EGS Pro Dual
EGS Pro Dual
The EGS Pro Dual is the latest addition to
EthoStream’s line of high-speed Internet
access (HSIA) gateway products. It is a
perfect solution to increase the aggregate
bandwidth available to hotel guests, to
provide redundancy in case of an ISP failure
or outage, or both.
Targeted to large, full-service hotels,
timeshares and government facilities,
the EGS Pro Dual completely eliminates
network downtime with its unique
dual wide are network (WAN) interface
architecture. In a class of its own, it provides
an array of features not available in other
hospitality gateways, including redundancy,
scalability and load-balancing.
The EGS Pro Dual is the first hospitality
gateway to incorporate the ability to accept
two wide area network (WAN) connections,
rather than just one. If your cable or
DSL connection fails, EGS Pro Dual will
automatically and nearly instantly re-route
all guest traffic through the functioning
WAN connection so that your guests may
continue to enjoy uninterrupted Internet
access while the problem is resolved.
With this redundancy feature, you are not
dependent on one individual Internet
Service Provider (ISP).
abilities, ensuring that all bandwidth is
being utilized to its maximum potential by
evenly distributing all the data across both
connections. As an example, rather than
one 6 Mbps connection supporting 300
users, one 6 Mbps connection can support
150 users and the other 6 Mbps connection
can support the remaining 150 users. In
doing so, no true latency is experienced,
as the load is evenly distributed across
both connections.
Remote Management
Console Integration
The EGS Pro Dual is directly integrated
into EthoStream’s Remote Management
Console (RMC), enabling centralized
management, monitoring and reporting.
This industry-leading integration enables
customers to view, in real-time, the
connectivity status of each individual
WAN connection, the connection history,
the amount of traffic passed over each
individual connection and several other
features and abilities. The RMC integration
provides true transparency, as customers
can review their ROI on their EGS Pro Dual
purchase on a regular basis.
The EthoStream Support Center
constantly monitors each WAN connection
proactively, ensuring that Internet
connectivity may be restored following an
ISP outage before adversely impacting
hotels guests.
The EGS Pro Dual enables you to combine
inexpensive WAN technologies, such
as cable or DSL connections, and offer
their combined bandwidth to guests. For
example, with a 3.5Mbps cable modem
and a 1.5Mbps DSL line, you can provide
a combined 5 Mbps of bandwidth to your
guests at a fraction of the cost of a single
connection at that same speed.
• Accepts any combination of WAN
• Supports unbalanced connections (e.g.
In addition to the scalability feature, the
EGS Pro Dual can also provide loadbalancing into its network management
• Automatic failover to WAN1/WAN2 in
The EGS Pro Dual is the first gateway
with the ability to accept two wide
area network (WAN) connections.
EGS Pro Dual Benefits
Provides redundancy in case
of an ISP failure
Completely eliminates
network downtime
Automatically re-routes all
guest traffic when cable or
DSL connection fails
Eliminates dependency on
one individual Internet Service
Increases the aggregate
bandwidth available for faster
overall speed
Enables inexpensive WAN
technologies to be combined
to offer their aggregate
Utilizes bandwidth to its
maximum potential with load
Integrates into EthoStream’s
Remote Management
Console for centralized
management, monitoring and
EGS Pro Dual Features
Dual WAN Features
connections (T1, DSL, cable modem,
• Automatic load-balancing across WAN
1.5 Mbps T1, 384 kbps DSL)
case of WAN2/WAN1 failure
• “1-1 NAT” allows available static IP’s to be used behind
the EGS Pro Dual
• Office VPN server
• Mail gateway
• “2-1 NAT” allows guests to check out a static IP address
on each WAN
• Useful for legacy VPN clients
• Still realize the benefit of EGS Pro Dual in case of WAN
In addition to dual WAN capabilities, the EGS Pro Dual
users will continue to enjoy the features present in other
EthoStream gateways, including the following.
Advanced Bandwidth Management
• Guarantees bandwidth to LAN interfaces (conference
rooms, back office)
• Restricts or denies bandwidth-intensive peer-to-peer
(P2P) usage
• Enables users to purchase prioritized bandwidth
• Blocks abusive users
• “Penalty Box” for problem users generating abusive
network traffic
Device Monitoring
802.3i / 802.3u / 802.3x / 802.3ab
802.1d Bridging Support
802.1q VLAN Support
Multiple subnets
DHCP Server/Client
PPPoE Client
Authentication Options
Remote Database / MAC based authentication
RADIUS UAM (web-based, SSL)
Credit Card
Open Access (no authentication required)
Supports different methods on a per-interface basis
• Remote administration via web-based RMC
• Integrated SSL VPN for secure connection to NOC
• Automatic updates
• Software programmable, 1-60 seconds
• Automatic reboot upon watchdog timer timeout
• Views the status and history of all devices (AP’s, switches,
etc) on your network
• Accesses, manages, and reboots devices remotely
Technical Specifications
• 17.32” x 8.26” x 1.73” (1U Rack Mount)
Public Access
• Universal Network Address Translation (allow any guest
IP config)
• Automatic Redirection to Portal Page (preauthentication)
• SMTP Redirection
• Radius Authenticator
• Advanced Bandwidth Management
Operating Temp
• 0˚ to 45˚ C
• 0-95% Humidity (non-condensing)
Storage Temp
• -20˚ to 80˚ C
• Internal 85W Wwitching Power Supply
• Input Range 110V AC, 60Hz ~ 230V AC, 50Hz
• CE
• FCC Class A
2 - 10/100Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45 (WAN)
2 - 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45 (LAN)
1 - DB-9 RS-232 connector (console access)
2 - USB
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