Philips 50998X3 Datasheet

Philips 50998X3 Datasheet
Philips GoPure
fragrance cartridge
Jasmine Blossom
For fresh and healthy air in your car
with natural ingredients
Floral scent, relaxing, long-lasting
Create freshness to your own taste
• Create freshness to your own taste, with natural ingredient.
Fragrance cartridge
Jasmine Blossom
Product description
• Technology: Fragrance cartridge for clean air
• Designation: PFC100 JABL
• GoPure clean air system type: 50996GPX1
Weight and dimensions
• Box dimensions (L x W x H): 110 x100 x 27 mm
• Box weight: 120 g
Issue date 2014-06-06
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Create freshness
Create freshness to your own taste, with natural
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