A Dimension NT Sell Sheet.qxd

A Dimension NT Sell Sheet.qxd
Simplicity, flexibility, and endurance
for the most demanding applications.
Dimension NT 450
Multiprocess, Three-Phase Power Source
One welder for all heavy-industrial manufacturing
and fabrication applications
Saves money by decreasing set-up time with simple,
operator-friendly front panel
■ Improves arc starts and performance in all welding
processes, including stainless steel with MIG
■ Endures rigorous use in the harshest environments
■ Eliminates operator confusion by automatically setting
process requirements
New, simple, operator-friendly front panel
The unique and easy-to-use front panel design of the
Dimension NT 450 allows the operator to start welding in
any process without losing time in set-up.
Simply choose a process and the machine’s Auto Remote
Sense™ automatically selects remote control requirements,
eliminating switches, and confusion. For example this
feature allows the operator to Air Carbon Arc Gouge or
Stick weld without unplugging the 14 pin control cable
from the wire feeder.
Downtime is reduced with 8 diagnostic help codes that
appear on the front panel LED displays to help decrease
time troubleshooting.
Extremely refined arc starts and weld performance
The Dimension NT 450 introduces a revolutionary
technology that combines the performance of inverter-based
technology with transformer-based reliability.
The arc performance of this machine surpasses all
comparable transformer-designed welders with its
ultra-fast switching devices.
Increases contact tip life, and reduces spatter — saving
time in clean-up and tip-changes.
Provides Lift-Arc™ for non-HF TIG starts and
Inductance/DIG Control for optimal MIG/Stick performance.
The Dimension NT 450 is the right choice for:
Pipe welding
■ Shipbuilding
■ Maintenance and repair
Simple, clean design for rugged applications
The Dimension NT 450’s tried-and-true transformer-based
design maintains the reliability rugged environments require.
Enclosures are added for additional protection for all
critical components.
Fan-on-Demand™ operates the cooling fan only when needed
which reduces noise, electrical consumption and decreases
the amount of debris pulled through the machine.
When you need outstanding arc performance in all processes, power to weld or gouge
thick metals, precision to weld at low amps, and the reliability to withstand rugged
work loads, the Dimension NT 450 is the optimal choice.
Dimension NT 450
Multiprocess, Three-Phase Power Source
Is is possible to achieve superior arc quality while
maintaining reliability at high duty cycles?
Yes, with Miller’s new NT Technology we are no longer limited
by the line frequency regulation of our standard product. This
means a much faster response, providing excellent arc starts
and superior arc performance in all the welding processes. And
we are using the same reliable transformer design which has
been the trademark of the industry.
“The welding operators really like the Dimension
NT 450. The weld quality is there in all processes.
It reduces repairs and if our welding operators like
the machine a lot, we get better production.”
— Billy Hammer, Production Manager
AXH Air Coolers, Claremore, OK
Can a “simplified” front panel really save me time?
Yes. By minimizing the number of switches on the front panel
and with the Auto Remote Sense feature on the Dimension NT
450, it is the easiest machine to use and the fastest to set up.
Operators select the process on the Mode Switch and the
Auto-Remote Sense selects all the output requirements through
the 14-pin connection. There is less operator confusion
providing more time for weld production.
Does the inverter-like arc quality mean that it costs the
same as inverter-based welders?
No. the Dimension NT 450 meets an age-old industry need: the
arc performance of an inverter-based welder with the reliability
and price of a traditional Miller Dimension 452.
Dimension™ NT 450 Key Comparison
Dimension™ NT 450
Lincoln DC 400
The Power of Blue® Payoff
450 A @ 38 volts
5–500 A; 10–38 volts
400 A @ 36 volts
60–500 A; 12–42 volts
Additional amps/volts provide a wider welding range, with
excellent low-end performance.
Pre-settable digital
with hold feature
Analog and no
pre-settable feature
Meters are easy to read and monitor at a distance. Hold feature
allows parameters to be viewed after welding. Pre-settable
meters allow precise settings for consistency.
Help Error Codes
8 help messages
Not available
Miller only! Easy diagnostic help codes appear on the front
panel LED displays to decrease time troubleshooting.
Auto Remote Sense™
Comes standard
Not available
Dimension’s new technology automatically selects remote
control requirements, minimizing switches.
Inductance/DIG Control
and Lift-Arc™
Comes standard
Not available
New feature adds additional flexibility for a large variety and
diameter of wires and gases. Lift-Arc TIG feature results in no
tungsten contamination associated with scratch start TIG.
PCBs, power modules
and capacitor bank
Not available
Enhanced environmental protection: all critical components
housed in protective enclosures.
For more detailed product information, see literature #DC/19.5.
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