BIG-IQ Cloud | F5 Datasheet

BIG-IQ Cloud | F5 Datasheet
BIG‑IQ Cloud
What’s Inside
Automate Application Networking
Services in the Cloud
2 What Is BIG-IQ Cloud?
3 Key Features
3 Reference Architectures:
How to Use BIG-IQ Cloud
4 Simplified Provisioning
4 Consolidated Management
5 Integrate with Existing Cloud
6 Enable Cloud Bursting
6 Better Visibility in the Cloud
7 BIG-IQ 7000 Platform
8 F5 Global Services
8 More Information
F5® BIG-IQ™ Cloud automates and orchestrates the deployment of F5 BIG-IP® devices
across traditional and cloud infrastructures. BIG-IQ Cloud supports dynamic provisioning
of devices in VMware, Amazon, and OpenStack cloud environments.*
A key component in the F5 Synthesis™ architecture, BIG-IQ enables organizations to
seamlessly provision, manage, and scale a rich set of application services irrespective of
form factor (hardware, software, cloud) or deployment model (on-premises, private/public
cloud, hybrid). BIG-IQ also supports integration with other ecosystem participants such as
public cloud providers and orchestration engines through cloud connectors and through a
comprehensive set of open APIs. Complementing the orchestration capability of BIG-IQ is
a multi-tenant approach to management. This allows organizations to move closer to IT as
a Service without concern that it might affect the stability or security of the services fabric.
Key benefits
Simplify provisioning and
consolidate management
Reduce provisioning time from weeks to
minutes using an integrated provider portal
through which you can manage devices,
tenants, connectors, and applications, and
offer tenants a self-serve provisioning portal
to manage ADC services.
Enable cloud bursting
Extend to the public cloud infrastructure
using the BIG-IQ Cloud REST API.
Gain cloud visibility
Get a view into application health with
health status visibility across private,
public, and hybrid clouds.
Integrate flexibly
Use cloud connectors to connect with
third-party orchestration tools.
*Automatic deployment to VMware and OpenStack environments to be available later in 2014.
BIG-IQ Cloud
What Is BIG-IQ Cloud?
BIG-IQ Cloud a key component of the F5 Synthesis architecture, providing orchestration
of software defined application services™ (SDAS™) throughout data center, cloud, and
hybrid environments.
BIG-IQ Cloud automates and orchestrates the deployment of BIG-IP devices across
traditional and cloud infrastructures. The product helps deploy and manage application
delivery services in a fast, consistent, and repeatable manner, regardless of the
underlying infrastructure.
BIG-IQ Cloud integrates with existing cloud orchestration engines such as VMware vCloud
Suite/NSX and OpenStack through cloud connectors or to others such as those from IBM,
HP, Microsoft, and more through the BIG-IQ Cloud comprehensive set of RESTful APIs.
BIG-IQ Cloud Portal
Provider Portal
Third-Party Cloud
BIG-IQ Cloud Portal
(VMware, OpenStack, APIs)
Tenant Portal
Public Cloud
(Amazon Web Services)
Tenant 1
Tenant 2
Tenant 3
Tenant 4
BIG-IQ Cloud
F5 BIG-IQ Cloud components integrate and collaborate to provide consistent, cross-environment
management of application network services.
BIG-IQ Cloud
Key Features
The following table lists BIG-IQ Cloud key features for providers and tenants.
For Providers
Define and catalog F5 iApps® to supply
tenants with self-service access to
resources, including servers, storage,
applications, and services.
View and track BIG-IP resources and
devices both locally and in the cloud.
Monitor the health and performance of
BIG-IP devices.
Use license management to grant and
revoke BIG-IP licenses as resource
demands change.
View all tenants, applications, and devices
through a single web portal.
Get role-based access control for
multiple tenants.
Integrate into management and
orchestration systems through the BIG-IQ
comprehensive set of RESTful APIs.
Integrate with private and public cloud
connectors for VMware, OpenStack,
and Amazon.
For Tenants
View and deploy applications from a
pre-defined catalogue of iApp applications.
Automatically provision BIG-IP VE in
cloud environments.
Start and stop application servers
automatically (burst) based on health and
performance metrics.
Enable discovery of BIG-IP devices and
comprehensive view of BIG-IP devices
across multiple clouds.
View server health and performance metrics
and troubleshoot problem with Service
Health and Performance Monitoring.
Integrate with VMware NSX, Amazon EC2,
and OpenStack.
Reference Architectures: How to Use BIG-IQ Cloud
How you use BIG-IQ Cloud is limited only by your imagination. To get you started, F5
suggests two reference architectures to consider: Cloud migration and cloud bursting.
Cloud migration
BIG-IQ Cloud federates management of BIG-IP products across both traditional and cloud
infrastructures, helping enterprises to deploy and manage application delivery services in a
fast, consistent, and repeatable manner. Integration with cloud environments from VMware,
Amazon, and OpenStack provides extensive options for migrating data center functions into
the cloud.
Cloud bursting
Many applications have unpredictable usage requirements. Bursts of capacity might be
needed to meet sudden business or technical needs. BIG-IQ Cloud can monitor application
performance and spin up or spin down compute resources in private or public clouds to
meet spikes in demand.
Learn more about F5 reference architectures.
BIG-IQ Cloud
Simplified Provisioning
As your IT department transitions to cloud deployment models, users need to be able
to provision applications and services in the cloud without relying on IT. Otherwise,
cloud advantages are negated by inefficient, costly operational processes.
iApps Lifecycle Management
BIG-IQ Cloud Lifecycle Management performs create, read, update, and delete (CRUD)
operations on iApps Templates, and through iApps, you can discover and customize apps,
allow for application configuration changes, and also decommission an application service.
BIG-IQ Cloud maintains a catalog of F5 iApps® Templates—flexible, app-centric templates
that enable you to quickly deploy services using optimal configurations. With iApps Templates,
an administrator uses a central interface to easily deploy apps in multiple tenants, and can
attach different services to each application. Once an iApp has been customized for the
tenant’s needs, it can be easily deployed across tenants on multiple BIG-IP devices.
Consolidated Management
Without the appropriate network integration, administrators will have to toggle between
multiple management consoles to provision end-to-end services, wasting valuable time
and expertise. BIG-IQ Cloud can be integrated with other third-party management and
orchestration systems through cloud connectors for VMware, OpenStack, or Amazon
or through its REST-based API. System administrators can efficiently configure selfserve application-related services through a single console—eliminating errors and
boosting productivity.
Provider and tenant self-service portals
BIG-IQ Cloud provides a web-based portal that offers application networking self-services
across multiple tenants and devices. The portal provides a comprehensive view into all
available BIG-IP devices (virtual or physical), apps, tenants, and cloud connectors in a single
UI. There are two different views: a provider view and a tenant view.
The provider view includes a comprehensive list of services, including:
•A catalog of application networking services.
• Deployed tenants.
•Available applications to service from.
•A list of available customized connectors.
•An inventory of BIG-IP devices.
The tenant view contains a subset of the provider view. Tenants can further customize ADC
services within limits set by the provider.
Service health and performance monitoring
BIG-IQ Cloud provides a view into application health with health status visibility across private,
public, and hybrid clouds. The provider and tenant views indicate application health status
through red and green indicators. This enhanced visibility enables you to proactively monitor
application health.
BIG-IQ Cloud
Integrate with Existing Cloud Tools
As cloud administrators leverage the public cloud to reduce CapEx, they need central
visibility and control of what is moving from their private cloud into the public cloud.
This saves significant administration time and consolidates cloud management and
monitoring tools into a single dashboard for full visibility into cloud orchestration.
Cloud connectors
BIG-IQ Cloud connects with third-party orchestration tools. For instance, F5 created
a customized private cloud connectors from BIG-IQ Cloud to VMware, OpenStack,
and Amazon’s EC2 public cloud environment. This connector enables two-way
communication between BIG-IQ Cloud and these orchestration systems so that
BIG-IQ Cloud can also interface with any third-party cloud orchestrator that can use
REST-based APIs.
Provider Portal
Tenant Portal
Shared Management Plane
Data Center and
Security Policy
Delivery Policy
BIG-IQ Cloud enables integrated management of the application network services required to
deliver applications in the cloud.
The BIG-IQ Cloud REST API enables integration with third-party cloud orchestrators
and supports cloud bursting. It is exposed through port 443 and offers RBAC, SSL, and
basic authentication support. The BIG-IQ Cloud REST API includes several categories:
Minimum Requirement
Provider interface
Licensing functionality
Create custom cloud connections with third-party cloud
Create, modify, and delete tenants
iApps Management Service
Create, delete, and retrieve statistics and health of
application services
Tenant Services
Create, delete, and retrieve tenant service instances
BIG-IQ Cloud
Enable Cloud Bursting
Your cloud strategy can comprise both private and public clouds, so interoperability
between these discrete environments is crucial. When demand for computing capacity
spikes, you may “burst” through to a public cloud to take advantage of additional
resources. You may also fluctuate between types of resources—sometimes using virtual
servers, other times physical. With your application hosting infrastructure distributed
across multiple clouds and multiple types of resources, having the appropriate application
networking service intelligence for provisioning is a necessity.
Cloud bursting to Amazon Web Services
BIG-IQ Cloud Connectors for the public cloud assist in bursting application capacity.
Cloud connectors use the REST-based API to provision a secure tunnel between private
and public clouds to establish a secure control session between BIG-IQ Cloud and the
BIG-IP virtual editions in the public cloud. A secure data session between BIG-IP devices
in the private cloud and BIG-IP virtual editions in the public cloud accelerates the data
traffic between BIG-IP devices in private and public clouds.
Public Cloud Control Session
Secure Control Session
Public Cloud
Secure Data Session
The F5 BIG-IQ Cloud Connector architecture shortens the provisioning process for application
delivery via both private and public clouds.
Better Visibility in the Cloud
Your IT department needs to be able to migrate apps and services in and out of the cloud,
to integrate with on-premises infrastructure, and to achieve cloud federation. The ability to
port applications and services to different cloud environments is key to taking advantage
of the flexibility of the cloud. To that end, BIG-IQ Cloud offers maximum efficiency by
enabling you to centrally provision, manage, and gain insight into service usage through a
central interface.
BIG-IQ Cloud
BIG-IQ 7000 Platform
BIG-IQ Cloud is available as a virtual edition or on an appliance-based management device shipped
on a dedicated enterprise-grade platform. Providing single vendor accountability and consistent
BIG-IP hardware for non-virtualized environments, the BIG-IQ 7000 platform provides the same
quality and reliability of F5’s purpose-built hardware platforms to manage your BIG-IP devices.
Intelligent Traffic Processing:
L7 requests per second: 800K; L4 connections per second: 390K
L4 HTTP requests per second: 3.5M; Throughput: 40 Gbps/20 Gbps L4/L7
Hardware SSL:
Included: 15,000 TPS (2K keys)
Maximum: 15,000 TPS (2K keys); 18 Gbps bulk encryption*
Hardware DDoS Protection:
20M SYN cookies per second
Hardware Compression:
Software Compression:
Included: 9 Gbps; Maximum: 9 Gbps
Software Architecture:
64-bit TMOS
On-Demand Upgradable:
1 quad core Intel Xeon processor (total 8 processing cores)
32 GB
Hard Drive:
Two 1 TB (RAID 1)
Gigabit Ethernet CU Ports:
Gigabit Fiber Ports (SFP):
Optional SFP
10 Gigabit Fiber Ports (SFP+):
8 SR or LR (sold separately, 2 SR included)
40 Gigabit Fiber Ports (QSFP+): N/A
Power Supply:
Two 400W included (80 Plus Gold Efficiency), DC optional
Typical Consumption:
205W (dual supply, 110V input)
Input Voltage:
90-240 VAC, 50/60hz
Typical Heat Output:
700 BTU/hour (dual supply, 110V input)
4.45” (8.76 cm) H x 17.3” (43.94 cm) W x 21.4” (54.36 cm) D
2U industry standard rack-mount chassis
40 lbs. (18.14 kg) (dual power supply)
Operating Temperature:
32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Operational Relative Humidity:
10 to 90% @ 40° C
Safety Agency Approval:
ANSI/UL 60950-1-2011, CSA 60950-1-07, including Amendment 1:2011
Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, CB Scheme
Susceptibility Standards:
*Maximum throughput.
EN 60950-1:2006+A11:2009+A1:2010+A12:2011, IEC 60950-1:2005, A1:2009
EN 300 386 V1.5.1 (2010-10); EN 55022:2010; EN 61000-3-2:2006+A1:2009+A2:2009;
EN 61000-3-3:2008; EN 55024:2010; EN 55022:2010; EN 61000-3-3:2008;
EN 55024:2010; USA FCC Class A
BIG-IQ Cloud
F5 Global Services
F5 Global Services offers world-class support, training, and consulting to help you get the
most from your F5 investment. Whether it’s providing fast answers to questions, training
internal teams, or handling entire implementations from design to deployment, F5 Global
Services can help ensure your applications are always secure, fast, and reliable. For more
information about F5 Global Services, contact [email protected] or visit
More Information
To learn more about BIG-IQ Cloud, visit to find these and other resources.
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