Vintage Audio M12 MK2 Owner`s Manual

Vintage Audio M12 MK2 Owner`s Manual
Vintage Audio
Quad Channel Discrete
M12 Quad Channel Discrete Preamplifier
Congratulations on your purchase of your new Vintage Audio M12 Quad Channel
discrete Microphone Preamplifier
The M12 is based on the American classic 312 preamp and is a faithful
reproduction using a custom designed Cinemag input transformer with the proper
turns ratio and character you expect from this highly sought after design.
The circuit delivers about 65db worth of gain at the output and is a fast and clear
preamp with good color and transformer saturation.
The heart of the M12 is a Gar 2520 Discrete operational amplifier that provides
great bandwidth and ample gain. The output utilizes a High Output, excellent
bandwidth Cinemag Output Transformer.
We put tremendous effort into all of our preamps and compressors to make your
music more enjoyable and your sessions less droll. Each unit is hand built to our
specifications and is constructed of nothing but the highest quality parts. As with
all of our preamps the M12 uses remote relay switching which shortens the signal
path and lowers noise making the preamps performance even better. Excellent
filtering is also provided to lower ripple and thus lower the noise floor even further
making them extremely quiet in terms of self noise.
Our M12 model comes with a full one year warranty and is built to the highest
standard using the highest quality components.
As with all professional equipment, please be sure to read all necessary
literature prior to hooking devices up and powering them on. All units are set
for voltage based on the original sale destination. Please consult the tag
below the AC inlet if you purchased a unit “used” or second hand to make
sure it is set for the right voltage before applying AC voltage.
About Vintage Audio
Vintage Audio is a small group of folks who love electronics and music. All are
musicians and Geeks at heart. Johnny Five is a screen saver and Star Wars and Star
Trek share the airspace. We have been building pro audio gear for years and have a
real passion for offering affordable, extremely well made reproductions to the audio
We are not re-inventing the wheel; Vintage Audio’s mission is to recreate the best
sounding modern reproductions of some of the most sought after classic circuits in
the world. We have a lot of experience on what it takes to make an excellent
sounding preamp or compressor. We hand select all of our components, pieces and
parts based on the character they impart and reliability. Most parts are Mil Spec, are
designed to last and provide years of unparalleled performance.
All of our designs are set up to be extremely simple to use and obtain
great results.
On to the good stuff!
So about your new preamp
The Vintage Audio M12 Quad channel preamp utilizes a transformer coupled
Cinemag input and a traditional transformer coupled for wonderful color,
musicality and frequency response.
The heart of the M12 is a 2520 transistor based discrete operational amplifier. For
the design we chose that the opamp be socketed to make it easy to switch the
preamp to other varieties of discrete opamps such as the 990 or 1731. It is as easy
as pulling the old one and out and dropping a new one in, however the service
must be performed by Revive Audio to keep your warranty Valid.
The Gar 2520 Opamp comes stock with the M12 and was chose because it most
closely reflects the original design. It is an extremely fast opamp with a very
good slew rate and excellent frequency response.
The M12 Sounds excellent in all the applications you would think to use a classic
312 preamp on such as: drums, acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments.
The 312 design is an American Classic used on a lot of your favorite recordings. It
is detailed, open and captures a lot of the top end transients that other
preamps don’t due to its incredibly fast and accurate nature.
The 312 has become a favorite on drums for just this reason, the incredibly fast
nature of the 312 helps to capture snap and detail in instruments like drums
and acoustic guitars resulting in less top end boosting at mix down and a
more natural sounding recording.
When driven correctly the small amount of overdrive for the circuit really pushes
drums up in the mix and creates great tracks with less effort.
In the next section you will find a list of all controls to help
you get started.
Front Panel Controls Overview
Gain Control: The gain control determines the amount gain that the 2520 amp
delivers to the output. The user simply needs to rotate the control until the desired
level is reached. The M12 delivers 65db of gain at the output. Typically with high
dynamic range instruments you will want this control turned all the way down and
the pad engaged.
Phase Switch: This switch, when engaged, flips the polarity of the input pre input
transformer and essentially switches pins 2 and 3 for 180 degrees of phase
correction. This is particularly nice on drums and other instrument where this type
of phase correction is necessary.
Pad Switch: This switch engages a 20db pad that is pre input transformer for those
instruments with a high dynamic range. Your converters and ears will thank you to
have the pad engaged when miking drums!
Push Switch: This switch engages a 10db pad that is positioned right before the
output Transformer. This option allows the amp and the output transformer to be
driven harder. The result is more break-up and more saturation which a lot of
folks like on instruments like Drums.
48V (phantom switch): This switch simply engages the 48V on board phantom
for condenser microphones requiring a phantom power supply.
Hi-Z input: HI-Z direct inputs on the M12 for instruments and line signal. These
Direct inputs are for channels one and two.
Power LED: Simply lets you know that is ALIVE!
All controls have been made simple and easy to understand so again, you can
focus on the music.
Back Panel Overview
Input: Signal inputs for all four channels are inputted here. Microphone as well as
line signals can be inputted into the M12. When using line level signals make sure
to have the 20 db pad engaged.
Outputs: Signal output for channel one and channel two. The signal here, as well
as at the input, is balanced.
Please note: that transformer coupled outputs (as in the M12) require a balanced
connection either: electronically, with a transformer or Psuedo-balanced. Failure to
use a balanced connection to interface with the output of your M12 will result in
the absence of audio and “no worky” like condition when it comes down to
tracking time. Please consult your owner’s manual of any devices you are
planning on interfacing with the M12*.
Power Switch: When engaged this provides Ac mains voltage to the unit and
powers it on.
AC power inlet: Please consult the tag by the Ac power inlet for the correct
voltage and fuse rating. Voltages are set upon assembly and the label will indicate
which voltage it is set for as well as the appropriate fuse rating.
*Psuedo-balancing is fairly simple and merely requires that pins 1 and 3 be tied
together in either the cabling or at the jack. For ¼ and TT connections this equates
to Ring and Sleeve. This is the easiest and most cost effective solution though
balancing is best for the lowest noise and best performance
Input Impendence: 1.5k Ohm Floating, transformer coupled.
Output Impedance: 600 Ohm Floating transformer coupled
Gain: 65 db of total gain
Pad: -20db
Output clipping: +22db
Fuse: 250V Slow Blow 5x20mm, 630ma (120vac), 315ma (240vac).
Dimensions: 19x1.75x12 inches
Weight: 18 lbs boxed
Note: Mains voltages are set when the unit is constructed. All units are wired
for their Destination.
The Serial label contains information on what voltage the unit is wired for as
well as the correct 250v fuse rating.
Vintage Audio
All Vintage Audio products come with a full One Year warranty against defect
and are built to the highest standard.
For more info on this or other Vintage Audio products or to request service
please see us at
Again, Thanks for your purchase!
We are confident that you will enjoy your new Vintage Audio unit for years to
Made in the USA
Vintage Audio
Caldwell, ID
Copywrite 2013
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