Philips SC6040
Accessory head for
VisaPure Advanced
Fresh Eyes
Intelligent Head
Refreshes tired eyes
A boost of freshness for tired eyes
The Fresh Eyes Head gives tired eyes a boost of freshness in the morning. The premium
cool material and customized DualMotion programme deliver a gentle, comfortable
massage. Enjoy 30 seconds of freshness and you're ready to start the day!
A boost of freshness in the morning
• A boost of freshness in the morning for tired eyes
Gentle on the thin, delicate skin around the eyes
• Gentle on the thin, delicate skin around the eyes
• Rounded shape and special coating for great gliding
Customized programme of DualMotion technology
• Gentle massage program with 120 nano-vibrations per second
Easy to use, easily fits in your skincare routine
• The Head is easy to clean with warm water and soap
• Can be used with and without creams, serums and lotions
Intelligent Head Recognition, tailored DualMotion
• 30 seconds program, 2 intensity settings, two-way rotation
Accessory head for VisaPure Advanced
Fresh Eyes Intelligent Head
Ease of use
• Usage only with: VisaPure Advanced
• Easy to clean
Intelligent Head Recognition
• Intelligent Heads
Technical specifications
Customized DualMotion
Dedicated rotation, vibration
Intensity settings: 2
Program duration: 30 seconds
Two-way rotation
• Rotates left and right
A boost of freshness
The Fresh Eyes head is made of a special cool
material, with a premium ceramic coating. It gives
immediate results, because it cools the skin below
the eyes within seconds, giving tired eyes a boost of
Gentle on delicate skin
Thanks to the smooth material and the gentle
program of DualMotion, the Fresh Eyes head
provides a gentle massage experience that respects
the thin and delicate skin around the eyes.
120 Nano-vibrations per second
The customized DualMotion program for Fresh Eyes
delivers 120 nano-vibrations per second, for a gentle,
comfortable and refreshing massage around the
eyes. It is specially designed to be gentle for the thin
and delicate skin around the eyes. The Fresh Eyes
program is a short program of only 30 seconds. so
you can quickly use it in your daily skincare ritual!
Easy in your routine
Easy to integrate in your skincare routine. The Head
can be used with your current skincare products and
brands, like creams, serums, oils and essences. You
can also use it without any cream if you'd prefer.
Easy to clean
The Head is easy to clean. Simply clean it in the sink
with warm water and soap.
30 seconds to fresh eyes
The customized DualMotion programme for Fresh
Eyes takes only 30 seconds, for a quick refreshing
touch up in the morning.There are 2 intensity
settings you can choose. Setting 1 gives a light
intensity massage programme with only vibration,
and Setting 2 gives a slightly higher intensity
programme with rotation and vibration.The Fresh
Eyes programme uses two-way rotation to be able
to follow the lymphatic flow in the skin.
Special shape and material
The Fresh Eyes head has a rounded shape, designed
for a gentle massage around the eyes. The special
coating helps for great gliding on the skin, respecting
the delicate skin. Tested with >300 European and
Asian women.
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