Cables Direct IEEE-143 firewire cable

Cables Direct IEEE-143 firewire cable
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Firewire 800 Data Cable Details correct on: 03/12/2014
Product Code IEEE-143
Short Description 3 Mtr 9 Pin - 9 Pin data cable
High Performance Universal I/O with Data Rates up to 800 Mbps.
Designed around Plug & Play and Hot Swap technologies, the IEEE
1394B port is used to handle Bandwidth intensive fast serial devices,
such as Digital Video Camcorders, High resolution Digital Cameras,
HDTV, Set-Top Boxes, Hard Disks, DVD-ROM Drives, Networking,
Printers and Scanners.
FireWire also supports compressed / uncompressed Video support. Up
to 63 devices may be connected on a single bus segment, but bus
segments may be bridged together, making it possible to connect many
multiples of 63 devices.
IEEE 1394B/Firewire 800
9 Pin - 9 Pin data cable
3 Mir
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