Inspect the female threads
on the brackets for dirt or foreign substance. If possible, use compressed air
(wear protective glasses) or small bottle brush to clean the threads
Pre-assemble the lights, mounting bracket, shoulder washers (if needed) and
spacers with new bolts. Add 1 or 2 plastic washers to shoulder washer to
make up difference in thickness of front fender if needed.
Gently screw all bolts in hand tight. Inspect the bolt length and spacer alignment before tightening the bolts. Assembly will resemble the diagram below.
Universal Bracket Instructions:
Bikes manufactured after March 2006 use M6 bolts on the fender instead of M5
bolts and therefore do not fit the brackets shown on the previous page. For these
bikes we supply our universal mounting bracket shown below. To mount the lights
with the universal bracket, follow these instructions:
• Remove the top fender bolt and secure fender so that it does not slide into a
position that will damage it.
• Preassemble the lights onto the bracket, spacer, and shoulder washer as shown
below. Use a plastic washer or two if the shoulder washer is too long.
• Hand tighten all bolts until all is in place, then fully tighten.
STEP 3: Mounting the Pot
Handlebar mount option
Mount “volume control” to handlebar by using supplied bracket, spacer and bolt.
Route wires from lights and pot bracket to area under left side of forks. Connections can
be made here and be kept weatherproof.
Fairing Mount Option
Mount “volume control” in fairing by drilling a 5/16” hole and mounting control
with attachment nut.
Check for minimum 2” clearance behind panel to allow for circuit board and wire.
Double check fitment of parts BEFORE drilling your panel. Measure TWICE, drill
Tighten 10mm nut and Install rubber knob over pot with press fit.
STEP 4: Wiring
Wire routing:
• Be sure to route wires so that they cannot become tangled or caught in either a suspension part or steering part. Check movement of both steering and suspension
before riding the bike.
• It is sometimes helpful to follow existing wire routing.
Electrical Connections:
• Main power from our lights is provided by a CANbus safe harness assembly. Use
this to supply power to the lights. The relay is activated by using a tap to an accessory power lead. See CANbus specific instructions later on how to connect it to the
bike and the battery.
• DO NOT CONNECT BLUE WIRES TO 12 VOLTS +. You will damage the
• Attach the black ring terminal to the negative battery terminal or other good ground
• Use a posi-twist to connect the blue wire from the pot to the two blue wires from
the lights (3 wires).
• Use a posi-twist to connect red from the CANbus to the red wires from lights and
pot (4 wires)
• Connect ground/black wire to black wires from lights and pot. (4 wires)
• If you are using the high beam feature (recommended), use a posi-tap to connect
the white wire from the pot to the High Beam headlight hot lead (+). This will be
on ONLY when the high beam is illuminated.
Use the YELLOW/WHITE wire
in the right side rubber grommet
going to the high beam for the
optional high/low feature
CANbus instructions:
• Use a positap to connect wire 1 (thin red) to accessory tap (recommend red-white
wire, pin 3, in the GPS plug shown to the right located between the front frame
and battery)
• Wire 2a (thick black with ring connector) goes to bike ground
• Wire 2b (black) is ground for the lights
• Wire 5 (red) is hot (+) for the lights
• Wire 6 (thick red with ring connector) goes to battery hot (+)
STEP 5: Alignment
Ask an assistant to help you with this procedure. Make sure the bike
is on level ground and have an assistant sit on the bike. With a right
angle board or object, position the board on the floor and slide it up
to the light. Adjust the lights so that the light is level with the
ground. Passengers and luggage may alter the alignment of the light,
so further adjustments may be needed. You may find that a slight
downward angle (5 degrees) is helpful.
Thank you for purchasing your Clearwater lights. We hope this product will help
make you a safer rider. Please feel free to send us comments or suggestions at any
time. We learn from you. Keep checking our website for more new exciting products
such as our new 36W LED Krista light to help you see better at night.
Ride safe!
Glenn and the guys at Clearwater.
The Clearwater Company
2546 Mercantile Dr. Suite B
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Ph:916.852.7029 Fx:916.852.9410
September 2, 2010
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