Experiencing personal freedom anew - Busch

Experiencing personal freedom anew - Busch
Experiencing personal freedom anew
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Making home automation easier than ever
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01 Comfort
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Slow-down is becoming a trend. In our fast-moving
world comfort is becoming ever more important for
people. That is also why home automation takes on
ever greater meaning.
omfort is no longer a luxury. It can also be per- of freedom. The products used can be set precisely to one’s
ceived as compensation for modern everyday life. wishes and requirements. The effect of the comfort of home
That is why many people opt for a practical balance automation is very versatile and extends from comfortable
between work and home. There the pleasant side operability up to saving time and costs. Great progress has
of life is to happen. And here, home automation for today been made in the operation of home automation due to
and tomorrow frees the mind in the simplest way possible for panels with touch display as well as smartphones and
enjoying the real life. Everything functions without having to tablets. ABB/Busch-Jaeger shares in pushing ahead with this
think deeply about it. Real intelligent technology should be trend. This technology makes possible the central control
of help. And that is why ABB/Busch-Jaeger researches and of an entire building, or of a single room – globally and at all
develops new ideas for providing greater comfort. This starts times. The intelligent home has become present-day reality.
with the installation and commissioning of devices. Both
should be easy and understandable. Because it saves time
and does not get on one’s nerves. The same applies to daily
operation. With home automation
the users should be able to fulfil Comfort starts already
their wishes as easily as possible. with the installation.
Here the requirement for comfort
could vary greatly. Yet, most end customers are hardly
aware of the fascinating possibilities technology makes
available to them. To have to worry about less is merely one
positive aspect of the automated home. Living environment
is completely redefined. When coming home, the light goes
on automatically in the hallway and the room temperature
has already been precisely set to suit one’s well-being. In
those many small moments of everyday life comfortable
technology creates a feeling of greater security and sense
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Completely relaxed
In this fast-moving world the home will increasingly turn
into a place of retreat. And for this the comfort of modern
home automation creates the desired freedom.
The future is getting older.
According to the opinion of
trend researchers the so-called
silver society is going to define
the world of tomorrow. New
requirements for comfort in the
home will assume even greater
importance in the future.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
he social change of future years is
already becoming apparent today.
Catchphrases such as “ageless
consuming” and “ambient assisted
living” are being heard more and more today.
The behaviour of people aged over 50 is
today totally different to that of times past –
because they and their lifestyle remain
younger longer. They see technological
comfort as a natural part of life and they
also expect it in their private living environment. According to current market
research, living comfort ranks as number
one on the wish list of all Germans. Even in all
age groups. The result confirms one of the
deciding concepts at ABB/Busch-Jaeger
comfort should be able to fully display its
effect in all areas of life. ABB/Busch-Jaeger
has been following this principles for decades. This seen especially in the area of
illumination. The comfortable switching
of lamps creates the desired atmosphere.
Today this involves much more than merely
switching lights on and off. Many factors
turn light into an experience. The intensity
of brightness and colour temperature allow
different moods to be created and influenced – the scenes of life are stored and
called up to suit the occasion. A warm light
at the dinner table creates a pleasurable
moment. A cool light in the home office
motivates while working. For the trip down
to the cellar the lights turn on automatically
next to the stairs and provide orientation.
All this means comfort – the gain of personal
quality of life. This is increased also in the
control of heating. For example, when the
temperature in the bathroom is raised in
advance for a good start to the day and
then lowered to save energy when exiting
it. These positive effects are sensed by a
person as a feeling of wellbeing and are a
plus for the household budget.
Also intelligent – in a sense, actively thinking – technology creates good feelings.
Aside from the well-known movement
detectors, in home automation there are
also fascinating possibilities for the use of
sensors. They can establish the comfort
suitable for the respective requirements of
the people. The sun shines and the blind
is lowered automatically. A guest rings
the bell and the camera in the outdoor
station documents the visit with a photo.
Such new possibilities are already on offer
from ABB/Busch-Jaeger. They make daily
life of both the user and the electrician
easier. In this sense comfort is in fact no
longer a luxury.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
free home
Making home automation easier than ever. [email protected]®
sets new standards for easy installation, commissioning
and operation.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Total network
Liberating. With the new [email protected]® system
electricians can make total networking of home
automation a reality in a very short time.
Twice as easy
With [email protected]® blinds, lights, heating,
air-conditioning and door communication can
be controlled centrally via an app.
Total home automation for blinds, lights,
heating, air-conditioning and door communication becomes easier than ever.
[email protected] ® makes it possible to
provide greater comfort, safety and
energy-efficiency for end customers without any great effort – and it increases
the opportunities for greater success
for electricians since the system with an
assured future can be understood without any extensive training and it saves
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
time. From the installation via 2-wire line
up to the configuration and operation via
tablet, smartphone or computer: with
[email protected]® all applications on and
in the house can be combined with amazing ease. The intuitive user guide of the
app allows all settings to be made very
quickly. In this way [email protected] ®
gives electricians a decisive advantage
over their local competitors.
01 Comfort
Complete scenes are easy to adjust
and also easy to be changed later by
electricians and end customers alike.
Door communication
Intuitive commissioning with all conventional
Internet browsers as well as an app for iOS
and Android.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Easily and directly
to success
More pleasant living. This is the topic for today and for
tomorrow. That is why the demand for networked home
automation will increase. And that is why, with a simple
solution such as [email protected]®, electricians can look
forward to successful times.
—— Easy to operate
—— Business segment with
an assured future
—— Competitive advantage
Today networked home automation is inexorably entering everyday life.
Here computers and smartphones have already shown the way. Business is
booming. Topics such as comfort, efficiency and safety are of vital
importance to end customers. For electricians [email protected] ® opens up
numerous opportunities for profitable business. Even if there has only been
little experience in the installation of home automation. This is because
the many advantages are convincing arguments for the acquisition of
customers, installation and commissioning. The system offers greater
comfort, safety as well as efficiency and is unique in the price segment.
Builders increase the value of their real estate and remain satisfied
longer. One reason is that they can later easily make adjustments to suit
their wishes. And, an assured future is guaranteed by ABB/Busch-Jaeger
as leading supplier of home automation. Thanks to the ease of installation
and commissioning, the system, which can be learned intuitively, saves
valuable working hours. The reduced effort pays for itself quickly for all
concerned. [email protected] ® turns electricians into an expert in home
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
[email protected]® is the
answer to a global trend
with a high potential.
01 Comfort
Adjusting everything via an app
The entire system can be individually configured
with the free app (iOS/Android) via smartphones
or tablets as well as via browser
on the computer.
Left Part
New Scene
Top floor
New Scene
My Rocker
Floor 2
Floor 1
Regular Scene
Living room Lamp
Dining Hall
Living Room
Dining Hall
Living Room
Living room Lamp
Top floor
Kitchen Lamp
Floor 2
Floor 1
Leaving Home
Add floors
Presence Simulation
Top floor
First step – the house
First, the floor plan with floors and
rooms is created.
Add device
Add scenes and groups
Second step – the allocation
The sensors are integrated in the app
in the floor plan and allocated in the
system. This simultaneously allocates the
devices to the floors and rooms, as basis
for later operation by the customer.
Third step – linking
And finally, the elements can be
combined as needed.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Simply smart
and intelligent
Finally. [email protected]® transforms living areas into an
intelligent home. Networked home automation is finally
available for everyone.
Excellent arguments for end customers. Because in daily use
[email protected] ® home automation is extremely flexible. This
enables customers to fulfil their wishes individually. The smartphone becomes the remote control in the house. The bathroom
can be heated and the light scene in the kitchen can be switched
on with a touch of a button while one is still in bed, or all lights
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
and devices are deactivated via a switch when leaving the
house. Very convenient. Extremely comfortable. Very energy
efficient. The setting of these scenes is as easy as can be – to
suit the mood or situation.
01 Comfort
Two possibilities
Central or decentralized
actuator unit
Door communication
actuator unit
bus line
[email protected]
Two-wire bus cable
System Access Point
System Access Point
Door communication
bus line
[email protected]
Two-wire bus cable
Distribution with actuators
and power supply
Central control with DIN rail mounting actuator
The installation of central DIN rail mounting actuators in the
switch cabinet makes the installation of the sensors even easier –
as only the bus line is located in the flush-mounted box. With
this method, the costs for each channel can be reduced.
Distribution with
power supply
Sensor/actuator unit for decentralized control
All in one. To save space the sensor and actuator are located
in one flush-mounted box of the switch combination. The function
of both components is preconfigured. This makes programming
of the basic functions unnecessary – but possible if required.
This enables the lights and blinds to be controlled even
before project planning of the system has been carried out. The
230-Volt line is wired as usual.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Greater freedom
Thanks to [email protected]
Leaves nothing to be desired. With [email protected]®
a large variety of solutions can be made reality in the
private or in the smaller commercial building sectors.
01System Access Point
[email protected] 7"
The [email protected]® range takes all important applications into
consideration – switching and dimming of lights, detection of
movement, control of blinds, scenes, heating, air-conditioning,
door communication, remote access via smartphones and
tablets as well as time functions. The design is available for
numerous Busch-Jaeger switch ranges.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
All products will be available
starting July 2014.
01 Comfort
03Rocker, 2gang,
dimmer icon/neutral,
f u tu re ® linear switch range,
studio white
04Rocker, 2gang,
light/blind icons
f u tu re ® linear switch range,
studio white
05Rocker, 1gang,
future ® linear switch range,
studio white
06Blind switch,
future ® linear switch range,
studio white
07Movement detector,
future ® linear switch range,
studio white
09Switch actuator, 4gang, MDRC
10Dim actuator, 4gang, MDRC
11Blind actuator, 4gang, MDRC
12Heating actuator, 6gang, MDRC
13Power supply
14 Binary input, 4gang
08Room temperature controller,
future ® linear switch range,
studio white
All products will be available
starting July 2014.
The products displayed are a selec­tion
from the [email protected]® range.
Different function of uniform design. From a switch with one or two rockers
up to the room temperature controller.
All products will be available
starting July 2014.
The products displayed are a selec­tion
from the [email protected]® range.
The actuators for blinds, heating, switching and dimming are available
as MDRC devices and for flush-mounted installation.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Entry into
the next level
Door communication. The success story of ABB-Welcome
also continues in 2014. Because the two-wire bus system
will be extended by a few innovative products. Technically
this opens totally new possibilities – and end customers
will welcome the increase in comfort and safety.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
The telephone
as door opener
—— The telephone becomes
the indoor station
—— For analogue fixed
network, DECT, ISDN
and mobile telephones
—— Comfortable
ABB-Welcome telephone gateway
The ABB-Welcome telephone gateway
takes over the function of an indoor
station. This allows the door to be
opened via the telephone.
Communicative. The new ABB-Welcome telephone
gateway combines an ABB-Welcome system with
every standard telephone system.
The telephone plays an increasingly important role in more and
naturally be used in parallel with the telephone gateway. Also
more areas of daily life. Its benefits can also be used to advantage several telephone gateways within an ABB-Welcome system
in modern door communication. This is now made evident with are possible. For example, when the telephone systems
the ABB-Welcome telephone gateof several parties in the
way 83350. It can supplement the
building are to be linked.
function of an ABB-Welcome indoor with cordless fixed network telephones. Programming is possible
station and accept door calls, and
without computer. Settings
with a telephone exchange redirect these to analogue fixed can be made via DTMF button tones. With a telephone IP
network, DECT, ISDN or mobile telephones. This enables the gateway 83342 commissioning and configuration can also be
user to communicate with the visitor at the outdoor station, carried out portable via computer or tablet.
open the door or switch on the hallway lights. The telephone
can also be used to call the outdoor station via the telephone
gateway. ABB-Welcome indoor audio or video stations can
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Safer remote access
via the Internet
—— Access with the app to one’s own
ABB-Welcome system via the Internet
—— Push messages via ABB/Busch-Jaeger
portal to the smartphone
—— O ccurrence memory can be called
up on the Internet
ABB-Welcome IP gateway
The ABB-Welcome IP gateway makes
possible the integration of the app
and with it the use of the smartphone
as indoor video station.
The IP gateway 83342, the ABB/Busch-Jaeger portal and the
ABB-Welcome app guarantee safe remote control via the Internet. This makes it possible to identify and welcome the visitor
not only from the sofa or the terrace,
Smartphones or tablets become
but also from the office or hotel room. At
“call during absence” the Push messages
a mobile indoor video station.
are sent to mobile terminal devices such as
tablets or smartphones. No special settings need to be made
on the Internet router for this solution. The devices are linked
in the ABB/Busch-Jaeger portal.
All products will be available
starting August 2014.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Entry into the house
without a key
The door lock redefined. The new ABB-Welcome access
control modules for the outdoor station offer a comfortable
and safe method for entering buildings.
Transponder module
For programmable key cards
Keypad module
Permits the door to be opened via entry of a PIN code
» Also supported is the NFC technology of smartphones
» Keys 0 to 9, *, #, open, ring, light, delete
» Direct commissioning possible without additional devices
n larger apartment buildings the apartment can be rung directly by
entering the apartment number.
omfortable commissioning with web browser via ABB-Welcome
telephone gateway possible
» Protection type IP 44
» Direct commissioning possible without additional devices
omfortable commissioning with web browser via ABB-Welcome
telephone gateway possible
» Protection type IP 44
With the three access control modules transponder, keypad
and fingerprint Busch-Jaeger introduces an interesting solution
for private or functional buildings. Settings, such as access
rights, can be made directly on the module. Separate key cards
are available for the transponder module. As a practical and
costsaving alternative also smartphones with near-field
communication function (NFC) can be used for opening doors.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
The keypad module allows the door to be opened via entry of
a PIN code as well as a direct ring to a certain apartment in a
multifamily house. The fingerprint module grants the visitor the
right of access by scanning the fingerprint.
01 Comfort
ABB-Welcome outdoor station
The access control module can be
installed together with doorbell buttons
and video camera.
01 Transponder module
02Keypad module
03Fingerprint module
Fingerprint module
Determines right of access by scanning the fingerprint
» Line sensor
» D irect commissioning possible without additional devices
omfortable commissioning with web browser via
ABB-Welcome telephone gateway possible
» Protection type IP 44
—— Ideal for residential and single-purpose buildings
—— Adjustable on the module or browser
All products will be available
starting January 2015.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Enlightening ideas
gained from
Foresightedness. Over more than 100 years ago
Friedrich Wilhelm Busch and Hans-Curt Jaeger
recognized the significance of electric light. Their
pioneering spirit continues to shine.
It started with a socket for the light bulb
invented by Edison. And since 1881
Busch-Jaeger has helped to shape the
history of the electric light. The curiosity
about the progress is still seen today
in all the innovations of the developers.
The topic of light has been enriched by a
number of facets during the last few years.
It is now perceived in a larger context.
The use of resources and the rising costs
for energy have led worldwide to a greater
consideration of energy efficiency. Here
Busch-Jaeger uses the new possibilities
of LED lamps. In cooperation with the
experts at Philips, new, well-thought-out
solutions are developed. These completely
redefine the topic of light, because they
use technology in a very human way. By
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
controlling the intensity of light, colour temperature and the arrangement of lamps,
living areas can be set into the scene to
suit the situation and create the desired
moods. And here the effect of the lamp
is significantly influenced by its design.
Perfect optics has always been an
important undertaking for Busch-Jaeger.
The next big step into the future of light
Busch-Jaeger is taking with ZigBee ®
Alliance – a global joint action of leading
companies in the technology sector. This
has resulted in a new radio standard for
light: ZigBee Light Link.
01 Comfort
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
The future of light
ZigBee Light Link
Future-oriented. The horizon lights up – this is
achieved with ZigBee Light Link. This involves
the new radio standard for the remote control of
lights. With interesting potential for Busch-Jaeger
and its customers.
The acceptance of radio systems is
inexorably on the rise throughout the
world. The most important vanguard is
ZigBee. This involves the future-oriented
industry standard for radio networks. It
enables household devices and sensors to
be networked via radio. The development
of the standard is spurred on by the
ZigBee® Alliance, which was founded in
2002. It is presently made up of more than
400 renowned companies throughout the
world. And Busch-Jaeger and Philips –
the cooperation partner in the lighting
sector – are, of course, a part of it. The
possibilities of ZigBee are fascinating.
They enable the control of not only light
switches, but even the lights themselves.
One of the most convincing arguments
for ZigBee Light Link is its assured
future. This is because the world’s leading
manufacturers of the lighting industry
have agreed on this standard in “The
Connected Lighting Alliance”. Technologically this opens up immense perspectives
for Busch-Jaeger and electricians.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Light from the
digital world
Illuminating. Radio control and LED set the trend for light.
Because they provide users with modern comfort – which
can be designed to meet personal requirements. That is
why Busch-Jaeger and Philips rely on ZigBee Light Link.
Modern light radiates more than just
brightness. A closer look at the development of the cooperation partners of
Busch-Jaeger proves it. Philips hue can
be called the most intelligent LED in
the world. It conveys an impression of
current and future possibilities of digitalised light. Philips hue has a ZigBee
certificate and can already be remote
controlled via an iOS or Android app on
smartphones or tablets. This enables light
intensity, colour temperature and RGB
colours to be attuned to specific situations
of life. The different effects can directly
influence the mood of the user – to be
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
motivated for work, to relax or to be gently
awakened in the morning. Also conventional lights can be integrated. Additionally,
lights can be controlled individually or
as a group and individual scenes can be
stored and called up. Switching can even
take place dependent on one’s location
or on the time of day. For example, the
light could go off automatically when
exiting the home and go on again when
coming home. Of course, also other
sensors, such as movement detectors,
can be used. For the interaction of devices
and triggers the rules can be defined individually. There are almost no limits to the
inventiveness of ZigBee. Busch-Jaeger
starts the new age first with the radiobased control of light for individual rooms.
Here ZigBee Light Link supplements
the current DALI standard and also
extends KNX by an interesting version.
Electricians will be especially delighted
by the time they can save with ZigBee
Light Link. This is because the standard
permits the addition of switching points
without having to install new cables.
01 Comfort
—— New perspective
for light control
—— Control of LED lamps
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Switching without touching
with the proximity switch
From a short distance. Innovative switching of
light made possible with the new proximity switch
from Busch-Jaeger – totally without touching.
This innovative technology was developed from the well-known
gesture control of game consoles. This Busch-Jaeger now
uses as the first manufacturer in Germany for switches and
in this way dispenses with mechanical actuation. Its use in
daily life is truly amazing. Especially
in sensitive areas – when it is better The cleanest solution
not to touch light switches. In hos- for hygiene zones.
pitals, laboratories, during food
production or in the catering industry the proximity switch
makes a valuable contribution to hygiene. However, com­fort also
proves itself as extremely useful in private living environment.
The function of the proximity switch is amazingly simple. The
hand approaches to within five centimetres of the surface.
The sensor detects the movement. The switching function is
triggered by the associated flush-mounted insert. Detec­tion
is made possible by the active infrared technology. It is available
in the ranges Busch-Duro 2000 ® SI, Reflex SI and the two white
colour tones of the solo® and future® linear ranges.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
—— Switching without touching
—— Hygienic and comfortable
—— Active infrared technology
—— For the flush-mounted box
All products will be available
starting June 2014.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
The radioing data box
The WLAN access point
Energy from the Ethernet. The
new WLAN access point POE
requires no separate power
supply. Thanks to power via
Ethernet technology.
The WLAN access point PoE offers wireless access for
computers, smartphones or tablets. In combination with a router
WLAN can cover a building without any gaps. The power is
supplied via the Ethernet data cable, without a separate power
supply connection. The coverage of the WLAN access point
PoE is adjustable according
Whether in the home office or
to requirement. The daily use
the living room – today wireless of the device therefore saves
power and the radiation level
access to the web is a must.
remains low. The antenna is
integrated and not visible. Additional class 2 PoE devices
(3.84–6.49 W) can be connected to the WLAN access point PoE
via the integrated RJ45 connection.
Installation is particularly easy since no additional power
supply connection is required. A PoE power supply suffices.
Existing flush-mounted data boxes can be replaced with the
flush-mounted WLAN access point PoE without additional
chiselling and cabling. Configuration is carried out via the
integrated web server. The device corresponds to the current
versions of DIN 18015-2 for the minimum equipment of residential buildings. The device with the 230-Volt connection is kept
in the Busch-Jaeger range as alternative to PoE.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
01Flush-mounted WLAN access point,
230 V, f u t ure ® linear switch range
02Flush-mounted WLAN access point PoE,
f u tu re ® linear switch range
03 PoE power supply
04 PoE patch panel
Minimal radiation and saves power
The coverage can be adjusted for the
most frequent requirements.
No gaps
In combination with the WLAN router
the WLAN access point is the ideal
solution for the entire building.
—— E asy to install
—— No separate power
supply necessary
—— Low radiation
Minimal effort
No additional cabling required for the
installation. The power is supplied via
the Ethernet connection.
All products are
available now.
Suitable products from the IP network
technology range
The power supply of PoE and the PoE patch panel.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Ahead of time
with the Busch-Timer
Punctual. The newly designed Busch-Timer® demonstrates
optically and functionally that it is fully in step with the times.
It takes over the control precisely to the minute.
—— Pre-programmed
—— E asy to operate
—— High-resolution display with
background illumination
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Blind control
The Busch-Timer ® adapts to the seasons.
Long days in the summer and long nights in
the winter are taken into consideration.
Cooling on hot days
Energy-saving on cold days
All products will be available
starting April 2014.
The automatic functions of the BuschTimer ® make it suitable for controlling
blinds. This also lends support to the
energy efficiency of a building. The design
has been improved to make operation
intuitive and comfortable. A large contributing factor is the new display. It now has
a high-resolution display with background
illumination. This allows all settings to
be made also in the dark. To speed
up commissioning the switching times,
date and time have bee pre-programmed.
And astrological shifts of sunrise and
sunset can be taken into consideration
The Busch-Comfort timer comes up with
a few interesting extras and now offers
even more possibilities. For example, compared to the Busch-Timer® the number
of switching times have been increased
from two to six per day. The integrated
room temperature measurement now
also allows the sun protection to be
controlled without additional brightness
sensor, such as in winter gardens, for
example. During a mains failure the
Busch-Timer® can call up the stored data
for a period of ten years. Alternatively, the
Busch-Timer® units can also be used for
lighting control.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
Heating and cooling
The room temperature
365 days. Spring, summer, autumn and winter affect not
only the outside world. They also alter the conditions inside
house. The room temperature controller responds to this
with efficiency and comfort.
Just right
The body feels well only within certain temperature
ranges. An individual room temperature controller
can be used to heat according to requirement.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
01 Comfort
The Busch-Jaeger room temperature
controller – to suit the season – for that
personal feelgood temperature. With
an external timer the room heaters are
warm only when actually required. The
two separate outputs of the room temperature controller for heating and cooling
make control in dependence of summer
or winter possible. The cooling function
is active during heat and the heating
function during cold. An LED indicates
the respective status. The device is suitable for 2-circuit and 4-circuit systems.
It perfectly meets all the requirements of
new heat pumps. The room temperature
controller is available for all conventional
Busch-Jaeger switch ranges, except
Decento ®. The new room temperature
controller is available in two versions.
Type 1099 UHK makes possible the
auto-matic switchover from summer to
winter mode via the central control unit
of the heating system. Type 1099 UHKEA
allows the manual control of individual
rooms with additional cooling elements.
—— Heating and cooling
—— Status via colour LED
—— Suitable for new heat pumps
All products will be available
starting April 2014.
01Room temperature controller
for the central switchover from summer
to winter mode via the heating system,
fu tu re ® linear switch range, studio white
02Room temperature controller
with integrated manual reverser for changeover
from summer to winter mode, f ut u re ® linear
switch range, studio white
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
02 Safety
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
02 Safety
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
02 Safety
A safe
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
02 Safety
Something happens. Trend researchers are
agreed – the progress of society brings changes
with it. For everyone. And increases the need for
more security and safety. Especially at home.
an’s natural desire for safety is a
deeply rooted need. And it grows
during times of major change. One
reason for this is the fast development of information technology. It has created a knowledge society and an ever-faster
turning world. This has produced a trend –
the search for safety both at home and the
workplace. That is why ABB/Busch-Jaeger is
devoting special attention to the safe building.
This allows precautionary measures to be
taken also with devices with totally different
basic functions. An outdoor light together
with a Busch-Watchdog movement detector
cares for a safe path during the night or
prevents uninvited guests from entering
the property. Also the door communication
lends its contribution to a pleasant feeling
for the residents – also during their absence.
An ABB-Welcome outdoor station with an
integrated video camera documents the person ringing the door bell. Reliable entry of
authorized persons is granted by the new
access modules. The guardians of the house
also keep watch at the window. For example,
a wind sensor watches the blind during a
storm and raises it automatically. Special
detectors keep watch over unforseeable
occurrences. They
Caution is the
alert in the event of
fire, smoke or water
best insurance.
and prevent something worse from happening. Safety is also
essential for electricians during their daily
work. Of course, the products to be installed
must themselves be absolutely safe. This is
guaranteed by ABB/Busch-Jaeger with an
extremely strict control of components and
proper functions as well as official seals of
approval. Sure is sure.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
02 Safety
The Busch-Smoke
alarm detector
Caution. Fires should be detected
as early as possible. Before they
cause damage or endanger lives. All
ProfessionalLINE Busch-Smoke alarm
detectors are a safety precaution.
The newly designed Busch-Smoke alarm detector ProfessionalLINE products keep watch during the day and especially during
the night. They alert to danger with an acoustic and optical
alarm signal and so prevent something worse from happening.
Their use is much more than merely practical – because when a
person is asleep, also the sense of smell is at rest. The new design
of the smoke alarm detectors is kept unobtrusive. Responsible
for this is the clear line and the matt, non-reflecting, surfaces.
These alert lifesavers blend in unobtrusively with all surroundings.
All Q-Label ® versions of the ProfessionalLINE Busch-Smoke
alarm detectors can also be used in bedrooms without a
problem, because there is no flashing control light to cause
annoyance. Every 16 seconds a self-test is carried out –
without an optical or acoustic indication. The Busch-Smoke
alarm detector ProfessionalLINE is available in three versions.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
It is operated with alkaline or lithium batteries. The lithium version
is also available as networkable version. These devices can
be networked via 2-wire bus line or radio module. The lithium
versions also ensure uninterrupted safety as 10-year detectors.
The reason is that the lithium batteries are permanently installed
and cannot be removed for other purposes.
02 Safety
Trust with certificate
End customers place a high value on the advice of official
experts. This assurance should be provided by electricians.
They can qualify as expert for smoke alarm detectors in a
seminar and attain the TÜV (standards authority) certificate
according to DIN 14676.
— — 3 versions: alkaline, lithium,
lithium networkable
All products are
available immediately.
— — L ithium versions with Q-Label®
— — Matt surface
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
02 Safety
Before heat turns into a fire
The Busch-Heat alarm
detector ProfessionalLINE
Heat protection. Especially for use in the kitchen. The Busch-Heat
alarm detector ProfessionalLINE responds only to dangerous heat
and is not affected by steam.
— — Responds to heat instead of smoke
— — Ideal for kitchens and housekeeping rooms
Whether above stove or oven or deep fryer – the new Busch-Heat
alarm detector ProfessionalLINE ensures safety and prevents
precarious situations. It triggers an alarm from a temperature
above 57° C. A temperature sensor measures the heat. That is
why the device does not respond to heat. This makes it suitable
also for dusty attics – where a detector that responds to
smoke particles would be contaminated and not function in an
emergency. The redesigned version also impresses optically.
The new design is rectilinear. The matt surfaces prevent irritating
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
reflections. The device blends well with every environment. As
10-year detector it cares for uninterrupted safety. The reason
is that its lithium batteries are permanently installed and cannot
be removed for other purposes. A universal fixture guarantees
fast installation. It can also be networked via cable or optional
radio module.
02 Safety
The Busch-Heat alarm detector ProfessionalLINE
Heat often develops before a fire starts. Especially
when saucepans and irons are being used.
The Busch-Smoke alarm detector
Responds to smoke particles. Thanks to a photo
diode no alarm is triggered when it is contaminated
with dust.
Busch-Heat alarm detector
Busch-Smoke alarm detector
Service life of battery approximately
2 years. Battery can be removed.
10-year detector for uninterrupted
safety. Q-Label® certification.
Lithium networkable
10-year detector for uninterrupted
safety. Up to 20 devices with a maximum cable length of 250 metres can
be networked. Q-Label® certification.
10-year detector for uninterrupted safety.
All products are
available immediately.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
02 Safety
send signals
New functions. The new WaveLINE products with extension unit
convert 230-Volt signals of conventional push-buttons into radio
signals. This is how the function of a conventional installation can
be impressively extended.
The shortest way. Radio control increases
independence. Especially in large houses long
distances can be comfortably shortened.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
02 Safety
01S witch actuator, 1gang, with extension unit
02 Switch actuator/blind actuator, with extension unit
03 Binary input, 2gang, 230 Volt
WaveLINE wall-mounted
transmitter, 4-channel
Everything under control. Switching
is executed via radio control.
—— Converts button commands
into radio control commands
Everything under control. With the WaveLINE
remote control all settings of the WaveLINE
devices can be called up wireless.
—— Versatile use
—— Repeater function
With three extension unit devices the WaveLINE range extends
the option of remote control via radio. This is the 1gang switch
actuator with extension unit, the switch/blind actuator with
extension unit as well as the 2gang 230-Volt binary input. They
can be used to optimally design living environment for safety
and comfort without having to install additional cables. They
are operated via remote control, wall-mounted transmitter or in
combination with the new extension unit devices via conventional
mechanical push-buttons. Control and switching is taken over
by the compact actuators. They can be installed in cable ducts,
surface-mounted and flush-mounted housings, intermediate
ceilings or roller shutter boxes without any extensive renovations.
Extension unit devices can be used in a variety of ways. This
includes light control and blind actuation. Also functions for
increased comfort and safety are no problem – such as automatic control of exterior lighting in combination with a movement
detector, lowering the room temperature with special window
sensors when the windows are open, the central display of open
doors and windows in the house or programming of entire light
scenes. And besides, the coverage of the three devices can be
increased with an optional repeater function.
All products are
available immediately.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
03 Efficiency
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
03 Efficiency
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
03 Efficiency
based on
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
03 Efficiency
Lasting. Accomplishing much with as little
effort as possible – with this the efficiency
generation has only just begun. This
development will continue in all areas of life.
fficiency up to the present has
mainly been a topic for energy or
production processes. However,
in the coming years it will have a
significant influence in many other areas.
One reason is the technical possibilities
and the speed it generates. It drives society to the limits of its capabilities. That
is why the relationship between humans
and technology is being re-examined. For
example, the future rules for the job will
be created under the term »New Work«.
This new work process will also have a
long-term effect on living environments.
People will be able to work more effectively
in shorter periods of time and that is why
their home will occupy an even more
important place in the lives. With to
automation, for example – it accomplishes
much and greatly eases the daily workload. The sustainable use of resources is a
major undertaking for ABB/Busch-Jaeger
already today. Because lights, heating,
air-conditioning, blinds and electrically The outdoor lights are switched on with a
powered devices for the household and
movement detector only when someone
office can be used more effectively with enters the property. A timer specifies the
smarter technology – namely only when operating period for a heater. These many
they are actually needed.
small improvements
finally add up to a reThis allows consumption Intelligent solutions for
and costs not only to today and tomorrow.
markable sum. The
be reduced, but even
energy efficiency of
avoided completely. To this end the a building is dependent on many factors.
Busch-SmartEnergy ® range was devel- However, to­d ay it is being managed inoped. And it is being continuously driven tegrally and reliably by intelligent home
ahead with innovative devices – towards automation.
the future. This now includes the new
Busch-EnergyMonitor®. Also the existing
technology is being systematically reexamined. The resultant ideas can often
be converted into very practical applications. For example, devices with a
different basic purpose in the past can be
used for the efficient use of energy. The
control of the blind in dependence of the
position of the sun can be used to reduce
the heating and air-conditioning of rooms.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
03 Efficiency
Building Space
Everything from one source. And one head. Because today
efficient buildings are intelligently networked. The suitable
solutions for this can now be found by architects, planners
and operators under Building Space at ABB. This includes
innovative technology, products and services for implementing
future projects more conveniently and safely.
Modern buildings today are more than
merely the expression of future-oriented
architecture. Integral systems must do
justice to the increasing demands for
energy efficiency, comfort, safety and
profitable operation. For this, real estate
needs intelligence in the form of welldesigned technology. It is used to integrate
information of the entire building automation and to control heating and cooling
systems, ventilation and air conditioning
systems, lighting, sun-shading systems,
as well as fire protection and safety
systems. Depen­ding on the type of its use,
a building presents special challenges
to everyone concerned. That is why
Busch-Jaeger, as subsidiary of the expert
global brand ABB, now offers an integral
solution – Building Space. Under this
umbrella all available expert know-how
of building automation as well as the
electrical and building systems technology
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
sectors is merged as solution for buildings
of the future. This portfolio of products and
services is unique. With this growing power
of expertise, efficient buildings can be made
a reality safely and reliably – from functional
buildings up to exclusive luxury hotels. And
that on an international level. This how impressive solutions with the greatest possible
freedom for design and implementation are
created. Because Building Space solutions
adapt themselves precisely to the respective
object and its use. Even later modifications
and extensions are possible at any time.
When the building is to be used later for
a different purpose, for example. Newron
solutions guarantee an assured future and
efficient opera­t ion. Thanks to openness and
flexibility they are suitable for a complete
IT and architectural building management
solution for intelligent functional buildings.
Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Herta & Paul Amir Building
03 Efficiency
Building Space – everything for the building of the future. The
quality of modern architecture is influenced by many parameters.
That is why Building Space consideres design, comfort, efficiency, profitability, simplicity and safety in their context. This
results in all-round sophisticated solutions.
E ffic i e n
P ro fit
a b i li t y
Building Space
Light switch
Sim p
lici t
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
03 Efficiency
Building Management System (BMS)
Management level
Automation level
Field level
Central unit
Fire, Intrusion, Life
room oriented
Data processing,
Control processes
Weather data,
Weather forecast
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
03 Efficiency
Total networking
with Newron
System integrators can now work even
more efficiently. Because with the innovative
Newron solutions ABB and Busch-Jaeger
offer simple and efficient possibilities for
intelligent building management.
More possibilities in less time. Because
Newron solutions make the integration
of KNX into building automation easier.
This allows a data exchange to take place
between different levels of a building
management system and different protocols. Supported are all open standards
such as BACnet, LON, KNX, Modbus,
OPC, M-Bus and oBIX. This kind of flexibility allows devices of different manufacturers and standards to be combined
in a building and to integrate and edit
numerous data points and large quantities of data. The outstanding features
of Newron solutions are the intuitively
operable interface and the easy-tounderstand internal architecture. They
are ideally suited for medium to large
projects in functional buildings – such
as office buildings, for example. Newron
solutions offer the system integrator
the working environment for processing
major projects efficiently and to save integration time. Newron solutions follow an
integrated approach and are therefore the
direct interface to all central levels of intelligent building management. They constitute the bridge between technical system
components and management level. Newron
in a practical way supplements the numerous innovative KNX solutions for building
automation in the existing program and
rounds off the portfolio. For KNX planners
and integrators Newron opens a highly
attractive field of business – the integration
of KNX into the different trades of building
management systems.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
03 Efficiency
Speeding up
major projects
with Newron
Optimal workflows for complex
requirements. The work of system
integrators with Newron becomes
much faster and more efficient.
Newron solutions have proven themselves in their
application over many years and are efficiently managing buildings already today. The system consists of
three products that perfectly complement each other.
An innovative software solution for the exchange
of data between different protocols is doMOOV.
The user-friendly interface and the simple internal
structure ensure short programming times and
facilitate modi­fication and adaptation. Adapted to
the software is doGATE. A high-performance automation server, equipped with all necessary physical
interfaces. The device can be linked with any type of
solution for visualizing building processes. Also
applications already installed can be integrated
without a problem to portray an integrated system. It
can also take over practical remote control functions –
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
for individual rooms or backups. The innovative tool
MOOVnGROUP makes commissioning easy. As
application for the KNX commissioning software
ETS4 it is unique as project planning solution since its
graphic user interface and functionality greatly speed
up the setup and implementation of KNX projects.
For example, group addresses are generated automatically and previously created templates make it
possible to implement even larger projects safely
and quickly.
03 Efficiency
Universal and multi protocol
automation server
IP Convergence
Innovative Building Management
Software operating system
enabling unique and innovative
Smart Building architecture
based on IP convergence
Graphical KNX engineering tool
for ETS 4
—— Innovative, decentralised IT architecture
—— Multi-protocol server
—— Universal gateway – converts all open
standard protocols
—— Offers standard servers for connection of any
type of SCADA (visualizations)
—— Integrated web server for the display of data
points, trends, calendar/schedule & alarms
—— Automatic generation of group addresses,
BACnet object and trends for SCADA
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
04 Emotion
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
04 Emotion
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
04 Emotion
makes life
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
04 Emotion
In harmony. The trend toward a healthier
life can be observed in many areas. Also
in the design of living space is the right
atmosphere for one’s wellbeing important.
Here, light plays a very special role.
ne could almost speak of a fitness wave for living
up with ease. This amazing effect is known from theatre stages.
space. Health in the home and at the workplace is
Rooms are transformed to suit a situation within a fraction of
becoming more and more popular. The effect of a moment. All parameters can be adjusted precisely with LED
buildings on humans is of interest not only for technology – and the desired moods created. The nerve cells
architects – also scientists are examining this aspect and are are directly addressed according to light intensity, colour temsearching for possible improvements. In natural building
perature and radiation angle. By means of simulated daylight, for
materials, for example. The focus
example. Certified research
of physicians is on ergonomics and Eyes, ears, nose and skin are the
studies show an especially
biorhythm. Light – and its effects natural sensors in a living environment. positive effect when rising in
the morning or during work.
on the organism and inner mood –
plays an important role here. The influence of the environment Also blinds can, of course, be integrated in automated scenes
on the wellbeing of residents is therefore indisputable. That is to produce the right effect. With these new possibilities electrical
why ABB/Busch-Jaeger in the development of new technologies
installation takes on even greater meaning. It not only raises
places special emphasis on the biological context. All the senses the technical status of rooms, but turns them into a sensuous
can be influenced – even if only indirectly – by home auto- experience. A house should feel like a home. A workplace should
mation. This is because it is responsible for light, temperature, be used more productively as comfort zone. Modern home
air-conditioning, sound and safety. Everything works together. In automation promotes a more satisfying and healthier lifestyle.
the ideal situation it produces a pleasant and safe feeling in the
user. Especially light can greatly influence the inner being of a
person. A sunset creates a different feeling than the clouds of a
thunderstorm. It is similar with the brightness produced by an
electric light. It can have a stimulating or relaxing effect. It motivates or aids one’s concentration. That is why lighting concepts
today are considered as the fourth dimension of a room. Home
automation enables complex scenes to be stored and called
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
04 Emotion
Setting accents
with Busch-iceLight®
Light in a square. Busch-iceLight®,
pleasant light for every ambience. With
a clear shape and LED technology.
—— LED technology
—— For wall and ceiling
—— Available in different decors
The transparent cuboid has an optically soft and
unobtrusive effect.
Wall module
On the wall the Busch-iceLight®
turns into a design object.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
04 Emotion
Busch-iceLight ® is an innovative LED
lighting system and has been specially
developed for the energy-efficient illumination of rooms. The service life of the
lights amounts to 25.000 hours and
compared to incandescent lamps saves
80 percent in power. The transparent
cuboid with the timeless unobtrusive
design was created by star architect
Hadi Teherani. The result offers numerous
impressive possibilities. Initially the model
is available in different versions for wall
and ceiling. The wall module is available
with one, four or five light directions. This,
for example, can be helpful as orientation
next to steps or for illuminating an entire
wall. Eight different decors make possible
further variations – to match the switch
ranges carat ®, pure stainless steel, solo ®,
Busch-axcent ®, future ® linear, Reflex SI
Linear and Reflex SI. A special orientation
system with 30 icons is available for the
wall module especially for commercial
buildings or those accessible to the public.
The specially flat, flush-mounted ceiling
module rounds off the program. It is available for switch ranges future® linear and
Reflex SI.
The orientation system with 30 icons.
Ceiling module
Installed in series as elegant ceiling light.
All products are
available immediately.
Busch-iceLight® Ambience
Its slim shape makes it especially unobtrusive.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
04 Emotion
Everything but
The Busch-MasterLight®
High-quality aesthetics. Its white translucent luminous
element makes the Busch-MasterLight® suitable for all
types of architecture.
The Busch-MasterLight ® utilizes all the
positive characteristics of modern LED
technology. Minimal use of power at
simultaneous high luminous efficiency
as well as long service life of the lamps
are only three of the many advantages.
The light can be adjusted to 15 different
colours and colour temperatures. For
harmo­n ious optics the housing is available in white, anthracite, brown and silver
metallic. Its slim line harmonizes perfectly
with the ABB-Welcome outdoor station
as well as the new Busch-Watchdog
MasterLINE generation. This guarantees
uniformity also in the outdoor area. The
Busch-MasterLight ® also has much to
offer economically. When twilight falls it
switches the light on, if desired, with approximately 15 percent of the maximum
brightness value. This enables taxi drivers,
rescue services or messengers to clearly
read the house number. This can be easily
affixed with the self-adhesive numbers
and letters which match the design and
are included in the scope of delivery.
When necessary, the alarm function is
very useful. It causes the lamp to flash
alternately red and white. This helps to
attract the attention of the rescue services,
for example. Of special advantage for the
installation is the 3-point rear panel
made of solid aluminium. This allows the
lamp to be mounted precisely on uneven
All products are
available immediately.
Unique variations
The housing adapts to the architecture. Available in
white, anthracite, brown and silver metallic.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
04 Emotion
—— LED technology
—— 15 light colours
—— Alarm function
—— Precise installation with
3-point rear panel
—— Solid rear panel made
of aluminium
Alarm function
In cases of emergencies the Busch-MasterLight ®
turns into a flashing light.
The housing adapts to the architecture. Available in white,
anthracite, brown and silver metallic.
Colour spectrum
Up to 15 different
colours/colour temperatures can be set.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
04 Emotion
Resists almost everything
The Busch-IKLight
Extremely tough. With its robustness the
Busch-IKLight® convinces permanently.
And it is very economical in the long term –
due to its LED technology.
— — Vandal-proof according to
the IK10 standard
— — LED technology
— — Interlocking system for
easy installation
The Busch-IKLight ® radiates a new form of self-assurance. Its
luminous intensity can be called up immediately – even during
cold. This makes it suitable for use anywhere. Inside and outdoors
as well as on walls and ceilings. The robust material and processing offers protection against vandalism. The Busch-IKLight ®
conforms to class IK10, which is the highest protection class of
the DIN EN50102 standard. Maintenance-free technology and
low operating costs round off the overall picture. This makes
the Busch-IKLight® ideal for hard-to-access installation sites
and for the permanent use in all locations with a high volume of
public traffic. Such as schools, sports facilities, housing estates,
commercial objects, underground car parks, building entrances
and staircases. Installation is made especially easy thanks to
the special interlocking system. The Sextan model is available
in several versions. Made of plastic in alpine white and grey, as
well as aluminium in the colours alpine white, anthracite,
aluminium silver and stainless steel. The Option model is available in alpine white and black.
One lamp in the area accessible to the
public should be able to protect itself.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
04 Emotion
Busch-IKLight® Sextan
Its flat shape makes the slim version ideal for walls.
All products are
available immediately.
Pointing the way
Both versions of the Busch-IKLight® generate different
radiation angles. This makes them suitable for use on
the wall or the ceiling.
Busch-IKLight® Option
This version radiates uniformly to all sides and
recommends itself particularly for ceilings.
I ( cd/klm )
I (cd/klm)
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
05 Design
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
05 Design
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
05 Design
Design is everything. The success of
innovative technology today depends
very much on visual appeal. And here
individualization will take on even greater
importance. Reason is that in the single
and small family society of tomorrow the
new standard will be to live according
to self.
elf-expression is becoming more and make them intuitive. Design harmonimportant. Up to the present izes. This is how matching switch ranges
the decision for a certain design and devices get their uniform look. With
was usually based one’s adher- ABB/Busch-Jaeger, personal style can be
ence to a certain social group. This phe- expressed according to one’s individual
nomenon, for example, came into play wishes. There is a wide spectrum of
in connection with status symbols. This, shapes, colours, surfaces and materials
however, is fast undergoing change. available to meet different requirements.
Because the large groups are breaking
Even with regard to financial aspects is
up into smaller ones. Status is making design a convincing argument. Timeless
way for self-confidence. The individual design retains its value, which makes it a
is using his right to express his own safe investment. This means that it pays
opinion and follow his
off in the long term. It retains
its modern look because it
own preferences. This Design must allow
will have an effect on the expression of
is not merely a trend. Some
design in the future. It
ABB/Busch-Jaeger ranges
personal style.
have even proven themmust not only be very
impressive – it must also express the selves over several decades and have
personal lifestyle of the user. That is why only been updated technically. The highdesign continues to be a major topic at quality standard has been repeatedly
ABB/Busch-Jaeger – together with major confirmed by critical experts. The design
challenges. Because too much zeitgeist of ABB/Busch-Jaeger has won numerhas a detrimental effect on agelessness. ous awards. Alone in 2012 and 2013 it
After all, the lifecycle of devices often won 30 design awards. From Red dot
amount to several decades. That is why Design Award in Germany to Good Dedifferent perspectives are taken into sign Award in the USA. That is also
consider­ation to achieve a lasting effect. why renowned international architects do
First, design increases comfort. Well- their planning with ABB/Busch-Jaeger
home automation.
thought-out shapes simplify operation
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
05 Design
Shape has
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
05 Design
Brown rediscovered
Brown. The new trend colour for Busch-axcent® should thrill
both customers with a penchant for high-quality design as
well as demanding architects.
A new colour version extends the popular
switch range. Striking accents up to now
were set by red, green, yellow and blue.
While maison-beige, entrée-grey or white
glass were a discreet gesture. Now, with
the new brown glass cover fame, a further
solution with timeless elegance is being
added. Brown glass harmonizes well with
parquetry or panelled walls as well as
wood or leather furnishings. And, with
—— Trend colour
—— Real glass
—— Numerous combinations possible
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
the obvious contrast with other colours,
very attractive visual accents can be
created. The Busch-axcent ® switch range
in its entirety impresses with its uncompromising design: succinct linearity and
corners and edges with strong contours.
Busch-axcent® creates atmosphere and
provides orientation.
05 Design
Busch-axcent® Trendline
Modern and harmonious. Shades of colour such as
maison-beige or entrée-grey set very discreet accents.
Busch-axcent ® Baseline
Large range. Aside from the
classical »studio white«, the frames
are also available as high-gloss
surfaces in black, blue, red, green,
yellow and white glass.
All products are
available immediately.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
05 Design
For rooms with
corners and edges
The surface-mounted
housing for corner
Space in the very last corner. The solution for this is
the new surface-mounted housing for corner mounting.
In the form of a prism.
Made possible with the surface-mounted housing
for corner mounting. The surface-mounted housing
was especially developed for simple and neat installation in corners. Especially under wall cupboards –
such as those in kitchens or bathrooms – it can be
used to optimally utilize the available space – and
thanks to the small mounting dimensions of only
156 mm × 85 mm × 70 mm (H × W × D). The use of the
surface-mounted housing for corner mounting can
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
be versatile. Because it fits almost all the products
of the flush-mounted Reflex SI range with a cover
plate. This, for example, includes socket outlets,
switches, dimmers, UAE, TAE and antenna sockets.
The flush-mounted Busch-DigitalRadio complete
set for corner mounting is suited especially for
kitchens. It contains all the necessary components
under the one order number. To assist electricians in
saving time already before the installation.
05 Design
Ready-made for kitchens
The surface-mounted housing under the wall
cupboards is unobtrusive and yet very easy to
reach. The Busch-DigitalRadio can be installed
vertically or horizontally.
— — Space-saving
— — Ideal for retrofitting
(simple surface installation)
— — Compact housing
— — Flush-mounted
as complete
Practical at 90 and 180 degrees
The housing can be installed vertically
or horizontally.
All products are
available immediately.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
05 Design
Also online in the lead
Staying up-to-date. Busch-Jaeger lives innovative technology
and continuously develops it further. This applies equally to
its appearance on the Internet. That is why the new home
page has been completely redesigned and is now even more
functional and provides a better overview.
All information at www.BUSCH-JAEGER.com is now even
more accessible and appealing. There are several reasons for
this. Setting the world of solutions impressively into the scene
has been very successful. Products can be experienced threedimensionally in rooms because they are shown realistically in
the kitchen, living room or outdoors. The creation of realistic
scenes is also possible on the product level. Backgrounds and
colours can be altered with just a click. This allows products
such as light switches or socket outlets to be matched
more closely to the style of the surroundings. This true-to-life
portrayal brings the entire range closer actively, emotionally and
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
The intuitive operation provides greater comfort on the home
page. Functions and content have been reduced to the essentials. Also the consistent response-design is impressive. It has
been perfectly attuned to the requirements of smartphones
and tablets. Also the search for specialist dealers has been
optimized. This enables end customers to find a qualified
electrician nearest to their home even more quickly. The clear
structure provides a better overview in the areas of solutions,
products, service and tools, companies as well as planning and
05 Design
Appealing and inspiring
The products are set into the scene in a realistic
environment. This makes the possible applications
easy to understand without the use of a lot of words.
In the last-mentioned area, target-specific information on the
topics of design, comfort, safety and efficiency has been prepared for fitters, planners, architects or wholesalers. This enables the architect to immediately find the magazine pulse, the
wholesaler the master data he needs and the electrician the
excellence portal with numerous attractive offers and services
for his trade. With the new Internet appearance Busch-Jaeger
once again confirms its pioneering role as market leader
and powerful brand in electrical installation technology. In this
segment the home page, which is available in six languages,
again sets a clear signal.
Living Space® – Innovations 2014
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of the ABB Group
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The majority of Busch-Jaeger products are regis-
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of our knowledge informs; it is, however, not legally
binding. All illustrations and photos of the displayed
products are not binding with regard to chromaticity, dimensions and equipment.
tered trademarks.
All information in this catalogue is supplied without
liability. Changes and updates which serve the purpose of progress are reserved.
All products in this printed material, which conform
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to CE directives, carry the appropriate identification
on the package or on the product.
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