Philips HR1965/90 Datasheet

Philips HR1965/90 Datasheet
Philips Avance Collection
Masher accessory
Prepare a large variety of homemade food
Masher accessory, to mash potatoes and more
Accessory for HR164x & HR167x
With the masher acessory for the Philips hand blender you can mash potatoes silky
smooth. Also other vegetables can be mashed or pureed.
High performance Avance Hand Blender accessory
• High performance Avance Masher Accessory
Well suited for many models
• One click assembling to Avance SpeedTouch Hand Blender
• Fits Philips handblender models: HR164x & HR167x
Easy cleaning
• Dishwasher safe Philips Avance accessory
Masher accessory
Accessory for HR164x & HR167x
General specifications
• Potato masher
• Dishwasher safe
Philips Avance masher Accessor
High performance Avance Masher Accessory
Easy assembly
Fits the Philips Avance SpeedTouch Hand Blender
HR164x and HR167x with one click.
Fits models: HR164x & HR167x
Fits the following Philips Avance SpeedTouch
Handblender models: HR164x and HR167x
Dishwasher safe
Issue date 2014-08-08
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The Philips accessory can be cleaned easily in a
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