Philips 127998000KX2 Datasheet

Philips 127998000KX2 Datasheet
Philips X-tremeVision LED
LED Interior Lighting
Drive with maximum safety and style
CeraLight 360°
8000K Cool blue
New 360° uniform light diffusion
Philips LED bulbs with 360° optical design ensure ultimate safety and style for your ride
with its uniform light diffusion and ultra brightness. Long-lasting and high-resistant LEDs
give you 12 years of hassle-free driving
Best LED light performance
• 1-click installation
• Bright 8000K cool blue light
Stylish LED design signature
• 360° light diffusion
• Patented cooling system
12 year lifetime
• Shock and vibration resistance
• Short-circuit protection
LED Interior Lighting
T10 CeraLight 360°, 8000K Cool blue
Product description
Application: Interior, License plate
Technology: LED
Type: T10 CeraLight™ 360°
Range: X-tremeVision LED
Base: w2.1x9.5d
Designation: T10 LED 12799 8000K 12V
Homologation ECE: NO
Light characteristics
• Lumens: 50
• Color temperature: Cool blue 8000K
1-click installation
Electrical characteristics
Marketing specifications
• Expected benefits: More light, More style
• Product highlight: New 360° uniform light diffusion
• Voltage: 12 V
• Wattage: 0,8 W
• Lifespan: 12 years
Designed to fit in one click standard T10 cap, type
360° light diffusion
Improved 360° optical design for uniform light
Patented cooling system
Optimal thermal design for maximum cooling of LED
to ensure ultra-long service life
Shock and vibration resistance
Unique robust design provides enhanced resistance
to shocks and vibrations
Short-circuit protection
Philips CeraLight ceramic-based patented design
ensures perfect insulation from short-circuit
Bright 8000K cool blue light
High power Philips 8000K LED bulbs with cool blue
effect to enhance the style of your lights
Issue date 2014-10-08
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