Philips AEA2700/12 Datasheet

Philips AEA2700/12 Datasheet
Bluetooth® adapter
Bluetooth® music receiver
Bluetooth® aptX, ACC and NFC
Digital out
Connect up to 3 smartphones
Philips Bluetooth® adapter with MULTIPAIR turns your Hi-Fi/PC speaker system into a
wireless sound system. Just connect the adapter to stream music wirelessly from up to
three smartphones, tablets and Bluetooth-enabled devices.
Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth® technology
• Stream music apps from your smartphone or tablet to Hi-Fi
• Swap music instantly between 3 devices with MULTIPAIR
• High fidelity Bluetooth® (aptX® and AAC) music streaming
Turns your Hi-Fi into a wireless sound system
• Connects to almost any Hi-Fi or PC speaker system
• Works with any smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth®
• Digital coaxial and optical audio outputs for premium sound
Simplicity in use
• One-Touch Bluetooth® pairing by NFC
• Plug-and-play for easy use
• Smooth and compact design
Bluetooth® adapter
Bluetooth® music receiver with MULTIPAIR, Bluetooth® aptX, ACC and NFC, Digital out
Pair up to 3 smart devices so you can stream
music from whichever device you want,
without the hassle of un-pairing and re-pairing.
To play a song on a different device, just pick it
and hit play. The song on the original device
will stop and your new song will take over,
perfect for sharing music with friends, parties,
or just playing different songs stored on
different devices. Let friends and family pair at
the same time, so you can swap between each
other’s music in a flash.
Stream online music apps
Every music lover has his favorite music
service or online radio apps on his mobile
devices. Now you can play them directly on
your Hi-Fi system.
High fidelity Bluetooth®
With advanced technology, sound streamed
via Bluetooth® is brought to the next level.
Standard Bluetooth® audio uses SBC codec
that is built for basic audio transmission,
leaving listeners sometimes disappointed and
dissatisfied. The Hi-Fi adapter, however, is
armed with high fidelity (aptX® and AAC)
Bluetooth® wireless technology – giving you
rich, powerful and crystal clear sound.
Compatible with both latest Android™ and
Apple iOS smartphones, tablets and other
devices, Philips now delivers the audio quality
you have come to expect. Wireless music
never sounded this good.
Works with most Hi-Fi systems
You can connect the Bluetooth® Hi-Fi adapter
to almost any Hi-Fi or PC speaker system using
standard analogue RCA or 3.5mm jack.
NFC technology
Compact design
The Bluetooth® Hi-Fi adapter features a
compact and streamlined design, looking
perfect on your favorite Hi-Fi.
Digital / optical audio ouputs
Digital coaxial and optical audio outputs for
premium sound
Links to smartphone or tablet
Pair Bluetooth® devices easily with one-touch
NFC (Near Field Communications)
technology. Just tap the NFC enabled
smartphone or tablet on the NFC area of a
speaker to turn the speaker on, start
Bluetooth® pairing, and begin streaming music.
The Bluetooth® Hi-Fi adapter connects readily
to your favorite Hi-Fi. Just plug it in the RCA
or 3.5mm jacks, and you are ready to play
music from your smartphone or tablet on your
Bluetooth® Hi-Fi Adapter works with
Bluetooth®-enabled phones and tablets. Just
turn on Bluetooth®, connect to the Hi-Fi
adapter and play music from your smartphone/
tablet on your Hi-Fi.
Bluetooth® adapter
Bluetooth® music receiver with MULTIPAIR, Bluetooth® aptX, ACC and NFC, Digital out
NFC technology
Bluetooth version: 3.0
Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP 1.3
Bluetooth: support aptX & AAC streaming
Bluetooth range: Up to 10m
RCA Aux out
Audio out (3.5mm)
Digital coaxial/optical output
• AC Adapter
• Cables: RCA to 3.5mm cable
• Quick start guide
• Power supply: 100-240 V ~, 50/60 Hz
• Product dimensions (W x H x D):
74 x 22 x 74 mm
• Product weight: 0.04 kg
• Packaging type: D-box
• Packaging dimensions (W x H x D):
125 x 158 x 56 mm
Issue date 2014-08-12
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