Cables Direct CB-050 Datasheet

Cables Direct CB-050 Datasheet
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PCI to PCMCIA Adaptor Details correct on: 03/12/2014
Product Code CB-050
Short Description PCIto PCMCIA adaptor
Our CB-050 PCI card is the perfect solution to making your computer
Full Description compatible with Laptop PCMCIA cards. The C8-050 Is plug and play and
allows hot swapping for ease of use.
Compliant with PCI Local Bus specification 2.2
Plug N Play compatible.
Hot Swapping ability.
Extra Information Compliant with PC Card standard release 8.0
support 16-bit (PCMCIA2/JEIDA 4.2) and 32-bit (Card Bus) PC Card.
Compliant with 18236551 register set and ECA.
Supports type VI N Card Bus / PCMCIA card.
OS support : Windows 985E, ME, 2000 and XP (no driver CD needed)
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