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Macbook HDMI and Networking Connectivity Kit
Comprehensive Connectivity Kits conveniently compile all the needed cables, adapters and accessories to connect your device to
a monitor, projector and/or network!
Comprehensive’s Macbook HDMI and Networking Connectivity Kit allows you to connect your Mac to any HDMI external monitor.
Comprehensive’s kit also allows you to connect to your network through a high speed ethernet adapter.
The kit includes a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, which lets you connect any Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt compatible Mac to a
HDMI external monitor via Mini Displayport/Thunderbolt. Also included in this kit is a USB to ethernet adapter with Cat5e cable, which
adds wired network support. The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter uses an integrated chip to provide an active digital conversion.
Comprehensive Connectivity Kits are the must have accessory for anyone using a ChromeBook, Ultrabook, Tablet, Laptop or
Smartphone! They are perfect for all mobile and presentation applications including Systems Integration, Education, Government,
Corporate as well as for business professionals on-the-go!
Never be caught short again without the adapters, cables and interfaces you need for your next presentation with Comprehensive’s
Connectivity Kits!
Kit Includes
Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter
USB to Ethernet Adapter
7ft Cat5e Snagless Patch Cable
6ft HDMI Cable
Cable Tie
• Conveniently compiles all the necessary cables, adapters and accessories for connecting your device into one convenient kit
• Perfect for Systems Integration, Education, Government, & Professionals on-the-go
• Universal plug and play for any Mac application, with no need to install drivers
• Add an additional HDMI display that supports 1080p with an Active Mini DisplayPort to HDMI apdater
• Add a wired Ethernet Port that supports 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet
• Flexible and portable for many environments
• Compatible with all Mac computers that have Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt ports
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