Crescendo 20/2 plus system
Instructions for use
Either – Switch the two position microphone switch on the side to <Int> to use the
“in-built” microphone.
(a) Or Plug the 4 metre lead microphone into the socket marked <Mic> and switch the two
position microphone switch on the side to <Ext> . Attach the microphone to the
television speaker grille using one set of the self-adhesive Velcro pads supplied. Peel
off the backing paper and press the pad firmly in place. The microphone will then
fasten to the pad if lightly pressed in place. To remove the microphone, pull it away
gently. The microphone may be used on other equipment such as a radio or Hi-Fi.
To use the system without a hearing aid - plug the headphones into the socket marked
<Phones> and continue as 3.
To use the system with a hearing aid - plug the headphones into the socket marked
<Phones> and switch your hearing aid to the “T” or “MT” position. Continue as 3.
Set the television to the normal listening level for the other members of your household
and turn the Crescendo's volume control clockwise until the desired headphone volume
is reached. Remember to switch off the amplifier when not in use by turning the knob
fully anti-clockwise, when a "click" will be felt.
The amplifier is fitted with a 3 position switched Tone control on the side. In the
<High> position the amplifier will emphasise the higher frequency range and in the
<Low> position the lower frequency range. In the <Norm> position the high or low
frequencies are not emphasised.
To receive signals from a loop system unplug the 4 metre lead microphone (if used)
switch the two position microphone switch to <Ext>. This allows a pick-up
coil to receive signals from an inductive loop system installed for use by hearing aid
users. This is like a hearing aid switched to the “T” position. It may be necessary to
turn or move the amplifier to get the best signal.
The product should give a long and trouble-free service if the following points are observed.
 Treat the headset and microphone leads carefully, they are quite thin in order to be
convenient and comfortable to use.
 DO NOT wrap the leads around the amplifier.
 DO NOT leave leads trailing across the floor to be tripped over.
Battery Changing
To change the battery in the amplifier, turn it over and whilst pressing down, slide the
battery cover in the direction of the arrow. The old battery can now be removed by turning
the unit
over and tapping gently. Unclip the connector from the battery. Fit a new battery making
sure that the wires are tucked out of the way. Slide the battery cover into place.
Battery type : Alkaline PP3, MN1604, or equivalent. We would suggest that batteries are
bought from a reputable shop with a reasonable turnover to ensure "fresh" stock. The
Crescendo 20 plus must be fitted with an alkaline battery.
Mains Adaptor
The Crescendo 20 plus amplifier may be used with the Sarabec Crescendo mains adaptor. If
the mains adaptor is to be used exclusively, please remove the battery to prevent leakage and
damage to the amplifier. The adaptor should be unplugged when not in use.
If another type of mains adaptor is used damage could be caused to the equipment if
inappropriate voltages, currents or polarity are used. The amplifier requires a 6V DC supply
with a current rating greater than 200mA. If the amplifier does not work with another type
of adaptor switch off and unplug straight away.
Problems and Cures
No Sound
 Headphones & microphone in wrong sockets - change
 Battery exhausted - fit new battery.
 Microphone switch in wrong position - set to <Ext> to use
with 4m lead microphone or as a loop receiver and to <Int>
to use the “in built” microphone.
Low or distorted sound
 Battery almost exhausted -fit new battery.
Buzz or squeal after short  Battery almost exhausted, system will seem OK when first
switched on - fit new battery
Crackling or
 Dirty plug - clean plug.
Sound goes on & off
 Faulty leads - wiggle lead by plug to find faulty lead, replace
Tinny or muffled sound
 Tone control in wrong position - switch to another position.
If in doubt please contact your dealer for assistance.
Headphones or neck loops with mono jack plugs will not work correctly with the Crescendo
20 plus and may cause damage to the amplifier.
If the system needs to be returned for repair please send the complete system including the
amplifier, headset and microphone. Please state the nature of the fault and the return
address. If the system is still under guarantee please state this and provide proof of purchase.
 Sarabec Ltd 105-302.003 0411 Cres 20.2 plus .doc
Accessories and Spares
A full list of accessories and spares with prices is shown in our current product guide,
available on request. Please check the current price and quote both the description and part
number when ordering.
Part No.
Standard Microphone with 4m(12ft) BLACK lead and Velcro pads
Standard Microphone with 4m(12ft) WHITE lead and Velcro pads
Short lead Microphone with 1m(3ft) BLACK lead
Crescendo direct audio lead kit for jack sockets
Crescendo direct audio lead for SCART socket
Microphone extension lead 3m(10ft)
Microphone extension lead 5m(15ft)
Velcro pads kit, One hook type and three black loop type pads
To obtain this kit only, please send two second class stamps
Stethoscope headset complete
Stethoscope headset lead
Stethoscope headset foam pads (pack 10)
Lightweight headphones
Neck Loop with 1m(3ft) lead
Ear Loop with 1m(3ft) lead
Crescendo 20 mains adaptor 6V 200mA
Crescendo 20/2 plus
Personal Sound System
Owner’s Manual
The Crescendo 20/2 plus system is an easy to use amplifying system for use with or without
a hearing aid. With one simple volume control the user’s volume can be easily varied
without affecting others. An “in built” microphone makes the system ideal for general
conversation where trailing wires can be a nuisance, the microphone with 4 metre lead can
be used to get right to the sound source e.g. television or Hi-Fi etc. A 3 position tone control
allows you to boost the high or low frequencies to suit your needs. A loop pick up facility
allows you to pick up loop signals without using a hearing aid.
The Crescendo 20/2 plus is supplied ready to use with an alkaline battery, lightweight
headphones, 4 m microphone and self-adhesive Velcro™ pads.
The output is suitable for use with most types of headphones with an impedance of 32 ohms
and fitted with a 3.5mm STEREO jack plug.
Product conforms to the provisions of the following European Union Directives :
 89/336 & 92/31 Electro Magnetic Compatibility Directives
 93/68 CE Marking Directive
is a mark of Sarabec Ltd.
The sound output levels from this system can be very high. It is
recommended that the volume control should be turned to the "OFF"
position before changing the battery or plugging in or unplugging the
headphones or microphone.
Sarabec Limited 15 High Force Road Middlesbrough TS2 1RH
Telephone (01642) 247789 Fax (01642) 230827 Text (01642) 251310
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