Philips GC206/30 Datasheet

Philips GC206/30 Datasheet
Philips Easy8 Express
Ironing board with Unique
ShoulderShape and
PerfectFlow Express cover
8 clever solutions for truly easy, faster ironing
Designed for steam irons
Unique ShoulderShape
PerfectFlow Express cover
with ShoulderShape and PerfectFlow Express cover
Philips Ironing Board with ShoulderShape makes your ironing easier. Now you can iron
with less rearranging and in less time. Its innovative PerfectFlow Express cover enhances
your iron's steam flow to give you 33% faster results.
Fast ironing
• Easy shirt ironing: unique ShoulderShape
• Faster ironing with 3D textile: PerfectFlow Express cover
Convenient ironing
• Keep the cord out of the way: special cord holder
• Hang garments after ironing: convenient hanging rail
• Extra cord length for your iron: integrated power plug
• Convenient ironing for everyone: adjustable height
Safe ironing
• Extra stability: anti-slip feet caps
• Perfect combination with steam irons: safe iron tray
• Designed for safety: child and transport lock
Ironing board with Unique ShoulderShape and PerfectFlow Express cover
Designed for steam irons Unique ShoulderShape, PerfectFlow Express cover
Unique ShoulderShape
located under the surface of the board and
utilise the full length of the cord of the iron for
the ultimate freedom of movement.
Stabilizing feet caps
With the unique ShoulderShape, shirt ironing
is easier than ever. This innovative shape helps
you to iron shirts with little rearranging, saving
you time and effort.
PerfectFlow Express cover
This ironing board was designed with careful
attention for extra stability. Special design of
the legs with anti-slip feet caps makes the
board stable and safe.
CordGuide is a unique Philips accessory,
designed to keep the cord of your steam iron
out of the way. It fixes the cord in one spot on
the board, so that it is not creasing already
ironed parts. It is easily detacheable, therefore
you can attach it anywhere on the board.
Iron tray that stops steaming
Convenient hanging rail
The innovative PerfectFlow Express board
cover is designed for use with steam irons. It
features a porous 3D textile that enhances the
steam flow inside the cover structure,
efficiently using the steam to improve ironing
results, speed and comfort.
Integrated power plug
Now the cord of your iron is even longer! You
can plug the iron directly into the power plug,
The stable and safe iron tray with extra
stabilizing rod. The rod is designed to tilt your
iron to a certain angle at which the continuous
steaming will stop. Suitable for both left and
No need to look for a place around you to
hang your freshly ironed shirts. You can hang
garments directly after ironing to the
convenient hanging rail.
Child and transport lock
Child and transport lock prevents accidental
collapsing of the board while ironing and also
keeps the board closed during storage.
Ironing board with Unique ShoulderShape and PerfectFlow Express cover
Designed for steam irons Unique ShoulderShape, PerfectFlow Express cover
Fast and convenient ironing
PerfectFlow board cover
Shirt hanging rail
Height adjustment: 70-95 cm
Height setting: 6 setting(s)
Suitable for: Steam irons
Power plug
Safe ironing
Design features
• Ironing surface: Expanded Metal Mesh
• Legs: Powder coated metal tubes
Board cover
Top layer: 100% Cotton
Second layer: Foam
Third layer: 3D textile
Fourth layer: Coated Felt
Technical specifications
Child lock
Transport lock
Safe iron tray
Stabilizing feet caps
Board dimensions: 120 x 38 cm
Weight of board: 6.9 kg
Packaging dimensions (1-in-1): 8 x 49 x 159 cm
Packaging dimensions (2-in-1): 15 x 49 x 159 cm
Issue date 2015-04-09
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