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ÿþM icrosoft W ord - C yan C lick . doc
CYAN Click Digital Integrated Amplifier
Product Description
The Cyan Click is a revolution in product design. No bigger than the QBD76 but packed full of
features it is the first in the Cyan range. The Click is an integrated amplifier with control for both
digital and analogue inputs and also wireless via our unique digital bluetooth system.
Still more than capable to drive large loudspeakers the Cyan Click will be available in two power
versions both using some of the latest designs in high frequency power supplies.
Analogue sources can be connected via the XLR balanced input or to the separate RCA phono input.
Both can be used at the same time and are independently switchable.
Digital connectivity is via a BNC coax, optical TOSLink or USB input and all are converted using a
high quality digital to analogue converter. Again all of them can be used and controlled at the same
The wireless connectivity via our Bluetooth system gives the ability for A2DP enabled phones, digital
assistants and personal computers to transmit high quality audio without the need for cables. The Cyan
Click includes our custom designed Bluetooth receiver that extracts and decrypts the digital audio
information and then sends this directly into the digital to analogue converter along with the other
digital inputs. This bluetooth connection uses a very simple pairing procedure and with a range of up to
30 meters it can be used anywhere in the home.
The USB port can be connected to a personal computer and will seamlessly appear as an audio device
by the operating system. Any music played on the computer will be digitally decoded and then
converted to a HiFi quality signal for playback.
Selection and control of all inputs is via an easy to use front panel interface or remote control and the
large display can easily be seen across a room. High quality Alps motorised potentiometers are used to
adjust both the volume and balance.
The power supply uses two of the newest generation ultra high frequency power supplies. These have
the ability to store and couple energy very efficiently and give a much faster response to power
demands than conventional designs.
Preliminary Product Specification ( Subject to change )
Pre-Amp Section
Unbalanced Input:
Balanced Inputs:
Digital Inputs:
Wireless Input:
Signal to Noise Ratio:
Frequency Range:
Harmonic Distortion:
Channel Separation:
Channel Balance:
Input impedance:
1 pair RCA phono
1 pair of 3-pin female XLR inputs
Coax BNC, TOSLink Optical, B type USB
Bluetooth A2DP
-90dB all inputs
2.5Hz – 200kHz (-3dB)
10 Hz –91dB, 1kHz –93dB, 10kHz –90dB, 20kHz –87dB
10 Hz 90dB, 1kHz 90dB, 10kHz 90dB, 20kHz 85dB
Unbalanced 47kOhms, Balanced 94kOhms (Line 1 & Line 2)
Power Amp Section
Output Power
( High Power Version ):
Output Power
( Low Power Version ):
100W rms per channel @ 0.05% distortion into 4 Ohms
Frequency Response:
Signal To Noise Ratio:
Channel Separation:
Output Impedance:
Output Inductance:
Output Connections:
Slew rate:
-1dB, 0.8Hz to 46kHz (8 Ohms)
-3dB, 0.8Hz to 77kHz (8 Ohms)
-1dB, 0.8Hz to 39kHz (4 Ohms)
-3dB, 0.8Hz to 75kHz (4 Ohms)
Better than –103dB, ‘A’ weighted two thirds
0.03 Ohms
2 x rhodium binding posts
70V per S, 1kHz 20V square wave
338 x 60 x 145mm (Width x Height x Depth)
50W rms per channel @ 0.05% distortion into 4 Ohms
Chord Electronics limited
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Tel: +44 (0)1622 721444
Fax: +44 (0)1622 721555
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