Mikrotik CCR1016-12G router

Mikrotik CCR1016-12G router
Cloud Core Router
CCR1016 is an industrial grade super fast router with cutting edge 16
core CPU. If you need many millions of packets per second - Cloud
Core Router is your best choice.
The device is available with a 1U rackmount case (CCR1016-12G)
or without the case as a board unit (CCR1016-12G-BU), has twelve
Gigabit ethernet ports, a serial console cable and a USB port.
The CCR1016-12G has two SODIMM slots, by default it is shipped
with 2GB of RAM, but has no memory limit in RouterOS (will accept
and utilize 16GB or more).
16 core networking CPU, 1.2GHz clock per core
12 Mbytes total on-chip cache
State of the art TILE GX architecture
Ports directly connected to CPU
1U rackmount case option
12x Gigabit ports
Color touchscreen LCD display
Up to 1.5 mpps throughput in regular mode
Up to 17.8 mpps throughput in fastpath mode (wire speed)
Up to 12 Gbps throughput with RouterOS queue/firewall configuration
3-10x faster than RB1100AHx2
Tilera Tile-Gx16 CPU (16-cores, 1.2Ghz per core)
Two SODIMM DDR slots, 2x 1GB installed (no hw or software max limit)
Twelve 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Gigabit Ethernet with Auto-MDI/X
microUSB port, host and device mode
512MB Onboard NAND
Serial port
One DB9 RS232C asynchronous serial port
Reset switch; beeper; voltage, current and temperature monitoring; speed controlled fan
Power options
IEC C14 standard connector 110/220V, Power jack (BU model only).
PSU included in both models.
Board dimensions 355x145mm55mm
Max ambient temperature 50° @ 1.2GHz; 70° @ 1GHz CPU core frequency
MikroTik RouterOS v6 (64bit), Level 6 license
CCR1016-12G: router in a 1U case with LCD, PSU, power cable, usb cable
CCR1016-12G-BU: router, PSU, power cable, mounted LCD screen, usb cable
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