Approx APPP300E projection screen

Approx APPP300E projection screen
Electric projector screen 300x30Ocms.
With engine and system of total collection screen fabric, Approx expands its
product range with the E-series screens. This series combines quality and
price in this product segment to unprecedented scale!
The display is designed for use in conference and meeting rooms, as well as
for home theater enthusiasts who want excellent quality.
The simple design of the housing provides a very discreet appearance, even
when the fabric is fully retracted, leaving no support or surplus exposed to
view! The best projection fabric, useful life and super quiet motor perfectly
defines these models.
Dimensions: 300x300cms.
Ideal for projectors
Opaque black back
Technical Features
• Visible area 300 x 300 cm.
• Black borders of 4 cm
• White housing and dustproof
• Suitable for wall and ceiling
• Rear in black for greater light refraction
• Very good flatness and tension through
the thickness of the fabric
• Frequency 50Hz Voltage 230 VAC• Output power cord on the right side
seen from front of the screen
• Includes wall switch and infrared remote
• Gain factor of 1.2, ideal for home
cinema and presentations
• The fall of the screen can be stopped
at any point, so you can adjust the
length of the screen to any format.
• The lower bar is aligned with the
• Projection screen 300x300cms.
• Wall Switch
• Remote control IR
• Instruction Sheet
• Black and white
• Panel: 3000 x 3000 mm
• Housing: 317 x 5 x 5 cm
• 11000 g. aprox.
• 2 years
Type of packaging
Packaging weight
Product Code
• Cardboard box
• 1000 g. approx.
• appP300E
EAN Product Code
EAN Box Code
Units per box
• 8435099516453
• N/A
• 1 unit per box
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