Philips Care Edition HP6585

Philips Care Edition HP6585
Wet & Dry epilator
Care Edition
with ceramic textured discs
Cordless & rechargeable
Ceramic textured discs remove
shortest of hair
Enjoy long lasting smoothness with Philips Satinelle epilator. The ceramic textured discs
gently remove shortest of hair (0.5mm), from the root. For hair free skin up to four
weeks. Comfortably use on wet & dry skin.Includes 5 accessories.
Care for your body
• Ceramic textured discs catch finest hairs, no skin pulling.
• Wet & Dry use for a more convenient and gentle epilation.
Convenient epilation
• Wide epilation head for optimal hair removal in one stroke
• Speed 1 for gentle epilation, speed 2 for max. performance.
• Opti-light for increased visiblity
• 1 hr quick charge for 40 min use.
• Shaving head included for a close shave in sensitive areas.
• Trimming comb included to style the bikini area
• Smart tweezers with mirror and integrated light.
• Exfoliation glove to prevent ingrown hairs
• Storage pouch for extra convenience.
• Cleaning brush to remove loose hairs from epilator discs
Wet & Dry epilator
Care Edition KeraBody, with ceramic textured discs, Cordless & rechargeable
Ceramic textured discs
Two speed settings
Shaving head
Unique to Philips epilators, ceramic textured
discs gently catches even the finest hairs
(0,5mm) without pulling the skin.
Philips Care Edition Epilator has 2 speed
settings. For a more gentle epilation
experience choose speed 1, while speed 2
gives you the maximum performance.
Philips Care Edition Epilator comes with an
extra shaving head for enjoying a close shave in
your sensitive areas. Its rounded shape follows
the contours of your bikini line and underarms
for a close, easy shave.
Wide epilation head
Trimming comb
Use the trimming comb on the shaving head to
cut longer hairs before epilating or to trim
your bikini area.
Smart tweezers
Smart tweezers come in an elegant case, with
integrated light and mirror, ideal for shaping
your eyebrows.
Wide epilation head for optimal hair removal
in one stroke for long lasting and super smooth
results in minutes.
Makes even the finest hairs visible for thorough
and effective hairs removal.
Wet and dry Use
Cordless & rechargeable
Exfoliation glove
By making circular movements with the
exfoliation glove, you gently massage your skin
and remove dead skin cells simultaneously.
This gives you beautiful smooth skin and
prevents the formation of ingrown hairs.
Storage pouch
Storage pouch so you can store everything in
one place.
Wet & Dry for usage in shower & bathtub. The
warm water opens the hair follicles and pores
so hair can be removed more gently and the
skin soothed. Fits perfectly with your shower
Epilate anywhere with this cordless epilator.
Up to 40 minutes wirefree epilation, quick 1hour recharge.
Wet & Dry epilator
Care Edition KeraBody, with ceramic textured discs, Cordless & rechargeable
Ease of use
Sensitive area solutions
• 2 speed settings
• Wet and dry use
Cleaning brush
Detachable shaving head
Storage pouch
• Wet & Dry precision epilator
Technical specifications
Comfortable epilation
• Cordless
Number of catching points: 32
Number of discs: 17
Pulling actions/second speed 1: 1173
Pulling actions/second speed 2: 1360
Voltage: 13 400mA V
Issue date 2015-02-22
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