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Solving Minor Problems Yourself
Possible Causes
The iron does
not heat up.
Temperature control (10)
set to minimum.
Turn to a higher position.
No mains supply.
Check with another
appliance or plug the iron
into a different socket.
The “Secure” system has
been activated. The iron is
set to stand-by.
Move the iron gently from
side to side to reactivate it.
indicator lamp
(13) flashes*.
The “Secure” system has
been activated. The iron is
set to stand-by.
Move the iron gently from
side to side to reactivate it.
The clothes
tend to stick.
The temperature is too high.
Turn the temperature
control (10) down and wait
until the iron has cooled
Water drips out Temperature control (10)
of the soleplate setting is too low.
(6) together
with steam.
Turn the temperature
control to a higher setting
(between “••” and “max”)
and wait until the pilot light
(11) goes out.
Steam regulator (3) is set
too high in conjunction with
a low temperature.
Set the steam regulator to
a lower setting.
You have pressed the
shot of steam button (2)
repeatedly without waiting
for 5 seconds between
each press.
Wait 5 seconds between
each press of the jet of
steam button.
Steam regulator (3) is set to
“0” position.
Set the steam control to an
open steam position.
No water in the tank (7).
Fill the tank.
The temperature is too
low. Anti-drip system is
Set to a higher temperature
if compatible with the
Spray does not
No water in the tank (7).
Fill the water tank.
Obstructed mechanism.
Contact the Technical
Smoke comes
out when
connecting the
iron for the first
This may be caused by the
lubrication of some of the
internal parts.
This is normal and will stop
after a few minutes.
Deposits come
out through
the holes in the
soleplate (6).
Traces of lime scale are
coming out of the steam
Carry out a cleaning
cycle (see “Calc’nClean”
Steam does
not come out.
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en Operating instructions
* (Model dependent)
If none of the above solves the problem, get in touch with an
authorised technical service.
You can download this manual from the local homepages
of Bosch.
Thank you for buying the TDA10 steam iron from Bosch. This iron
has a lightweight design and is built to perform.
This iron has been designed according to ecological criteria, related
to the sustainable development, analyzing its whole lifecycle –from
material selection to its later reusing or recycling– evaluating the
improvement possibilities, from a technical, economical and
environmental point of view.
These instructions contain valuable information about the unique
features of this iron and some hints to make ironing easier for you.
Please visit for more product
information or to register your product, just follow the link
to the Online guarantee registration.
This appliance has been designed exclusively for domestic
use and must not be used for industrial purposes.
Carefully read through the operating instructions for the
appliance and safeguard them for future reference.
General safety instructions
•The iron must not be left unattended while it is
connected to the mains supply.
•Remove the plug from the socket before filling the
appliance with water or before pouring out the
remaining water after use.
•The appliance must be used and placed on a stable
•When placed on its stand, make sure that the surface
on which the stand is placed is stable.
•The iron should not be used if it has been dropped,
if there are visible signs of damage or if it is leaking
water. It must be checked by an authorized Technical
Service Centre before it can be used again.
•With the aim of avoiding dangerous situations, any
work or repair that the appliance may need, e.g.
replacing a faulty mains cable, must only be carried
out by qualified personnel from an Authorised
Technical Service Centre.
•This appliance can be used by children aged from 8
years and above and persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge if they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way
and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not
play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance
shall not be made by children without supervision.
001 Sensixx’x DA10 GB 09/13
•Keep the iron and its cord out of reach of children less
than 8 years of age when it is energized or cooling
CAUTION. Hot surface.
Surface is liable to get hot during use.
This appliance reaches high temperatures and produces steam
during use, this could cause scalds or burns in case of improper use.
- Do not touch the soleplate! Hold the iron by its handle.
- Do not leave the power cable hanging over the table or ironing
board, to prevent the appliance from falling.
- Do not iron clothing while it is being worn!
- Never spray or aim the steam at persons or animals!
• Do not allow the power cable to come into contact with sharp
edges or with the soleplate when it is hot.
• Never rest the iron in a horizontal position when the soleplate
is hot. Rest it on its heel.
• Do not touch the appliance with wet hands when in operation.
• This appliance is to be connected and used in accordance with
the information stated on its characteristics plate.
• This appliance must be connected to an earthed socket. If it is
absolutely necessary to use an extension cable, make sure that
it is suitable for 16A and has a socket with an earth connection.
• If the safety fuse fitted in the appliance blows, the appliance
will be rendered inoperative. To restore normal operation the
appliance will have to be taken to an authorised Technical
Service Centre.
• In order to avoid that, under unfavourable mains conditions,
phenomena like transient voltage drops or lighting fluctuations
can happen, it is recommended that the iron is connected to a
power supply system with a maximum impedance of 0.26Ω . If
necessary, the user can ask the public power supply company
for the system impedance at the interface point.
• The appliance must never be placed directly under the tap to
fill the water tank.
• Unplug the appliance from the mains supply after each use, or
if a fault is suspected.
• The electrical plug must not be removed from the socket by
pulling the cable.
• Never immerse the iron in water or any other fluid.
• Do not leave the appliance exposed to weather conditions (rain,
sun, frost, etc.)
Tips to help you save energy
Steam production consumes the most energy. To help minimise
the energy used, follow the advice below:
• Start by ironing the fabrics that require the lowest ironing
Check the recommended ironing temperature in the label on
the garment.
• Regulate the steam according to the selected ironing
temperature, following the instructions in this manual.
• Try to iron the fabrics while they are still damp and reduce the
steam setting. Steam will be generated from the fabrics rather
than the iron. If you tumble dry your fabrics before ironing them,
set the tumble drier on the ‘iron dry’ programme.
• If the fabrics are damp enough, turn off the steam regulator
• Stand the iron upright during pauses. Resting it horizontally with
the steam regulator on generates wasted steam.
Environmental Care
This iron has been designed according to ecological criteria,
related to the sustainable development, analysing its whole
lifecycle - from material selection to its later reuse or recycling
- evaluating the improvement possibilities, from a technical,
economical and environmental point of view.
Before disposing of a used appliance away, you should make it
noticeably inoperable e.g. cut off the mains lead and be certain
to dispose of it in accordance with current laws and regulations.
Your retailer, town council or local council can give you detailed
information about these.
This appliance is labelled in accordance with
European Directive 2012/19/EU concerning
used electrical and electronic appliances
(waste electrical and electronic equipment WEEE).
The guideline determines the framework for
the return and recycling of used appliances as applicable
throughout the EU.
The terms of the guarantee for this appliance are in accordance
with that stated by our representative for the country in which it is
sold. Details of those conditions can be obtained from the retailer
from whom the appliance was purchased. The SALES RECEIPT
must be presented when making any claims against the terms of
this guarantee. We reserve the right to make technical modifications.
Before using the Iron for the first time
Please carry out the following steps:
1.Remove the protective cover from the soleplate before using the iron.
2.While the iron is unplugged, fill the water tank (7) with tap water
3.Plug the appliance into the mains and set the temperature control
(10) to the “max” position by lining it up with the pointer (9).
4.When the iron has reached the correct temperature (the pilot
lamp No. 11 goes out), set the steam regulator (3) to the «2»
position by lining it up with the pointer.
5.Hold the iron horizontally and repeatedly press the shot of steam
button (2). Any residue should come out of the soleplate (6).
It may smoke and smell – this is normal and will cease after a
short while.
6.If necessary, carefully clean the soleplate down with a dry, folded
Using Your Iron
3 Setting the temperature
Check the laundry care label for the required ironing
1.Set the temperature control (10) to the corresponding position by
lining it up with the pointer (9) on the iron.
1 Your iron
13. "Secure" system
indicator lamp
12. Power cable
1. Spray button
2. Shot of steam
11. Pilot light
3. Steam regulator
4. Water inlet lid
10. Temperature control
5. Spray nozzle
9. Pointer
8."max" level mark
6. Soleplate
7. Water tank
2 Filling the water tank
Set the steam regulator (3) to the “0” position
and unplug the iron from the mains!
Place the iron at an angle of 45° or more, with the point facing
1.Open the water inlet lid (4).
2.Fill the water tank, making sure not to pass the “max” level
mark (8).
3.Close the water inlet lid.
Use only clean water from the tap without mixing anything with
it. The addition of other liquids, (unless recommended by Bosch)
such as perfume, will damage the appliance.
Any damage caused by the use of the aforemen­tioned
products will make the guarantee void.
Do not use condensation water from tumble dryers, air
conditioning systems or similar. This appliance has been designed
to use normal tap water.
To prolong the optimum steam function, you may mix tap water
with distilled water 1:1. If the tap water in your district is very hard,
mix tap water with distilled water 1:2.
You can inquire about the water hardness with your local water
Important :
Steam is only available if the temperature control (10) is set at the
steam symbols - between “••” and “max”.
Tip: for better ironing results, iron the last strokes without steam
to dry the garment.
Temperature Setting
Silk - Wool
6 Extra steam
The pilot light (11) switches on while the appliance is heating up
and switches off as soon as the set temperature is reached. lf the
temperature of the hot iron drops, you can continue ironing while
the iron heats up again to the set temperature.
• Sort your garments according to their care labels, always
starting with clothes that have to be ironed at the lowest
• If you are unsure what type of material the garment is made from,
start ironing on the lowest temperature setting and increase
accordingly. If the garment is made from mixed fabrics, set the
temperature for the most delicate material.
• For silk, woollen or synthetic materials iron the reverse side
of the fabric to prevent shiny patches. Avoid using the spray
function to prevent stains.
To facilitate the ironing of very creased laundry or thick materials,
the volume of steam can be increased briefly. To do this, set the
temperature control (10) to “max”. Get extra steam by pressing
the steam regulator (3) for maximum 2 seconds.
7 Spray
This can be used to remove stubborn wrinkles.
Do not use the spray function with silk as staining may occur.
1.Select an appropriate temperature for the type of material being
ironed (see “Setting the temperature” section).
2.When ironing, press the spray button (1) and water will spray
out of the spray nozzle (5) onto the garment.
4 Ironing without steam
Select an appropriate temperature for the type of material being
ironed (see “Setting the temperature” section).
1.Set the steam regulator (3) to “0”.
1.Set the temperature control (10) to “max”.
2.Press the shot of steam button (2) repeatedly with intervals
of at least 5 seconds.
8 Ironing with shot of steam 2
5 Ironing with steam
The steam regulator (3) is used to adjust the amount of
steam produced when ironing.
9 Vertical steam
Never direct the steam jet at garments that are being
Never direct the steam at persons or animals!
1.Set the temperature control (10) to “max”.
2.Hang article of clothing on a clothes hanger.
3.Operate the iron in a vertical position at a distance of 10 cm /
4 in, and press the shot of steam button (2) repeatedly with
pauses of at least 5 seconds.
Recomended steam
regulator setting
••• to “max”
C. anti-calc
The “anti-calc” cartridge has been designed to reduce the buildup of scale produced during steam ironing, helping to extend
the useful life of your iron. Nevertheless the “anti-calc” cartridge
cannot remove all of the scale that is produced naturally over time.
13 After ironing
1.Unplug the iron from the mains socket.
2.Set the steam regulator (3) to the “0” position.
3.Open the water inlet lid (4).
4.Hold the iron with the front facing down and shake it gently until
the water tank is empty.
5.Close the water inlet lid.
6.Set the iron aside in a vertical position to cool down.
7.Coil the power cable loosely around the heel of the iron, before
storing. Depending on the model, the cable can be inserted into
the clip located at the bottom of the back cover.
8.Store the iron in an upright position.
11 “Secure” auto shut-off function
10 Multiple descaling system
Depending on the model, this range is equipped with the following
anti-calc systems “3AntiCalc” (components 1+2+3).
A. self-clean
Each time you press the steam regulator (3), the “self-clean”
system cleans the mechanism of scale deposits.
B. Calc’nClean
The “Calc’nClean” function helps to remove scale particles out
of the steam chamber.
Use this function approximately every 2 weeks if the water in your
area is very hard.
1.Unplug the iron from the mains socket, and fill the water tank
(7) with water.
2.Set the temperature control (10) to the “max” position and plug
in the iron.
3.After the necessary warm-up period, unplug the iron.
4.Hold the iron over a sink and remove the steam regulator (3)
by turning it to the “calc” position then carefully taking out the
spring wrapped around the needle.
5.Slowly pour water (approximately 150 ml) into the steam
regulator hole.
6.Gently shake the iron. Boiling water and steam will come out
of the soleplate carrying scale or deposits that might be there.
When the iron stops dripping, reassemble the steam regulator
by reinserting it, lining up the “calc” position with the pointer
(9), pressing it in and turning it to the “0” position.
7.Heat up the iron again until the remaining water has evaporated.
8.If the steam regulator needle is soiled, remove any deposits
from the tip with vinegar and rinse it off with clean water.
(Model dependent)
The “Secure” auto shut-off function switches off the iron when
it is left unattended, thus increasing security and saving energy.
After plugging in the appliance, this function will be inactive for
the first two minutes in order to give the appliance time to reach
the set temperature.
Alter such time, if the iron is not moved for 8 minutes while in
the upright position or 30 seconds while resting on its soleplate
or on its side, then the safety circuit will switch the appliance off
automatically and the indicator lamp (13) will start flashing.
To reconnect the iron, just move it about gently.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Attention ! Risk of burns !
For general cleaning, follow the information below:
12 Anti-drip system
(Model dependent)
If the temperature control (10) is set too low, the steam is
automatically switched off to prevent water from dripping out of
the soleplate (6).
There may be an audible click when this occurs.
Dirty/lightly marked
iron body or soleplate
Clean the body of iron or soleplate with a damp
cloth then dry it.
Mark develops on
soleplate during use
Set the iron to its maximum temperature setting.
Rub the iron a few times over with a dry cotton
cloth folded several times.
Heavily stained
While the iron is cold, iron a linen cloth soaked in
white vinegar. Then dampen a cloth with water and
wipe the soleplate clean and dry thoroughly.
DO NOT de-scale or clean the water tank with cleaning products
or solvents, as these could cause the iron to drip when using the
steam function.
DO NOT use a “professional steam cleaner” for cleaning the
DO NOT use sharp objects or abrasive products to clean the soleplate
or any other part of the appliance. To keep the soleplate in good
condition, do not allow it to come into contact with metal objects.
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