Max Vaimo80
 Compact Heavy Duty Stapler
Light Effort
Max unique mechanism cuts
stapling effort by more than 70%
Why Select a MAX Vaimo 80 Stapler?
2 shests 80 sheets
am A | Опе 51ге
N N LS A —> [e ETE
Conventional Clean flat-clinch
. и a Stapling capability depends on type and
clinch stapling finish. HE sheets weight of the paper
"off So
E ME N Adjusting lever hy
to load staples for throat depth |
MODEL HD-11UFL(Vaimo80)
STAPLE MAX No. 11-80
LOAD CAPACITY — 100 staples
2-80 sheets of paper
STAPLE CAPACITY (depends on type and weight of the paper)
magazine , THROAT DEPTH 1 1/4”
= [Ya DIMENSIONS ~~ 8”(x 6”(H)x2 1/2"(w)
ush button | |
= Front loading mechanism
The specifications and design of the products in this catalogue will be subject to change without advance notice due to our continuous efforts to improve the quality of our products.
MAX USA CORP. Distributor:
257 East 2nd Street, Mineola, New York 11501
Web: http:
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