The highlight of every fire detection scenario
Fire detection technology
Safety is the result of efficiency
and innovation
l This applies to fire alarm systems too, as
especially in this case, safety is significantly
dependent on the latest technology. The fastest
possible and intelligent detection depends on
seamless interaction between the control panel,
the network and the system components. Stateof-the-art technology enables ongoing enhancements.
Using proven concepts, optimising each part and
leveraging on synergies of other components,
those elements have been the basis for the
latest generation of intelligent fire detectors.
Introducing the IQ8Quad: this centrepiece of a
fire alarm system provides multiple functions
and is very compact at the same time, thereby
setting new standards for security and efficiency.
l For example at a residential home IQ8Quad acts as a detector and
alarm. Consequently, each room occupant can receive a voice alarm, allowing evacuation messages to be distributed with the best possible coverage
and quality. Furthermore, the IQ8Quad is resistant to possible deceptive
phenomena, such as water vapour. Multiple functions in a compact space
provide a higher level of safety.
Residential home/
catering kitchens
IQ8Quad—four fire safety tasks, one device
l Slim design, cost-saving operation, leadingedge technology, in brief: more safety for less
money. The Novar IQ8Quad launches a new era
of safety technology, as a detector, sounder and
l Four functions, one housing:
• IQ8Quad detects (heat, optically combined and
combined with CO sensor)
• IQ8Quad alarms optically with integrated flasher
flasher which needed three separate housings in
the past. Now, the intelligent IQ8Quad detector
provides far better safety within a single housing.
Voice alarm
• IQ8Quad alarms acoustically with the integrated
sounder (EN54 alarm sound according to DIN
33404 Part 3)
• IQ8Quad alarms acoustically with integrated
voice alarm
A perfect combination: IQ8Quad with IQ8Control—
detects, flashes, sounds and speaks
the detector within the detector
IQ8Quad flashing intelligence
The different IQ8Quad models provide
optimal support for various environmental conditions. The IQ8Quad detects
with different sensor principles, according to the
specific requirements. No matter what the application might be, the IQ8Quad always has the
right detector inside.
Almost invisible in stand-by, not overlooked in an emergency. The 360°
flasher is significantly smaller because
of the integrated light pipe. Since it only forms the
top of the detector it is hardly noticeable and saves
material costs and time at installation.
• O—the optical detector provides secure early
detection of fires
• T—the heat detector provides reliable detection
of fires with either fast or slow temperature rises
• O2T—the optical/heat detector provides reliable
differentiation between fires (dark and light
smoke) and deceptive phenomena in difficult
environmental conditions
• OTG—the optical/heat detector with integrated
CO sensor provides additional detection of CO
Base with
contact springs
Detection chamber,
bottom section
Detection chamber,
top section
Cover plate
Transmitter LED
External housing
Heat sensor
Sealing ring
Printed circuit board
Light pipe
Receiver LED
CO sensor
Acoustic alarm:
the detector with a sound
IQ8Quad cannot be overheard, as
the sounder is an integral part of the
IQ8Quad. With up to 92 decibel it
fulfils the requirements of the highest safety
standards as well as the required sounder alarm
tone according to EN 54. There is no need to
install a separate alarm sounder. The IQ8Quad
has it all. Sounds great, of course!
More functions, less space
The perfect arrangement of all components results in
an elegant and flat design, hence making sure that it
fits into various interior designs. At the same time the
enlarged detection chamber allows the integration of
the latest sensor technology.
Voice alarm:
outspoken safety
State-of-the-art safety, a IQ8Quad triggers an evacuation message immediately. Four pre-programmable voice
alarms are available (plus a test voice alarm),
ensuring that in the case of a fire alarm valuable
seconds are gained and the risk of a panic is
Which message is used is dependent on local
requirements. Pre-recorded messages are stored
in a database and can be selected based on
the need for the highest level of safety. Multilanguage messages are also an option. Individual
safety means, in the future, the possibility of
freely programming messages.
IQ8Quad—more technology, more safety
IQ8Quad detects, flashes, sounds and talks and
uses four different detection principles at the
same time. The result: the highest possible degree
of safety under all environmental conditions.
1 Gas sensor
2 Heat sensor
3 Optical sensor
IQ8Quad, optical smoke detector
The IQ8Quad optical smoke detector is primarily
used for the earliest possible fire detection. The
optical detection comprises a broad spectrum
of smoke and fulfils DIN EN 54 Part 7. Like all
IQ8Quad detectors, it has an integrated loop
isolator and a low quiescent current (VdS certification G 204060).
IQ8Quad heat detector
The IQ8Quad reliably detects slow and fast temperature rises with a single sensor. By using either
the fixed or rate-of-rise principle, it detects temperature rises in relation to the ambient temperature. The IQ8Quad heat detector is primarily used
in areas where smoke or similar aerosols develop
on a regular basis and possible open fires might
develop extremely fast (VdS certification
G 204058 and G 204059).
IQ8Quad multisensor detector O2T
The IQ8Quad O2T combines optical and heat
sensors and can reduce false alarms in difficult
environments. The O2T uses an innovative twoangle technology for analysis and “screens” its
environment. By doing so, it differentiates between deceptive phenomena and real fires. It is
particularly resistant to false alarms (up to 8 to
10 times compared with other detectors) in
environments possibly exposed to water vapour
(VdS certification G 204061).
IQ8Quad multi-sensor detector OTG
Invisible and odourless CO gases are almost
always created in the very early phases of a fire.
Hence, casualties due to smoke poisoning are
by far the most common. The CO gas sensor
means that the optical/heat IQ8Quad CO detector guarantees not only early fire detection, but
also the detection of CO gases. The alarm will be
triggered even before the fire itself becomes visible, consequently reducing the possible cause
of smoke poisoning.
IQ8Quad—with built-in installation support
and investment protection
l The entire safety within a single housing. A number
of benefits are obvious for architects, planners and
installers. Up to now there has been no detector providing such a level of efficiency and economics. This
holds true not only for the entire life cycle of the hazard
detection system, but also as part of the day-to-day
usage at installation time, service and maintenance.
Convenient installation
Despite the flat housing, the IQ8Quad offers a
spacious installation base, giving more space for
cabling and unused wires can be easily looped
through directly within the base.
The plus on safety during installation
No matter which detector is actually installed, the
base is always the same. Consequently, the exchange
of a detector is extremely easy and convenient. The
ring loop itself won’t be interrupted during the
exchange, the fire detection system and all its components remain in an active state at all times. This
allows initial analysis of the wiring even before any
IQ8Quad detectors are put in place.
Faster installation saves costs
As the IQ8Quad is a detector, sounder and flasher all
in one single housing installation, time is much shorter
than that for the installation of three separate components. Now, only one component needs to be installed: the IQ8Quad. Furthermore, it proves to be
very flexible. In the case of a possible upgrade or
exchange only the detector needs to be dismounted
from the base. In the case of legacy systems, there is
hardly any more effort necessary: existing holes previously used by the Series 9200 detector base are
compatible, hence upgrading to the latest IQ8Quad
technology is very easy. The IQ8Quad is downward
tools 8000: programming, service, maintenance
The IQ8Quad detector generation works with the
Novar control panel 8000 and IQ8Control. The tools
8000 needs to read the detector topology only once
on site. The actual programming and diagnosis can
be done off site, if required.
IQ8Quad—the esserbus® detector
Voice alarm
Max. 2 km
Acoustic alarm
Acoustic alarm
l The esserbus®-PLus: currently still the safest
and most economical alarm medium. The principle itself is easy: system components are no
longer connected with a spur loop wiring, instead
they are connected via esserbus®, a ring loop providing full addressability. The detector is served
directly by the ring loop, a twin-wire analogue ring
esserbus transponder
loop. Installation has never been easier, as quite
a number of cabling, transponders and power
supplies are no longer needed.
• Up to 127 devices on the ring loop
• IQ8Quad and Series 9200 detectors on the
same loop (downward compatibility )
• Less installation effort
l A broad range of different components can be
connected to the esserbus®, starting from the
proven manual call point up to door arrester
systems, which might be needed to comply with
regulatory requirements. Controllers and additional inputs are connected via esserbus® transponders right where required, hence minimising
cabling, while detectors and special detection
devices can be connected directly with the ring
loop. This ensures adaptability to local requirements and guarantees economical and easy
IQ8Quad—good connections with control
panels series 8000 and IQ8Control
External devices
External devices
Max. 1 km
8000 M
Max. 1 km
The essernet®—the economical safety network for largescale premises and complex requirements
l The fire alarm control panels of the series 8000
and the new IQ8Control—which is needed to allow
all IQ8Quad functions, such as detection, optical,
acoustic and voice alarm signalling—coordinate all
activities of each individual device on the ringbus.
They provide the highest level of flexibility and
operational safety. The built-in modularity ensures
security of investment and economy, as a standalone system or as part of a networked system.
Off-site programming—even from home
tools 8000 provides independence of locality
or time. Programming and configuration can be
easily done even off site, providing the initial
down loading of the system topology has been
done. Only the uploading of data into the control
panel requires a local connection via, e.g. USB.
Furthermore, the tools 8000 can be used for a
range of tasks, supporting the entire life cycle
of the system—from initialisation to regular
scheduled preventive maintenance.
IQ8Quad—not only the
content counts
l Intelligent fire protection includes modern
design as well. The form results in the optimum
mode of operation and is a decisive factor in its
acceptance by the people actually using the building. The requirements for modern fire protection
design are: discreet, trendsetting and timeless,
as those components will normally last many
years. A detector which follows the latest trends,
might be regarded as old-fashioned in the future.
IQ8Quad is the result of many years of develop-
ment, its design focuses on multifunctionality and
long-term validity, while incorporating the latest
trends of building technology at the same time. Fire
protection and building technology are now visibly
merging, creating a harmonic symbiosis.
• flat design, harmonically blending into
any interior design
• high-quality, environmentally compatible
• more functions in less space
• enlarged detection chamber to integrate
the latest sensor technology
Model with acoustic/voice alarm
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