BakkerElkhuizen BNEUASEPAS wrist rest

BakkerElkhuizen BNEUASEPAS wrist rest
Ergonomic wrist rest
Underarm Support Ergoslider Plus
Tailor-made: Ergoslider Plus+ fits neatly in the arm support.
Ergonomic: supports the arms and helps reduce muscular
strain in the neck and shoulders
Asymmetrical: extra wide arm support so that the arms are
supported both during typing and when using a mouse
Simple mounting: bracket on the desk top (drilling not
required) and two adjusting screws so that the support can be
adjusted to the thickness of the desk top (between 10 and 35
When working with a keyboard and mouse it is important that
the arm is sufficiently supported. This can be done by using a
good armrest on the desk chair or a separate armrest. A armrest
reduces muscle tension in one's arm and shoulder and promotes
comfort. A wrist support helps to keep the wrist straight during
typing and can be used "to rest"` for a moment during one's
1. Adjustable
2. Asymmetrical
2 - [email protected]
670 x 20 x 260 mm (W x D x H)
1985 g
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