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NIS-Elements: Complete Uninstall of NIS-Elements in
Windows Vista & 7
This document specifies the step by step uninstall
procedures for removing NIS-Elements from a PC with
Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems.
Note number: 0017
Creation Date: 10/2009
Date Modified: 11/2011
*Note: If this system has an A1 or C2 connected or if EZ-C1 is installed, please
contact Hank Mallin at [email protected] (Biosystems Service Manager) for
proper NIS- Elements uninstall procedure.
1) Before beginning the uninstall procedure, backup optical configuration files,
layout manager files, and move important files/images from the NIS-Elements folder.
Backup any added macro modules by copying the Nikon\Shared\DLL and
Nikon\Shared\Macro folders to a safe location. Also, record settings for devices such
as filter wheel positions, connections parameters, etc.
This information can be backed up using "NIS Settings Utility."
This utility allows for the backup individual of NIS-Elements settings, such as "Device
settings", "Optical Configurations", "Objectives" , etc.
1) Begin uninstall by either StartProgramsNIS-ElementsUninstall
a. Alternatively, uninstall by StartControl panel Control panel
HomeProgramsUninstall a program
2) Select ‘Remove all personal settings’ and click on Finish
3) Select ‘Start’ and type in “regedit” and then press ‘Enter.’
5) Expand ‘Software’ and delete any folders related to Nikon, NIS-Elements, or
Laboratory Imaging.
7) Expand ‘Software’ and delete any folders related to Nikon, NIS-Elements, or
Laboratory Imaging.
Note: Before beginning make sure to change folder options to show hidden files/folders.
8) Go to the hidden folder “C:ProgramData” and delete the folders containing files
relating to Nikon, NIS-Elements, or Laboratory Imaging. These folders contain
necessary drivers, .dll files and data files. If you are not sure if the file/ folder are
related to Nikon, NIS- Elements or Laboratory Imaging "DO NOT DELETE!"
9) Repeat the same process in the folders “C:Program Files”, “C:Program Files
10) Go to each user in the “C:Users” folder and open the hidden “AppData” folder.
Repeat the same process as 8 and 9 in the folders “Local” and “Roaming”.
11) Go to the hidden folder “C:Program FilesInstallShield Installation Information”
or “C:Program Files (x86)InstallShield Installation Information” on 64-bit PCs, and
delete the appropriate folder(s). To determine which folders contain files relating to
Nikon, NIS-Elements, or Laboratory Imaging, open each folder and find the “setup.ini”
file. Double-click this file and it should open in the Notepad app.
In the first few lines look for Nikon, NIS-Elements, or Laboratory Imaging, if it does,
close the notepad and delete the entire folder.
Be careful here not to delete files/folders that aren’t related. If you are not sure, do
not delete!
12) Close all open windows and restart computer.
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