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New Product – Key Facts
Extra Cut Snips 304
The 304 can be used for
cutting sheet metal, but will
typically be used for cutting
softer materials.
304 – Yellow grips for extra long
straight cuts (Utility Model).
Serrated, drop forged blades
■ The 304 Utility Snips come with
hot drop forged blades. These
blades do not have the same
strength and cutting performance
as our Aviation Snips with
cold–formed blades.
Longer Cut
The extra long blades of the 304
Utility Snips allows for 80 mm
length of cut.
Compound leverage
■ Compound leverage means
reduced pressure and faster and
easier cutting.
Long life spring
Long life spring for increased
durability and reliability.
Safety latch
■ Easy push-up safety latch
allows one-handed operation.
Extra strong splines
■ 2,66 mm alloy steel spines
provide increased rigidity and
less flexing.
Soft grips
Over-molded Pro-touch soft
grips provide superior comfort.
Resists twisting and will not
come off.
Reduced hand span
■ 10% reduced hand span increases
control and decreases fatigue.
IRWIN Offset Snips 20SL & 20 SR
Part #
10504314 N
304 Cut Straight and Wide Cur ves
Pack Type
Shelf Pack
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