M2M M3M EW 300 IEM G3 PSM 900 P2TR215CL

M2M M3M EW 300 IEM G3 PSM 900 P2TR215CL
Gear for Live Sound
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Personal Stage Monitoring
We wanted you to know that all of the wireless systems you see here
— and all of the wireless systems available at Sweetwater — are 100%
compliant with the Federal Communication Commission’s new rules
governing wireless systems. You can be confident that these systems
will work safely within the permitted frequency/power ranges, just as they are. However, please be aware
that by choosing to use systems that operate in the 700MHz range, or by modifying a new wireless system
you receive from us, you may cause your system to operate outside of the FCC’s new guidelines. If that’s
the case, you may need a license to operate the unit. To find out more, visit the FCC’s wireless microphone
website at www.fcc.gov/cgb/wirelessmicrophones, or give them a call at 1-888-CALL-FCC.
P2TR215CL System
n Great sound quality
n Receiver can be used wired or wirelessly
n Onboard headphone limiter
n Incredible value
Incredible Wireless Monitoring Performance, Entry-level Price
Here’s a great way to step into Shure wireless in-ear monitoring! Shure’s outstanding
P2TR215CL System includes an ultra-reliable P2R bodypack receiver, a compact P2T
transmitter, and clear-sounding SE215 earphones. The P2TR215CL System’s P2R receiver
can be used as a wireless or wired receiver (or both at once), and it even includes an
onboard headphone limiter. You’ll also love the comfort and sound-isolating quality you
get from the SE215 earphones. When you want pro-quality in-ear monitoring performance
at very friendly price, count on this system to deliver!
ONLY $21/mo.
P2TR215CL-H2 Wireless/Wired In-ear System...............List 749
PSM 900
The Control You Need to Make
Your Perfect Monitor Mix
Pro-quality Wireless Personal Monitor System
Made with the performer and the sound engineer in mind!
The Shure PSM 900 wireless monitor system makes it
easy to get first-class in-ear
mixes onstage. Apart from its
exceptional audio quality, one
of the biggest benefits of the
system is its patent-pending
CueMode. With CueMode, the monitor engineer can
audition up to 20 different mixes right from the mix
position, to check levels and make necessary adjustments.
That means that soundcheck doesn’t have to stop just
before the show — and the performers can still get
excellent in-ear mixes, even if something unexpected
happens onstage. Scan and Sync technology makes
the PSM 900 system easy to use. The system includes a
receiver, a transmitter, and a pair of high-quality earbuds.
P9TR425CL-L6Wireless In-ear System....List $180000
ONLY $47/mo.
n High-quality audio
n CueMode for easy
level checking
n Scan and Sync
ensures fast setup
n Receivers can be daisy-chained
ONLY $21/mo.
Wireless In-ear System..............List $79900
n 100 selectable UHF
channels, squelch
control, and limiter,
for maximum
n Stereo, Mono, and
Personal Mix
receiver modes
In-ear Monitor System
with Mix Control
Wireless In-ear Monitor
System with EQ
Clear, dependable performance on any stage! The
Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3 wireless monitor
system includes a bodypack receiver, a reliable
transmitter, and comfortable IE 4 earphones (the cord on
the earphones even acts as a backup antenna).
The transmitter includes a built-in 5-band equalizer,
so you can tailor the sound perfectly to your own taste.
Plus, the entire system can be controlled and monitored
remotely by computer, thanks to the included Wireless
Systems Manager software. This is a first-class, tour-ready
monitoring system at an exceptionally value-packed
price. You can’t go wrong with Sennheiser wireless!
ONLY $35/mo.
Wireless In-ear System.......List $149999
The M2M system also includes a transmitter that gives
you access to 100 UHF frequencies. This transmitter
is equipped with combination XLR/TRS inputs, for an
array of input sources. This system comes complete with
comfortable, full-sounding earphones.
EW 300 IEM G3
Get the mix configuration that lets you
perform your best! Audio-Technica’s
M2M wireless monitor
system features a compact
bodypack receiver with
easy-to-use controls. You
can easily control the
volume and the mix of two
separate signals.
n Transmitter includes
5-band EQ
n Ethernet port and
Wireless Systems
Manager software for
remote monitoring
via computer
Take control of your onstage
sound! Audio-Technica’s M3M
wireless monitoring system
gives you 1,321 selectable
channels to choose from,
for total flexibility. And
both the receiver and
the transmitter include large,
easy-to-read LCD displays. Onboard the compact
bodypack receiver is A-T’s Personal Mix Control,
which gives you volume and mix control of two
different signals onstage. The M3M system also
includes a premium set of A-T earphones.
ONLY $28/mo.
Wireless In-ear System............List $109900
n 1,321 selectable
UHF channels
n Personal Mix Control
for personalized
onstage sound
n Quick and easy setup
Gear for Live Sound
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Personal Stage Monitoring
“The Aviom system has pretty much become the standard for house of worship monitoring needs. I have used
one at several facilities in the last couple years, and I’m very happy to report that these are straightforward. In a
multiple-user setup, presets can be set up to recall favorite user mixes. Total onstage control of your monitor mix
and instant recall? Aviom has scored big here.”
— Brian Cravens, Sales Engineer, Ext. 1278
Incredible, Flexible Personal
Monitor Mixer
Hear Back Four Pack
Monitor Distribution and Mixer System
Dial in the perfect personal mix with the Hear
Back Four Pack. This 4-musician system works
with headphones, in-ear systems, and conventional
floor monitors. The included Hear Back Hub (also
sold separately) accepts analog or digital inputs and
distributes signal to up to eight personal mixers via slim
Cat 5e cables. You can also daisy-chain hubs together for
virtually unlimited system size!
Each of the Hear Back Four Pack’s compact, effective
Hear Back Mixers controls up to 10 audio channels
plus master volume — each musician can have his or
her preferred mix! You also have control over the very
handy built-in DSP limiter.
Monitor System.............List 1895
Monitor Distributor............List $69900
Monitor Mixer...................List $27900
ONLY $53/mo.
Studio performers get an astounding amount of
control over their monitor mixes with Aviom’s
A-16II personal mixer! Each performer can
control 16 channels of levels, groups, pan, stereo
spread, and master volume. Imagine, you’ll
no longer have to wrestle with monitor levels
or bulky snakes. A thin Cat 5e cable carries the
signal — and hundreds of feet of cable runs
are possible. The A-16II’s stereo output can
drive earphones, in-ear monitors, transmitters,
headphones, or powered speakers.
The rackmountable A-16R has all the features
of the A-16II, and it adds balanced outputs on
the rear panel, balanced insert points, and a
stereo auxiliary mix input with a level control.
The AN-16/i converts 16 line-level channels
into 24-bit data. The A-16D and A-16D Pro
units both distribute 16-channel Pro16® A-Net®
streams to up to eight more Pro16 devices, with
the A-16D Pro providing power as well.
A-16D Pro
ONLY $22/mo.
Monitor Mixer............................List 675
16-ch Input Module...................List $128500
Rackmountable Monitor Mixer......List $111500
16-ch Distributor.........................List $50500
16-ch Distributor.......................List $149500
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Personal Mixing Has Never Been Easier — or Better
Personal mixing made truly personal! Roland set out to give each performer truly custom control of his or her onstage headphone mix, and they’ve done it with the M-48/S-4000D
Bundle. This unbelievably flexible system lets each performer take charge of up to 16 stereo groups, controlling level, panning, 3-band EQ, and reverb settings for each group. With
this bundle, you get four M-48 personal mixers and one S-4000D power distributor. Just pipe your signal to the S-4000D via the V-Mixing System or your existing console. From
there, the S-4000D powers and transmits audio to each stage mixer via Cat 5e. On top of extensive control, each M-48 also features LED ring indicators (dimmable for discreet stage
lighting), an ear-protecting built-in limiter, an ambient microphone, an auxiliary input, and both 1/8" and 1/4" headphone outputs — very functional. Integrate the M-48 with any
ONLY $208/mo.
console by using any Roland Digital Snake. Or you can pair it with the M-400 V-Mixer, which will allow you to fully
00 recall each and every M-48 setting, even remotely control them.
M48Package M-48 Personal Mixer Package.............
Simple. Effective. Iconic.
Together, Sweetwater and Aviom have helped countless
performers, studios, and churches solve monitor problems,
delivering superior sound quality and clarity.
Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today for expert advice on
how you can get unprecedented control over what you hear on
stage and in the studio.
All Aviom products are designed
and manufactured in the U.S.A
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Gear for Live Sound
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Personal Stage Monitoring
Built-in SD
It’s Time to Hear Yourself
This little PA is loaded with great
features for live music performers
and public speakers alike! Now you
can hear yourself clearly onstage —
anywhere — with this super-portable PA
speaker and monitoring system. The SRM150 features
a 3-channel mixer that includes a pair of phantom-powered combo
jacks that accepts XLR, line, and instrument inputs. A dedicated stereo channel lets
you input CDs or MP3 players, making way for easy practice, and an onboard 3-band
EQ gives you great tone-shaping ability! Mount it on a mic stand or a tabletop, or you
can place it on the floor for monitor use. Whatever you do, you’ll be glad you can hear
yourself more clearly with this go-sized little monitor.
Network Up to
Eight Units!
ONLY $10/mo.
Hear your gigs and rehearsals more clearly than ever before — and record them too!
The myMix from Movek helps you transform those loud, hard-to-hear practices and
performances into clean, clear, customized mixes, so you and your bandmates can play
your best. Plug a mic or an instrument into a myMix, then network up to eight myMixes
together. After that, you’re in the driver’s seat, with 100% control over how much you
hear of each signal coming through your myMix. You can even record what you hear
on SD card media. Just push the record button to capture multitrack audio of the whole
band at full volume for mixing down in your DAW later. At the same time, you’ll also be
recording a copy of your customized myMix stereo mix that you can post right away to
your Facebook or MySpace page. An included microphone stand adapter puts the myMix
in the perfect place onstage or at rehearsal. Add the rackmountable IEX-16L expander
to give your myMix system an additional 16 channels!
16-ch Expander for myMix..........................
Specs: 1 x 5.25" • 150W • In: 2 x
XLR/TRS, 1 x DI, 2 x RCA • 7.6 lbs.
This One Can Be Everything: Stage
Monitor, Mini PA, Keyboard Amplifier
The compact Roland CM-30 active monitor
pushes 30 watts through a high-quality 6.5"
coaxial 2-way speaker, giving you full sound. Five
inputs include a mic/line (balanced XLR and TRS)
plus two channels with 1/4" L(mono)/R. An aux
input with stereo RCA and mini-phone connectors
lets you hook up a drum machine or an MP3
player with your guitar, keyboard, and mic, all at
once. Two CM-30s can be linked for stereo output,
with twice the inputs!
Specs: 1 x 6.5" • 30W • In: 1 x XLR combo, 2 x RCA, 1 x 1/8", 4 x
TS • 12.3 lbs.
ONLY $10/mo.
ONLY $23/mo.
Networked Personal Mixer/SD Recorder
150W Pwrd Monitor (ea)...........List $32999
30W Pwrd Monitor (ea)......List $28300
Micro Spot VC
Hear Yourself Clearly and Sound Better
Microsized Stage Monitor with Volume Control
Hear yourself onstage! With the PA6S mounted on your microphone stand or placed
on the floor as a wedge, you’ll be able to hear your vocals much more clearly, so you
can perform with confidence. In fact, you won’t believe the full sound you get from the
compact PA6S when you aim it right
toward you. This active monitor puts out
170 watts of clean power. The audience
and other band members won’t get
blasted out with your custom mix, but
you’ll be able to hear just what you
need to.
The Micro Spot VC offers a simple, compact
solution for great monitoring onstage. A volume
control lets you independently adjust your own
volume without affecting the other monitors.
And you can easily mount it onto any mic stand.
The Micro Spot VC features a neodymium 5"
driver with a ferro-fluid-cooled voice coil that
reduces both power compression and distortion.
With a bandwidth focused at the vocal frequency
range of 150Hz–18kHz, it ranks among the
world’s loudest and clearest personal monitors.
Specs: 1 x 6.5" • 170W • In: 2 x XLR combo • Out: 2 x
XLR, 1 x 1/4" • 6.4 lbs.
Specs: 1 x 5" • 100W • 2 x TS • 2.7 lbs.
ONLY $11/mo.
170W Pwrd Monitor (ea)...........List $39995
MicroSpotVC100W Passive Monitor (ea).....List $10999
Hot Spot VC
Stand-mounted Personal Stage Monitor
Galaxy Hot Spots are ideal for gigging musicians who don’t want to carry heavy monitors or clutter up a house mix with
too much stage volume. In fact, vocalists in particular will love the Hot Spot — its frequency range is tailored for mids
and highs to enhance vocal clarity onstage. Add a power amp and put one of these on a microphone stand; you’ve
got an instant monitoring solution! The passive Hot Spot VC features a front-mounted volume control. It also sports
neodymium drivers rated at 200 watts RMS, two Twistlock
ONLY $10/mo.
combo jacks for daisy-chaining, and an SA1 stand adapter.
Specs: 2 x 5" • 200W • In: 2 x Twistlock combo • 4.5 lbs.
HotSpotVCB 200W Passive Monitor (ea)....List $19999
Gear for Live Sound
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PA Speakers
MSR Series
Get Impressively Big Sound from These
Compact PA Speakers
DSR Series
Impressive Power and
Performance, Great Value
Yamaha’s outstanding DSR series
powered PA speakers give you big,
clean, clear sound — for far lower
prices than you’d expect. The 12"
DSR112’s Class D power plant puts
out a hefty 1,300 total watts, so you
know you have plenty of horsepower
for all kinds of venues. Onboard DSP
protects the DSR112 from overloads, and a digital crossover keeps the high-quality HF
and LF drivers performing at peak efficiency. Its 48-bit sound processing and discrete,
premium onboard AD/DA converters allow the DSR112 to
deliver high-definition live sound. This amazingly powerful
and lightweight speaker is also built to handle the rigors of
constant transport, thanks to its rugged cabinet construction,
LINE-X outer coating, tough 16-gauge steel grille, and very
convenient deep-pocket side handles.
Huge in sound but compact in size! With the
MSR100, you get a versatile 100-watt speaker
that fills most onstage sound-reinforcement and
monitoring needs. In fact, it’s actually an all-in-one
mixer/power amplifier/speaker system that offers
three inputs on the rear of the unit, as well as
a master 2-band EQ. The first input is an XLR
connector that accommodates virtually any mic or
line device, and it features a -40dB/+4dB switch for
tuning to the source. The second and third inputs are
for line connections. You can also link multiple units
together using the special Link Out jack to provide monitors for
the whole band — it’s a perfect all-in-one solution for small events and club gigs.
Similarly, the MSR250 features an onboard mixer, just with dual input channels — each
with its own 2-band EQ and level controls — and its Class D amplifier delivers 250 watts
of clean power via a 10" woofer and a 1" titanium-dome compression driver. With the
MSR400, you get 400 watts of power, thanks to its 12" cone woofer and 1.75" compression
driver. This speaker boasts exceptionally punchy bass and a clear midrange. If you want
more bass, just add the big-sounding 800-watt, 15" MSR800W sub.
ONLY $11/mo.
Specs: MSR100 8" LF, 1" HF •
100W • I/O: XLR, 1/4" • 24.2 lbs.
MSR250 10" HF, 1" LF • 250W •
I/O: XLR, 1/4" • 31 lbs. MSR400 12"
LF, 1.75" HF • 400W • I/O: XLR, 1/4"
• 50.7 lbs. MSR800W sub • 15" LF
• 800W • I/O: XLR • 99 lbs.
Live! Series
Affordable Active PA Speakers
Samson’s value-packed Live! series active PA speakers
are perfect for small- to medium-sized rooms. The
impressive Live! 612 PA enclosure has what you need,
in an easy-to-transport, multiple-use package. This
compact speaker’s durable plywood cabinet construction
gives you both reliability and great sound projection.
A high-quality 12" low-frequency driver is paired with
a titanium compression driver for high frequencies,
and each includes its own amplifier (250 watts and 50
watts, respectively) for clear performance. Also available
is a slightly larger version with a 15" LF driver, the Live! 615. You can get
high-quality, crystal-clear sound onstage with the self-powered 300-watt
Live! 612M monitor. This unit features a custom-designed 12" LF driver
and a 1" titanium compression HF driver.
ONLY $13/mo.
12” Pwrd Spkr (ea).....................List $47999
15” Pwrd Spkr (ea)......................List $54999
12” Pwrd Spkr, Wedge (ea)..........List $47999
Specs: 612/612M 12" LF,
1" HF • 300W • I/O: XLR •
53.7/57.5 lbs. 615 15" LF,
1" HF • 300W • I/O: XLR
• 52.5 lbs.
The Club Series V loudspeakers bring you outstanding
sound quality at great prices! The entire line features improved
low-frequency response, custom-made drivers for higher power
handling, redesigned crossovers, and dual Speakon and 1/4"
connectors. Heavy steel handles and corner protectors are
standard. We have speaker sizes available to suit any gig —
including wedges. A sub is also available.
ONLY $28/mo.
High-power Passive PA Speakers
Specs: DSR112 12" LF, 2" HF • 1,300W • I/O:
XLR, 1/4" • 47 lbs. DSR115 15" LF, 2" HF •
1,300W • I/O: XLR, 1/4" • 61 lbs. DSR118W sub
• 18" LF • 800W • I/O: XLR, 1/4" • 93 lbs.
12” Pwrd Spkr (ea)...................List $119900
15” Pwrd Spkr (ea)....................List $134900
18” Pwrd Sub............................List $149900
8” Pwrd Spkr (ea).......................List $39900
10” Pwrd Spkr (ea)......................List $52900
12” Pwrd Spkr (ea)......................List $65900
15” Pwrd Sub............................List $104900
Club Series V
The DSR115 gives you the same
great performance, with a 15" LF
driver. Want to add thumping low
end to your live sound? Add the 18",
800-watt DSR118W subwoofer.
Specs: S115V 15" LF, 2" HF • 500W • I/O: Speakon, 1/4" • 60.5 lbs. S112V 12"
LF, 2" HF • 350W • I/O: Speakon, 1/4" • 42.5 lbs. SW118V sub • 18” LF • 600W •
I/O: Speakon, 1/4" •
ONLY $13/mo.
71 lbs. SM12V 12" LF,
2" HF • 350W • I/O:
15” Passive Spkr (ea).................List $49900
Speakon, 1/4" • 43 lbs.
SM10V 10" LF, 1" HF •
12” Passive Spkr (ea)..................List 449
250W • I/O: Speakon,
18” Passive Sub..........................List $67900
1/4" • 27 lbs. SM15V
15" LF, 2" HF • 500W
12” Passive Spkr, Wedge (ea)......List $44900
• I/O: Speakon, 1/4"
10” Passive Spkr, Wedge (ea)......List $37900
• 57 lbs.
15” Passive Spkr, Wedge (ea)......List $52900
Auro Series
Get Impressively Big Sound from These Compact PA Speakers
Samson’s powered Auro D415A pumps a beefy 400 watts through a 15" speaker and a 1.34"
compression driver, giving you a strong, balanced sound that’s
well suited for voice or music applications. The 12" active
Auro D412A is also available, as are the passive 15" Auro
D15 and 12" Auro D12 speakers. The powered Auro D1800
sub adds great low-frequency performance.
Specs: D415A 15" LF, 1" HF • 400W • I/O: XLR, 1/4" • 49 lbs. D412A 12" LF, 1" HF
• 400W • I/O: XLR, 1/4" • 35.8 lbs. D15 15" LF, 1.75" HF • 400W • I/O: Speakon, 1/4"
• 39 lbs. D12 12" LF, 1.75" HF • 400W • I/O: Speakon, 1/4" • 28.5 lbs. D1800 sub •
18" LF • 500W • I/O: XLR • 81.5 lbs.
ONLY $12/mo.
AuroD415A15” Pwrd Spkr (ea).....................List 449
12” Pwrd Spkr (ea)......................List $37999
15” Passive Spkr (ea)..................List $39499
12” Passive Spkr (ea)..................List $30999
18” Pwrd Sub..............................List $95999
Gear for Live Sound
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PA Speakers
VRX Series
Available on both phone and
online orders. Call for details.
Big Performance, Versatile Mounting Options
“A JBL VRX900 series line-array speaker powered by
a built-in 1,750-watt Crown power amp with DSP
optimization and EQ — what more could you ask
for? If you’re looking for a top-quality line-array
speaker, the VRX932LAP is where your search ends!”
— Jeff Hollman, Sales Engineer, Ext. 1285
Looking for big sound in a powered line-array system? The
VRX932LAP active line-array speaker delivers 800 watts
(continuous), and its line-array design and versatile mounting
options make it a powerful and practical array speaker. Want more bottom-end beef? Use
the VRX918SP powered sub. It can be used with a pole and the matching full-range
speakers for an extremely efficient subsatellite system. Also available is the 800-watt
VRX932LA passive version of the VRX932LAP, with a 12" woofer and three 1" tweeters.
Concert proven and compact, the VRX928LA line-array speaker gives you quality sound
reinforcement for small- to medium-sized venues. It features an 8" neodymium-magnet
Differential Drive woofer for sonic punch and reliable service, as well as two 1" neodymium
ONLY $95/mo.
high-frequency drivers. The VRX915S is a passive 15"
flying sub.
VRX932LAP 12” Pwrd Spkr (ea).................List 3429
Specs: VRX932LAP 12" LF, 3 x 1" HF • 800W • In: XLR • 52 lbs. VRX918SP
sub • 18" LF • 800W • In: XLR • 89 lbs. VRX932LA 12" LF, 3 x 1" HF • 800W
• In: XLR • 52 lbs. VRX928LA 8" LF, 2 x 1" HF • 400W • In: Speakon x 2 • 28
lbs. VRX915S sub • 15" LF • 800W • In: Speakon x 2 • 57 lbs.
18” Pwrd Sub..........................List $239900
12” Passive Spkr (ea)..............List $275900
8” Passive Spkr (ea)................List $177900
15” Pwrd Sub..........................List $154900
PRX Series
Powered PA Performers
A simple, self-powered solution for musicians and DJs — even for
fixed installations! The newly updated JBL PRX series offers a stellar
combination of ultra-light weight, compact size, useful features, and
powerful sonic performance. With a DSP-enabled Class D power amp
designed by Crown behind excellent JBL speakers, the PRX series gives
you a great-sounding, dependable, and easy-to-use PA system. Dual 15"
drivers in the PRX625 provide plenty of low-end push that’s balanced
by a detailed 1" neoprene high-frequency horn. For a fuller-sounding
speaker with dedicated high-, mid-, and low-frequency drivers, there’s the
3-way PRX635. Pushing 1,000 watts, the 2-way, 15" PRX615M and the
2-way, 12" PRX612M both feature conventional single low-frequency driver and high-frequency horn configurations. They also
ONLY $42/mo.
sport angled sides that allow them to serve as either mains or monitor wedges. To beef up
PRX625 2x15” Pwrd Spkr (ea)...............List 1749
the low end, add the PRX618S subwoofer, which offers 600 watts of bass, or kick it into
15" Pwrd Spkr, 3-way (ea)........List $159900
high gear with the 1,000-watt high-performance PRX618SXLF subwoofer.
15" Pwrd Spkr (ea)...................List $144900
Specs: PRX625 2 x 15" LF, 1.5" HF • 1,500W • In: 1 x XLR/TRS combo • Out: 1 x XLR • 60 lbs. PRX635 3-way • 15" LF,
6.5" MF, 1" HF • 1,500W • In: 1 x XLR/TRS combo • Out: 1 x XLR • 60 lbs. PRX615M 15" LF, 1.5" HF • 1,000W • In: 1 x XLR/
12" Pwrd Spkr (ea)...................List $129900
TRS combo • Out: 1 x XLR • 43.5 lbs. PRX612M 12" LF, 1.5" HF • 1,000W • In: 1 x XLR/TRS combo • Out: 1 x XLR • 34.5
18” Pwrd Sub............................List $149900
lbs. PRX618S sub • 18" LF • 600W • In: 2 x XLR/TRS combo • Out: 2 x XLR • 70 lbs. PRX618SXLF sub • 18" LF • 1,000W
• In: 2 x XLR/TRS combo • Out: 2 x XLR • 81.5 lbs.
SRX Series
These Passive PA Speakers Give You Big, Clear Sound
JBL has a long heritage of producing powerful high-performance speakers, and that tradition continues with the SRX series of speaker
enclosures. These passive enclosures are perfect for large installations and are available in a variety of sizes and power-handling capabilities.
The 800-watt SRX715 has a 15" JBL 2265H driver. The SRX712M can act as a monitor or an auxiliary speaker to satisfy your onstage
needs. And if you need subsonic reinforcement, the SRX718S is a single 18" woofer that can be driven by 800 watts. If you really want to
make sure the low end is well represented, the dual 18" woofers in the SRX728S will certainly do the trick. Capable of handling 1,600
watts, the SRX728S will easily take anything you throw at it. The SRX series offers speakers that can serve as mains or monitors, as well as a
pair of subs for bass reinforcement. Add your choice of power amps and a mixer, and you've got an impressive live sound rig that will always
ONLY $53/mo.
exceed your expectations.
Specs: SRX715 15" LF, 3" HF • 800W • I/O: 2 x Speakon • 48 lbs. SRX712M 12" LF, 3" HF • 800W
• I/O: 2 x Speakon • 33 lbs. SRX718S sub • 18" LF • 800W (continuous) • I/O: 2 x Speakon • 79 lbs.
SRX728S sub • 2 x 18" LF • 1,600W (continuous) • I/O: 2 x Speakon • 166.5 lbs.
15” Passive Spkr (ea)...............List $181900
12” Passive Spkr (ea)................List $145900
18” Passive Sub........................List $121900
2x18” Passive Sub....................List $202900
Gear for Live Sound
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PA Speakers
customer raves!
“I just wanted to take a second and brag about my Sales Engineer. He is always kind and
always offering to go the proverbial extra mile. You have a loyal customer here.”
— Kevin Smith
MRX Series
Lightweight yet Powerful Passive Loudspeakers
Big power but easy on your back! The MRX515 passive 2-way speaker boasts 400 watts of power handling (continuous), with a
single 15" speaker for stellar JBL sound — all from a highly portable package. Two 15" woofers and a single 1.5" compression
driver allow the MRX525 to push tons of low end without sacrificing highs. The MRX525 can handle
800 watts. The MRX512M features a 12", 2-way woofer and can be used as a monitor or a pole-mounted
speaker, and the MRX518S 18" bass-reflex subwoofer gives you 500 watts (continuous) to
beef up your system’s bottom end.
Specs: MRX515 15" LF, 1.5" HF • 400W • In: 2 x Speakon • 43 lbs. MRX525 2 x 15" LF, 1.5" HF • 800W •
In: 2 x Speakon • 84 lbs. MRX512M 12" LF, 1.5" HF • 400W • In: 2 x Speakon • 33 lbs. MRX518S
sub • 18" LF • 500W • In: 2 x Speakon • 72 lbs.
ONLY $27/mo.
15” Passive Spkr (ea).........................List $87900
2x15” Passive Spkr (ea)...................List $120900
12” Passive Spkr (ea)........................List $84900
18” Passive Sub................................List $84900
JRX Series
Affordable Passive PA Speakers and Monitors
It’s a common problem for bands and DJs: you want to rock the house
but have to lug the gear yourself. Now you don’t have to settle! The
JRX115 is a 2-way FOH speaker with 1,000-watt peak-power capacity
(250 watts continuous). It’s equipped with JBL’s dual-angle pole-mount
socket as well as Neutrik Speakon and 1⁄4" input connectors. Simplify
your load-in with JBL’s JRX125 full-range dual-15" configuration. The
upper woofer covers the lows and the midrange; the bottom woofer acts
as a built-in subwoofer. The JRX112M can be used as a floor monitor,
or it can be pole-mounted for FOH sound. Its 12" woofer and 1" HF driver
give the JRX112M smooth response, with enough power handling to
make sure you hear — and are heard. The JRX118S sub is driven by a
massive JBL 18" woofer and a 3" voice coil. It’s rated at 1,400 watts peak
and 350 watts continuous — and that’s backed up by JBL Professional’s
100-hour torture test!
Specs: JRX115 15" LF, 1" HF • 250W • In: Speakon, TS • 67 lbs. JRX125 2 x 15" LF, 1" HF •
500W • In: Speakon, TS • 94 lbs. JRX112M 12" LF, 1" HF • 250W • In: Speakon, TS • 43 lbs.
JRX118S sub • 18" LF • 350W • In: 2 x Speakon, TS • 71 lbs.
EON Series
ONLY $13/mo.
15” Passive Spkr (ea).................List $41900
2x15” Passive Spkr (ea)..............List $60900
12” Passive Monitor (ea).............List $40900
18” Passive Sub..........................List $66900
Great Sound,
Portable Package
The EON515XT pumps an impressive
625 watts through its 15" woofer and
1.5" high-frequency driver. This speaker
is very versatile, thanks to its multiple
mounting options. It also includes onboard
bass and treble controls, so you can dial in
just the right sound. The EON510 offers a
lightweight design, amazingly full sound, and a
feature set that makes it great for a range of applications. Add the outstanding 500-watt EON518S
for extra bass. Need something smaller? JBL’s
280-watt active EON315 and 250-watt passive
EON305 are great speakers.
ONLY $25/mo.
EON515XT 15” Pwrd Spkr, 625W (ea)..........List 899
Specs: EON515XT 15" LF, 1" HF • 625W • In: 1 x XLR/TRS, 1 x
TRS • Out: 1 x XLR • 32.5 lbs. EON510 10" LF, 1" HF • 280W • In:
1 x XLR/TRS, 1 x TRS • Out: 1 x XLR • 17 lbs. EON518S sub • 18" LF • 500W •
In: 2 x XLR, 1 x TS • Out: 2 x XLR • 65 lbs. EON315 15" LF, 1" HF • 280W • In: 1
x XLR/TRS • Out: 1 x XLR/TRS • 35 lbs. EON305 15" LF, 1" HF • 250W • In: 1 x
XLR/Speakon • Out: 1 x XLR/Speakon • 33 lbs.
10” Pwrd Spkr (ea)......................List $77900
18” Pwrd Sub............................List $112900
15” Pwrd Spkr, 280W (ea)...........List $67900
15” Passive Spkr (ea)..................List $47900
Gear for Live Sound
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PA Speakers
Power, Flexibility, and Great Sound in a Lightweight Array Speaker
Now you don’t have to compromise when it comes to your speaker array. QSC’s incredible
KLA12 line-array speaker combines astounding power, amazing flexibility, and road-ready
dependability in a surprisingly lightweight package that sounds absolutely stunning. The
KLA12 is powered by a 500W x 500W module that provides plenty of clean, clear power to
the 12" LF driver and the 1.75" HF compression driver. Ar-Q frequency optimization lets
you tune the KLA12 to the array; in fact, you can adjust for the number of speakers in your
array and get the most out of your KLA12 (it allows for up to five enclosures). You’ll also
appreciate the SOLO rigging system, which allows you to set up the speaker without tools or
hardware. If you choose to pole-mount the speaker, the onboard Tilt-Direct mount lets you
position the KLA12 perfectly in any room.
To take full advantage of the KLA12’s array capabilities, you need the KLA AF12 array
frame. This high-quality frame lets you fly your KLA12 speakers safely and conveniently. It
supports arrays up to 480 lbs. Call your Sales Engineer today to find out what a difference a
QSC array can make in your live sound system.
1,000W Pwrd Spkr (ea)...........List $299900
Array Frame for QSC Speakers.....List $97500
ONLY $91/mo.
Specs: 12" LF, 1.75" HF • 1,000W
QSC’s attention to detail shows in
the subwoofer’s innovative design.
Just use the integrated handle
and casters to effortlessly roll the
sub into position. Then, tilt the sub
upright into place. After the gig, tilt
it back onto the casters and roll it
away. All in all, you’ll save loading
time — and your back.
KW Series
K Series
Light Weight, Astonishing Output
These Birch Speakers Sound Absolutely Huge
Periodically, a line of products comes along that makes us completely re-evaluate our expectations —
and this compact active PA speaker series falls squarely into that category! To create the K series, QSC’s
engineering team set out to rethink the portable PA speaker from the ground up. How could they pack
exceptional power, studio-grade sound quality, and outstanding dispersion into a compact, lightweight
package? QSC began designing the best-possible components for each specific task. And using their
knowledge of power amplification, they developed an astounding 1,000-watt Class D power supply
and an extensive DSP processing system for amazingly balanced, intelligible sound. Though, rather
than put these now-flagship technologies into the largest speaker, then take out features to make the
smaller speakers more affordable, QSC packed all of these premier technologies into every speaker in
the line. That’s why the 8" K8, the 10" K10, and the 12" K12 sound virtually indistinguishable — all
phenomenal. It just comes down to how compact of a package you need and how much dispersion
you require. The K8 weighs just 27 lbs.; the K10 and the K12 weigh 32 lbs. and 41 lbs., respectively. On
all of them, the power amp supplies 1,000 watts of power, the combo XLR and 1/4" inputs can handle
either mic or line-level inputs, and the RCA inputs let you plug in consumer-grade equipment. You’ll be
amazed by the K series speakers and their size-defying low-frequency extension (thanks in large part to
QSC’s proprietary DEEP circuit system). If you want even more low-end thump for your performances,
add on the 1,000-watt,
ONLY $25/mo.
2 x 12" KSub.
When we first experienced QSC’s super-powerful and amazingly portable
active KW series PA speakers, we were blown away, to say the least. Now
here’s your chance to change the way you look at live sound. Plug
into the 1,000-watt KW122 and prepare to be amazed! QSC managed
to pack a 2 x 500-watt Class D power plant into this compact birch
enclosure (its shape also lets the KW122 double as a stage monitor).
Very effective onboard DSP, which includes QSC’s DEEP switch, lets
you get the absolute maximum out of this 12" speaker. You’ll love the
connection and control options on the back panel. If the KW122’s DEEP
mode doesn’t give you enough low end, then step up to the KW152.
The KW152 trades the wedge-shaped design of the KW122 for a 15"
low-frequency driver. Do you need to cover a broader frequency range?
The KW series offers two great solutions. You can either move up to the
3-way KW153 or add on a KW181 subwoofer.
8” Pwrd Spkr (ea).......................List 823
10” Pwrd Spkr (ea)......................List $92600
12” Pwrd Spkr (ea)....................List $102900
2x12” Pwrd Sub........................List $123500
Specs: K8 8" LF, 1.75" HF • 1,000W K10 10" LF, 1.75"
HF • 1,000W K12 12" LF, 1.75" HF • 1,000W KSub sub
• 2 x 12" • 1,000W
Understanding Sound
With QSC’s Understanding Sound Reinforcement DVD
training course, you’ll be on the road to sound-reinforcement
mastery in no time!
UnderstandSRUnderstand Sound Reinforcement........List $10200
Specs: KW122 12" LF, 1.75" HF • 1,000W KW152 15" LF, 1.75" HF • 1,000W KW153 3-way • 15"
LF, 6.5" MF, 1.75" HF • 1,000W KW181 sub • 18" • 1,000W
12” Pwrd Spkr (ea)...................List 1399
15” Pwrd Spkr (ea)....................List $149900
15” Pwrd Spkr, 3-way (ea)........List $159900
18” Pwrd Sub............................List $174900
ONLY $39/mo.
K Series Totes
K Series Totes are soft padded bags made of weatherresistant, heavy-duty nylon/cordura material. They’re
designed specifically for your K series speakers.
Speaker Bag for K12..................................
Speaker Bag for K10..................................
Speaker Bag for K8....................................
For over 40 years, QSC has
been recognized as the leading
manufacturer of clean, robust and
reliable power amplification.
K Series
Active Loudspeakers
Today, that experience combines
with advanced signal processing,
premium materials, and world-class
manufacturing to bring you the
absolute best value in professional
sound reinforcement anywhere.
And because we’re so confident that
your QSC product will continue to
deliver top performance, event after
event, year after year, we back it up
with an industry best 6-Year Warranty.*
KW Series
Active Loudspeakers
Still not convinced? Do your
homework. Ask around. And when
you’re ready, your Sweetwater Sales
Engineer can help you choose the
QSC product that’s right for you.
*with online registration
GX Series
Power Amplifiers
(800) 222-4700 | www.sweetwater.com
©2011 QSC Audio Products, LLC. All rights reserved. QSC and the QSC logo are registered trademarks of QSC Audio Products, LLC in the US Patent and Trademark office and other countries.
Gear for Live Sound
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PA Speakers
SSE 12
SSE 15
SSE 26
SSE Sanctuary Series
These White PA Speakers Are Perfect for Houses of Worship
Designed specifically for houses of worship — and perfect anywhere amazing sound and a low-profile white speaker
best fit the decor! The 2-way SSE 15 gives you full sound from its 15" woofer and its titanium-diaphragm compression
tweeter. It’s up to the task of filling up big rooms, with the capability to handle up to 500 watts. The dual-speaker SSE
26 is a 300-watt cabinet loaded with 6.5" speakers that handle a 100Hz–17kHz frequency range, while the SSE 12
combines clear, full sound with a manageable cabinet size that works in a variety of settings. It features a 12" LF driver,
a 1.4" HF driver, and 400-watt power handling. The SSE 10M stage monitor provides a classy and compact means to
ONLY $21/mo.
help performers keep an ear on things while onstage. This
monitor uses 10" LF and 1.4" HF drivers, and handles 400
SSE15wht 15” Passive Spkr (ea).................................
watts, with a frequency range of 80Hz–17kHz.
Specs: SSE 15 15" LF, 1.4" HF • 500W • 46 lbs. SSE 26 2 x 6.5" • 300W •
28 lbs. SSE 12 12" LF, 1.4" HF • 500W • 40 lbs. SSE 10M 10" LF, 1.4" HF •
400W • 29 lbs.
Impulse 12D
You Get a Mammoth 1,200 Watts from This
39-lb. Speaker
Power vs. portability? Not here! Peavey’s incredible
Impulse 12D powered PA speaker gives you plenty
of both! This loudspeaker packs an impressive punch.
You get 1,200 watts of power for big, clean sound.
That’s more than enough to fill even large rooms.
But the Impulse 12D weighs only 39 measly pounds!
How did Peavey do it? For starters, they equipped this
compact speaker with a super-efficient Class D power
plant, proprietary DDT anti-clipping protection, a Bass
Enhancement circuit, and a Woofer Servo circuit. Top it
off with a ribbon tweeter for crisp highs, and you have
one great-sounding box!
Also check out the Impulse 12D’s I/O. This versatile
performer gives you two channels, XLR combo jacks,
mic/line source switches, and RCA jacks. You also get
Phoenix connectors for fixed installation. The Impulse
12D can even be tilted back for monitor use.
12” Pwrd Spkr (ea).............List $104999
Get Tons of Great Sound for an Unbeatable Value
You don’t have to spend big bucks to get big sound out of your rig! This range of passive Peavey speakers and monitors gives
you the versatility and power handling you need for small- to medium-sized rooms. The 1 x 15", 400-watt PV 115 makes
a great 2-way speaker for any PA system, with a pole-mount enclosure that’s also capable of being tilted for monitor
use. It provides plenty of detail while pumping out enough low end to keep the sound
nicely balanced. The PV 215 is a very affordable enclosure that features two 15"
premium woofers for pumping out plenty of low end, built-in tweeter protection, and a
heavy-duty crossover. A carpet-covered cabinet and a sturdy metal grille make the PV
215 a roadworthy loudspeaker. The PV 118 sub adds nice weight to the low end, thanks
to its impressive 18" speaker (the active 300-watt PV 118D is also available). The PV
15M and PV 12M 2-way monitors feature 15" and 12" LF drivers, respectively. The PV
115PM pumps 200 watts of its own Class D power through its 15" woofer. All of these
stage-friendly monitors include 1.4" HF drivers.
Specs: PV 115 15" LF, 1.4" HF
• 400W • 52.7 lbs. PV 215 2 x
15" LF, 1.4" HF • 700W • 78.4 lbs.
PV 118 sub • 18" LF • 400W •
73.5 lbs. PV 118D sub • 18" LF
• 300W • 79 lbs. PV 15M 15" LF,
1.4" HF • 500W • 39 lbs. PV 12M
12" LF, 1.4" HF • 500W • 37.5 lbs.
PV 115PM 15" LF, 1.4" HF • 200W
• 47 lbs.
PV 115
ONLY $10/mo.
15” Passive Spkr (ea).................List 299
2x15” Passive Spkr (ea)..............List $36999
18” Passive Sub .........................List $33999
18” Pwrd Sub..............................List $79999
15” Passive Spkr, Wedge (ea)......List $31999
12” Passive Spkr, Wedge (ea)......List $24999
15” Pwrd Spkr, Wedge (ea)..........List $47999
PR Series
SP Series
The PR 12 is a 2-way speaker system that is lightweight yet
rugged enough for live music or speech applications. It will
handle 400 watts program and 800 watts peak. The PR 12
uses a heavy-duty 12" woofer with a 2.38" voice coil and a 1.4"
RX14 titanium-diaphragm compression driver coupled with a
constant-directivity horn. You can lay the PR 12 on its side and
use it as a floor wedge, mount it on a pole and use it as a top
box, or fly it via its threaded insert points on the top and bottom.
The PR 15 uses a 15" woofer. Both are available in 200-watt
powered versions: the PR 12D and the PR 15D.
Peavey’s SP series loudspeakers, including the ultra-popular
SP5, have paid their dues in the clubs! With features such as
Quadratic Throat Waveguide technology, ferro-fluid-cooled
high-frequency compression drivers, and field-replaceable
baskets, there’s an SP series enclosure to fit all your live
sound needs. SP series enclosures also include 1/4" and
Neutrik Speakon full-range I/O plus an exclusive switchable
Speakon connection for plug-and-play bi-amping.
Highly Versatile and Affordable PA Speakers
PR 12
PV Series
Specs: 12" LF, ribbon HF • 1,200W • 2 x XLR combo, 2 x RCA, 2 x Phoenix •
39 lbs.
ONLY $28/mo.
2x6.5” Passive Spkr (ea)............................
12” Passive Spkr (ea).................................
SSE10Mwht 10” Passive Spkr (ea).................................
ONLY $10/mo.
12” Passive Spkr (ea).................List 249
12” Pwrd Spkr (ea)......................List $49999
15” Passive Spkr (ea)..................List $34999
15” Pwrd Spkr (ea)......................List $59999
Specs: PR 12 12" LF, 1.4" HF • 400W
• 24.5 lbs. PR 15 15" LF, 1.4" HF •
400W • 31 lbs. PR 12D 12" LF, 1.4" HF
• 200W • 28 lbs. PR 15 15" LF, 1.4"
HF • 200W • 36 lbs.
High-power-handling Speakers and Subwoofer
Specs: SP5 15" LF, 2" HF • 800W • 56 lbs. SP2 15" LF, 2" HF • 1,000W • 71.2
lbs. SP12M 12" LF, 2" HF • 1,000W
ONLY $18/mo.
• 45.6 lbs. SP15M (L/R) monitor
• 15" LF, 2" HF • 1,000W • 47.8 lbs.
15” Passive Spkr (ea).................................
SP218 sub • 2 x 18" LF • 2,400W
• 168.5 lbs.
15” Passive Spkr (ea).................................
12” Passive Spkr (ea).................................
15” Passive Spkr (ea).................................
2x18" Passive Sub.....................................
Gear for Live Sound
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PA Speakers
SRM Series
GSR Series
Affordable Powered Speakers
Supremely portable live sound solution! Mackie reinvents their
massively popular SRM series. The SRM450v2 is one of the most
versatile, reliable, feature-packed speakers around. Besides the high
SPL handling and the accurate sound reproduction you get from this
400-watt unit, the sound-dispersion range is incredible, thanks to
advanced cabinet, crossover, and time-correction technology that’s built
right in! This revamped SRM also benefits from an ultra-efficient Class D
fast-recovery amplifier with built-in protection circuitry. Looking for a more
portable version with the same pro sound quality? Check out the 10", 2-way SRM350v2.
Both the SRM450v2 and the SRM350v2 sound excellent by themselves, but if you’re looking for some
extra bottom-end thump, the SRM1801 18" powered subwoofer is perfect. Whichever SRM system you
choose, you’ll quickly find out why these are some of the most respected loudspeakers on the planet!
ONLY $21/mo.
M-Audio built the
outstanding line of GSR
loudspeakers to give you
big, clear sound — without
straining your back or your
budget. For example, the
2-way, 250-watt GSR10 has
a bi-amplified Class D power
amp. What’s so cool about
that? Class D amplifiers
are small and lightweight,
but they pack the kind of
horsepower that used to
require big, heavy, unwieldy
boxes. You get premiumquality performance plus
maximum portability. Believe it or
not, this speaker weighs a scant 25 lbs.! You get a 10"
woofer, a 1" titanium compression driver, and three convenient
built-in carry handles, for excellent sound and unbeatable
mobility. The GSR10 also includes four specially tuned EQ
presets, so you can easily dial it in to get the most out of vocals,
instruments, or DJ setups.
Specs: SRM450v2 12" LF, 1.75" HF • 400W • 40 lbs.
SRM350v2 10" LF, 1.4" HF • 195W • 26 lbs. SRM1801
sub • 18" LF • 1,000W • 73 lbs.
SRM450v2 12” Pwrd Spkr (ea).....................List $74999
Big-time Performance,
Lightweight Portability
10” Pwrd Spkr (ea)......................List $61999
18” Pwrd Sub..............................List $87999
HD Series
High-definition Powered Loudspeakers
Mackie worked in tandem with Eastern Acoustic Works to develop
these high-definition loudspeakers. The result is incredibly
clear and accurate sound with plenty of clean power. Acousticcorrection algorithms that correct common issues found in
horns and woofers are partially responsible for the HD series’
high-definition sound. The compact HD1221 puts out 600 Class
D watts from its 12" driver and 1.75" tweeter. Both the 3-way
HD1531 and the 2-way HD1521 feature a 15" driver and an
onboard 3-band EQ. Premier all-birch cabinet construction
makes the HD series speakers road ready. Standard pole threading
as well as 12 fly points allow all three speakers to be flown,
mounted, or stacked. Add low-end thump with the 15" HD1501
sub or the 18" HD1801 sub. The HDA powered array speaker has a
12" woofer and dual tweeters.
ONLY $28/mo.
12” Pwrd Spkr (ea).....................List $99999
15” Pwrd Spkr, 3-way (ea)........List $149999
15” Pwrd Spkr (ea)....................List $124999
15” Pwrd Sub............................List $109999
18” Pwrd Sub............................List $124999
12” Pwrd Spkr, (ea)...................List $209999
Specs: C300z 12" LF, 1.75" HF • 750W • 43 lbs. C200 10" LF, 1.4" HF •
500W • 26 lbs.
ONLY $13/mo.
12” Passive Spkr (ea).................List 449
10” Passive Spkr (ea)..................List $25999
Specs: HD1221 12" LF, 1.75" HF • 600W • 50 lbs.
HD1531 3-way • 15" LF, 6" MF, 1.75" HF • 900W •
96 lbs. HD1521 15" LF, 1.75" HF • 800W • 80 lbs.
HD1501 sub • 15" LF • 600W • 80 lbs. HD1801
sub • 18" LF • 800W • 106 lbs. HDA 12" LF, 2 x 1.7"
HF • 600W • 59 lbs.
ONLY $11/mo.
10” Pwrd Spkr (ea).....................List $49995
12” Pwrd Spkr (ea)......................List $62995
18” Pwrd Sub..............................List $99995
Powerful sound, great price!
Mackie’s Thump TH-15A
2-way active loudspeaker
gives you high performance
without the big price tag. The
400-watt Thump TH-15A has
a ported 2-way design that’s
all about clarity — with its
namesake low-end thump.
The Thump TH-15A’s
innovative Class D circuitry
drives its 15" woofer to greater
volumes, with less heat than
ever. The compact 12" Thump
TH-12A is also available.
ONLY $13/mo.
15” Pwrd Spkr (ea).....................List $46999
12” Pwrd Spkr (ea)......................List $38999
Big PA Sound, Small Price Tag
Behringer’s 12" Eurolive
B212D packs a punch,
yet it’s easy to transport.
It can also be placed on
its side for use as a stage
monitor. It even makes
a great self-contained
single-speaker PA
for public address or
background music. Want
the same great features,
with an even fuller
sound? The 15" B215D is
also available.
Specs: Thump TH-15A 15" LF, 1" HF • 400W • 36 lbs. Thump TH-15A 12" LF,
1" HF • 400W • 25.5 lbs.
This Powered Speaker Packs Live Punch
Affordable and rugged! Don’t let
the low prices fool you — these
speakers sound amazing, and
they’re built to perform over
the long haul. Both the C300z
and the C200 passive speakers
offer the same performance and
studio sound quality as Mackie’s
legendary SRM450 and SRM350
active speakers. Team them up
with a Mackie powered mixer or
power amp for the most PA bang
for the buck. The injectionmolded cabinets are built tough
for the road and will withstand
even the roughest tour schedules.
Specs: GSR10 10" LF, 1" HF • 250W • 25 lbs. GSR12 12" LF, 1" HF • 300W • 31 lbs.
GSR18 sub • 18" LF • 500W • 71 lbs.
Thump TH-15A
Budget-friendly Passive Loudspeaker
Want to up the ante with a bigger-sounding speaker? Plug into
the GSR12, which puts all of the GSR10’s amazing features
into a chassis loaded with a 12" woofer and a 1.3" titanium
compression tweeter, powered by a 300-watt amp. Add amazing
low end (loaded with the kind of quality you get only from
M-Audio), with the 500-watt, 18" GSR18 sub.
Specs: B212D 12" LF, 1.35" HF •
315W • 31.9 lbs. B215D 15" LF, 1.35"
HF • 315W • 45.2 lbs.
12” Pwrd Spkr (ea).....................List $54399
15” Pwrd Spkr (ea)......................List $65399
ONLY $10/mo.
Gear for Live Sound
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PA Speaker Accessories
Here’s a Pair of Affordable Speaker Stands
This Air-assisted PA Speaker Stand Lightens
Your Load
Ultimate Support’s TS-100B speaker stand lets you put your
speakers at the height you need! Using air-powered technology,
the TS-100B stand reduces your lift load by up to 75%, making
it easy and safe to put your live speakers up to a height
for effective sound dispersion, without the threat of injury.
This heavy-duty stand features large-diameter tubing and
reinforced clamps, and it folds down to a compact size that’s
amazingly easy to transport!
Putting your speakers up where they belong requires durable
stands built to perform reliably every time. Of course, it also helps
if they’re lightweight and fold up efficiently. And a low price would
be nice, right? Here’s a pair that hits all three marks! Samson’s
LS2 telescoping tripod stands are durable, easy to transport, and
adjustable up to a 6' height. Perfect for pole-mount PA speakers,
the 13/8"-diameter pole fits virtually all PA speakers. The steel
construction holds 55 lbs., but the truly amazing thing about
them is that the price listed below is not for just one, but for
a pair of LS2s!
PA Speaker Stand (pr)................List $17499
ONLY $10/mo.
PA Speaker Stand (ea)................List 219
Easy-crank Speaker Stand
The professional SS8800B+ lets you raise and lower your speaker
cabinets with ease, using either the removable manual handle on this
stand or a power drill (not included). The upper shaft is constructed
of extruded aluminum, and the gear teeth are milled into the shaft,
making it the most affordable solution on the market for cranking up
speaker cabinets. The height adjusts from 47" to 80", and the stand can
sturdily hold up to 80 lbs.
TeleLock Series
Rugged PA Speaker Stands
PA Speaker Stand
Among the best-selling speaker stands in history! The TS-90B
and the TS-99B both feature the innovative TeleLock® locking
system, which assists in raising and lowering the stand while
the speaker is on it. The TS-90B adjust to 6' 7", and the taller
TS-99B adjusts to 9' 2". The TS-99BL stand provides the
features and height of the TS-99B, plus a handy leveling
leg for stable setup on uneven surfaces. All three of
these sturdy stands support up to 150 lbs.
PA Speaker Stand (ea)................List $14999
PA Speaker Stand (ea).................List $19999
PA Speaker Stand w/Level (ea).......List $22999
Here’s an incredibly affordable and lightweight way to put your
speakers up where they need to be! The versatile SS7761B is
lighter than other stands, and the reversible-shaft design may be
used with either 13/8" or 11/2" speaker cabinet inserts. The tension
height-adjustment knob and safety pin provide added safety when
adjusting the stand’s height. Speaking of height, this versatile,
sturdy stand adjusts from 44" to 80" and can hold up to 120 lbs.
The leg housing has a 120˚ design, which keeps the center of
gravity low to the ground, helping to prevent tipping.
Subwoofer Pole
Convenient Subwoofer Mounting Pole
Consolidate your speaker setup! The Subwoofer Pole is a 31" pole for
mounting speakers atop a subwoofer, specifically for use with a subwoofer
cabinet with a
13/8" top$
SubPole Subwoofer Pole (ea).........................List $2299
mounting hole.
Speaker Wall Mounts for Small Speakers
A pair of SS7914B speaker wall mounts is ideal for
permanent installations, making them a favorite of
sound contractors. They include 13/8"–11/2" adapter sleeves.
PA Speaker Stand (ea)........... List $16899
Speaker Wall Mount (pr)...............List 87
PA Speaker Stand (ea).....List $9299
Heavy-duty Speaker Bag with Wheels
When you show up with the Gator GPA-777 rolling
speaker bag, everyone will know you mean business.
This supreme-quality speaker bag is constructed of
high-quality nylon, with a polyethylene bottom. This
tour-grade case fits popular molded speaker cabinets
from JBL, Mackie, Peavey, and others. If you’re looking
for a lighter rolling bag for local gigs, then the GPA-600
is perfect. Designed to hold a 10" molded speaker, this
tough, lightweight bag has a large side pocket designed
for speaker cables, plus smooth-rolling wheels and a strong
pull-out handle.
Rolling Speaker Bag...................List $31999
Rolling Speaker Bag....................List $18999
ONLY $10/mo.
Gear for Live Sound
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Portable PA Systems
The engineers at Bose® are all about coming up with innovative, out-of-the-box audio solutions. And while the company has certainly made public waves with
their home-audio division, their professional division is redefining portable PA system technology as we know it! Meet the L1® systems. With vertical speaker
arrays and compact integrated mixers, L1 systems are incredibly discreet and phenomenally portable. More importantly, though, they eliminate — with finesse
— a common live sound issue: getting clear sound to the performers as well as to every position in the crowd. To achieve this, Bose developed a wedge-shaped
radiation pattern, with near-zero ceiling and floor reflections; each L1 disperses an even wall of nearly 180-degree sound. The result is onstage monitoring that’s
virtually identical to what the crowd hears, with no muddiness. Every spot is a sweet spot!
Available on both phone and
online orders. Call for details.
• Speaker array
and power stand
With an integrated 2-channel mixer,
• 2-channel mixer
the L1® Compact is the right system
for schools, churches, and businesses
• 2 ToneMatch
in need of a phenomenal PA system
for speech and music applications!
• Carrying bags
The first of its two channels has a
built-in ToneMatch® preset specifically
designed to pair with a dynamic vocal
microphone. The second channel can be
preset-matched to an acoustic guitar, making the L1 Compact
an equally worthy choice for gigging performers who demand
the best sound quality possible.
L1 Model II
2-ch Portable PA...................................
• Speaker array
and power stand
• 4-channel mixer
• 2 channels of
ToneMatch with
90+ presets
• B1 bass module
• Wired remote
• Carrying bags
L1 Model I
Need flexible I/O and extended low end from
your portable PA? The L1® Model I may be
the best fit! The L1 Model I has an integrated
4-channel mixer with two channels of 90+
ToneMatch® presets. You can exactly match
those channels to specific instruments and
microphones, for fine-tuned sound. Enhance
your ToneMatch capabilities and add studioclass effects with the T1 ToneMatch mixer.
The included wired remote lets you control the
system from a comfortable spot onstage. You
can also add up to two more B1 bass modules
with a single PackLite Model A1 amplifier.
4-ch Portable PA........................................
4-ch Dig Mixer for L1.................................
Bass Module for L1....................................
B1 Bass Module Power Amp.......................
• Speaker array
and power stand
• T1 ToneMatch
The L1® Model II system combines
engine with
Bose’s premier T1 ToneMatch® audio
4-channel mixer
system with their leading line-array
speaker system technologies. Set up
• 100+ presets plus
the L1 Model II onstage, and you
won’t believe the amazingly clear
• B1 bass module
sound it projects to virtually every
• Carrying bags
corner of the room. With nearly 180
degrees of consistent tonal coverage,
the L1 Model II lets each performer
hear exactly what the audience hears.
Now you won’t have to mess with monitor mixes! What’s more, you
can use ToneMatch to optimize each source — plus add effects —
for instant studio-grade results. Portable and powerful, the L1 Model
II is perfect for on-the-go performers. It’s also available without the
ToneMatch audio system.
ONLY $35/mo.
L1 Compact
ONLY $70/mo.
4-ch Portable PA w/ToneMatch..................
4-ch Portable PA........................................
ONLY $105/mo.
The power of an L1® system can fill a room.
Hearing it for yourself can prove it.
Your music is powerful.
Bose® L1 systems make sure your performance is,
too. L1 systems can deliver up to 180 degrees of
horizontal coverage, so your entire audience can
hear you – even people sitting off to the sides.
From the reliable design of the loudspeakers to
the rugged construction of the components, each
system is built to perform on stage and travel
easily with you on the road. Wonder if an
L1 system is powerful enough for you? Try one
for yourself. You may be quite surprised.
To learn more, visit online or call:
www.sweetwater.com | 1-800-222-4700
©2011 Bose Corporation | C_010190
Gear for Live Sound
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Portable PA Systems
Passport 500 Pro
Passport Pro Series
Big, Clear PA Sound, Easy Portability
When you need a powerful PA system that’s truly portable,
you need a Passport! The powerful 500-watt Passport
500 Pro system packs up easily and efficiently, but it
doesn’t skimp on features. You get a built-in 8-channel
mixer that’s made to handle everything from vocals to
instruments to music players. An onboard power plant
ensures a full, clean sound indoors and outdoors, and
the compact speakers give you amazingly big sound.
The Passport 500 Pro even includes a USB port, so you
can play back audio with digital clarity and record
performances with ease! The 300-watt, 6-channel
Passport 300 Pro gives you plenty of inputs for an
ensemble, in a compact package that won’t take up much
valuable real estate. Or if you want the perfect portable
PA system for solo or duo performances (or special
events with minimal room for a sound system), then
the 4-channel, 150-watt Passport 150 Pro makes an
excellent choice.
Specs: 500 Pro 8-ch • 2 x 10" LF, 2 x 1.2" HF • 500W • In: 6 x XLR, 8 x
1/4", 2 x 1/8" • Out: 4 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" • USB 300 Pro 6-ch • 2 x 8" LF, 2 x
1.2" HF • 300W • In: 4 x XLR, 6 x 1/4", 2 x 1/8" • Out: 4 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" 150
Pro 4-ch • 2 x 5.25" LF, 2 x 2.75" HF • 150W • In: 2 x XLR, 4 x 1/4", 2 x 1/8"
• Out: 2 x 1/4"
ONLY $35/mo.
8-ch Portable PA.................List $139999
6-ch Portable PA....................List $97999
4-ch Portable PA....................List $55999
EON 210P
All-in-one PA Solution
You want your PA system to not only be portable but also
sound great. That’s why you’ve got to get your hands on
the EON 210P. This portable PA comes from JBL’s long (and
respected) lineage in live sound technology. The EON series has been a best seller for years, mostly because the speakers
deliver clean sound and are built to last. Here, the EON 210P gets you two 10" speakers built with that acclaimed
technology, as well as a convenient 8-channel powered mixer. The mixer gives you the I/O flexibility to accommodate
nearly any setup, and it even features onboard effects, so it’s your one-stop solution for great sound. All in all, you’ve got
300-watt performance in a handy portable package. And with Crown’s Class D amplifier technology incorporated too, you
get the performance you need. When it comes to high-quality portable live sound that you can trust, look no further. JBL’s
EON 210P delivers.
Specs: 8-ch • 2 x 10" LF, 2 x 1" HF • 300W • In: 4 x XLR combo, 2 x 1/4", RCA • Out: 2 x 1/4", 1/8", RCA
ONLY $35/mo.
8-ch Portable PA......................List 1249
Big, Clear Sound in a Compact Package
Need to fill a room with sound? Don’t want to mess
with setting up a complicated system? Samson has your
answer: the XP40i! This is an all-in-one PA system
that’s priced to fit your budget and sized to carry in one
hand. The XP40i features two channels, each with a
microphone input. There’s even an iPod dock, so you
can play backing tracks or entertain the crowd. The
integrated top handle makes it easy to take with you,
and the rechargeable battery means you can forget
about buying expensive
batteries. With the
40-watt XP40i, you’re
ready for anything!
Expedition XP510i
Specs: 2-ch • 6" LF, 1" HF •
40W • In: 1 x XLR combo, 1
x 1/4", 1 x 1/8", iPod • Out: 1
x 1/4" link
Powerful Portable PA System
Hook up an entire band using the 500-watt Expedition
XP510i’s 10-channel mixer, and use its built-in iPod
dock to play music between sets. This ultra-portable
PA gives you big, clear sound. The 8-channel, 300-watt
Expedition XP308i is also available.
Specs: XP510i 10-ch • 2 x 10" LF, 2 x 1" HF • 500W • In: 4 x XLR, 4 x 1/4",
2 x RCA , iPod • Out: 2 x 1/4" XP308i 8-ch • 2 x 8" LF, 2 x 1" HF • 300W •
In: 4 x XLR, 2 x 1/4", 2 x RCA , iPod • Out: 2 x 1/4"
ONLY $25/mo.
10-ch Portable PA......................List $94999
8-ch Portable PA ........................List $67999
Your Easy On-the-go PA
When you have on-the-go soundreinforcement needs, you can turn to
the Alesis TransActive MX. This
battery-powerable portable PA offers an
integrated iPod dock, making it easy to
pump music to a roomful of people or
throughout a crowded outdoor event.
There’s a 4-channel mixer
onboard with both mic
and instrument
inputs, making
the TransActive
MX right for a
small ensemble
of performing
musicians. To enhance
the go-sized design,
Alesis added recessed
wheels and a convenient
pull-out handle.
Specs: 4-ch • 4 x XLR, 2 x 1/4", 2 x
RCA, iPod
TransActive MX
ONLY $11/mo.
ONLY $10/mo.
2-ch Portable PA........................List $29499
4-ch Portable PA.............List $49900
Passport 500 PRO
PRO sound
Compact system
Quick and easy setup
New and Improved
Passport PRO compact portable sound systems are new and improved with
more power, even better clarity and lighter weight. They’re the perfect
systems for your gigs — from an acoustic duo at the coffeehouse to a club
show with you and a couple hundred of your closest friends.
At the top of the line is the flagship Passport 500 PRO system. Light enough
to carry single-handedly and loud enough to raise the roof, it features
easily navigated controls and features that deliver crystalline sound, ready
convenience and portability, and even digital recording capability.
Easy to Use
When it comes to setting up and adjusting a Passport PRO system, nothing
could be simpler. With the suitcase-sized 500 PRO’s convenient carrying
handle and lighter weight, you can unpack and move it with one hand. Both
spring-clasped speakers are easily released and re-attached. The center
console features a simple, clearly discerned and easily navigated layout of
channel strips and their controls, with the master section front and center
at the top.
Great Sound
Perfect for solo live acoustic and singer-songwriter performances, the
Passport 500 PRO system boasts brilliant clarity and 500 watts of power.
The speakers have 10" woofers for low-end punch and horn-loaded
tweeters for clear highs and defined midrange. And all the power and
speaker cables you need are neatly tucked into the back compartment.
Speakers attach to the
center console to form
one compact, light weight,
suitcase-sized unit
Passport 300 PRO and 150 PRO also available (not shown). Stands available separately.
Onboard Recording
The Passport 500 PRO is a PA system that records. Its built-in digital
recording feature lets you simply
insert a USB flash drive to
preserve your performance with
CD-quality WAV files. Stereo
output lets outboard recording
gear capture channel mixes
unaffected by master volume
level changes for your live sound.
To find out more, go to www.Sweetwater.com
or call 1-800-222-4700
©2011 FMIC. FENDER® and PASSPORT® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. All rights reserved.
Gear for Live Sound
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Portable PA Systems
Powerful, Crystal-clear Stereo Sound from a
Battery-powered PA
Plug into the lightweight BA-330, and you won’t believe
your ears! Not only does this portable PA give you four
channels of amazing stereo sound, but it also runs for
up to 11 hours on eight AA batteries, so you can take that
great sound anywhere. Thanks to its four custom-designed
6.5" speakers and two high-quality tweeters, the BA-330
gives you clean, clear sound — and plenty of it! It even
features built-in effects for adding a professional sheen to
your vocals, guitars, and other instruments. An advanced
feedback-fighting function quells pesky mic squeals, so you don’t have
to stop and make adjustments in the middle of a performance. Use the auxiliary input
to play music from your MP3 player or CD player (there’s even a built-in pocket to hold
it!) — perfect for backing tracks or programmed audio. The BA-330 includes a built-in
tilt-back stand for maximum projection; it can be pole mounted too. Call your Sales
Engineer to find out more about the amazing BA-330!
ONLY $21/mo.
4-ch Portable PA........................List $82950
Incredibly Versatile Self-contained PA —
Plus Wireless
A truly portable PA system that can be used anywhere,
for anything! Roland’s BA-55 gives you the freedom
to perform or speak untethered, without having to
buy any additional gear. The 3-channel BA-55 comes
bundled with a matching wireless microphone you can
use for public speaking, singing, or anything else that
needs amplification. This lightweight, battery-powered
unit makes a perfectly portable, amazingly versatile
wireless PA system. Move the BA-55 from vertical to
horizontal placement, and an internal accelerometer
sensor will automatically switch output from mono to stereo. If you need maximum power
and projection, use the vertical mono mode. Want a wider stereo image? Just flip the unit
to a horizontal position. Another gig-saving feature is the automatic anti-feedback system
that blocks acoustical feedback without interrupting your audio.
Specs: 3-ch • 2 x 6.5" • 20W • In: 1 x XLR, 2 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8", 2 x RCA • Out: 2 x RCA
Specs: 4-ch • 4 x 6.5" LF, 2 x HF •
300W • In: 2 x XLR, 6 x 1/4", 2 x RCA
• Out: 4 x 1/4"
ONLY $32/mo.
Take Clean and Clear PA Sound
Wherever You Need It
Your Powerful, Ultra-portable PA Solution
Take the guesswork out of putting together
an excellent portable PA system! Yamaha’s STAGEPAS 300 is ideal
for a coffeehouse, a smaller-sized venue, a house of worship, or an
educational facility that needs an easy-to-use system to take anywhere,
putting 300 watts of sound wherever you need it. An 8-channel powered
mixer is at the heart of the rig, providing four XLR microphone preamps, enough to accommodate virtually any smallformat live performance. Plus, RCA inputs are onboard for connecting up iPods or CD players — perfect for playing
backing tracks between sets or for playing music throughout the house when events aren’t going on. A 2-band EQ helps
you sculpt the sound, and onboard digital reverb adds polish. For convenience, the mixer fits neatly into the back of one
of the speakers.
ONLY $21/mo.
Specs: 8-ch • 2 x 8" LF, 2 x 1" HF • 300W • In: 4 x XLR/TRS,
2 x TRS, 4 x RCA • Out: 4 x TS, 2 x RCA
8-ch Portable PA...............List $78900
Escort 3000
Great Sound, Fast Setup
A self-contained portable PA system in a
molded case with wheels and a handle!
The Peavey Escort 3000 comes with
everything you need for great live
sound. It has a 5-channel powered
mixer, four XLR mic inputs, a PVi mic,
and two 10" speakers — plus speaker
stands and cables. To easily get a pro
sound onstage, use its 5-band graphic
EQ, digital reverb effect, and very handy
feedback-location system.
Optional stand pictured
ONLY $23/mo.
Escort30005-ch Portable PA ........................List 849
3-ch Portable PA, Blk...............List $124900
Specs: 5-ch • 2 x 10" LF, 2 x HF •
300W • In: 4 x XLR, 2 x stereo line
You need plenty of clean power to make yourself
heard clearly, especially if you use your portable PA for
outdoor events. Yamaha has the perfect rig for you! The
STAGEPAS 500 combines a robust powered mixer
and PA speakers into an easy-to-transport package.
The 10-channel mixer includes four mic inputs and
three stereo line inputs as well as built-in reverb. The
power amp pushes 250 watts per channel to the 2-way
bass-reflex speakers.
Specs: 10-ch • 2 x 10" LF, 2 x 1" HF • 500W • In: 4 x XLR/TRS, 3 x TRS,
4 x RCA • Out: 4 x TS, 2 x RCA
ONLY $32/mo.
StagePas500 10-ch Portable PA.............List $124900
A Complete PA in a Briefcase-sized Package
The Peavey Messenger is a complete,
ultra-portable sound system that stows
and transports in a suitcase-style
configuration. Despite its compact
size, the Messenger gives you full, clear
sound. And its robust 5-channel mixer
and 100-watt output make it ideal for
an endless array of applications —
from meetings to karaoke to open-mic
performances. This PA’s top lid even
functions as a lectern to hold your
meeting notes or song lyrics. Includes a microphone and cables.
Specs: 5-ch • 2 x 4" LF,
2 x 1" HF • 100W • In: 2 x XLR,
4 x 1/4", 2 x RCA • Out: 3 x 1/4",
1 x headphone
ONLY $14/mo.
5-ch Portable PA..................List 499
Gear for Live Sound
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PA Processing
Feedback Eliminators
Don’t let feedback ruin the show! By using a dedicated feedback eliminator, you can keep your sound
under control. The units shown below automatically detect problematic frequencies and tame them.
Automatic Feedback Eliminator
AFS 224
This Gadget Kills Feedback Before It Ruins the Show
More control, less feedback! The AFS 224 from dbx gives you the tools you need to eliminate those unwanted noises,
while retaining high-quality live audio. It has 24 programmable filters per channel, rather than the 10 or 12 you’ll
find on other units. In addition, you can set filter Qs as tightly as 1/80th of an octave to zero in on problems. To
achieve these staggering numbers, dbx uses patent-pending AFS technology, which had previously only been available
in the upper-echelon line of products. A no-nonsense front panel makes it easy to operate the AFS 224, taking the
guesswork out of feedback removal. Each channel has a 24-LED filter meter plus XLR and TRS inputs and outputs.
This 1U suppressor will find a welcome home in your rack!
ONLY $12/mo.
Specs: 20Hz–20kHz • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS
2-ch Fdbk Eliminator..................List 499
Feedback Ferret D
Easy-to-use Feedback Eliminator
The Sabine FBX has always excelled in its capability to
make the right feedback-control decisions, and the new
FBX1200’s incredibly effective SMARTFilter algorithm
does it even better. With 1Hz accuracy, the FBX1200
targets problem frequencies, leaving the rest of your
audio alone. Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of time
tinkering; the FBX1200 sets up incredibly quickly and
efficiently. Never allow feedback to ruin your sound
again — run it down with the FBX1200.
Specs: 20Hz–20kHz • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS
ONLY $12/mo.
1-ch Fdbk Eliminator..................List $39995
Affordable, Dependable Feedback Control
Do you want more gain? Increased clarity? Automatic
feedback control? Do you want to save some money
too? If so, then the SM-820 digital feedback eliminator
from Sabine is what you need. It offers eight patented
FBX filters, 20-bit digital resolution, and increased
headroom. You also get XLR connectors, a mic preamp,
and selectable
phantom power for
condenser mics.
Peavey’s Feedback Ferret D gives you precise digital filters that pin down problem frequencies, as well as balanced
I/O, an internal power supply, and four remarkably effective presets that are just a button push away on the front
panel. The Feedback Ferret D lets you eliminate feedback in stereo, via 16 filters on each of its two channels. Plus it
has a panic filter for sudden, unexpected feedback — a real plus for loud shows or house of worship performances.
ONLY $11/mo.
2-ch Fdbk Eliminator....List 399
Specs: 20Hz–20kHz • In:
1 x XLR • Out: 1 x XLR
ONLY $11/mo.
Specs: 20Hz–20kHz • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x XLR combo
1-ch Fdbk Eliminator..........................List $36995
2-/3-way Live Stereo Crossover with Studio-quality Sound
Value-packed 2-way Stereo and 3-way Mono Crossover
The 234XS gives you dbx’s exceptional build quality in a crossover that’s perfect for a
wide range of systems. Switches on the 234XS’s back panel allow you to set your system
in either a 2-/3-way stereo or a 4-way mono configuration. Steep 24dB/octave filters
keep your sound clean, and front-panel LEDs let you check your setup.
The improved Peavey PV23XO gives you great performance at an amazing price! The
PV23XO includes mute switches, 24dB filters, and fully adjustable crossover frequencies
and levels. A 3-way stereo version, the PV35XO, is also available.
Specs: 20Hz–20kHz • In: 2 x
XLR • Out 6 x XLR
ONLY $10/mo.
2-/3-way Stereo Crossover..........................List $33995
Specs: PV23XO In: 2 x XLR • Out:
4 x XLR PV35XO In: 2 x XLR •
Out: 6 x XLR
2-way Stereo Crossover.............List $13499
3-way Stereo Crossover..............List $23999
2-way Stereo and 3-way Mono Professional Crossover
2-/3-way Stereo and 4-way Mono Crossover
The XR1001 2-way stereo/3-way mono crossover lets you maximize your live sound
system, with a minimal investment. You get a highpass filter, an extra-wide tuning
range, a recessed switch on the front panel, and an LED indicator that allows you to
choose either “normal” or “divide by ten” frequency selection.
Samson’s S•3-Way is a versatile 2-/3-way stereo and 4-way mono crossover featuring
a ±12dB input gain range and peak indicators. Each output has a mute switch, a phase
switch, time alignment, and a highpass filter. The S•3-Way’s global section features a
variable threshold limiter and an EQ to smooth the response of constant-directivity horns.
Specs: In: 2 x XLR combo •
Out 4 x XLR combo
ONLY $10/mo.
2-way Stereo Crossover......................... List 310
Specs: 22Hz–22kHz • In: 2 x
XLR • Out: 6 x XLR
ONLY $10/mo.
2-/3-way Stereo Crossover.................... List 284
Gear for Live Sound
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PA Processing
Speaker Management
Real-time Analyzer
Microphone for DriveRack
To get the most out of your DriveRack
system, plug the RTA-M (Real-Time Analyzer
Microphone) into the dedicated port on the
front panel. Your DriveRack will automatically
provide the phantom power needed to drive the
mic. This analyzer mic has an omnidirectional
pickup pattern and features flat frequency
response for superb accuracy, so you’ll be able
to take full advantage of your DriveRack unit’s
Auto EQ capabilities.
Specs: omnidirectional • 20Hz–20kHz
Condenser Mic...........................List $14995
DriveRack PA+
Puts Easy EQ and Loudspeaker Control at Your Fingertips
Does the work so that you don’t have to! If you’re looking to get the best sound possible from your PA system, without
investing in (or hauling in) a huge rack of processing gear, then definitely check out the DriveRack PA+. Featuring
an onslaught of dbx’s renowned signal-processing prowess, the DriveRack PA+ loads you up with big-time touring
sound — but in an easy-to-operate, budget-conscious package. Built into this recently updated system are presets
that include nearly every popular speaker and amplifier that is or has been on the market. There are also a fast Auto
EQ Wizard function, an Auto Level Wizard to fine-tune each speaker’s level, an Advanced Feedback Suppressor, a full
28-band EQ, and dbx’s renowned compression algorithms. There’s also a handy USB connection, so you’ll be able to
update the unit to support future speaker and amp releases. All in all, the DriveRack PA+ puts the essential elements
of loudspeaker control right at your fingertips.
ONLY $18/mo.
Specs: 20Hz–20kHz • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 6 x XLR • USB
DriveRack PX
Spkr Mgmt System.........List $74995
DriveRack 260
Instant EQ and Loudspeaker Control System for Powered Speakers
PA Management System with Computer Control Support
The DriveRack PX takes your live sound to the next level, with no fuss! It has classic
dbx compression, with PeakPlus limiting and dual 28-band EQs. The pink noise
generator and the included measurement mic allow you to identify acoustic anomalies
in the room. Other pro-level features include Advanced Feedback Suppression for
automatically killing nasty feedback. In addition, a subharmonic synthesizer extends
your bass response for enhanced bottom end. The DriveRack PX also offers a host of
user-friendly features, including Auto-EQ as well as multiple Setup Wizards that support
a variety of the most popular powered speakers.
The DriveRack 260 takes the proven design of the DriveRack PA systems and elevates its
functionality, adding an RS-232 port for computer control. Two independent channels of
processing power each sport a 28-band graphic EQ, a dbx stereo compressor module, and
a feedback eliminator that provides the necessary tools to effectively solve almost any sonic
issue that arises in a live sound setting. The 260 includes 2.7 seconds of time alignment and
zone delay for under-balcony delay control, as well as full bandpass, crossover, and routing
configurations. An onboard limiter protects your speakers from blowouts caused by peaking
signals. A pink noise generator and an input for an optional RTA mic make aligning all the
speakers easy.
Specs: 20Hz–20kHz • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 4 x XLR
ONLY $14/mo.
ZonePRO 1260
ONLY $35/mo.
Spkr Mgmt System.......List $129995
VSX 26
Control Sound in Different Rooms and Spaces
If you’re controlling speakers in a variety of places — maybe a balcony, a lobby area,
a children’s nursery, the back kitchen, or a private office — the dbx ZonePRO 1260
is just the device to help you with the task. Each output zone offers a flexible routing
matrix, ducking for paging, Autowarmth, bandpass and crossover filtering, a parametric
EQ, selectable dynamics, and output delay for your balcony areas. For your smaller-scale
needs, dbx offers the 6-in/4-out ZonePRO 640.
Specs: ZonePRO 1260 In: 2 x Euroblock, 8 x RCA, S/PDIF • Out: Euroblock ZonePRO 640
In: 2 x Euroblock, 4 x RCA • Out: Euroblock
ZonePro1260Spkr Mgmt System..............List 1899
Specs: 20Hz–20kHz • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 6 x XLR
Spkr Mgmt System......List $59995
Spkr Mgmt System...............List 1399
ONLY $49/mo.
Easy Speaker Management System with Digital Signal Processing
Get the most out of your sound system! The VSX 26 combines a parametric EQ, a
graphic EQ, a fully configurable crossover, a compressor, a limiter, delay, and RTA. Any
combination of input to output is user configurable to match your system needs, plus
symmetrical and asymmetrical crossover configurations are user selectable as well. The
VSX 26 can receive a stereo signal and can individually process each of three crossover
points (in stereo). The VSX 26 is completely configurable from a front-panel screen,
and it also includes PC software, which provides a high-resolution GUI for easier system
control (connects via a front-panel USB port).
ONLY $16/mo.
Specs: In: 2 x XLR, 1 x AES •
Out: 6 x XLR
Spkr Mgmt System.....................List $55999
Navigator 360
Does It All: PA Matrix Mixer, Loudspeaker
Controller, and Signal Router
The Sabine Navigator 360 is your go-to processor
for virtually any need. Its flexible I/O lets you perform
multiroom signal routing, and you can easily control its signal-processing DSP via its front panel or its software. Great security features and optional
wall-mounted remote panels make it an ideal choice for installations.
Specs: 20Hz–20kHz • In: 3 x XLR • Out: 6 x XLR • Remote control: USB, RS-232
Spkr Mgmt System.........................
ONLY $35/mo.
One family for all of your audio needs.
It’s no surprise that dbx® has a DriveRack for your audio needs and your budget. After all, We
invented the digital speaker management category and have years of proven experience, so
naturally we have the widest range of processing products available. From a live show front of
house, to a house of worship installation, to a small band buying its first real sound system, We
have a DriveRack that can accommodate any demand.
DriveRack PX
The DriveRack PX offers
everything you need to
get the most out of your
powered speaker system
DriveRack PA+
Does everything from rock
the house to making small
installed systems sound
great – all in one small box.
DriveRack 260
Extra power to give the
Front of House the level of
control needed to make live
shows sound great.
DriveRack 4800
Large-scale tour powerhouse
that provides everything
you need between the
mixer and the power amp.
All DriveRacks have easy
to use set up Wizards that
make setting up the venue
fast and easy.
For more information,
please contact a Sweetwater Sales Engineer.
Gear for Live Sound
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Power Amps
XTi 2 Series
Professional Rackmount Power Amps
Crown power amps are near legendary, and the XTi 2 Series is yet another example of
rock-solid, powerful, innovative power amplification. Each of these outstanding power amps
is packed with Peak Plus Limiters that give you full control over threshold, attack, and release.
What's more, the Enhanced Subharmonic Synth section gives you control over frequency,
gain, and filter type, so you can tune your XTi 2 amp to your system. Beyond that, there are
three fan modes to choose from — normal, early, and full speed — so you can match the fan
performance to your needs. Other noteworthy features include system monitoring for software
visibility of AC line voltage and power supply temperature, integrated cast-aluminum handles
for easy handling and dependable durability, a locking power cord clip, high-tech control
software, and 29 user-definable presets.
Specs: XTi 1002/XTi 2002/XTi 4002/XTi 6002 2-ch • 500W; 800W; 1,200W; 2,100W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR • Out: 2 x
XLR, 2 x Speakon, binding posts • 18.5 lbs.(XTi 6002: 24 lbs.)
ONLY $18/mo.
500W/Ch Power Amp................List $99800
800W/Ch Power Amp...............List $139800
1,200W/Ch Power Amp............List $199800
2,100W/Ch Power Amp............List $399800
XLS Series
Reliable Stereo Amp for Small-scale Needs
Ultra-lightweight Power
Amps with Heavyweight
Dealing with heavy power
amplifiers has always been a
part of the experience of setting up
live PA systems — but not anymore.
The new ultra-lightweight XLS series
amplifiers from Crown have arrived.
These incredible power amps boast highly
efficient Class D power amplification, and they still give you that rock-solid reliability you expect from Crown amps.
The XLS 2500 pumps out 775 watts (@ 4 ohms), whereas the XLS 2000 gives you 650 watts. You can also choose the
525-watt XLS 1500 or the XLS 1000, which puts out 350 watts. Integrated PureBand crossover systems and XMAX
limiters effortlessly ensure that your speakers remain well protected and receive the right frequencies, and every XLS
series amplifier comes equipped with a full range of input connectors, including XLR, 1/4", and RCA. And even at half
the weight of conventional power amplifiers, XLS series amplifiers give you all of the sound quality Crown is known for.
Specs: XLS 2500/XLS 2000/XLS 1500/XLS 1000 2-ch • 775W; 650W; 525W;
350W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4", 2 x RCA • Out: 2 x Speakon, binding
posts • 10.75 lbs. (XLS 2500/XLS 2000), 8.6 lbs. (XLS 1500/XLS 1000)
ONLY $21/mo.
775W/Ch Power Amp..............List 1099
650W/Ch Power Amp.................List $89900
525W/Ch Power Amp.................List $69900
350W/Ch Power Amp.................List $49900
Here’s a quiet, efficient solution for moderate power
applications, such as nearfield monitoring in recording
or broadcast studios, powering headphones, or driving a
small paging system. The compact Crown D-45 amplifier
has even been favored by live sound engineers for concert
applications because of its roadworthiness and unmatched
dependability. This is a durable stereo amp you can trust.
Crown’s AB+B circuitry ensures optimum output-transistor
use while protecting against shorted, open, mismatched,
or low-impedance loads. The D-75A offers 55 watts per
channel (@ 4 ohms). Both amps are convection cooled
and fit in a single rack space. The proven D series design
ensures years of reliable service. They’re covered by Crown’s
3-year no-fault warranty — even if the amp is damaged
by accident.
Specs: D-45 2-ch • 35W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR combo • Out: barrier
block, headphone • 8 lbs. 11 oz. D-75A 2-ch • 55W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x
XLR combo • Out: barrier block, headphone • 9 lbs. 7 oz.
ONLY $26/mo.
35W/Ch Power Amp..................................
55W/Ch Power Amp...................List $97300
Tough and Reliable 2-channel Power Amp
Built to provide plenty of power for large sound-reinforcement applications,
the P2500S power amp is also flexible enough for smaller rooms. Its
lightweight design and multiple output configurations let you go from 8-ohm,
275-watt-per-channel operation all the way up to a robust 1,300 watts (@ 4
ohms bridged). The P2500S features plenty of connection options (including
XLR, Speakon, 1/4" TRS, and binding posts), so it’s compatible with a wide range
of speakers. A special Yamaha Speaker Processing circuit allows you to optimize the P2500S for use with Yamaha’s Club Series speakers. Two variablespeed fans are mounted internally on either side of the unit to provide effective, quiet cooling, while thermal protection
ONLY $15/mo.
and current-limiting functions safeguard the P2500S. The 750-watt-per-channel P5000S is also available.
Specs: P2500S 2-ch • 390W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4" TRS • Out: 2 x Speakon, 2 x 1/4" TRS, 2 x binding posts • 40 lbs. P5000S 2-ch • 750W/ch @ 4
ohms • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4" TRS • Out: 2 x Speakon, 2 x 1/4" TRS, 2 x binding posts • 40 lbs.
390W/Ch Power Amp................List 579
750W/Ch Power Amp.................List $87900
Power and control are all yours with the all-new XTi 2 Series amplifiers from Crown.
PeakX Plus™ Limiters provide the ultimate in system performance and protection, and the Advanced
Thermal control now provides the ability to match cooling performance to specific applications. The
XTi 2 Series also has a brand-new Advanced Monitoring section which provides visibility of AC line
voltage and power supply temperature, along with completely updated HiQnet Band Manager™ and
System Architect™ control panels to keep setup and configuration simple and lightning fast.
No one knows Crown better than the experts at Sweetwater. Call a Sales Engineer today
and experience the power and control of Crown’s new XTi2 Series power amps.
(800) 222-4700
©2011 Crown Audio, Inc.
Gear for Live Sound
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Power Amps
Heavyweight Power and Performance from a Lightweight Package
When you’re choosing a dependable power amp, you need more than just clean power. You need the flexibility to
keep up with your system plus the safety features to keep your sound up and running. That’s why QSC equipped the
1,000-watt GX7, the 700-watt GX5, and the 425-watt GX3 each with a crossover switch, which allows you to easily add
a subwoofer. These amps also include QSC’s Guardrail protection, which delivers peak power while preventing overloads.
The GX7 is also amazingly lightweight, at 15.5 lbs.
ONLY $21/mo.
1,000W/Ch Power Amp.............List $69900
700W/Ch Power Amp.................List $49900
425W/Ch Power Amp.................List $39900
Specs: GX7 2-ch • 1,000W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4", 2 x RCA •
Out: 2 x Speakon, binding posts • 15.5 lbs. GX5 2-ch • 700W/ch @ 4 ohms
• In: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4", 2 x RCA • Out: 2 x Speakon, binding posts • 28 lbs.
GX3 2-ch • 425W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4", 2 x RCA • Out: 2 x
Speakon, binding posts • 27 lbs.
ISA 300Ti
Perfect Power Amp
for Installed Systems
Do you need reliable clean
power that’s ready-made
for installs? Here’s your
solution. Designed
specifically with sound
contractors in mind, QSC’s ISA 300Ti is a cost-effective solution for installed systems. The ISA 300Ti can drive both
8- and 4-ohm loads as well as a distributed system, on the same channel at the same time, allowing you to reduce the
number of amplifier channels needed to power the speakers from the same amp. This rugged power amp can output
25-, 70-, or 100-volt power to accommodate distributed audio systems, making this the perfect power amp for countless
ONLY $23/mo.
installed in-ceiling systems.
280W/Ch Power Amp................List $79300
Specs: 2-ch • 280W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR • Out: barrier strip • 44 lbs.
CS Series
Choose the Peavey Power Amp That Suits Your Setup
The Peavey CS series includes amps ranging from the 500-watt-per-channel stereo CS 1400 all the way up to the
gut-thumping CS 4080HZ (that’s 4,080 watts bridged, if you like). These amps are equipped with Peavey’s exclusive
DDT compression/anti-clipping protection circuit and are housed in tough, light enclosures for uniform and easy
rackmounting. The dual-rackspace 2,000-watt CS 2000 sports two variable-speed fans to keep the amp working
efficiently. The CS 3000 and the CS 4000 provide 3,000 watts and 4,000 watts, respectively. The 4-channel CS 800X4
puts out 300 watts per channel.
ONLY $23/mo.
500W/Ch Power Amp................List $79999
2,040W/Ch Power Amp............List $164999
760W/Ch Power Amp.................List $99999
1,065W/Ch Power Amp............List $119999
1,350W/Ch Power Amp............List $134999
300W/Ch Power Amp...............List $109999
Specs: CS 1400 2-ch • 500W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR/TRS • Out: 2 x
Speakon, binding posts • 32.7 lbs. CS 4080HZ 2-ch • 2,040W/ch @ 4 ohms
• In: 2 x XLR/TRS • Out: 2 x Speakon, binding posts • 47.6 lbs. CS 2000
2-ch • 760W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR/TRS • Out: 2 x Speakon, binding
posts • 36.3 lbs. CS 3000 2-ch • 1,065W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR/TRS
• Out: 2 x Speakon, binding posts • 41 lbs. CS 4000 2-ch • 1,350W/ch @
4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR/TRS • Out: 2 x Speakon, binding posts • 44.4 lbs. CS
800X4 4-ch • 300W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 4 x XLR/TRS • Out: 4 x Speakon
• 38.3 lbs.
PV Series
Ideal for Live Sound
You want the most out
of your power amp investment. These Peavey amps definitely deliver! PV series power amps each offer dual channels,
a built-in crossover, speaker protection, and a patented cooling design. They’re cooled by Peavey’s patented Turbo-V
cooling system’s 2-speed demand-sensitive fan. From the 2 x 300-watt PV 900 and the 2 x 500-watt PV 1500 to the
massive PV 2600 (2 x 900 watts) and the 3,800-watt PV
ONLY $12/mo.
3800, Peavey has a power amp to fit any venue.
300W/Ch Power Amp................List $49999
500W/Ch Power Amp.................List $64999
900W/Ch Power Amp.................List $89999
1,300W/Ch Power Amp............List $129999
Specs: PV 900 2-ch • 300W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR/TRS combo, barrier
strip • Out: 4 x TS, 3 x Speakon, binding posts • 28 lbs. PV 1500 2-ch • 500W/
ch @ 4 ohms • 32.5 lbs. PV 2600 2-ch • 900W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x combo,
2 x TS • Out: 2 x Speakon • 40 lbs. PV 3800 2-ch • 1,300W/ch @ 4 ohms •
In: 2 x combo, 2 x TS • Out: 2 x Speakon • 43 lbs.
RMX Series
These Stereo Amps Pump Out the Power,
Without Overload Worries
Totally reliable, extremely affordable power amps! The
450-watt RMX1450 amp from QSC is built to let you get
the most out of its substantial power capabilities, without
sending it into the danger zone.
The RMX1450’s onboard selectable clip limiters and
low-frequency filters allow you to push it to its maximum
performance capabilities, without clipping. Want even
more dependable clean power? The 750-watt RMX2450
is also available. Call your Sales Engineer to find out
which RMX amp is right for your setup.
Specs: RMX1450 2-ch • 450W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4"
TRS, barrier strip • Out: 2 x Speakon, 2 x 1/4", 2 x binding posts • 40 lbs.
RMX2450 2-ch • 750W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4" TRS, barrier
strip • Out: 2 x Speakon, 2 x 1/4", 2 x binding posts • 44.5 lbs.
ONLY $19/mo.
450W/Ch Power Amp................List 644
750W/Ch Power Amp.................List $90100
IPR Series
These Power Amps Are Game Changers
Astonishingly low weight, surprising power! Peavey
went the extra mile designing this exciting line of power
amplifiers. For starters, each IPR Series power amp
boasts an extremely light weight — the lightest IPR
weighs under 7 lbs.! IPR Series power amps are ready for
the most professional of rigs. Each amplifier is designed
with a resonant switch-mode power supply as well as
a high-speed Class D topology, yielding incredibly high
audio resolution and efficiency. The IPR Series power
amps with onboard DSP have built-in 32-bit processing
that lets you assign EQs, delays, crossovers, and stereo/
mono settings. These settings are all accessible via a
front-panel LCD screen. There are even security features,
so you can lock your system settings.
Specs: IPR DSP 6000/ IPR 6000 2-ch • 2,000W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: XLR/
TRS combo, barrier strip • Out: Speakon, banana • 6.2 lbs. IPR DSP 4500/
IPR 4500 2-ch • 1,500W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: XLR/TRS combo, barrier strip •
Out: Speakon, banana • 6.2 lbs. IPR DSP 3000/ IPR 3000 2-ch • 1,000W/
ch @ 4 ohms • In: XLR/TRS combo, barrier strip • Out: Speakon, banana •
7.5 lbs. IPR DSP 1600/ IPR 1600 2-ch • 530W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: XLR/
TRS combo, barrier strip • Out: Speakon, banana • 7.25 lbs.
ONLY $30/mo.
IPRdsp60002,000W/Ch Power Amp...........List $114999
1,500W/Ch Power Amp..............List $94999
1,000W/Ch Power Amp..............List $79999
530W/Ch Power Amp.................List $69999
2,000W/Ch Power Amp..............List $84999
1,500W/Ch Power Amp..............List $74999
1,000W/Ch Power Amp..............List $59999
530W/Ch Power Amp.................List $54999
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Gear for Live Sound
Power Amps
SX Series
These Powerful Stereo Power Amps Won’t Let You Down
Stadium-shaking amounts of power at amazingly low prices! Samson’s SX Series stereo power amps include
protection for power up, overheating, overcurrent, short circuit, low-output impedance, and DC voltage, ensuring great
reliability. They’re available in 450-, 600-, and 750-watt models.
Specs: SX-1200 2-ch • 450W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR/TRS • Out: 2 x Speakon, 2 x banana SX-1800 2-ch • 600W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR/TRS • Out: 2 x
Speakon, 2 x banana SX-2400 2-ch • 750W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x XLR/TRS • Out: 2 x Speakon, 2 x banana
ONLY $11/mo.
450W/Ch Power Amp................List 399
600W/Ch Power Amp.................List $45999
750W/Ch Power Amp.................List $58499
Servo Series
Economical, Ultra-dependable Power Amps
The Servo Series combines professional specs and value to deliver a lot of kick for your dollar! These amps shine
in live sound and studio uses, powering nearfield monitors and passive headphone-distribution systems. They feature
special circuitry to protect against overheating, overcurrent, and speaker “thumps.” The Servo Series power amps are
available in 60-, 100-, 150-, and 300-watt-per-channel configurations, and they’re all incredibly quiet.
Specs: Servo 120a 2-ch • 60W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x 1/4", 2 x RCA • Out: 4 x binding posts, headphone • 15.6 lbs. Servo 200 2-ch • 100W/ch @ 4 ohms •
In: 2 x 1/4", 2 x RCA • Out: 4 x binding posts, 2 x 1/4" • 15 lbs. Servo 300 2-ch • 150W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x 1/4", 2 x RCA • Out: 4 x binding posts, 2 x 1/4" •
20 lbs. Servo 600 2-ch • 300W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x 1/4", 2 x RCA • Out: 4 x binding posts, 2 x 1/4" • 24 lbs.
ONLY $10/mo.
Servo120a 60W/Ch Power Amp..................List 249
100W/Ch Power Amp.................List $24999
150W/Ch Power Amp.................List $34999
300W/Ch Power Amp.................List $40999
75W/Ch Power Amp..................List 259
Great for Both Live and Studio Applications
When you need power for your passive speakers, the
2-channel RA150 gives you 75 watts per channel of solid
power and performance at an extremely low overall cost per
watt. It’s incredibly quiet too — perfect for studio monitors.
ONLY $10/mo.
Specs: 2-ch • 75W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: 2 x TRS, 2 x RCA • Out: binding posts • 15 lbs.
SLA Series
Astounding performance, great low price! The
SLA-1 is a studio linear power amp that delivers
130 watts of clean, clear power and helps to
reproduce your mixes with near-pinpoint accuracy and punch. The SLA-1’s state-of-the-art SmartFan cooling system
keeps it quiet and cool while performing at lower output. For fixed-installation applications, a Euroblock barrier strip
and a front-panel tamper-proof cover are included. The rugged 280-watt SLA-2 is suitable for moderate-sized live
performance situations. The SLA-4 is the 4-channel, 140-watt-per-channel version, designed and engineered to provide
clean, quiet power and excellent sound.
ONLY $10/mo.
130W/Ch Power Amp................List $33900
280W/Ch Power Amp.................List $45900
140W/Ch Power Amp.................List $54900
Europower EP4000
Impressive Power, Incredible Value
Power Amplifiers for Studio Monitors
Specs: SLA-1 2-ch • 130W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: XLR, 1/4" TRS • Out:
multi-way binding posts • 13.2 lbs. SLA-2 2-ch • 280W/ch @ 4 ohms • I/O:
XLR, Euroblock, 1/4" TRS • 19.8 lbs. SLA-4 4-ch • 140W/ch @
4 ohms • In: 4 x TRS, Euroblock • Out: multi-way binding posts • 19.8 lbs.
Behringer didn’t skimp on horsepower with their
2-channel Europower EP4000 power amp. At 4 ohms,
this rackmountable amp gives you a robust 1,400 watts
of clean power per channel. The Europower EP4000
includes selectable low-frequency filters to keep speakers
safe from super-low frequencies. You also get switchable
limiters as well as overload protection, so you can get the
most out of your amp and your system, worry free.
Specs: 2-ch • 1,400W/ch @ 4 ohms • In: XLR, 1/4" TRS • Out: Speakon,
binding posts • 36.6 lbs.
ONLY $13/mo.
1400w/Ch Power Amp...............List $73999
Gear for Live Sound
Call today! (800) 222–4700
“The 2231 has been in my FOH rack for years. It handles the
road well, and it’s clean and reliable. Use it; you’ll like it!”
— Tim Harrington, Sales Engineer, Ext. 1395
Roadworthy Graphic EQ
A live sound legend! If you want controllable, great-sounding FOH sound, then you need a graphic EQ built to do the job right. The dbx 2231 boasts two channels of 31-band
graphic EQ, with Type III noise reduction and a limiter built in for premium sound. The dual-channel 1231 graphic EQ has 31, 1/3-octave bands; ISO frequency centers;
±12dB input gain range; and switchable 40Hz/18dB-per-octave low-cut filters. Want more-affordable options? The
ONLY $19/mo.
2-channel 231S and the single-channel 131S both offer 31 bands and 1/3-octave performance. The handy 215S
puts two channels of 15-band EQ into one convenient rack space.
Specs: 2231 31-band • 2-ch • 1/3-oct • ±15dB • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, barrier strip • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, barrier strip 1231 31-band • 2-ch • 1/3-oct
• ±12dB • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, barrier strip • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, barrier strip 231S 31-band • 2-ch • 1/3-oct • ±6dB or ±12dB • In: 2 x XLR, TRS •
Out: 2 x XLR, TRS • 2U 131S 31-band • 1-ch • 1/3-oct • ± 6dB or ±12dB • In: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS • Out: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS 215S 15-band • 2-ch • 2/3-oct •
±6dB or ±12dB • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS • 1U
2-ch, 31-band EQ........................List $54995
2-ch, 31-band EQ........................List $27995
1-ch, 31-band EQ........................List $22995
2-ch, 15-band EQ........................List $22995
QF 131
QF 131
Proven Peavey Quality at a Nice Price
A win-win combination of proven features and affordability! You don’t need an expensive EQ to get the most out of
your live sound; you just need the right EQ for the job. That’s where Peavey’s PV231EQ comes in! This dual 31-band,
1/3-octave graphic EQ is definitely roadworthy, thanks to its tough 2U rackmountable enclosure.
Want an even more affordable EQ solution? The PV215EQ is a single-rackspace dual-channel 15-band, 2/3-octave
graphic EQ that’s both simple to use and very effective. Both EQ units easily fit into any live sound situation, and thanks
to their price, anyone can afford them! Call your Sales Engineer to find out more.
Specs: PV231EQ 31-band • 2-ch • 1/3-oct • ±6dB or ±12dB • I/O: XLR
PV215EQ 15-band • 2-ch • 2/3-oct • ±6dB or ±12dB • I/O: XLR
ONLY $10/mo.
2-ch, 31-band EQ.......................List $23999
2-ch, 15-band EQ........................List $13499
QF 215
31 Bands of EQ Plus
Built-in Feedback Detection
Peavey’s 31-band QF 131 and dual 15-band QF 215
graphic equalizers are built to be low-noise EQs that
are rugged enough to withstand even the toughest tour
schedules. These workhorse 2U rackmount EQs also
include Peavey’s patented FLS (Feedback Location System)
technology. At the onset of feedback, the FLS system visually
indicates which slider you need to adjust to squelch the
feedback, making “ringing out the room” easier than ever.
Specs: QF 131 31-band • 1-ch • 1/3-oct • +12dB boost/-18dB cut • I/O:
XLR, TRS QF 215 15-band • 2-ch • 1/3-oct • +12dB boost/-18dB cut • I/O:
ONLY $10/mo.
1-ch, 31-band EQ.......................List $29999
2-ch, 15-band EQ........................List $29999
A Rugged and Flexible EQ
Affordable 2-channel EQ with Gig-saving Feedback Detection
Ashly’s GQX3102 is built to handle life on the road and designed to be extremely quiet,
without the need for noise reduction. The front panel uses Ashly’s unique “T-Beam”
construction, which eliminates interconnections between the faders and the filters,
keeping the front panel rigid for years of solid service. Internally, the GQX3102 uses
double-sided circuit boards with ground-plane design in the filter sections for improved
RFI and electrostatic immunity, further maintaining signal integrity.
Easy feedback detection! The ART HQ-231’s special feedback detection circuits
instantly illuminate the EQ band with the hottest signal, so you can identify a feedback
source and make a quick correction. The HQ-231 has constant-Q filtering, with ISO
centers, independent variable highpass and lowpass filters, illuminated detented-slide
potentiometers, switchable ±6dB or ±12dB boost/cut range, level and bypass controls,
and EQ output LED metering.
Specs: 31-band • 2-ch • 1/3-oct • ±6dB or ±15dB • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, barrier strip • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS,
barrier strip
ONLY $24/mo.
Specs: 31-band • 2-ch • 1/3-oct • ±6dB or ±12dB • In: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, RCA • Out: 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS, RCA
ONLY $12/mo.
2-ch, 31-band EQ.......................List $77500
2-ch, 31-band EQ.......................List $53900
Gear for Live Sound
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Cables & Snakes
SM Series
Cable Snakes
The MT16XFXM5 is a 5', 16-channel XLRF–XLRM
snake. The MT8XFXM10 is a 10', 8-channel XLRF–
XLRM snake. The 20' MT8XFXM20 offers XLRF–XLRM
connectivity and a 1' fan. For TRS–XLRM terminations,
the MT8BQXM10 and the MT8BQXM20 give you
10' and 20' snakes, respectively. The DA88XF5 is a 5'
DB-25–XLRF snake; the DA88XF10 is a 10' DB-25–XLRF
snake. For DB-25–XLRM, the 5' DA88XM5 and the 10'
DA88XM10 are available.
ONLY $10/mo.
MT16XFXM5 16-ch XLRF-XLRM Snk, 5’....List 320
8-ch XLRF-XLRM Snk, 10’....List $17586
8-ch XLRF-XLRM Snk, 20’....List $19266
8-ch XLRM-TRS Snk, 10’......List $20001
8-ch XLRM-TRS Snk, 20’......List $22416
8-ch DB25-XLRF Snk, 5’.......List $14279
8-ch DB25-XLRF Snk, 10’.....List $15452
8-ch DB25-XLRM Snk, 5’......List $14024
8-ch DB25-XLRM Snk, 10’....List $15146
Drop Snakes
Without snakes, the stage at virtually any concert would
be a tangled mess — a hazard for performers, an eyesore
for the audience, and a major headache for the live sound
engineer! As any good FOH engineer knows, a snake is
a great way to simplify the stage and to streamline the
cabling. Pro Co’s SM Series stage snakes all feature
a boxed end as well as IDC (Insulation Displacement
Connector) technology for connecting the ends to the
cable — not soldered, not crimped. This provides a better
connection inside the snake for optimum sound quality.
Pro Co Stagemaster Drop Snakes give you pro-level
performance and reliability at a price that’s right for
all budgets. Whatever you need, we have it! Whether
you’re running sound for a venue, hitting the road with
your band, or just looking for a durable and dependable
drop snake for the studio or stage, a Stagemaster snake
will fit the bill. Pro Co offers drop snakes in 4-channel
and 8-channel configurations, with either XLR–TRS or
XLR–XLR connectors. All varieties are available in either
25' or 50' lengths. These snakes are Class 2 fire rated and
are suitable for both portable and installed applications.
ONLY $10/mo.
ONLY $23/mo.
SM2404FBQ10024-ch XLR Snk, 100’.....List 1203
16-ch XLR Snk, 100’........List $78124
16-ch XLR Snk, 100’........List $78124
12-ch XLR Snk, 50’..........List $55516
16-ch XLR Snk, 50’..........List $60563
12-ch XLR Snk, 25’..........List $50881
8-ch XLR Snk, 25’............List $42538
SM0400PB25 4-ch TRS-TRS/XLRF Snk, 25’.........List $34899
4-ch XLR-XLR Snk, 25’..................List 193
4-ch TRS-TRS/XLRF Snk, 50’.........List $38249
4-ch XLR-XLR Snk, 50’..................List $22749
8-ch TRS-TRS/XLRF Snk, 25’.........List $46799
8-ch XLR-XLR Snk, 25’..................List $28449
8-ch TRS-TRS/XLRF Snk, 50’.........List $52399
8-ch XLR-XLR Snk, 50’..................List $33999
Gear for Live Sound
Call today! (800) 222–4700
Direct Boxes
JDI Series
If you work in audio/video applications, then
you know how important the right tools are.
That’s why Radial makes the ultra-flexible
ProAV2 passive direct box. This road-tough
unit gives you 1/4" inputs for instruments
plus RCA and 1/8" connections for computers and
consumer devices. The ProAV2 also sports a pair of XLR
outputs, so you can easily
connect to pro systems.
The JDI Duplex stereo and JDI singlechannel passive direct boxes both employ
Jensen isolation transformers for the best
audio performance. Their inputs feature -15dB
pads, and their output panels feature polarityreverse switches. There are also ground-lift
ONLY $13/mo.
switches on both models’
JDIDuplex JDI Duplex.................................List $37500
inputs and outputs.
Versatile Multimedia DI
Premium Passive Direct Boxes
ONLY $10/mo.
ProAV2......................................List $20000
Stereo PC Audio DI
Phantom-powered Active Direct Box
Full-range Passive Direct Box
With the Radial JPC, you can get
studio-ready balanced audio from
your computer’s sound card or the
outputs of virtually any basic
consumer device! Its 1/8", 1/4",
and RCA inputs interface with
iPods, DVD players, CD players,
and more. Audio transformers on
both inputs provide effective isolation
against hum and noise-causing ground loops.
The JPC requires 48V power.
The J48 is a pro-grade DI that delivers
the pure and natural sound of your
instrument to the board. Radial’s
design delivers high headroom
without compromising
sound quality, and it provides
significantly lower harmonic
distortion and single-digit
intermodulation distortion. An innovative
Merge function converts the throughput into a second
input to sum stereo sources to mono.
The ProD2 comes equipped with
two 1/4" instrument inputs, two
1/4" throughputs, and two XLR
outputs, so it’s perfect for stereo
keyboards, drum machines,
etc. The ProD2 also boasts
ultra-quiet electronics for the
most transparent sound possible.
The ProDI is a single-channel version
of the ProD2.
ONLY $10/mo.
JPC...........................................List $22000
ONLY $10/mo.
J48...........................................List $22000
ONLY $10/mo.
ProD2........................................List 175
ProDI..........................................List $11500
Level-shifting Direct Box
Plug in right! The pcDI direct box makes it
easy to plug CD players, iPods, MP3 players,
sound cards, and tape decks into balanced
low-impedance gear. The pcDI includes a
ground-lift switch, a stereo/mono switch, and a
20dB pad switch.
Simply effective! The Whirlwind’s Director
converts an unbalanced line, instrument,
or speaker signal to a low-impedance
balanced level. It features 1/4" parallel in/out
jacks, a 30dB pad, and a ground-lift switch to
help eliminate buzz and hum. This is just the
multipurpose tool you need in your tool box.
ONLY $10/mo.
pcDI...........................................List 159
Professional quality and durability
in an economical package!
Superb design and
road-ready reliability
make Whirlwind’s
no-frills IMP-2 direct
box a great choice. The
IMP-2 converts a line- or
instrument-level unbalanced
signal to a low-impedance mic-level balanced signal.
IMP 2..........................................List $6995
Whirlwind’s SPLIT 6
is a super-convenient
live sound tool that
lets you split an XLR
mic- or line-level
signal. It features a single
XLR female input and six XLR
male outputs. When used with a hot
line-level signal, the passive SPLIT 6 will divide the
signal into six separate outputs, with virtually no
noticeable loss of signal strength.
A direct box is a rig
essential. And the
Whirlwind EDB1
gets you a reliable one.
Whether you’re outfitting
your live tool kit, looking for a
backup for your main DI, or just
on the hunt for an affordable and dependable
direct box, this one’s a great choice.
EDB1 ..........................................List $3974
Director........................................List $9999
Handy 1-to-6 Splitter
Affordable and Effective
Direct Box
Professional-standard Direct Box
Unbalanced-to-balanced Direct Box
JDI.............................................List $22000
SPLIT 6 .......................................List $9072
Gear for Live Sound
Visit us online at www.sweetwater.com
Direct Boxes
Add Tube
Richness to Your
Direct Bass
The sound of the awesome Ampeg B15 in an easy-totransport unit. The A Designs REDDI tube direct box is
a unique high-performance tube-powered DI, producing
thick, round, solid-sounding bass that sits perfectly in
the mix. REDDI is also great for guitars, synths, and any
other electronic instrument requiring a direct box for
recording. And it now includes a throughput jack.
Tube DI......................................List 795
ONLY $16/mo.
1-ch Preamp..............................List 499
Countryman’s Type 85 direct box connects any highimpedance instrument, even piezo pickups, to a balanced
mic input while providing a strong, clean signal to the
mix board — without adding noise or distortion. The
Type 85 uses only hand-selected,
high-quality discrete components
woven into a single-ended Class A
circuit — much like a classic tube
mic preamp! The sound? Smooth
and sweet.
ONLY $11/mo.
Venue DI....................................List 399
ONLY $10/mo.
Best-selling Passive Direct Box
A No-fuss Direct Box
The Pro Co CB1 is a passive direct box that’s as reliable
as it is affordable. The CB1 allows you to plug a
high-impedance input directly into your low-impedance
system, easing all that excess high-end
noise. What’s more, the low price
makes the CB1 the perfect answer
for those of you who need a ton of
professional-quality direct boxes.
CB1.............................................List $8849
Type 85.....................................List 231
ONLY $21/mo.
Tube Instrument Pre/DI...............List 650
A Direct Box with More
Just plug your acoustic guitar into the Venue DI,
and it’ll get your signal ready to be plugged into the
mixer while preserving the natural sound of your
guitar. More than that, you can use
the onboard 5-band EQ to tune
your sound so that it fits
in nicely with the
other instruments
onstage. For natural
tone with performance
features, grab a Venue DI.
Here’s a pro DI/preamp that you can take anywhere. As
does any DI, the Avalon U5 converts instrument signals
to microphone-level signals. But this incredible box
also gives you six EQ curves that optimize the sonic
performance of the U5 with a range of sources.
Type 85
Venue DI
Get Natural Acoustic Guitar Tone
Avalon Quality in a DI/Preamp
Plug into Summit Audio’s elegantly easy-to-use TD-100
direct box and experience unparalleled tube-fired
performance. Perfect for basses, guitars, and keyboards,
this premium DI belongs in your stage or studio rig.
ONLY $26/mo.
Get Premium Tube DI Performance —
Onstage or in the Studio
One of the most popular direct boxes on the market, Pro
Co’s DB1 is a high-quality passive direct box you can use
to connect unbalanced outputs
to low-Z balanced microphone
inputs. There are switches for
speaker/line-level attenuation,
high-cut filter, and ground
lift, and it has male XLR-type
balanced mic-level output.
DB1...........................................List 142
Cloudlifter CL-2
A Must-have Ribbon Mic Accessory
If you love ribbon mics, then you know how troublesome
it can be to find a powerful enough preamplifier to give
them the gain they need. What’s more, the low-gain
output of ribbon mics is more susceptible to noise
than that of other dynamics or condenser mics. The
dual-channel Cloudlifter CL-2 by Cloud Microphones
is the perfect solution for a weak microphone signal.
This amazing phantom-powered box instantly adds 25dB
of super-clean gain to your mic signal. Just plug your
microphone into the Cloudlifter CL-2, hook it up to any
microphone preamplifier, and turn on phantom power
(the Cloudlifter CL-2 won’t pass phantom power to your
microphone). The effect is like plugging into a high-gain
ribbon mic pre. If you use ribbon mics, you’re going to
love the Cloudlifter CL-2! The 1-channel Cloudlifter
CL-1 is also available.
ONLY $10/mo.
Cloudlifter CL-2..........................List $29900
Cloudlifter CL-1...........................List $17900
Ultra-DI DI100
Dependable, Affordable Active DI
An amazing DI value! Plug into Behringer’s active
Ultra-DI DI100 direct box and get clean, reliable
performance plus all the features you need. Impedance
and signal matching make it easy to match your
instrument’s output to a mixer’s or a
recorder’s input. The battery shuts
off automatically when you switch
to phantom power, so you save
valuable battery life. You
also get a handy ground-lift
switch as well as switchable
input attenuation.
Ultra-DI DI100.............................List $6799
Ultra-DI Pro DI4000
Ultra-DI Pro DI800
Take multiple sources direct, with Behringer’s outstanding
Ultra-DI Pro DI4000. This rackmountable 4-channel
active unit includes impedance and signal matching, up
to 20dB of gain, switchable input attenuation, and handy
phase-reverse switches.
Behringer’s multipurpose Ultra-DI Pro DI800
gives you eight channels of great DI performance at
an unbelievably low price. You can choose mains or
phantom-powered operation, and connect directly to
speaker outputs up to 3,000 watts.
Road-ready, Rackmountable 4-channel DI
Eight Channels of Reliable DI Performance
ONLY $10/mo.
Ultra-DI Pro DI4000...................List $21799
ONLY $10/mo.
Ultra-DI Pro DI800.....................List $21799
Gear for Live Sound
Call today! (800) 222–4700
Direct Boxes
Game-changing Direct Box
The Switchcraft SC900CT is the first passive direct box with a remotecontrollable ground-lift switch. This ground-lift switch (called Phantom
Lift) allows you to instantly disconnect the SC900CT’s ground circuit
by simply engaging +48V phantom power from the board. That way, if
an irritating buzz starts to show up in the middle of the show, you don’t
have to go onstage to fix the issue.
The SC900CT also comes equipped with one of Switchcraft’s custom
transformers, so you get amazing isolation, impedance matching, and
extended frequency response.
ONLY $10/mo.
SC900CT...................................List $23000
A Very Versatile Direct Box
A Live Sound Engineer’s Essential
Switchcraft’s SC800CT direct box is a great way to convert your
instrument’s high-impedance signal to a balanced and isolated
microphone-level signal. That way, you can put the SC800CT between your
audio devices or instruments, then connect your line-level equipment to
other equipment, such as audio consoles, preamplifiers, effects processors,
and recording gear. The SC800CT employs Switchcraft’s custom
transformers, which provide you with dependable high-quality results. You
can also get the SC800, which comes with genuine Jensen transformers.
Switchcraft’s amazing SC700CT A/V direct box gives you
the I/O you need to connect a range of devices (laptops,
MP3 players, CD players, and more) to your console,
preamp, effects processor, or sound system. Plug your
device into this tough little box’s RCA, 1/8", or 1/4" jacks,
and it will convert that hi-Z signal into a balanced lo-Z
signal. The SC700CT also includes a 20dB pad, a stagefriendly recessed I/O panel, and a road-ready enclosure.
This direct box is housed in a road-tough enclosure, so
you know the SC700CT will be with you for the long haul.
The SC700 comes equipped with Jensen transformers.
ONLY $10/mo.
ONLY $10/mo.
SC800CT...................................List 170
SC800........................................List $27000
SC700CT...................................List 170
SC700........................................List $27000
The one and only direct
box with phantom power
controlled ground lift.
Call Sweetwater – the number one
source for Switchcraft ® Pro Audio.
www.sweetwater.com | (800) 222-4700
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