Canon 8035B127 Datasheet

Canon 8035B127 Datasheet
Power to
Your entry into the
full-frame world
you can
Your entry into the
full-frame world
Take your photography to a new level with full-frame
image quality, stunning low-light performance and a
tough compact body that’s perfect for travel.
20.2-megapixel, full-frame sensor
Compact robust design
The ideal travel companion
The EOS 6D’s 24 x 36 mm sensor is virtually
the same size as 35 mm film and delivers
superb image quality. Wide-angle lenses
can be used to their true potential,
and photographers can enjoy tight control
over depth of field and phenomenal
low-light performance.
Shoot full-frame photography everywhere
you go, with a camera that is lightweight,
robust and compact in size.
Built-in GPS technology* determines your
location and embeds it into each image
file’s metadata. Such ‘geotags’ can be
recalled in camera or on computer, using
Canon’s Map utility.
Weather sealed against dust and moisture,
the EOS 6D’s controls fall easily under
your fingers as you hold the camera,
enabling intuitive operation even when
the camera is at your eye. Compose
and shoot with a camera that you’ll love
using from the moment you pick it up.
Wi-Fi connectivity† lets you control the
EOS 6D using the EOS Remote app on your
smartphone††. Your phone can also be used
to review pictures before sharing them with
friends and family on-line.
Tv (Shutter Speed): 1/1250 sec
Av (Aperture Value): f/8.0
ISO Speed: 500
Lens: EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
Focal length: 75.0mm
Latitude: 63,29.884N
Longitude: 19,28.654W
Dramatic late afternoon landscape
near Þjóðvegur, Iceland.
* GPS use may be restricted in certain countries or regions. Use of GPS should comply with the laws and regulations of the country and area in which it is being operated including any restriction on the use of electronics.
Wi-Fi support varies by device and region.
Available for Apple iPhone (iOS5 and above) and Android (2.3.3 and above) smartphones.
A full-frame DSLR like the EOS 6D is the perfect
companion for the landscape photographer.
Lightweight, compact and robust, its full-frame sensor
captures remarkable detail in the world around you.
Full frame for landscapes
Tv (Shutter Speed): 3.2 sec
Av (Aperture Value): f/4.5
ISO Speed: 640
Lens: EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
Focal length: 24.0mm
Latitude: 64,2.8999N
Longitude: 16,10.8699W
Icebergs floating in Jökulsárlón glacial
lake at night, illuminated by the
headlamp beams of a 4x4 vehicle.
Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland.
EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM
EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM
EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
Take a wider view
With the EOS 6D, lenses offer a wider
angle of view than they do on DSLRs
containing an APS-C sized sensor – great
news for landscapers who want to take
a broader view of the world.
Full frame sensor
APS-C size sensor
Shot on EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
Lenses like the versatile
EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM are perfect for
travel photography, offering wide-angle,
standard and short telephoto perspectives
in a single unit, complete with Image
Stabilizer technology to help when light
levels get low.
If scenic photography is a speciality, the
EF 17-40mm f/4L USM offers a variety
of ultrawide-angle viewpoints while
wide-angle prime lenses, like the
EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM, are a lightweight
alternative and offer superb image quality.
See every detail
The EOS 6D delivers photography of
superlative quality. Its large 20.2-megapixel
sensor captures images that are full of
presence and rich in detail. From the bold
colours of a bustling street market, to the
subtle tones and gradations of sunrise,
the 14-bit electronics and DIGIC 5+ image
processor at the centre of the EOS 6D will
ensure a vibrant yet natural result.
Wi-Fi connectivity and remote control
Leave the cables at home: the EOS 6D’s
integrated Wi-Fi enables wireless transfer of
images from camera to computer at the end
of a day’s shooting – or any time you want to
share picture files with friends or colleagues.
Transfer JPEG files between compatible
cameras, upload to remote web services and
even print to Wi-Fi enabled printers.
Wi-Fi can also be used to remotely control
your EOS 6D from a PC or Mac running EOS
Utility software or from a smartphone†† using
the free EOS Remote app. Shoot, focus,
compose, see live view and set exposure
remotely, exploring hard-to-access vantage
points for new creative possibilities.
Built for the outdoor life
The EOS 6D is a camera that was born to travel.
Capture images of the natural world in sparkling
detail, and take advantage of innovative
features, like GPS* and Wi-Fi† connectivity.
Tv (Shutter Speed): 1/160 sec
Av (Aperture Value): f/8.0
ISO Speed: 400
Lens: EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM
Focal length: 140.0mm
Latitude: 64,0.8998N
Longitude: 16,22.5603W
A front of the Breiðamerkurjökull
glacier, where fragments of ice
splinter off to form icebergs that
are eventually washed out to sea.
Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland.
GPS logging and geotagging
Built-in GPS technology determines your location
anywhere in the world and tags each JPEG and RAW
file with this information. Longitude, latitude, elevation
and coordinated universal time are all recorded.
Relive your journey at home by identifying your favourite
locations with Canon’s Map Utility, or use embedded
coordinates to find scenes again in the future.
With GPS Logger enabled the EOS 6D records your
location at specific intervals, even when the camera
is not being used or is switched off.
* GPS use may be restricted in certain countries or regions. Use of GPS should comply with the laws and regulations of the country and area in which it is being operated including any restriction on the use of electronics.
Wi-Fi support varies by device and region.
Available for Apple iPhone (iOS5 and above) and Android (2.3.3 and above) smartphones.
Great portraiture shows something of a subject’s personality
in a photograph. The EOS 6D empowers photographers to
do this, combining flexibility with superb image quality,
and bringing your creative visions to life.
Full frame
for portraiture
Capture the ambience, wherever you are
Advanced depth-of-field control
Photographing people in their environment speaks volumes about
who they are and what they do. The EOS 6D’s flexible ISO sensitivity
range helps to keep you shooting handheld and without flash even
in the most demanding locations when light levels get low.
Using lenses of the same angle of view, and identical aperture
settings, full-frame cameras produce images with shallower depth
of field than DSLRs with APS-C sized sensors. This makes it easier
to photograph a pin-sharp subject against a soft, out-of-focus
background, and a great way to shoot powerful portraits.
Have the confidence to shoot at high ISO sensitivities, using the natural
light around you, safe in the knowledge that the full-frame CMOS sensor
and DIGIC 5+ processor will keep digital noise levels to a minimum.
An expanded ISO 50 setting allows wide apertures to be used in
bright light for shallow-focus effects without fear of overexposure.
The compact design of the EOS 6D makes it ideal for spontaneous
portraiture as part of street-photography projects or reportage.
By combining an EOS 6D with wide aperture lenses, like the
EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM or EF 100mm f/2 USM, it’s possible to
restrict focus to the eyes of your subject, letting the rest of their face
fall gently out of focus for high-impact image that will really impress.
Or why not try the EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM? A lens that is versatile
enough for environmental portraits and close-ups while still offering
depth-of-field control and outstanding image quality.
Natural skin tones
Working in tandem with the EOS 6D’s
full-frame CMOS sensor is a powerful DIGIC
5+ image processor, which turns sensor
data into JPEG and Raw image files. Skin
tones are reproduced accurately and subtle
gradations of tone are preserved.
Tv (Shutter Speed): 1/640 sec
Av (Aperture Value): f/8.0
ISO Speed: 200
Lens: EF 70-200mm f/2.8L II USM +
Extender EF 2x III
Focal length: 140.00mm
Latitude: 64,1.7113N
Longitude: 16,18.8542W
Portrait shot with low-angle winter
sunlight, diffused through the mist
near Breiðamerkurjökull glacier in
Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland.
Tv (Shutter Speed): 1/40 sec
Av (Aperture Value): f/16.0
ISO Speed: 800
Lens: EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
Focal length: 50.0mm
Latitude: 64,2.5732N
Longitude: 16,10.6911W
Icebergs from the glacial lagoon
photographed at sunset. Such ice
flows find their way on to the
Breiðamerkurfjara beach in the
Vatnajökull National Park after being
washed out to sea from glacial
melt‑water lagoons.
Full frame for
The EOS 6D thrives in low light, allowing you to
keep shooting hand held and flash free,
capturing the atmosphere of an occasion with
ambient light for a result that is full of character.
Image shot
at ISO 6400
Low noise CMOS sensor
for high ISO shooting
Canon controls every aspect of sensor
production, from conception to design to
manufacture. The full-frame CMOS sensor
in the EOS 6D features larger pixels than
are found typically in APS-C sized sensors,
resulting in lower levels of digital noise.
Each of the 20.2 million pixels on the
surface of the sensor is covered by an
individual microlens that focuses light
into it, boosting sensitivity.
The gapless nature of this array of
microlenses ensures light is collected
from more of the sensor’s surface,
improving efficiency and boosting low-light
The design of the CMOS sensor and use
of Canon’s powerful DIGIC 5+ processor
enables the EOS 6D to operate with an ISO
sensitivity range of ISO 100-25,600. This is
further expandable to ISO 50-102,400 for
the most demanding of occasions.
Sensitive down
to -3EV
Ultrasensitive autofocus
The EOS 6D features an autofocus system
comprising 11 focus points spread out in
a diamond pattern across the frame. The
central, cross-type focus point is sensitive
to both horizontal and vertical lines and
features extra sensitivity towards vertical
lines when used with lenses having
maximum apertures of f/2.8 and wider.
The camera locks on quickly and confidently
to both moving and static subjects alike, and
is responsive even at light levels as low as
-3EV (centre AF point only): that’s sensitive
enough to operate under moonlight.
From its powerful autofocus and exposure
metering systems to the intuitive controls and
design that will make you want to keep
shooting, the EOS 6D is designed for those
who are passionate about their photography.
Engineered for
63-zone iFCL exposure metering
Each time you compose a photograph the
EOS 6D analyses the scene too. The frame is
dissected into 63 zones and each is analysed
for brightness and colour. This information
is combined with data from the camera’s
AF system and the most accurate and
appropriate combination of aperture and
shutter speed is calculated.
Also available are centre-weighted, partial
(8%) and spot (3.5%) metering patterns,
which enable photographers to measure
light selectively from just part of the picture.
Built-in multiple exposure
Get creative with in-camera multipleexposure photography. Simply tell the EOS 6D
how many frames you wish to superimpose
then get shooting. The individual images will
be combined as they are shot and the result
saved as a new JPEG file.
You can check the progress of the multiple
exposure as you go along, and even use a
pre-existing image as a starting point.
Exposure can be averaged automatically
as images are captured, or combined in
the same way that multiple exposures are
shot on film, with manual adjustment of
exposure compensation required.
Wide dynamic range and HDR
Flexible exposure control
Extremes of light and dark in the same scene
can be hard to handle, but the EOS 6D’s wide
dynamic range means that detail is preserved
in both shadow and highlight areas, for a more
natural result. The camera’s Highlight Tone
Priority feature preserves detail in highlights
and Canon’s Auto Lighting Optimizer
technology optimizes the balance between
light and dark areas for a more natural result.
Up to ±5 stops of exposure compensation
can be applied using the Multi Control Dial on
the rear of the EOS 6D. With auto exposure
bracketing (AEB) up to seven frames can be
captured automatically with a spread of up
to ±3 stops of exposure compensation – a
good approach when shooting under difficult
lighting conditions, or when component
frames are being captured for HDR
combination on your PC or Mac.
Built in High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode
helps tackle very high-contrast situations. The
EOS 6D shoots three frames sequentially at
different exposures and blends these together
in camera, producing a natural result.
Tv (Shutter Speed): 1/800 sec
Av (Aperture Value): f/4.0
ISO Speed: 1600
Lens: EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM
Focal length: 70.0mm
Latitude: 63,54.0676N
Longitude: 16,27.7712W
Aerial view of two streams of glacial
melt water running together before
flowing into the ocean. Vatnajökull
National Park, Iceland.
Tv (Shutter Speed): 1/160 sec
Av (Aperture Value): f/5.6
ISO Speed: 1600
Lens: EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM +
Extender 1.4x III
Focal length: 98.0mm
Latitude: 63,49.0906N
Longitude: 16,56.7363W
Glacial melt water flows across volcanic sand
in Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland.
Ergonomic design
Large bright viewfinder
7.7cm (3.0”) Clear View TFT screen
Instinctive customisable controls
The large, bright viewfinder of the EOS 6D
is typical of full-frame DSLRs. The active
focusing point is shown over the top of
the subject and exposure and camera
status details are displayed at the bottom
of the viewfinder. A combination that’s
informative without being distracting
– an ideal balance that lets you interact
with your subject intuitively.
Compose and review images and navigate
the EOS 6D’s menu system using a 7.7cm
Clear View TFT screen comprising 1,040,000
dots. Enjoy 100 per cent coverage, high
resolution and superb colour reproduction
even from the most difficult angles of view.
Two custom shooting modes that can be
configured independently for instant recall of
camera settings. A suite of custom functions
provides control over almost every aspect of
the camera’s behaviour.
The EOS 6D will be familiar to any EOS user,
thanks to its familiar and instinctive control
layout. A locking mode dial sits next to the
main power switch. Buttons for AF, spot
metering, depth-of-field preview are easy
to find even with the camera at your eye.
Robust, portable design
Despite its full-frame specification, the EOS
6D remains compact and portable, making
it the perfect travel companion. And it’s
tough too, with a hybrid magnesium-alloy
composite body and weatherproof sealing
against dust and moisture.
A large bright viewfinder, typical of full-frame
cameras, makes composing photographs
natural and intuitive.
Locking mode dial
Quick Control Button
Live View shooting/Movie shooting switch,
Start/Stop button
Playback button
AF start button
Multi-control dial
AE lock button
10 Erase button
AF point selection button
11 Multi-function lock switch
Magnify/reduce button
Be as creative with video as you are with still photography.
The EOS 6D can capture Full-HD movies in stunning quality
and offers enough manual control that your creativity will
only be limited by your imagination.
EOS Movies
A more creative approach to video
Conforming to film-industry standards
The EOS 6D captures video at 1080p
resolution and offers a level of creative
control that is difficult to achieve with
conventional camcorders. Achieve cinematic
shallow-focus effects by using large aperture
lenses, or take advantage of specialist optics,
like macro or perspective control lenses
for a truly alternative viewpoint.
Canon EOS DSLRs have revolutionised the
world of video, and now the EOS 6D offers
an extra level of film-industry specification.
Access the QR
code with your
mobile device
to view the
EOS 6D sample
Files are recorded as .mov files using the
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec. A choice of
compression techniques is now available.
The interframe IPB standard reduces file
sizes by describing only what has changed
between frames, referencing previous and
successive frames in order to do so. It’s
an ideal technology for longer-length clips,
File sizes are small, for easy streaming
and portable viewing.
Also available is intrafame ALL-I compression,
which treats each frame discretely and does
not reference other frames when reducing
file sizes. This preserves image quality
when editing footage, and is an ideal
approach for broadcast-quality applications
and video production.
The EOS 6D also records time-code information
in the hr:min:sec:frame format, laid down by
the Society of Picture and Television Engineers,
This helps synchronise footage taken from
different angles, or even with different cameras,
during the editing process.
Creative control
Enjoy complete freedom of choice of frame
rate and shutter speed, so moving objects
appear how you want them to. When
shooting at 24, 25 or 30 fps, shutter
speeds of 1/4000–1/30 sec are available;
or 1/4000–1/60 sec at 50 or 60 fps.
Produce a soundtrack that does justice
to your pictures. The EOS 6D features a
connection for an external microphone
for recording 16-bit digital stereo sound
at 48 KHz. A built in monaural microphone
is also available.
Select ISO sensitivities from ISO 100 to
12,800 (expandable to ISO 25,600) and
make use of apertures as wide as f/1.2,
with selected EF lenses.
Recording level can be set automatically or
manually on a 64-level scale. The standard
3.5mm microphone socket accepts virtually
all electret condenser microphones.
Movies that look good straight
from the camera
Create more dynamic movie footage with
Video Snapshot. Shoot an album of short
video segments, from 2 to 8 sec in length,
edit them, and play them back together
in one movie file. It’s easy and gives your
movies a more professional look and feel,
with more pace and excitement.
During movie playback a clip can be
trimmed in-camera in 1 sec increments
from the beginning or end. The edited clip
can either be saved as a new file or as a
replacement for the original footage.
and system
EOS Solutions
Also supplied with the EOS 6D is an EOS
Solution disk, which contains applications
that further enhance the performance and
functionality of the camera. EOS Utility
provides shooting support and remote
camera control over USB and Wi-Fi. Picture
Style editor enables photographers to create
custom Picture Style presets. ImageBrowser
EX offers simple download and image
browsing, whilst the Canon Digital Photo
Professional enables editing and processing
of RAW and JPEG files.
Map Utility allows the location of geotagged
images to be plotted on screen, and GPS
logs to be viewed and applied to images
taken at the same time.
RAW processing with
Digital Photo Professional
Digital Photo Professional (DPP) is an
image-editing application designed for the
viewing and processing of JPEG and RAW
images. It is supplied with every EOS camera.
White balance, colour saturation and
exposure compensation of RAW files
can all be set after capture, as part of a
non-destructive workflow. Any traces of
vignetting, distortion and colour fringing
are also easily corrected, and a stamp tool
allows small dust spots to be removed from
images. High dynamic range (HDR) images
can be generated in DPP from RAW or JPEG
files shot at different exposures. A number of
tone-mapping presets are supplied, enabling
you to create the right look for your subject
matter. Single frames can also be combined
to form multiple-exposure composites.
Digital Photo Professional
Digital Lens Optimizer
Any small traces of vignetting, distortion
and colour fringing are easily corrected
with DPP’s Digital Lens Optimizer.
This groundbreaking feature also improves
resolution, applying unique lens profiles
to images to boost sharpness and
overcome the physical effects of diffraction
and the camera’s low-pass filter.
Images can be cropped and rotated
before they are saved to one of many
file formats, either for output, archive
or further editing in an application like
Adobe Photoshop. Batch processing is
available for extra speed and efficiency.
Canon provides a complete photographic
workflow, from image capture, through
processing to output.
Picture Style Editor
Image Browser EX
Printing and output
Create gallery-quality prints with a Canon
PIXMA printer. Enjoy accurate, vibrant
colour and images up to A3+ in size: perfect
for everything from portfolio material to
exhibition prints.
The PIXMA PRO-10 offers10-ink printing,
including three monochrome inks for
exceptional, saleable, gallery-quality colour
and mono prints up to A3+. With Chroma
Optimizer’s clear ink providing amazing
colour gamut and deep blacks, the PRO10 offers flexible media choice, enhanced
connectivity and professional print plug-in
for outstanding workflow.
For larger printing requirements there is
Canon’s imagePROGRAF range of largeformat printers. Create stunning images
at sizes up to 60-inches wide. Exhibitionstandard prints are delivered quickly and
consistently; a poster size print is complete
in under four minutes. Borderless printing
to the edges of the paper is simple to
configure, and the use of non-Canon
media is simple with the bundled media
configuration tool.
Specifications: EOS 6D
Effective Pixels
Total Pixels
Aspect Ratio
Low-Pass Filter
Sensor Cleaning
Colour Filter Type
36 x 24 mm CMOS
Approx. 20.2 megapixels
Approx. 20.6 megapixels
Built-in/Fixed with fluorine coating
EOS integrated cleaning system
Primary Colour
Viewing Angle
Brightness Adjustment
Display Options
Flash Exposure
Flash Exposure
Flash Exposure Lock
Second Curtain
HotShoe/ PC terminal
External Flash
External Flash Control
EF (excludes EF-S lenses)
Equivalent to 1.0x the focal length of the lens
AF System/ Points
AF working range
AF Modes
AF Point Selection
Selected AF point display
AF Lock
AF Assist Beam
Manual Focus
AF Microadjustment
TTL-CT-SIR with a dedicated CMOS sensor
11 points (f/5.6 cross type at centre, extra
sensitivity at f/2.8)
EV -3 - 18 (at 23°C & ISO100)
AI Focus, One Shot, AI Servo
Automatic selection
Manual selection
AF points can be selected separately for vertical
and horizontal shooting
Superimposed in viewfinder and indicated on
top LCD panel and Quick Control screen
Locked when shutter button is pressed half
way in One Shot AF mode or AF-ON button
is pressed.
Emitted by an optional dedicated Speedlite
Selected on lens
C.Fn II-9
+/- 20 steps (wide and tele setting for zooms)
Adjust all lenses by same amount
Adjust up to 40 lenses individually
Adjustments remembered for lens by
serial number
Metering Range
AE Lock
Exposure Compensation
ISO Sensitivity (8)
Picture Styles
Colour Space
Image Processing
TTL full aperture metering with 63 zone Dual
Layer SPC
(1) Evaluative metering (linked to All AF point)
(2) Partial metering (approx. 8% of viewfinder
at centre)
(3) Spot metering (approx. 3.5% viewfinder
at centre)
(4) Centre weighted average metering
EV 1 - 20 (at 23°C with 50mm f/1.4 lens
Auto: In 1-shot AF mode with evaluative
metering exposure is locked when focus is
Manual: By AE lock button in creative zone
+/-5 EV in 1/3 or 1/2 stop increments
(can be combined with AEB).
2, 3, 5 or 7 Shots +/-3 EV 1/3 or 1/2 stop
Auto (100-25600), 100-25600 (in 1/3-stop or
whole stop increments)
ISO can be expanded to L: 50, H1: 51200,
H2: 102400
During Movie shooting: Auto (100-12800),
100-12800 (in 1/3-stop or whole stop
increments) ISO can be expanded to H: 25600
Drive modes
Continuous Shooting
Frame Rate
Display Options
Still Image Type
Custom White Balance
WB Bracketing
Auto white balance with the imaging sensor
AWB, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, White
Fluorescent light, Flash, Custom, Colour
Temperature Setting.
White balance compensation:
1. Blue/Amber +/-9
2. Magenta/ Green +/-9.
Yes, 1 setting can be registered
+/-3 levels in single level increments
3 bracketed images per shutter release.
Selectable Blue/Amber bias or Magenta/
Green bias.
RAW+JPEG simultaneous
Image Size
Movie Type
Movie Size
Movie Length
Dioptre Correction
Focusing Screen
Viewfinder Information
Depth of field preview
Eyepiece shutter
Approx. 97%
File Numbering
Approx. 0.71x (4)
Approx. 21 mm (from eyepiece lens centre)
-3 to +1 m-1 (dioptre)
Interchangeable (3 types, optional). Standard
Focusing Screen Precision Matte Eg-A II
Quick-return half mirror (Transmission:
reflection ratio of 40:60, no mirror cut-off with
EF600mm f/4 or shorter)
AF information:
AF points, focus confirmation light.
Exposure information: Shutter speed, aperture
value, ISO speed (always displayed), AE lock,
exposure level/compensation, spot metering
circle, exposure warning, AEB.
Flash information: Flash ready, high-speed
sync, FE lock, flash exposure compensation.
Image information: Highlight tone priority
(D+), maximum burst (2-digit display), card
information, Battery check: Composition
information, Electronic level
Warning symbol: Displayed if any of the
following is set: Monochrome, white balance
correction, expanded ISO speed, or spot
Yes, with Depth of Field preview button.
On strap
E-TTL II Auto Flash, Metered Manual
+/- 3EV in 1/2 or 1/3 increments
Firmware Update
Yes, with compatible External Flash
E-TTL II with EX series Speedlites, wireless
multi-flash support (with optional accessory)
via camera menu screen
Scene Intelligent Auto, No Flash, Creative Auto,
Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night
Portrait, Handheld Night Scene, HDR Backlight
Control, Program AE , Shutter priority AE,
Aperture priority AE, Manual
Auto, Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral,
Faithful, Monochrome, User Defined (x3)
sRGB and Adobe RGB
Highlight Tone Priority
Auto Lighting Optimizer (4 settings)
Long exposure noise reduction
High ISO speed noise reduction (4 settings)
Multi Shot Noise Reduction
Auto Correction of Lens Peripheral illumination
Chromatic aberration correction
Resize to M, S1, S2 or S3
RAW image processing - during image
Playback only
Multiple exposure
HDR images
Single, Continuous, Self timer (2s+remote,
10s +remote), Silent single shooting, Silent
continous shooting
Max. Approx. 4.5fps. (speed maintained for
up to 1250 images (JPEG)(1)(10) or 17 images
(RAW) (2) (with UHS-I card) (10)
Electronic viewfinder with image sensor
Approx. 100% (horizontally and vertically)
30 fps
Manual Focus (Magnify the image 5x or 10x
at any point on screen)
Autofocus: Quick mode, Live mode, Live Face
detection mode
Real-time evaluative metering with image
sensor. Active metering time can be changed
Grid overlay (x3), Histogram, Aspect ratios,
Electronic Level
JPEG: Fine, Normal (Exif 2.21 [Exif Print]
compliant) / Design rule for Camera File
system (2.0),
RAW: RAW, M-RAW, S-RAW (14bit, Canon
original RAW 2nd edition),
Digital Print Order Format [DPOF] Version 1.1
Yes, any combination of RAW + JPEG, M-RAW
+ JPEG, S-RAW + JPEG possible.
JPEG: (L) 5472x3648, (M) 3468x2432, (S1)
2736x1824, (S2) 1920x1280, (S3) 720x480
RAW: (RAW) 5472x3648, (M-RAW)
4104x2736, (S-RAW) 2736x1824
MOV (Video: H.264 Intra frame / inter frame,
Sound: Linear PCM, recording level can be
manually adjusted by user)
1920 x 1080 (29.97, 25, 23.976 fps) intra
or inter frame
1280 x 720 (59.94, 50 fps) intra or inter frame
640 x 480 (59.94, 50 fps) inter frame
Max duration 29min 59sec
New folders can be manually created and
(1) Consecutive numbering
(2) Auto reset
(3) Manual reset
LCD Panel / Illumination
Water/ Dust resistance
21 Custom Functions
User copyright information (can be set in
camera). Image rating (0-5 stars), GPS
Yes / Yes
Yes (equal to EOS-1N)
Sound Memo
Intelligent Orientation
Playback zoom
Display Formats
Slide Show
Highlight Alert
Canon Printers
PC & Macintosh
Windows XP inc SP3 / Vista inc SP1 and SP2
(excl. Starter Edition) / 7 (excl. Starter Edition)
OS X v10.6-10.7 (Intel processor required)
Browsing & Printing
Image Processing
ImageBrowser EX
Digital Photo Professional
PhotoStitch, EOS Utility inc. Remote Capture,
Picture Style Editor
Battery life
Battery Indicator
Power saving
Power Supply & Battery
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery LP-E6 (supplied)
Approx. 1090 (at 23°C, AE 50%, FE 50%) (5)
Approx. 980 (at 0°C, AE 50%, FE 50%)
6 levels + percentage
Power turns off after 1, 2, 4, 8, 15 or 30mins.
AC Adapter Kit ACK-E6, Battery charger LC-E6,
Car Battery charger CBC-E6
Body Materials
Operating Environment
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Weight (body only)
Magnesium Alloy front and rear body covers.
Polycarbonate top cover
0 – 40 °C, 85% or less humidity
144.5 x 110.5 x 71.2
Approx. 755g (CIPA testing standard,
including battery and memory card)
Wireless File Transmitter
Battery Grip
Remote Controller/
Eyecup Eb, E-series Dioptric Adjustment Lens
with Rubber Frame Eb, Eyepiece Extender
EP-EX15, Focusing Screens Eg (with Grid Eg-D,
Super Precision Matte Eg-S), Angle Finder C
Built in
All EF lenses
Canon Speedlites (90EX, 220EX, 270EX,
270EX II, 320EX, 420EX, 430EX, 430EX II,
550EX, 580EX, 580EX II, 600EX, 600EX-RT,
Macro-Ring-Lite, MR-14EX, Macro Twin
Lite MT-24EX, Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2,
Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT)
Remote control with N3 type contact, Wireless
Controller LC-5, Remote Controller RC-6
Hand Strap E2, GP-E2
All data is based on Canon standard testing methods except where
indicated. Subject to change without notice.
1.Large/Fine(Quality 8) resolution
2.Based on Canon’s testing conditions, JPEG, ISO 100, Standard Picture
Style. Varies depending on the subject, memory card brand and
capacity, image recording quality, ISO speed, drive mode, Picture Style,
Custom functions etc.
3.Compatible with large memory card capacities, including cards of 2GB
and more (camera may require firmware update).
4. with 50mm lens at infinity, -1m-1 dpt
5.Based on the CIPA Standard and using the batteries and memory card
format supplied with the camera, except where indicated
6. Memory card and battery door only
7. with EF300mm f/2.8L IS USM at 50kph
8. Recommended Exposure Index
9. Environmental protection
10.Maximum fps and buffer capacity may be reduced depending on the
cameras settings and light level
11.Peripheral Cross type AF points will not function as a cross type AF points
with the following lenses: EF 35-80mm f/4-5.6 (II/III/USM),
EF35-105mm f/4.5-5.6 (USM). EF 80-200mm f/4.5-5.6 (II)
12. With Battery strength 75% or higher
1.5x - 10x
(1) Single image with information (2 levels)
(2) Single image
(3) 4 image index
(4) 9 image index
(5) Jump Display
Image selection: All images, by Date, by
Folder, Movies, Stills, Rating. Playback time:
1/2/3/5/10 or 20 seconds. Repeat: On/Off
Brightness: Yes. RGB: Yes
All brochure photography taken by Canon Ambassadors
Thorsten Milse and Richard Walch with the help of Charlie Pinder.
Canon (UK) Ltd
Canon Ireland
Telephone no 01737 220000
facsimile 01737 220022
3006 Lake Drive
Citywest, Saggart
Co.Dublin, Ireland
Telephone No: 01 2052400
Facsimile No: 01 2052525
English Edition 0172W341
© Canon Europa N.V., 2012
SD, SDHC or SDXC (UHS-I)card
Canon Compact Photo Printers and PIXMA
Printers supporting PictBridge
Yes, PictBridge compliant (USB and
Wireless LAN)
Canon Inc.
Canon Europe
Hi-Speed USB
HDMI mini output, Video output (PAL/ NTSC),
External microphone (Stereo mini jack)
Custom Functions
Metadata Tag
Erase: Single image, All images in folder,
Checkmarked images, unprotected images
Protection: Erase protection of one image
at a time
(1) Shooting menu (x6)
(2) Playback menu (x3)
(3) Setup menu (x4)
(4) Custom Functions menu
(5) My Menu
25 Languages
English, German, French, Dutch, Danish,
Portuguese, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian,
Swedish, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Polish,
Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian,
Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Simplified Chinese,
Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese
Update possible by the user.
Electronically-controlled focal-plane shutter
30-1/4000 sec (1/2 or 1/3 stop increments),
Bulb (Total shutter speed range. Available
range varies by shooting mode)
Menu Languages
Menu Categories
Metering modes
Dual Anti-reflection
Adjustable to one of seven levels
(1) Quick Control Screen
(2) Camera settings
(3) Electronic Level
Image Erase/Protection
Lens Mount
Focal Length
7.7cm (3.2”) Clear View TFT, approx. 1040K
dots1040K dots
Approx. 100%
Approx. 170°
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