CT5398/ATFSA8RI Philips Mobile Phone with BeDJ

CT5398/ATFSA8RI Philips Mobile Phone with BeDJ
Mobile Phone with BeDJ
Create & Share Your
Music Experience
Mix Your Own RIng Tones with BeDJ
Create and share your music
• Mix your own polyphonic melodies and ringtones with BeDJ
• 32-tone rich polyphonic melodies
• MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
Maximize your Multimedia Experience
• High-quality integrated FM radio
• Very high-quality stereo headset
• TFT display with 65,536 gorgeous colors
• Built-in handsfree mode
Stylish design
• Brushed effect on real aluminum housing
Mobile Phone with BeDJ
The amazing BeDJ feature allows you to easily
create, enjoy, and share your own music mixes
anytime, anywhere for unlimited creativity with this
real, portable mixing studio. Create your own
sounds using predefined styles provided by famous
international DJs, your phone's own polyphonic ring
tones, or by downloading content via WAP, infrared,
or MMS to mix up to 9 different tracks in real time.
32-tone polyphonic melodies
32-tone polyphonic melodies can create
simultaneous tones of different notes using MIDI
format for more natural and realistic musical results,
sounding just like a small orchestra of different
instruments for outstanding sound effects.
MMS messaging
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) allows you to
use your mobile phone to send and receive pictures,
video, and audio files with your text messages.
FM radio
An FM radio application allows you to listen to your
favorite FM radio programs wherever you are thanks
to your mobile phone and its stereo headset.
HI-FI stereo headset
The HI-FI stereo headset accessory allows you to
enjoy very high-quality sound reproduction for
handsfree phone calls or listening to music or FM
radio. The stereo headset gives a three-dimensional
effect to the sound thanks to its 2 earpieces.
65K color TFT display
Brilliant 65K color TFT display offers high contrast
and high brightness with 65,536 gorgeous colors and
ultra fine pitch for clear, bright color graphics and
Handsfree mode
Handsfree mode uses a built-in loud speaker to
amplify the voice of your caller, allowing you to
speak and listen during a call without holding the
phone to your ear, which is especially useful if you'd
like to share the call with some friends or take notes
during the call.
Brushed aluminium housing
Brushed aluminum housing is a high-end finish that
conveys a valuable, high-tech look and feel to the
phone that's as advanced as the phone's own internal
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