Patient Demographics - Record Found

Patient Demographics - Record Found
USIIS User Documentation Demographics, Record Found When a record is found from the Search screen, the Demographics screen displays filled in with all demographic information USIIS has for the person. Message area Functionality ** Please enter all information available for person ** Required data Message area Data field label contains * (asterisk). Displays status and data entry error messages when the Save button is pressed. Buttons Edit Mode End Affiliation Save Cancel Reset Press to enter and change demographic information for the person. Press if person is no longer a patient of the Provider facility. Displays after Edit Mode is selected and edits are made. Press to save edits. Does not save information entered or changed. Exits Edit Mode Displays data from the last Save. Page 1 of 2 Demographics Menus Demographics screen sub menu Demographics Displays the Demographics screen – see above. Comments Displays the Comments screen – see below. USIIS Immunize menu Search Displays the Search screen. Demographics Displays the Demographics screen. Immunizations Displays the Immunizations History screen. Forecast Displays the Forecast screen. Contraindications Displays the Contraindications screen. School Exemptions Displays the School Exemptions screen. Reports Displays the Reports screen – for patient specific reports. The Comments screen allows entry, viewing and deleting comments specific to the person, which can be marked as visible to all Provider facilities or only to the user’s Provider facility. Page 2 of 2 
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