infotec IS 2425 and IS 2430 As simple or sophisticated as you need

infotec IS 2425 and IS 2430 As simple or sophisticated as you need
infotec IS 2425 and IS 2430
Technical specifications infotec IS 2425 and IS 2430
· Process:
· Resolution:
· Display:
· Hard disk:
· Duplex:
· Warm-up time:
· Dimensions:
· Weight:
· Power supply:
· Power consumption:
Digital laser scanning, electro-photographic print
600dpi, 256 grey scales
Widescreen back-lit panel
Optional 40 GB hard disk drive
Optional trayless duplex
12 seconds
550mm(w) x 604mm(d) x 980mm(h)
220-240V, 50-60Hz
Less than 1.32KW
· Features:
Linux, IBM AIX
Mac: OS 8.6-9.2x, OS X 10.1 or later
SAP: R/3, NDPS Gateway
IBM: iSeries/AS400-using OS400 Host Print
Sample print, locked print, hold print, stored print
Send to document server, job binding (combine jobs)
Front and back cover, chaptering, user defined pages
Scale, centre, fit, adjust image position, rotate
Duplex, booklet, magazine, layout (N-up), poster
Watermark, overlay, header / footer,
User code, authentication, encryption
Scanner (option)
· Digital copier:
· Laser printer:
· Scanner:
· Document server:
· Fax:
Output speed (A4, 80g/m2)
· First page:
· Continuous:
· Scan speed:
· Resolution:
· Scan area:
· Scan to:
· File formats:
· LDAP support:
· Protocols:
· Features:
4.5s (IS 2425) / 4.5s (IS 2430)
Up to 25ppm (IS 2425) / Up to 30ppm (IS 2430)
Input capacity (A4, 80g/m2)
· 1st Tray:
· 2nd Tray:
· Bypass (option):
· Duplex (option):
· ARDF (option):
· LCT (option):
· Paper bank (option):
1 x 500 sheets, A5 - A3, 60 -105g/m2
1 x 500 sheets, A6 - A3, 60 - 157g/m2
100 sheet, A6 - A3, 52 - 157g/m2
Trayless, A5 - A3, 64 - 105g/m2
50 sheet, A5 - A3, 40 - 128g/m2
2,000 sheets, A4, 60 - 105g/m2
2 x 500 sheets, A5 - A3, 60 – 105g/m2
Output capacity (A4, 80g/m2)
· Output tray:
500 sheets, A6 - A3, 52 - 157g/m2
· One bin tray (option): 125 sheets, A5 - A3, 60 - 105g/m2
· Shift sort tray (option): 250 sheets, A4 - A3, 60 - 105g/m2
· Hanging finisher (opt): 500 sheets, A5 - A3, 60 - 128g/m2
30 sheet, 1 position stapler
· Floor finisher (opt): 1,000 sheets, A5 – A3, 52 – 128g/m2
50 sheet, 3 position stapler
Digital copier (standard)
· Multiple copy:
· Zoom:
· Features:
1 - 99 copies
25% to 400% zoom, 1% steps, 12 preset ratios
Energy-save, auto start, interrupt, user codes, user program
Auto density selection, manual density selection
Photomode, text / photomode
Date, page number and preset stamps
Repeat, combine, double copy, positive / negative
Cover insertion, paper designate, slip sheet
Shift, erase border, erase centre
Scan once copy many, electronic sort, rotate sort
1:1, 1:2 (with Duplex), 2:1 (with ARDF), 2:2 (with
ARDF and Duplex)
Duplex, booklet and magazine modes (with Duplex)
Shift sort and stapling (with finisher)
Laser printer (option)
· CPU:
· Memory:
· HDD:
· Languages:
· Interfaces:
· Protocols:
· Fonts:
· Operating systems
384MB required (128MB resident, 256MB option)
40GB hard disc drive (with Print / Scan and Print units)
40GB hard disc drive (option for RPCS unit)
PCL5e, PCL6, RPCS (with Print / Scan and Printer units)
RPCS (with RPCS unit)
PostScript 3 (option for Print/Scan and Print units)
Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-t) and USB 2.0 (standard)
Parallel, wireless and bluetooth (options)
TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk
PCL; 59 fonts
PS3; 136 fonts (with PostScript3 option)
Win: 95/98SE/NT4.0/2000/Me/XP/Server 2003
Novell: NetWare 3.12, 3.2, 4.1, 4.11, 5.0, 5.1, 6
Unix: Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SCO OpenServer, RedHat
As simple or sophisticated
as you need
100 / 200 (default) / 300 / 400 / 600dpi, 256 levels
297 x 432 mm
Email, hard drive, network folder, URL and FTP
Single and multi page TIFF and PDF
Scan to email, folder, doc server, URL and FTP
TWAIN scan
Duplex scanning (with ARDF)
LDAP email support
Document server (option)
· Capacity:
· Features:
40 GB, up to 3,000 documents / 9,000 pages
Central storage and control
Reprint, retrieve to PC, forward
Control panel and web access, search and view
Change file name, delete, edit, merge documents
Fax (option)
· Compatibility:
· Resolution:
G3 fax, Internet fax, LAN-fax, IP-fax
8 x 3.85 lines/mm, 200 x 100 dpi (standard mode)
8 x 7.7 lines/mm, 200 x 200 dpi (detail mode)
8 x 15.4 lines/mm, 400 x 400 dpi (with optional
SAF memory)
· Transmission time:
2 sec (200x100dpi, JBIG, ITUT #1 chart, TTI off, mem trans)
· Scan speed:
1 sec (standard / detail mode, A4)
· Modem speed:
33.6Kbps (G3, standard with automatic shift down)
· Compression method: MH, MR, MMR, JBIG
4MB, approx. 320 pages (standard)
· SAF memory size:
28MB, approx. 2,240 pages (with optional SAF memory)
1 hour
· Memory backup:
· Quick dial / speed dial: 500 (standard) / 2000 (with Hard Drive)
· Group dials:
100 groups, 500 numbers per group
· Features:
Forward to email, email alert
Confidential send and receive, send later
Serial broadcasting (500 numbers), page retransmission
Double-sided transmission (with ARDF), book fax
Image rotation, automatic page size reduction
Visual illustration (see graphic below)
1 ARDF 2 Duplex 3 Interchange unit (required with
Duplex) 4 Bypass tray 5 One bin tray 6 500 sheet
finisher 7 Bridge unit (required with finisher)
8 2 x 500 sheet paper bank
· Fax option · G3 unit (option for fax) · SAF
memory (option for fax) · Printer / scanner unit·
Printer unit · RPCS printer unit · Printer upgrade
option · Scanner upgrade option · Hard disk drive
· PostScript3 unit · Wireless LAN interface · Parallel
interface · Bluetooth interface · DataOverWrite
security unit · Copy data security unit · Web
browser option (SDK) · Key counter bracket
Platen cover · Shift sort tray · 1,500 sheet large
capacity tray
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Infotec shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. 01/2007
Printing · Copying · Scanning · Faxing · Document Management
Modular step-up configuration
Network print solution
It’s not every business that needs or can
afford a sophisticated multi-functional
document work-centre. For some, a
copier is all that is required. But needs
change and that is why infotec has
introduced the IS 2425 and IS 2430. On
one level, highly productive digital
copiers that devour everyday copying;
on another, advanced multifunction
systems that copy, print, scan and share.
A copier first
Ideal for busy workgroups, the IS 2430 copies at a brisk
30 pages a minute and the IS 2425, at 25 a minute.
Both deliver immaculate A3 / A4 digital output with the
minimum of fuss. Modular step-up functionality enables
either model to be customised to your business needs.
Copy today, print tomorrow, scan and share in the
future; it is possible with the infotec IS 2425
and IS 2430.
• Operation is a doddle with simple
touch-screen operation
• Originals are scanned once and printed from
memory for consistent quality
• One-off copies are delivered in less than 5 seconds
• Multiple sets are electronically sorted and output
at 25 / 30ppm
• 600dpi resolution and 256 levels of grey
ensure laser-sharp output
Print functionality is an easy addition, enabling the
infotec copier to double as a high-speed network
printer. With three network-ready printer modules
offering step-up functionality and a simple upgrade
path, the infotec device can be configured for both
application and budget. Adding network print
functionality enables more work to be routed through
the machine, streamlining workflow and increasing the
return on investment.
• The RPCS Printer Unit is a low cost solution for
standard print applications
• For more complex environments, the PCL Printer
Unit has RPCS and PCL drivers
• The Printer / Scanner Unit combines full RPCS
and PCL print functionality with network scanning
• Adobe PostScript 3 is an option for each print
• Wireless and Bluetooth options extend network
• A 40GB hard drive facilitates font download and
variable data print
Your digital
document centre
Step up functionality extends to scanning. With the
optional scan utility, the IS 2425 and IS 2430 become
document workstations capable of digitising, storing
and sharing documents. Digitised documents may be
routed to email, saved to a network address or stored
in the document server for general access.
• Scanning to email is simple with addresses
available on-line
• Rather than email heavy documents, users can mail
a document’s URL
• Up to 9,000 pages can be stored and viewed by
web browser
• Stored documents can be accessed for edit
and reprint
• Print and copy documents can be combined
and printed as one
Automated handling options
Whatever the need – copy, print, scan or share – simple
automated production is a must. Handling options are
modular too and may be added as required. An additional
paper deck will increase the paper capacity; a document
feeder will speed the scanning process; and finishing
options like the duplex and staple finisher combine to
produce professionally finished output.
High-speed fax bureau
Fax is another possibility. One, two or even three fax lines
can be added, turning the IS 2425 / IS 2430 into a
virtual fax bureau. Faxes are sent and received at the
machine or from the desktop. Incoming faxes may be
routed to the document server and an email alert
forwarded to the fax administrator.
• Simultaneous 3-line send and receive for high
volume applications
• LDAP support updates email and fax addresses.
• JBIG compression provides fast 2
second transmission
• Incoming faxes may stored in the
document server
• An email alert system saves paper and improves
speed of communication
• The ARDF automates scanning of
double-sided documents
• Paper supply increases to 3,100 sheets with
addition of the LCT and Multi Bypass
• Finishing options include a shift sort tray, 500
sheet stapler, and 1000 sheet floor standing finisher
• The duplex produces double-sided output at full
running speed
• DataOverWrite Security protects users from data theft
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