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manual english
Ordercode: D3505 Black
Ordercode: D3506 White
Highlite International B.V. – Vestastraat 2 – 6468 EX – Kerkrade – the Netherlands
Unpacking Instructions
Immediately upon receiving this product, carefully unpack the carton and check the contents to ensure
that all parts are present, and have been received in good condition. Notify the dealer immediately and
retain packing material for inspection if any parts appear damaged from shipping or the carton itself
shows signs of mishandling. Save the carton and all packing materials. In the event that a fixture must be
returned to the factory, it is important that the fixture be returned in the original factory box and packing.
Your shipment includes
2x DAP Audio PR-62
Safety precaution
CAUTION! Be careful with your operations.
With a dangerous voltage you van suffer
a dangerous electric shock when touching the wires!
Keep this manual for future reference.
Clean only with dry cloth
When making the hole in your ceiling to mount the PR-62, make sure there is sufficient clearance
behind the ceiling (no obstructions like A/C channels, power lines etc,.)
Take care of your speaker wires, they should be free of damage. Damaged speaker wires might
result in poor sound quality and can damage amplifiers.
Make sure the ceiling can support the speakers weight.
No main power shall be connected to the loudspeakers, doing so will damage the speaker.
This apparatus should only be serviced by qualified personnel. If not warranty might be void.
Use cable of the right gauge, certainly for long runs.
Use cables with clear color indication and maintain polarity throughout the whole system.
Avoid loud feedback from microphones, this can damage your speaker.
Please check the units condition after unpacking. If the outside of the carton box has been
damaged, inform your shipper immediately.
Take notice that this speaker is intended for indoor use only. Do not expose the speaker to rain or
Ordercode: D3505 Black / D3506 White
2-Way Plastic boxdesign
6,25" Mica cone rubber edge woofer
Magnet: 10 Oz
12,6 mm Mylar dome tweeter 1,49 Oz Magnet
Nominal Impedance: 16 Ohm
Input: 50W RMS / 80W Max.
Frequence: 55Hz-20KHz
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 205x220x290 mm including mounting/hanging brackets
Weight: 3,30 Kg
Ordercode: D3505 Black / D3506 White
No Sound
Always check to see if all of the cables are connected.
If everything checks out and there is still no sound, revisit the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure they
were followed during installation. If everything was installed correctly and there is still no sound, you may want
to consider bringing in a professional to take a look at your speakers.
Low and Poor Sound
If your speakers are working but the sound volume coming from them is low, check the speakers to see if they
are well insulated. If the speakers were installed and there was no insulation around or behind them, you are
going to want to add some. Adding insulation will help to buffer the sound and stop it from going up into your
attic. It will also make sure that the speakers are secure in the holes, and won’t vibrate.
Uneven Sound
If you put the insulation in unevenly, then this could result in uneven sound. Make sure to put in the same
amount of insulation around each speaker. If some speakers are packed tightly, while others just have the
insulation loosely around them, then you will end up with different levels of sound absorption.
Sound Warping
If the sound coming out of your ceiling speakers is loud enough, but seem to be warped or distorted, your
treble or your bass levels may need to be adjusted.
If there aren’t a lot of furnishings in the room and the floor has no carpet or rug, then you will most likely have to
set your treble to minus. With very little in the room to absorb the sound, too much treble can make the sound
bounce off of fixtures in the room, making it tinny sounding.
With the bass, if the speakers are too close to a wall and aren’t aimed properly, then you will need to set the
bass to minus, to stop the low tones from bouncing off of the walls or large pieces of furniture.
Return Procedure
Returned merchandise must be sent prepaid and in the original packing, call tags will not be issued.
Package must be clearly labeled with a Return Authorization Number (RMA number). Products returned
without an RMA number will be refused. Highlite will not accept the returned goods or any responsibility. Call
Highlite 0031-455667723 or mail [email protected] and request an RMA prior to shipping the fixture. Be
prepared to provide the model number, serial number and a brief description of the cause for the return. Be
sure to properly pack fixture, any shipping damage resulting from inadequate packaging is the customer’s
responsibility. Highlite reserves the right to use its own discretion to repair or replace product(s). As a suggestion,
proper UPS packing or double-boxing is always a safe method to use.
Note: If you are given an RMA number, please include the following information on a piece of paper inside the
1) Your name
2) Your address
3) Your phone number
4) A brief description of the symptoms
The client has the obligation to check the delivered goods immediately upon delivery for any short-comings
and/or visible defects, or perform this check after our announcement that the goods are at their disposal.
Damage incurred in shipping is the responsibility of the shipper; therefore the damage must be reported to the
carrier upon receipt of merchandise. It is the customer's responsibility to notify and submit claims with the
shipper in the event that a fixture is damaged due to shipping. Transportation damage has to be reported to
us within one day after receipt of the delivery. Any return shipment has to be made post-paid at all times.
Return shipments must be accompanied with a letter defining the reason for return shipment. Non-prepaid
return shipments will be refused, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Complaints against us must be made
known in writing or by fax within 10 working days after receipt of the invoice. After this period complaints will
not be handled anymore. Complaints will only then be considered if the client has so far complied with all
parts of the agreement, regardless of the agreement of which the obligation is resulting.
Ordercode: D3505 Black / D3506 White
©2013 DAP Audio
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