Master AP Failover and Electing a New Master

Master AP Failover and Electing a New Master
Master AP Failover and Electing a New Master
Cisco Mobility Express is supported on Cisco 1800 Access Points and the Master AP election process
determines which Cisco 1800 AP will be elected to run Mobility Express controller function in case of a
Failover. VRRP is used to detect a failure of Master AP and to elect a new Master.
Mobility Express uses MAC 00-00-5E-00-01-VRID where VRID is 1 so if there are other instances of
VRRP running in the environment, use VRID other than 1 for those instances.
Only Cisco 1800 series Access Points can be elected as Master APs.
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Master AP Failover
To have redundancy in the Mobility Express network, it must have two or more Cisco 1800 series Access
Points. These Access Points should have AP Image type as MOBILITY EXPRESS IMAGE and AP
Configuration as MOBILITY EXPRESS CAPABLE. In an event of a failure of Master AP, another Cisco
1800 series AP is elected as a Master automatically. The newly elected Master AP has the same IP and
configuration as the original Master AP.
Cisco 1800 series Access points which have the Mobility Express Image but AP Configuration is NOT
MOBILITY EXPRESS CAPABLE, they will not participate in the Master AP election process.
Master Election
The Master election process of Cisco 1800 series APs is based on a set of priorities. An AP with the highest
priority is elected as the Master AP, running Mobility Express controller function.
Cisco Mobility Express Deployment Guide
Master AP Failover and Electing a New Master
Master Election
The Master AP election priorities are as follows:
1 User Defined Master— User can define a preferred Master AP to be elected incase of a failover. The
following command can be entered on the controller CLI :
(Cisco Controller) >config ap next-preferred-master <Cisco AP>
<Cisco AP>
Enter the name of the Cisco AP
To view the preferred master, use the following command:
(Cisco Controller) >show ap next-preferred-master
To clear the user defined priority from an AP, use the following command:
Cisco Controller) >clear ap next-preferred-master
We recommend user not to define the preferred Master AP unless it is required for debugging or
serviceability reasons.
2 Least Client Load—Cisco 1800 series Access Point with least client load is elected as the Master AP.
3 Lowest MAC Address—If the User defined priority is not configured and everything else is the same,
then Access Point with the lowest MAC gets elected as the Master AP.
Cisco Mobility Express Deployment Guide
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