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Hauck Explorer
Backpack Explorer
The high-class and ideal backpack - optimum carrying comfort for long walks in the
These super lightweight and comfortable backpack allows you to carry your baby close to
your body and to protect your back at the same time. The depth of the backpack can be
adapted to your child's age and ensures a comfortable carrying experience.
The 5-point harness system can be adjusted individually. The simple application, the
good fit and the comfortable padding and the even distribution of weight across your back
offer excellent comfort.
The removable hood with integrated rain cover allows you to take your child with you
wherever you go and no matter what the weather. A spacious basket and a practical
utensil pocket with zipper provide ample space for stowage of various baby items. A
practical changing pad is also included in the delivery.
Explorer - the backpack for active parents!
carrying system can be adjusted individually
mobility for your daily life
optimal fit
can be carried in a back-friendly manner
feeling of security for your child
Produkt information
Measurements built-up (max.)
90 x 35 x 75 cm
Measurements folded (max.)
70 x 35 x 26 cm
Sending information
Weight total single item (without box)
2,4 kg
Weight total single item (incl. box)
3,5 kg
Pack size
hauck GmbH + Co. KG | www.hauck.de
72 x 36 x 23 cm
Backpack Explorer
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Explorer back pack
Washing information:
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hauck GmbH + Co. KG | www.hauck.de
Backpack Explorer
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593011 Black
hauck GmbH + Co. KG | www.hauck.de
Backpack Explorer
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hauck GmbH + Co. KG | www.hauck.de
Backpack Explorer
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