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E-Z Charge
Single and Three Phase Ferroresonant Industrial Battery Chargers
E-Z Charge is more than a name, it’s easy to
maintain... easy to operate... easy on energy bills...
easy on your battery.
j Fail safe design
j Automatic start/stop control with...
- DV/DT charge termination
- Fully charged battery reject
j Quality-built for years of trouble-free service
j Ten-year transformer and diode warranty
E-Z Charge
The E-Z Charge is an industrial-rated
ferroresonant battery charger with a fullfeatured automatic start/stop control.
It is designed for industrial applications
where the batteries are 80% discharged,
and there is 10 hours available for recharge.
Batteries discharged greater than 80% will
require a slightly longer charge time. In
these applications, the E-Z Charge typically
returns 107% of the ampere-hours removed
from the battery, ensuring a full charge.
DV/DT has proven to be the most efficient
and precise method of charge termination.
No predetermined amount of time is built
into the charge termination routine allowing
the actual battery voltage to determine
when to terminate the charge. Batteries
receive the precise charge required to
bring them back to full capacity and are
protected against over or undercharge.
This reduces battery maintenance and
extends battery life.
The ferroresonant power circuit is designed
to maximize battery life with its tapering
charge regulated by the “On Charge” battery
voltage. The output current of the charger
is a function of the state of discharge of the
battery. The battery is precisely charged,
based on its depth of discharge.
For users who prefer a voltage/time charge
termination, the E-Z Charge control can
be set for this popular termination method
through the use of a dip switch located on
the PC board.
jAutomatic Start/Stop
The E-Z Charge is internally protected
against overload, short circuit, reverse
polarity connection, voltage transients and
other unsafe failure modes. These
safeguards protect the charger and battery,
assuring longer life for both.
When the battery is connected to the
charger, the E-Z Charge automatically
begins charging after an initial 5-second
delay to allow for safe connection. The
charge terminates automatically and the
green “Charge Complete” LED illuminates
for easy identification.
jDV/DT Charge Termination
The E-Z Charge uses a patented DV/DT
charge termination technique, or rate of
change of battery voltage with respect to
time, to determine when to terminate a
charge cycle.
This proprietary technique, combined with
the tapered curve of the charger, ensures
that the rate of change for both battery
voltage and current equal zero.
jBattery Charger Safeguards
jLow Operating Cost
The E-Z Charge is inherently efficient due
to its ferroresonant circuitry, the most utilized
method of charging lead acid batteries. In
addition, the standard auto start/stop control
provides for a more efficient charge.
jAdjustable DC Output
Necessary adjustments to the DC output
can be made by changing conveniently
located quick-connect jumpers, thus
providing additional flexibility.
jUser Selectable 80% Voltage Point
The E-Z Charge control may be set for an
average 80% voltage point of 2.37 volts/cell or
2.45 volts/cell. The 2.45 volts/cell 80% voltage
point is easily set by utilizing the dip switch
located on the PC board.
jFull Battery Charge Reject
The E-Z Charge recognizes batteries that are
already fully charged when connected and
automatically shuts off the charger. Fully
charged batteries are protected from
overcharge when mistakenly connected.
j100% Finish Rate
The E-Z Charge is equipped with a 100% finish
rate, typically found only in higher rated
Minimize repair costs with ten-year original
purchaser warranty on power transformer and
silicon diodes, plus one-year warranty on other
jQuality-built for years of troublefree service
Quality is the driving force behind the
E-Z Charge. Its design allows it to meet the
many challenges associated with charging
batteries. Unmatched in construction, reliability
and value, each E-Z Charge is subject to
intensive quality control and test procedures
to ensure many years of trouble-free service.
Because we continually improve our products,
specifications are subject to change without notice.
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