There`s more than meets the eye.

There`s more than meets the eye.
There’s more than
meets the eye.
TV Power
All Power
Turn your TV and set-top box
on or off at the same time.
Control the sound on
your TV or surround
sound system.
Move up or down in your
channel lineup.
View the Main Menu to
access your channel
lineup, DVR recordings,
XFINITY On Demand™,
parental controls
and more.
Playback Controls
Stop playback in
On Demand or DVR.
Take a break and come back
to your program in DVR,
On Demand or live TV.
Shortcut to TV listings.
Directional Pad
Use the arrows to navigate
the menus and guide.
Press [OK] to select a
highlighted item from the
Guide screen or XFINITY
On Demand.
Page Up/Page Down
Move up or down in menus
or forward or backward while
watching a show. With DVR
service, skip ahead and skip back
in 5-minute increments.
Tune to your last channel
or DVR program.
Also takes you to the
last menu viewed.
Mute the sound on your
TV or sound system.
Schedule a show or series
to record on DVR.
View or set up your
favorite channels
or programs.
Select the channel you
want to watch by typing a
channel number.
Switch the device input
your TV is displaying.
Go back or go forward, in DVR,
On Demand or live TV.
Jump back to live TV
from a guide screen,
On Demand or DVR.
TV Input
Quickly find your
favorite programs on
TV or On Demand.
Turn your TV on.
A Get answers to FAQ about
your XFINITY service.
Display details for
current program
or a highlighted
guide listing.
Jump between two
tuners so you can
control the playback of
two channels.
B Go back a day in the guide.
C Go forward a day in the guide.
D Activate descriptive video.
Program your remote
to control your TV.
Remotes may vary
*Restrictions apply. Services and
features vary based on service level.
Your remote may vary slightly from
the one pictured here, but the basic
functions should remain the same.
Some features may not be available
in all areas. For a complete list of
Comcast remotes go to
remotes for more details. Only set-top
boxes with DVR service can pause or
rewind live TV.
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