CCTV Intruder Alarms Fire Alarms Access Control

CCTV Intruder Alarms Fire Alarms Access Control
A1 Security is an award winning supplier and installer
of security products and services, covering intruder
alarms, monitoring, CCTV, fire alarms, door entry and
access control.
When it comes to intruder alarms, fire alarms, door
entry and access control products, A1 supply and
install some of the UK and Europe’s leading brands in
this market.
Originally formed back in 1988, today, the company
handles projects from simple but professional
domestic alarm installations, up to £100,000
commercial projects, from residential and small
office 4 camera systems to a recently completed 40+
camera single site CCTV installation.
Never standing still in the field of product
development and responding to customers’ needs,
2016 saw the launch of their all new VisionEyeTM
product – a custom built dedicated stand-alone CCTV
system for use in remote or temporary locations.
Designed by A1 Security this self-powered CCTV
system is powered by wind turbine and solar panels,
with a mast of up to 6-9 metres high and fitted with 4
HD cameras. A first in the UK for this kind of product.
A1 Security have provided services and equipment
for many 1,000’s of homes and businesses locally and
regionally, and nationally. Many well known and
established brands including Dyson, Bister Village,
KIER, Interflora, Taylor Woodrow, Body Shop and The
Post Office.
Always developing their business and product range,
A1 Security has its own brand of CCTV equipment –
Tek 2. Designed specifically by A1 Security from the
ground up this product range is manufactured to our
exacting specifications and is unique to A1 Security.
“I have worked with A1 Security Services for the
last 10 years. We have their alarm system on
both our school premises. The company are a
local firm which offers you that personal touch.
They are all friendly, helpful, will always put the
customer first and are always on hand night or
day. I would highly recommend this company to
others.” Sally Hearn, Site Manager
Numerous awards from customer service to
innovation have been bestowed on A1, and since
1988 to the present day, A1 Security firmly remains a
family owned business and is still based in
Grantham, Lincolnshire, from their offices in Autumn
Park Business Centre.
A1 Security
Autumn Park Business Centre
Dysart Road
NG31 7EU
Call: 01476 57 97 97
Email: [email protected]
Fire Alarms
Intruder Alarms
Access Control
Keep a watchful eye on your home and office, and send
a clear message that nothing goes unseen.
CCTV For the Home
Becoming more and more popular, CCTV for homes
is now the next step for many home owners looking
for a higher level of security.
Using the latest High Definition IP cameras, images
from around your property can be watched live on
your TV, mobile phone, tablet or computer.
Dome or bullet style cameras can be installed neatly
at high level and all cables carefully concealed. All
our cameras have Infra Red LEDs built in as standard
to provide clear night time images, even in the lowest
of internal lighting conditions.
CCTV For the Business
Whether you have a shop, commercial offices,
manage a school or industrial premises, A1 Security
can provide your business with the latest in CCTV
Our systems range from a simple 4 camera system
up to 64, or even 128 cameras, and can be either
'fixed cameras' or fully functional 'PTZ type' cameras.
As standard we now fit full HD IP cameras, which
gives the added benefit that they can be installed
over Wi-Fi links of up to 4 miles, making them ideal
for remote sites.
Our Own Dedicated CCTV Monitoring
Control Room
Using ‘state of the art’ Analytic monitoring software
designed and developed by A1 Security, monitoring
your camera system is the ultimate addition in
protecting your premises.
Our unique Analytic monitoring software can
monitor your cameras in several ways, including a
revolutionary highly accurate 'by pixel' change or by
a person crossing a 'virtual zone' - be it a line or
boxed area you create on the screen.
When the system detects an intruder, the software
provides an audible and visual notification for the
operator in our monitoring centre. High powered
sirens and strobes are also activated on your site to
warn/deter any intruders that they are now being
monitored. Should they fail to leave site the Police
would then be notified.
Unlike other basic systems ours does not rely on old
fashioned and inefficient external movement
detectors. It streams your cameras live feed directly
to our dedicated monitoring centre the entire time.
The software can be linked into almost any CCTV
system, even if we did not install it originally.
We can install towers of 4-8 meters in height that can
accommodate 4 to 6 cameras, which is ideal for
protecting larger areas and can even focus in to read
vehicle number plates. Fully digital, networked HD
recorders provide high quality recorded images and
are stored for a minimum of 30 days, however this
can be greatly increased depending on your
Infra Red LEDs are integrated in the body of our
cameras to provide clear low light and night time
images, and additional stand alone IR lamps can be
fitted to illuminate larger areas if required. Remote
access to your system is easily obtained via APPs on
your mobile phone or tablet. We also offer a full
monitoring service if required.
4 High Definition cameras are mounted on a
telescopic mast that can extend up to 9 metres,
giving you a 360-degree view of your site or location.
VisionEyeTM: Rapid Deployment CCTV
Live images from VisionEyeTM are streamed back to
our dedicated control room via a 2/3/4g roaming
network, or via satellite if necessary. Recorded HD
images are stored on the unit and also on a server in
our control room at the same time. High powered
LED lights and audible sirens are remotely activated
by our control room operators if the system detects
any intruders, and the Police are notified if intruders
fail to leave the premises or area.
‘VisionEyeTM’ is an award winning ‘off grid’ rapid
deployment CCTV system like no other. Designed by
A1 Security, the trailer mounted CCTV system is
totally self-powered by batteries, which in turn are
charged by a wind turbine and solar panels for
complete 'stand alone' solution for use in remote
'un-powered' locations.
All clients are provided with an APP to enable live
images to be viewed remotely by mobile phone or
tablet. The VisionEyeTM trailer mounted CCTV system
once delivered to site, can be set up and be
operational in under 1 hour and requires no mains
power or telephone lines. VisionEyeTM is currently the
only one of its type available in the UK.
Intruder Alarms
With crime on the increase it has never been more
important to protect your family and premises.
Residential Intruder Alarms
A1 Security have over 25 years experience providing
customers with professional installations and
maintenance for residential property alarm systems.
We offer a wide range of intruder alarm systems
from wired, wire free, and monitored systems, to
ensure that you get the system that best fits your
requirements and budget. We offer a free no
obligation survey where we will design a system
tailored specifically for you.
All of our intruder alarms are professionally installed
by our fully trained engineers who will carry out a
clean, tidy and efficient installation. All of our
systems comply fully with the British and current
European Standards. Every 6 months our
installations are randomly audited by the SSAIB to
ensure that our high standards continue to be met.
Commercial Intruder Alarms
A1 Security can supply and install you with the latest
security systems. From initial survey and system
design right through to installation we ensure each
system meets our high standards.
Intruder Alarms can be hard-wired, wire-free or a
mix of both giving you many options to protect any
size of premises. Combinations of movement
detectors, door contacts and beams are used to
detect intruders, and setting and un-setting of the
system is simply done via an LCD keypad or a ‘prox
tag’. Each individual using the system is assigned a
unique tag or code. This allows the company owner
to have full control over who is using and accessing
the protected building or area(s), which is particularly
useful when a record of who and when the alarm was
set/unset is required.
Any of our Intruder Alarm systems can be monitored,
this can be as simple as receiving a text message
when the system is activated right though to being
monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). BT
Redcare or CSL Dual Com are a common choice when
connecting your system to an ARC. In the event of
your system being activated the ARC will call a
nominated keyholder, if a confirmed signal is
received the Police will also be called.
As part of our commitment to meet the high
standards of our approval it is highly recommended
that your Alarm System is maintained and serviced
regularly, this is carried out once a year for audible
systems and every 6 months for monitored systems
All installations fully comply with BS4737, DD843, BS
EN 50131 & PD 6662:2010 standards and all new
systems are grade 2 or 3 depending on insurers
We are a Which? Trusted Trader, SSAIB,
Constructionline & Safe Contractor approved, giving
you the reassurance that all our work is carried out
to a high standard and in a safe manner A1 Security
are able to take-over existing systems that we did not
originally install, following an initial inspection of the
system recommendations and maintenance
contracts would be offered.
Alarm Monitoring
A1 Security can offer various types of monitoring,
starting from basic speech diallers through to dual
path signalling using telephone lines and GPRS or
GSM networks.
With a monitored alarm, you know that if your alarm
is activated, the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) can
respond to the activation fast ensuring that the
relevant people can be informed i.e keyholders or
emergency services (Police, Fire or Ambulance).
Maintenance and Takeover
Keyholding & Guard Response
We now offer a keyholding service with guard
response. We will hold the keys to your building and
respond in the event of an alarm activation, a
uniformed guard will attend site, check the premises
and reset your alarm. Prices start from only £10.00 +
VAT per week.
We can takeover, repair or upgrade any make and
model of intruder alarm, CCTV, or fire alarm system
even if it was installed by another company.
Having a Maintenance Contract gives you peace of
mind that your system is kept in good working order
and having it regularly serviced helps prevent false
alarms. Regular servicing of your system is important
because it helps to maintain the performance and
reliability of your system, avoids unnecessary
call-outs due to low battery faults and it can help
reduce your insurance costs. It also costs less to have
regular alarm and CCTV servicing than breakdown
All of our maintenance contracts include access to
the 24 hours call-out facility. This service is only
available to maintenance customers. All annual
preventative maintenance visits are carried out in
accordance with the current British and European
Gate Locking
A uniformed guard can check your premises in the
evening and weekends making sure it is secure, set
your alarm and lock up. In addition we can unlock
the building in the morning if required. Please call
01476 579797 for a free site survey.
Call us now on 01476 57 97 97 to
discuss your requirements and
arrange for a free no obligation
survey followed up with a full
quotation for supply and installation
at a time to suit you.
Fire Alarms
Access Control
Fire Alarms play an important role in any commercial
building and are often compulsory in business premises
where the general public have access.
A1 Security offer a wide range of access control systems
to suit your needs, from a single door entry system up to
larger managed multi-door sites.
A1 Security can design, supply and install the latest
fire alarm system to meet your needs, and
maintain/update your existing system - even if we
did not install it originally. A general system will
comprise of a main control panel, ‘break glass call
points’ next to fire exits, smoke or heat detectors in
critical areas, and sounders that alert staff/occupants
of a fire alarm activation.
CATEGORY P: Property Protection Fire Systems
Designated to protect property and is normally
requested by insurers.
Entrance doors are secured by electronic locks and
entry can only be gained by authorized people who
have a ‘Tag’ or ‘card’ that is presented to a reader.
This is reassurance for anyone needing to restrict
access to buildings or where people are working
alone. Two types of system are commonly fitted as
described below:
Systems can either be a Conventional or Addressable
type; wireless system can also be fitted if required.
CATEGORY L: Life Protection Fire Systems
Designated as Life Protection Fire Systems, L
Automatic Fire Detection is designed to primarily
protect human life. This category system is
commonly installed in Hotels or places where people
sleep on the premises and larger office building or
commercial building with high occupancy.
Fire Alarms are categorised into different levels
depending on your business or commercial premises
CATEGORY M: Manually Operated System
System designed to be operated manually (no
Automatic Fire Detection) this would consist of
audibility throughout the building to a specified
decibel level, with manual call points at every door
which opens to fresh air and at every change of level,
also areas that meet with a minimum travel distance
to a fire alarm call point.
This is a basic level system and commonly fitted to
small offices or low risk buildings
P1 Automatic Fire Detection installed throughout all
areas including void areas.
P2 Automatic Fire Detection installed only in defined
areas designed to satisfy a specific fire risk objective
L4 is category M Plus Automatic Fire Detection
installed in escape routes comprising circulation
areas and space such as corridors and stairways
L3 is category M Plus Automatic Fire Detection
installed in escape routes and rooms opening into
these routes including voids
L2 Automatic Fire Detection installed in defined areas
of higher risk of ignition, in addition to L3 including
L1: Category M Plus Automatic Fire Detection
installed throughout all areas including voids.
This is a compact & economical ‘all in one’ system
and would be fitted to a single door and ideal for
offices and Schools. Each door would be secured with
an electronic lock and access would be via a Tag or
Card reader, exiting the door would be by simply
pressing an electronic exit button. Linking to your
Fire Alarm system would ensure the door is
automatically released upon activation.
Tags or Cards can be purchased in packs of 10 or 50
and are available in several different designs
Ideal for larger sites or where a fully managed
system is required, many doors can be linked
together on a network and controlled by a PC
running a dedicated software program. Doors are
secured with electronic locks and entry is gained by
presenting a ‘Tag’ or ‘Card’ to a reader. The software
will record each person entering the door. This is
critical for any company needing to know who is on
site and for time and attendance purposes.
Exiting the door can be by an electronic exit button
or by a further reader, this increases security
meaning only people permitted entry to the building
can leave, this is commonly known as ‘anti passback’.
The software program allows you to fully control
each door by creating access levels and restrictions,
each Tag or Card is programed from the PC and will
contain the person’s name and department. A 1000+
event memory is stored in the software enabling the
user to track people’s movement around the site.
Existing automatic doors, gates and barriers can
easily be linked into the system, Fire Alarms are
connected as standard to ensure doors are released
in the event of a fire.
Door Entry Systems
A1 Security offer several types of door entry systems
commonly fitted in offices, schools and flats.
Often referred to as intercom systems, the entrance
door will be secured with an electronic lock, visitors
will press a call button on an entrance panel which
will in turn buzz a handset in the office or flat.
A two-way conversation can then take place; the
visitor can then be granted access by a button being
pressed on the handset. Any owner or residences can
access the build by each a ‘Tag’ or by a keypad.
For added security a video entry system is the next
option, a CCTV camera is fitted inside the entrance
panel and a small video screen is integrated in the
handset-sited in the office or flat. Visitors to the
building can be viewed on the screen prior to being
granted entry.
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