Veriti™ Thermal Cyclers and GeneAmp® PCR System 9700

Veriti™ Thermal Cyclers and GeneAmp® PCR System 9700
Specification Sheet Veriti™ Thermal Cyclers and GeneAmp® PCR System 9700
Veriti™ Thermal Cyclers and
GeneAmp® PCR System 9700
Your Choice for High-Throughput PCR
GeneAmp ® PCR System 9700 and Veriti™ Thermal Cycler
Applied Biosystems, the most trusted
name in PCR instrumentation, provides
you with an array of flexible, highthroughput thermal cycling solutions
to suit your lab’s needs.
The innovative Veriti™ Thermal Cycler line
delivers proven reliability combined with
enhanced features to meet your current
and future PCR needs. Packed with the
power of networking capabilities, USB
compatibility and optional VeritiLink™
Remote Management Software, you
can control and manage multiple Veriti
Thermal Cyclers and choose to increase
your throughput over time. Front
and back venting allows side-by-side
placement of Veriti systems to provide
you with a compact footprint for PCR.
This, combined with an intuitive color
touchscreen interface and easy setup,
makes the Veriti™ Thermal Cycler the
most flexible, reliable, and powerful
solution for growing labs.
Alternatively, the GeneAmp® PCR
System 9700 offers you the flexibility of
removable sample block modules. With
interchangeable blocks you can easily
change from a standard 96-well block
module to a Dual 96-Well or Dual 384Well module using a single PCR System
9700 base module. These systems are
equipped with an intuitive graphical
user interface. For high-capacity thermal
cycling, the dual-block systems are
dependable options for your lab.
Network Multiple Veriti™ Systems
Veriti™ system networking has been
designed to provide you with a more
flexible alternative to other four-block
thermal cyclers. Included with all Veriti
Thermal Cyclers, this technology allows
you to connect up to 12 Veriti Thermal
Cyclers in a satellite format using
standard Ethernet cables and a router.
Once connected, you can start multiple
thermal cyclers from any single Veriti
Thermal Cycler.
Blocks: 6 independent
temperature blocks provide you
with precise control over your
PCR optimization
setups: helps shorten
your PCR cycling time with the
options to run fast or standard
PCR chemistry protocols
intuitive touch screen
interface simplifies setup and use
protocol transfer with
USB capability
in 0.2 or Fast
0.1 mL formats
Figure 1. VeritiLink™ Remote Management Software
VeritiLink™ Remote Management
For even more control, the optional
VeritiLink Remote Management
Software enables you to remotely
monitor networked thermal cyclers and
create or transfer protocols from any
computer via web browsing tools such
as Internet Explorer or Firefox (Figure 1).
Both easy to set up and use, this
software provides you with a sense of
comfort with features like real-time email
updates and email text messaging.
384-Well Options
For maximum throughput, Applied
Biosystems offers a number of
options for high capacity, 384-well
thermal cycling:
The Veriti™ 384-Well Thermal Cycler
is designed to deliver reliable, high
throughput, low volume PCR success.
With a powerful, intuitive color touch
screen interface, USB and networking
capabilities, the Veriti 384-well Thermal
Cycler is designed for convenient,
high-throughput PCR. With Veriti
system networking you can connect
up to twelve 384-well systems to yield
4,608 samples per run started from a
single system. Furthermore, with the
optional VeritiLink Remote Management
Software you can connect more than
50 systems which can be accessed
remotely from an internet browser to
produce the level of throughput that
you need.
The Dual 384-Well GeneAmp® PCR
System 9700 contains two sample
blocks, each of which includes a 384-well,
0.02 mL format. Fully loaded, the system
accommodates 768 samples per run.
The Auto-Lid Dual 384-Well GeneAmp®
PCR System 9700 is a robot-compatible
module designed for high-throughput
cycle sequencing and PCR applications.
This thermal cycler features a unique
plate ejection system that following
cycling and opening of the heated lid,
allows a robot arm to easily access and
remove each 384-well plate from the
sample block.
96-Well Options
For labs requiring greater capacity with
standard 0.2 mL and Fast 0.1 mL 96-well
formats, Applied Biosystems offers
several configurations for success.
The Veriti 96-Well Thermal Cycler
provides you with a range of innovative
features designed to give you control
over your PCR.
Veriti system networking allows you
to connect up to 12 systems to yield
1,152 samples per run started through
a single system. Furthermore, the
optional VeritiLink Remote Management
Software enables remote access and
control of more than 50 systems to help
you yield the level of throughput you
The Dual 96-Well GeneAmp® PCR
System 9700 contains two sample
blocks, each of which includes a 96-well,
0.2 mL format. Fully loaded, the system
accommodates 192 samples per run.
This module can also be used with a
single 96-well plate for smaller runs.
Reagents and Plastics
A complete line of reagents and plastics
is available for use with all Applied
Biosystems Thermal Cyclers.
Worldwide Service and Support
All Applied Biosystems products are
supported by our world-class service
organization. Our Repair Center
provides a cost-efficient way to
service our instruments to help you
maximize uptime and achieve optimal
performance. For organizations that own
more than 15 thermal cyclers, Applied
Biosystems offers on-site technical
service to fix or replace instruments.
Additional details and terms of this onsite technical service are available from
Applied Biosystems.
TABLE 1. Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers
Veriti™ 96-Well
Thermal Cycler
Veriti™ 384-Well
Thermal Cycler
Dual 96-Well
GeneAmp® PCR
System 9700
Dual 384-Well Dual
GeneAmp® PCR
System 9700
Auto-Lid Dual 384Well GeneAmp® PCR
System 9700
Block Format
0.1 mL or 0.2 mL
Alloy VeriFlex™ Blocks
0.02 mL aluminum
single block
2 aluminum 0.2 mL
96-well blocks
2 aluminum 0.02
mL 384-well blocks
2 aluminum 0.02 mL
384-well blocks
Med/high throughput.
VeriFlex Blocks
provide “better
than gradient” PCR
optimization. Veriti™
High throughput,
Med/high throughput
small sample
volume. Veriti system
networking capability.
High throughput,
small sample
High throughput, small
sample volume with
robotic capability
system networking
Network Software
Optional VeritiLink™
Veriti system
Remote Management networking capability
Max Block Ramp Rate
0.1 mL: 5°C/sec
0.2 mL: 3.9 °C/sec
Max Sample Ramp
0.1 mL: 4.25°C/sec
0.2 mL: 3.35°C/sec
1.7 °C/sec
Enabled to run Fast
VeriFlex Blocks
25° C (5° C
Temperature Accuracy
±0.25ºC (35ºC – 99.9ºC)
<0.5ºC (20sec after
reaching 95ºC)
<0.5ºC (10sec after
reaching 95ºC)
Temperature Range
±0.5ºC (30sec after reaching 95ºC)
4.0ºC to 99.9ºC
Height: 24.5 cm (9.6 in.) Width: 23.7 cm (9.3
in.) Depth: 48.5 cm (19.1 in.)
Height: 26 cm (10 in.) Width: 30 cm (12 in.) Depth: 52 cm (20.5 in.)
10.6 kg (23.4 lb)
11.5 kg
8.6 kg (19 lb)
PCR Volume Range
10-80 µL
5-20 µL
10-100 µL
Instrument Memory
Display Interface
800+ Methods
120+ Methods*
Tm Calculator
5-20 µL
Two Years
Menu driven through touchscreen
* Number of methods stored is dependent on protocol length
5-20 µL
oRDeRinG infoRMation
1 instrument
Base and Module
Base and Module
Base and Module
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
NOTICE TO PURCHASER: The Veriti™ Thermal Cyclers are covered by US patents and claims in their non-US counterparts. No right is conveyed expressly, by implication, or by
estoppel under any patent claim, such as claims to apparatus, reagents, kits, or methods such as 5’nuclease methods. Further information on purchasing licenses may be
obtained by contacting the Director of Licensing, Applied Biosystems, 850 Lincoln Centre Drive, Foster City, California 94404, USA.
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