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Rainbow Resource Center, Inc.
Holiday and Gift Catalog 2004
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Dear Customer,
Welcome to our first ever Rainbow Resource Center Holiday and Gift Catalog! Although our company is known for our wide variety of educational resources, many of our items are fun for the whole family and make great gifts, too!
Inside this catalog you will find a wide variety of toys to stimulate the imagination, construction toys, arts and crafts kits and materials, puzzles, brainteasers, party games, word games, strategy games, travel games, and a few inexpensively-priced stocking stuffers
to top it all off. In a somewhat different format than our regular annual catalog, we have endeavored to really “spotlight” these
products with full-color pictures, while maintaining the blend of information and personal experience we normally feature in our
product reviews. Although we have tried to include many of our favorites here, please also visit our website for additional fun and
educational products. As always, we strive to bring you quality, wholesome items at a reasonable price. We hope that you and your
family enjoy a safe and joyful holiday season.
We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Bob & Linda Schneider and family, and your friends at Rainbow Resource Center
Table of Contents
Just for Christmas . . . . . . . . .
Puzzles/Mindteasers . . . . . . . 39
For the Very Young . . . . . . . . . 6
Arts/Crafts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44
Toys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Music Makers . . . . . . . . . . . . 54
Games . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
21 Stocking Stuffers . . . . . . . . . . 56
Page-A-Day Activity Calendars 2005
Wait! Don't throw away yesterday's calendar page! First you need to cut it, draw on it, fold
it, glue it, or just have a little fun with it. These interactive page-a-day calendars offer a variety of daily activities for your year. Each 6"x6" calendar is mounted on a colorful stand.
Doodle-A-Day 2005
This page-a-day calendar features a large set of googly eyeballs mounted on the base of
the calendar, which peer
through all calendar pages.
Half of the pages are already
illustrated, while the other half
offer suggestions for your own
Easy Calligraphy & Letter Art 2005 Calendar
Always wanted to learn beautiful, flowing calligraphy? Each day of the calendar features a
word or phrase. A shadowed form of the word or phrase and blank space at the bottom leave
you room to practice. Calligraphy marker included.
Weather Guide 2005 Calendar
This 52-page wall calendar is packed with all kinds of information and trivia for the weather buff. Each month features
beautiful full-color photography of a weather event, while
each day offers historical weather events. Each month also
includes a second spread of pages offering additional data,
trivia, articles and more.
Make Your
Own Calendar
2005 (ages 5+)
This unique wall calendar leaves lots of
room for personalization, and kids can
call attention to pretty much any day they
think is special! Kids can draw pictures for each month in
the empty space and color in the playful black-and-white
illustrated borders. Then they can write in special days on
the calendar below, and decorate them with the 198 fullcolor event stickers noting birthdays, holidays, special activities, and more.
Easy Origami Fold-a-Day 2005 Calendar
For all of you origami enthusiasts out there, each of these pages features step-by-step
instructions on one side, with a solid colored back for folding.
Kirigami Fold & Cut-a-Day 2005 Calendar
Similar in ways to origami, but it's not all folding - some cutting is required as well. Each
calendar page offers step-by-step directions to fold and cut areas to make unique paper crafts.
Sticker-A-Day 2005 Calendars
These calendar pages hold three days per page, each day accompanied by a sticker. Stickers
are themed in the Scrapbooker's Edition, most notably seasons, holidays, and events, while
stickers in the Teacher's Edition include animals, bugs, objects, words, children, and more.
025436 Scrapbook
025437 Teachers
Tangram Magnetic Puzzle-A-Day 2005 Calendar
This unique calendar is a popular one around our office! Each page displays a tangram puzzle to be completed with the seven included magnetic tangrams. The calendar has a magnetic backing, enabling the tangrams to be placed directly on the pages. Solutions are included.
Watercolor Lesson-A-Day 2005
For the more ambitious crafter,
this calendar offers a watercolor
lesson each day of the year.
Weekdays feature pencil sketches
of a watercolor painting accompanied by technique tips, and
insights from the masters.
Weekends provide a model for
your own work.
Word Bluff 2005 Calendar
Think your vocabulary is diverse and well-developed? Take on this calendar for a challenge!
Each day offers a word and its pronunciation, along with five possible definitions. Words vary
in difficulty, but clever definition decoys are planted everywhere!
My Calendar (ages 5+)
This design-your-own-calendar kit offers kids the chance to
create their very own calendar using their own drawings or photographs. Kit includes special art pages to draw pictures on or
attach photos to, a set of washable markers, instructions, order
form, and a prepaid envelope. Creations by You will then create your custom 11"x17" twelve-month, spiral-bound wall calendar, with your art or photos on top and the calendar below.
They will automatically print all U.S. holidays on the calendar,
but if you want other special days printed they will include
those as well! More options are available for an additional fee,
such as oversized calendars, laminated calendars, 24-month calendars, etc. Finished calendar will be returned in 2-3 weeks.
Mrs. Grossman's
Christmas Sticker
Pack (ages 5+)
Use these charming,
Christmas-themed stickers to
dress up packages, Christmas
cards, thank-you notes, scrapbooks, and more. 12 sheets of stickers included - contents vary,
but may contain Christmas trees, snowflakes, wreaths, Christmas
lights, snowmen, stockings, Santas, and more. Over 75 stickers.
Make Your Own Christmas Cards
Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments (ages 8+)
(ages 5+)
Relatives always love receiving homemade cards
- they're just so much more personal than ones
you buy in a box! This neat craft book offers kids
step-by-step instructions on how to create easy
but unique cards and other Christmas crafts to
share. Over 35 ideas are presented, from adorable
hanging angel ornament cards to personalized
snowman cards and pop-up cards - and even a
delicious crunchy card. Included stencil sheets
and stickers add to the fun, while full-color illustrations and diagrams offer additional help.
Kids can create their own beautiful Christmas ornaments for the tree
with this book. It details 25 different ornaments to make with fabric,
Styrofoam balls, raffia, construction paper, acrylic paints, embroidery
floss, and more. Each craft features a materials list, step-by-step directions, and black-and-white illustrations and diagrams. Some of the neat
ornament ideas in the book include
quilted snowflakes, Swedish woven
heart baskets, clothespin dolls, and
even a gossamer-winged dragonfly.
Make a Christmas Stocking
(ages 5-9)
You know Christmas is really
coming when the stockings come
out of hiding. With this lacing kit
from Lauri, your youngsters can
"sew" their own stocking to hang.
Kit includes two red stocking felt
pieces and a mouse finger puppet
with pre-punched holes for your
child to sew together and five additional felt pieces to use to personalize their stocking. A large, plastic, ball-tipped needle (easy for little hands) is included, as well as
white and green yarn for thread.
Treasured Ornaments
(ages 5-9)
What would a family Christmas tree
be without the myriad of homemade
ornaments? This fun Lauri kit
enables younger children to make
their own cute, attractive ornaments that they won't mind seeing on the tree
a few years from now. The kit includes four pre-cut ornaments - a bell,
Christmas tree, angel, and snowman each with pre-cut sewing holes around
the edges. Children can easily sew these together with the included two balltipped plastic needles, and decorate with the included additional felt pieces.
Makit & Bakit® Sets (ages 8+)
If you aren't familiar with Makit & Bakit products, it's a
very easy and neat craft that looks terrific when you're
done. All kits include metal frames, which you lay on a baking sheet. Then place the colored Makit & Bakit Crystals
where you want them to go and bake it in the oven until the
crystals are melted. The result looks like stained glass, and
they are perfect to display in windows or other well-lit areas.
Makit & Bakit® Nativity Set
Kids can make their own five-piece stained
glass nativity scene with this kit. Frame
shapes include Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus,
and four animals looking on. Main nativity
scene piece measures 5.5”x8".
Makit & Bakit® 10 Piece Christmas Ornaments
An easy and fun way to create long-lasting and beautiful ornaments to hang in your Christmas tree or window. This kit contains ten different frames, Makit and Bakit crystals in various colors including glitter crystals, and instructions. Ornaments include
angels, candles, coves, praying hands, bells and more.
"Dad" T-shirt
A great gift to remind Dad how important - and loved - he is.
Dark blue insignia and lettering which reads "Dad: A Son's First
Hero - A Daughter's First Love" is written on a gray t-shirt.
009351 Large
009352 XL
009353 XXL
Mini Holiday Ornament Set (ages 8+)
We made quite a few sun-catcher type ornaments for
our tree when my sisters and I were younger. They are
easy to make and so pretty with the lights from the
Christmas tree shining through them. This inexpensive set includes 25 ready-to-paint small sun-catcher
ornaments including a toy soldier, wreath, camel,
church, Christmas tree, caroler, bells, snowman, several angels, and more. Nine pots of stain are included,
as well as a paintbrush. Paint-by-number directions
are printed on the back of the package for those who
want to do it "by the book". With so many to make,
everyone can get a piece of the ornament-making
Christmas Candle Kit
(ages 8+)
Christmas is such a beautiful
season for displaying and burning candles - why not try your
hand at making your own as
lovely gifts or for display? This
kit contains a 24-page booklet
which offers step-by-step
instructions on how to make
over a dozen different basic
types of beeswax candles.
Candle-crafters can start with
basic rolled candles, and work
up to creating more complex
candles like floating poinsettias, Christmas trees, carolers, and more.
Kit includes an instruction booklet, three 8"x16.5" sheets of beeswax
(one each of red, green, and white), and several lengths of wick. A
fun and unique craft that kids and adults alike can enjoy.
Hanukkah Candle Kit (ages 8+)
Making Hanukkah candles is a great way to introduce or strengthen the
family holiday tradition. Included in this kit is a book detailing the history
of Hanukkah; instructions to make the candles and light them with prayers
in Hebrew and English; and songs, recipes, and crafts
to celebrate the Festival of Lights. You will also
receive enough beeswax sheets and candle wick to
create 44 exquisite candles for the eight nights of
Hanukkah, along with glitter to decorate your candles
and a beautiful box to store them in.
Best Christmas Pageant Ever
VHS/DVD (all ages)
A Classical Kids Christmas
Christmas is such a
joyous time of year and the music is one
of the best parts!
This collection of
traditional carols and
holiday songs features exquisite children's choirs, soloists,
and instrumentalists. Among the songs included
are Silent Night, O Come, All Ye Faithful, We
Three Kings, O Holy Night, God Rest Ye Merry
Gentlemen, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, Away
in a Manger, Polish Lullaby, O Tannenbaum,
Vivaldi's Winter, and many more. These classic carols are combined with seasonal poetry, including
"T'was the Night Before Christmas", "Longfellow's
Christmas Carol", and Hardy's "The Oxen".
Experience a magical Christmas Eve, the celebration of Christmas day, the rejoicing of the animals
at the manger, the journey of the Three Wise Men
and meet St. Nicholas. With over 45 minutes of listening pleasure, this album is an excellent addition
to your holiday celebration.
011021 Cassette
011022 CD
Christmas Carol and Other Favorites
Talented and award-winning storyteller Jim Weiss brings the
Christmas Carol alive for listeners of all
ages. CD or cassette contains the Christmas
Carol by Charles Dickens, O. Henry's classic
tale "Gift of the Magi", and "Dick
Spindler's Family Christmas" by Bret Harte.
Approximately one hour in length.
001785 Cassette
001787 CD
Loretta Swit stars in this touching and
humorous Christmas story based on the
book. It's a story of the Herdmans, the
nastiest, dirtiest kids you could meet.
Nobody is sure what to think when they
make a surprise visit to church - and
then volunteer for all the major parts in
the Christmas pageant! But when the
curtain goes up, everyone is in for a surprise. Color, approximately 60 min.
017150 VHS
024578 DVD
Little House on the Prairie Christmas Special
A double-feature Christmas special from the original Little
House on the Prairie TV series. In the first episode,
"Christmas at Plum Creek" from Season 1, the Ingalls family
tries to make their first Christmas at Plum Creek a homey and
enjoyable one. Laura decides to sacrifice her most prized possession, her horse, so she can buy Ma a stove, but what will Pa
think of that? The second episode from
Season 8 is centered around a Christmas a
few years down the road, where a snowstorm traps the Ingalls family, as well as
Laura and Mary's husbands, in the little
house Christmas Eve. With not much
else to do, they exchange Christmas memories. The original film has been restored
and enhanced for VHS and DVD.
Approx. 100 min.
026502 DVD
026503 VHS
Christmas Story Felt Play Story Silent Night: The Song and
(ages 4+)
Its Story (ages 5+)
This sturdy board book contains two-page
spreads with Christmas story text on both, and illustration on the left-hand
page. Right-hand page features a felt area that children can place and play with
the included pre-cut felt characters. Book includes five different two-page
spread play areas and 17 felt characters and animals. From personal experience,
these types of interactive books are great quiet entertainers during church, in
the car, or anywhere else a little peace and quiet is appreciated!
This book tells the story of how one of the most beautiful carols of the season, Silent Night, came into being. From its hurried writing before the
Christmas Eve service in a small village to its spreading popularity in other
Austrian cities, and translation into other languages, its author had no idea that
it would ever become the cherished hymn it is today. Beautifully illustrated,
with interesting text, this makes a great book to share with the whole family. 35
pages, softcover.
A Christmas Carol
The timeless story of the
miser Ebenezer Scrooge. One
Christmas Eve night this joyless man has three unexpected
visitors who transform his
outlook and perspective of
Christmas and life.
Best Christmas Pageant Ever (ages 8+)
A contemporary Christmas classic. Nobody would
ever expect the absolutely awful Herdman kids to ever
get mixed up in church, much less the Christmas pageant. After all, they lie, steal, hit little kids, cuss, and
smoke cigars (even the girls). But when they step in and
volunteer, everyone is in for a surprise - including the
Herdmans! Humorous and heartwarming, this makes a
great chapter book for young readers or an entertaining
read-aloud. Softcover, 80 pgs.
A Small Miracle (ages 4+)
This wordless picture book is a
touching story about a poor old
woman who has almost nothing, but
does what she can to help. The pictures illustrate a story simple enough
for young children to understand, yet
so captivating older children and adults
will cherish it as well.
Jason's Miracle: A Hanukkah Story (ages 10+)
The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree
(ages 6+)
Each year, one family in the village is chosen to
provide a perfect Christmas tree for the church, and
this year, it is Ruthie's family's turn. But then Ruthie's
father is called away to the Great War, and time goes
by with no word from him. As Christmas draws nearer, the village folk are worried that they may not have
a Christmas tree, but Ruthie and her mother stand
strong and firm. Find out what it is that really makes
Ruthie's Christmas perfect. This is a simple and
touching story of love and sacrifice. Softcover.
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan
Toomey (ages 4+)
Jonathan Toomey, a woodcarver, is nicknamed Mr.
Gloomy by the people of his village because he
never smiles and he's always grumbling. Then the
Widow McDowell and her young son request a set
of Nativity figurines, and the widow's son, Thomas,
insists on watching him carve the pieces. Will the
friendship of the widow and her son and the importance of the figures he is carving be enough to give
Mr. Toomey joy again?
A Simple Christmas (ages 4+)
Are you bothered by the typical
materialistic rush, stressfulness, and a
general lack of "Christ" in
"Christmas" often encountered at
Christmastime? Author Alice Chapin
assembled this book of ideas and
suggestions for managing the
Christmas season this way for the
many people unsure of how to get
back to a simpler appreciation of the
holiday. In seven chapters Alice
shows us how to keep the spiritual heart in Christmas, suggestions simple celebrations for the family to share, how to reach out to others during the holiday season, how to manage Christmas events, get-togethers
and plans without a lot of effort and production, how to reshape your
current customs to focus the attention on Christ, and how to use New
Year's to enjoy each other's company. 256 pages, Softcover.
Jason is a 12-year-old boy who dislikes Hanukkah and sulks about
all he is missing because his father won't let the family celebrate
Christmas. Then one night he is swept back to the time of the
Maccabean revolt in Judea. Jason fights alongside his ancestors and
celebrates the first Hanukkah with them. By the end of the story
Jason sees Hanukkah in a whole new light. Hardcover, 115 pages.
Beautiful Christmas
Tree (ages 4+)
Once upon a time there
was a street of brownstone
houses, trees, and birds.
Although families and fashionable city people lived on
that street, one lonely rundown brownstone stood
empty and neglected. One
day, Mr. Crockett moves in.
The fashionable people
frown when they see him fixing up his house and cleaning things
himself. When he buys a small, bent pine tree missing most of its
needles, the neighbors are sure he is odd. But over the years, the
care he gives the tree shows what some love and care can do.
Softcover, 32 pages.
Stranger in the Woods (ages 4+)
The birds and animals of the forest are in quite a
tizzy one winter morning. A mysterious stranger
has been spotted in the woods, and the animals are
all curious as to his identity. As the story unravels,
we are treated to beautiful photographs of curious
deer, birds, and other forest animals in the winter
forest as captured by the lens of a nature photographer. The text follows the curious animals as they
wonder aloud and cautiously approach this
"stranger" and find a treat for everyone!
Pioneer Christmas (ages 8+)
Part historical fiction, part fact, and part old-fashioned craft projects, this book gives us a feel for how
pioneer families celebrated Christmas during the
mid-1800's. The Robertson family is anxiously making preparations for Christmas - baking plum pudding, decorating their house, and sharing Christmas
traditions with their neighbors. Interspersed in the
text are informational passages about holiday traditions and foods as well as craft projects and games
with directions so that you can partake in some oldfashioned fun!
I Spy Book and Games (ages 4+)
I Spy....probably most people are familiar with this series,
which encourage youngsters to find "hidden" objects.
Increasing observation and perceptual skills is fun with the
colorful, crisply photographed book, authored by Walter
Wick and Jean Marzollo. Extending the fun is the I Spy
Memory Game, winner of eleven best toy awards and the
best-selling game in the specialty market. With both memory cards featuring full-color photos of objects and riddle
cards, there are 8 ways to play, with versions for beginning
and advanced players, plus suggestions for extra activities.
Game includes 60 memory cards, 15 riddle cards. The book
is not required for the game - or vice versa. The travel edition includes 20 smaller format memory cards and 5 riddle
cards. For 1-6 players.
004320 Book
002504 Game
020584 Travel Edition
Busy Bible (ages 3-7)
This soft, fabric Bible activity book for kids offers twelve pages
of flaps, snaps, buttons, Velcro to lift, pull, do and undo in
church, during Bible study, or just for fun.
Each page features the title of the Bible
story represented and the scripture reference, and an included activity sheet provides
short summaries of each story for parents
to read to the little guys. We especially like
the numbered flaps that show what was
formed each day of Creation, the interactive nativity scene,
and the big fish that
unzips to reveal
Golden Books My First Memory Card Game
Winkel (ages 1 month-3 yrs)
Made of soft, pliable plastic, the Winkel's colorful loops are great for holding, grabbing
and exploring, but even better, the whole toy can be refrigerated to make those terrific
loops feel oh-so-good on little erupting teeth! 5" in diameter.
Skwish Classic Toy (ages 6 months-2 yrs)
With its bright colors and unique construction,
the Skwish is a wonderful exploration toy for
babies. The Skwish is constructed of
colored wooden rods, slide along beads,
and elastic cord, so it "skwishes" - but
always returns to its original shape!
Also includes a securely attached jingle
bell and is painted with non-toxic
paints, so it's safe for teethers.
Chubbies (Ages 1+)
These little guys are adorable! Perfect first vehicles, they are brightly colored, have blunt
edges, are dishwasher safe, and the smooth round wheels are safe on your furniture.
Plus, at a size of 4" to 5", they are easy and thick enough for kids to hold easily. There
are three different types to choose from, which include planes, helicopters, jets, fire
engines, scoop trucks, dump trucks, tractors, race cars, cars, trucks, and tractors. If you
order more than one of any
Chubbies Boats
type, we’ll assort.
6" boats come in a variety
022352 Air Vehicle
of colors and link together
022353 Truck
for bathtub play.
Chubbies Trucks
Three seriously hardworking trucks for
toting "heavy loads" around the house.
Each of these 10" vehicles are brightly
colored and have moving parts.
022348 Dump Truck
022349 Scoop Truck
(ages 3-6)
This version of the classic memory card game comes with 48
jumbo (3"x4.5") playing cards. Each full-color card features a
memorable character from the popular Golden Books series,
with 2 of each character in the deck. After placing the cards
face down on a surface, players must turn cards over and try
to remember where they've seen a match.
Golden Book My First Colors and Shapes
Card Game (ages 3-6)
Children can learn their shapes and colors while matching
cards illustrated with shapes in various colors. Characters
from the popular Golden Books are included on every card
and help identify matches. Three levels of play challenge different ability levels. 1+ players.
Chubbies Travel Town
Soft, portable town includes a fire department, car wash, police
station, and school, each housing a different Chubbies vehicle.
All four buildings lay side-by-side when open; car wash and fire
department each feature a soft handle on the side for ease in
folding up into into 10”x4”x 8.5” carry-case. All soft buildings
have unique front openings with different types of doors. This
set consists of four little Chubbies vehicles inside a very bright,
fold-out garage.
Train Set
The Chubbies train has
three 4" cars which link and
unlink for carrying important
Baby Farm Friends Bowling (ages 1-4)
This adorable 6 pin bowling set is a must for all little ones! The vinyl pins and ball all have various
rattle sounds in them, the pins are all flat bottomed, and the ball is weighted but soft and brightly colored. Pins are designed to look like friendly farmyard animals
and are sized just right for toddlers' hands to grip. But we're not
the only ones that like this set - it's also a "Parenting Media
Award Winner", "Child Magazine Best Toy of the Year," and an
"American Baby Magazine Best Toy of the Year" product!
Pound and Roll (ages 3+)
This little wooden bench has four
brightly colored balls which the kids
hammer with a wooden mallet through
the holes and they go zooming down
the ramp and out the hole in the end. It
will provide lots of fun and entertainment.
Princess Lacing Bear (ages 3+)
This unique toy combines the dress-up fun of paper dolls with the fine
motor skill of lacing - and it's all contained in one box! The wooden box
has a painted bear on the sliding lid, and the inside compartment contains
32 wooden dress-up pieces including tops, skirts, pants, and accessories.
Four colors of lacing string are included. Box measures 10"x7"x2.5".
Sound Puzzles (ages 2+)
Rocking Moon Game (ages 4+)
A game that's easy enough to play with your toddler, but challenging
enough that you won't get bored playing with them! Game consists of
a hardwood curved moon face, two dice, and 18 short cylindrical
pieces. For each player's turn, they
roll the dice to and place that
colored cylinder on the
moon's face. Play continues
until the moon tips. A great
game to challenge little guys' fine
motor skills, thinking skills, and balancing skills.
Noah's Ark Shape Sorter
(ages 3-6)
This product includes twelve colorful pairs of animals. The 24 wooden
blocks are about a centimeter thick.
You get monkeys, giraffes, elephants,
doves, alligators and more. Also
included is a three-piece wooden ark
with a removable top. The ark
includes cutout holes that the animal blocks fit into perfectly. The blocks can also
be stored in the ark, which measures 11.5"x9.25"x5".
What's more fun for youngsters than a regular peg puzzle? How about one
that makes noise? You got it - every time a puzzle piece is placed in the correct spot, it makes a noise! You can be sure that kids will quickly learn their
favorite pieces - but just in case it's not Mom's favorite, just remove the batteries, and they can play with it like a regular peg puzzle! All puzzles measure 9"x12" and made of hardwood with painted images. Please note that
alphabet and number puzzles emit the names of the letters and numbers,
and xylophone puzzle plays the music note of the xylophone piece replaced.
026938 Farm
026940 Fire Truck
026942 Pets
026943 Shapes
026944 Train
026945 Vehicle
026946 Xylophone/Music
026947 Zoo
024883 Alphabet
024884 Numbers
Activity Cart (ages 3-6)
This product is an educational playground on wheels! The wooden, rolling play
cart contains everything a child could need for hours of learning fun. The cart's
activities include a colorful counting frame with sliding beads, 36 multi-shape and
colored building blocks, 10 shape
sorter slots with solid wood block
shapes and a storage bin, a sliding
lacing panel with 4 farm lacing cards,
a handy tool tray with nuts, bolts,
tools and brackets, a magnetic
spelling board with colorful magnetic letters, a large secret storage bin,
and more, all on a wheeled push cart
with storage drawers for the extras.
Cart measures 16"x14"x17.5".
Floor Puzzles (ages 3+)
Each of these generously-sized floor puzzles features nice, thick sturdy
pieces, and a wipe-clean surface for the inevitable stickiness that most children's toys acquire. Dinosaur, Construction and Noah's Ark puzzles measure 24"x36" when complete, and the Fire Truck puzzle measures 48" in
026936 Construction (24 pieces)
026937 Dinosaurs (48 pieces)
026939 Fire Truck (24 pieces)
026941 Noah's Ark (24 pieces)
Lauri Perception Puzzles
Lauri Puzzles (ages 3-6)
(ages 3-6)
A long-time favorite of ours, we love these
challenging puzzles! Each one features the
same type of figure or object in a variety of
shapes and positions, some quite similar to
others, designed to increase perception and
help young children recognize similarities
and differences. Puzzles are made of trademark Lauri crepe rubber, measure
8.25"x11.5"x 3/16" and includes a removable pattern board.
019803 Kids (18 pieces)
001608 Fish (12 pieces)
001609 Cars & Trucks (12 pieces)
001612 Butterflies (13 pieces)
Each of these puzzles features colorful
pieces in sturdy, squeezable (and washable!) crepe rubber. Pieces fit snugly into
place, unlike some wooden puzzles, and
will stand up to years of use.
012490 Airplane (14 pieces)
012491 Backhoe (16 pieces)
012492 Ballerinas (24 pieces)
012494 Bird (27 pieces)
012495 Bug (17 pieces)
012496 Bulldozer (17 pieces)
012497 Butterfly (22 pieces)
012499 Cat 'N Kittens (13 pieces)
012500 Cement Truck (20 pieces)
018346 Chicken (19 pieces)
012501 Choo Choo (13 pieces)
025143 Dragonfly (22 pieces)
012504 Dump Truck (19 pieces)
012507 Fire Truck (21 pieces)
012511 Helicopter (16 pieces)
012516 Noah's Ark (15 pieces)
012519 Queen's Castle (18 pieces)
012521 Rainbow (18 pieces)
018352 Stegosaurus (15 pieces)
012527 Triceratops (14 pieces)
Lauri Puzzle Totes (ages 2-5)
Designed for portability, these chunkier, double-sided puzzles feature a handle built into the puzzle, and the crepe rubber pieces are
thicker, and even stand for tabletop play. Pieces are two-toned, with
a different color on each side, and are a bit larger than standard
Lauri puzzle pieces for little hands to hold.
025140 Big Shapes
018347 Dinosaurs
018348 Earthmovers
018350 Marine Life
018351 Spring Flowers
Lauri Fit-a-Space (ages 2-6)
16 round puzzle faces (3.75" diameter) each feature three or more puzzle pieces of various
primary shapes and contrasting colors, fitted into them. The small, versatile pieces that fit into
each circle may be used in classifying and sorting, and can even be strung on the three included tipped laces. A terrific, versatile product that offers a lot of early skill-building activities all
in one package!
Tall-Stacker Pegs & Pegboard Set
(ages 2+)
At 2.5" tall, these thick plastic pegs are perfectly-sized for little hands. This set includes an 8"
square rubber pegboard, 25 TallStacker pegs in assorted bright
colors, and suggested activities.
Kids can poke the pegs in the
pegboard holes, create designs
on the board, build peg "towers", and more, all while building
fine-motor skills, math skills, and
of course, having fun!
Lacing and Tracing Sets (ages 3-7)
Cut from heavy-duty chipboard, these colorful shapes can be
laced, or even used to trace around on a sheet of paper.
Durable and versatile, these sets are great for developing finemotor skills and concentration. Each set contains between 7 to
10 lacing shapes, and the same number of tipped laces.
EACH SET (except as noted) 5.75
003037 Animals
025144 Aviation
001207 Construction
003651 Dinosaurs
001208 Noah's Ark 7.95
008137 Sea Life
001209 Simple Shapes
000227 Tools
012513 Extra Laces 4.50
Baubles (ages 3-6)
A feast for little
hands! This collection
of over 100 crepe
rubber keys, circles,
diamonds and flowers
is ready to be sorted,
played with, strung on
the brightly-colored laces into necklaces, and more! We hate to
have to bring educational value into this, but it does help to
develop discrimination (sorting by shape and color) and handeye coordination through lacing too!
Variety Activity Packs (ages 4-7)
These high-quality portable activity kits from Lauri incorporate an activity for every
mood! Each themed set includes several sturdy chipboard lacing and tracing cards with
string, crepe rubber figures and accessories for assembling or playing pretend, and an
assortment of crepe rubber baubles cut into shapes that go along with the theme of the
pack. Perfect for travel or for quiet play anywhere, the set folds up into a sturdy cardboard box with crepe rubber handle.
025141 Construction
000222 Fire & Rescue
003650 Horses & Ponies
008136 Dino Adventure
Oball Sport (all ages)
This plastic ball is bendable, twistable, smashable, chew-on-able, and virtually indestructible, as the ball always returns to its original shape no worse for the
wear. At 5" in diameter, it's not too large to play with in the house, nor is it too heavy. It can't deflate, won't lose its shape, and its open, ringed structure makes
it easy for all little hands to catch and throw. Take it anywhere - to kick, throw, toss, hit, bounce, whatever, and if it gets dirty, just drop it in the dishwasher!
Oball Jellies (all ages)
Just when you think that the original can't get any better, they always come out with something just a little… different. Hence, the Oball Jelly. With the same shape, size, and composition, the Oball Jelly simply differs in color. The Jellies version is made of translucent, glittery
colors. Color combinations include clear/pink/blue, green/clear/purple, or blue/green/clear.
We are unable to fulfill color requests, but if you order more than one, we will assort.
Oball All-Sport (all ages)
Yet another twist on the Oball! The Oball All-Sport is perfect for those of you who crave a
bigger, sturdier (is that possible?) Oball. With a diameter of 7.5", the Oball All-Sport retains
all the characteristics of its smaller cousins, in a more kickable, hittable, squeezable size for
everyone who needs a little more Oball to handle. Available in assorted colors.
Blaze Ball (ages 4+)
Arrowcopter (ages 8+)
Whoosh! Use the slingshot-like stick and
rubber band to send your Arrowcopter soaring up to nearly 200 feet! Then try to catch it
as it slowly helicopter-twirls down.
020865 Single
009048 2-pack
Arrowcopter Flying Light (ages 8+)
They've put a new twist on this flying toy - a
glow stick! Now you can fly your Arrowcopter whenever visibility is low. The slim glow stick fits into
the body of the Arrowcopter, allowing you to visually track it. The light stick lasts for up to 8 hours.
Additional light sticks are available from the manufacturer.
This ball is a step above all other balls. Not only is it
the farthest throwing ball you'll ever find, but it also
bounces, flips and flies! You can throw it farther than
a softball, whack it with a racquet, punt it like a
football, and hack it like a sack.
Comes with a clear tube
to help maintain the
proper shape of the
tail and for easy storage.
Turbo Spin Copter (ages 8+)
A light-weight foam helicopter with power launcher that
can fly over 50 feet. It is very simple to construct and will
provide hours of outdoor fun.
Turbo Spin Flying Bug (ages 8+)
Construct this foam bug with power launcher to fly outdoors for lots of "buzzing" fun.
Bungee Balls (ages 5+)
Rugged, durable, and FUN! Use them outside on a flat This simple and classic toy is great for all ages and it helps develop quick reflexes and throwing
surface, down in your basement, or even on your not-too- and catching skills too! The rubber ball measures about 2" in diameter and is securely fastened
plush carpets. This model has handles for added stability to the adjustable Velcro wristband. Throw the ball and it will bounce back to you! Play catch
and easy pulling. Wheels are non-marring and seat is a gen- with yourself, or bounce the ball off of floors, walls, and even ceilings. Tips and suggestions for
erous 12" square. When you aren't playing, you can use use are included on the printed header card.
them to move furniture and other heavy objects around the 000177
house. A favorite toy/tool in any house.
Air Burst Rockets System (ages 8+)
012926 Yellow
The Air Burst Rocket System requires no rocket engines, no explosive
012927 Blue
materials, no expensive refill materials, but it flies just as high as many
other comparative "real" rockets, a maximum of about 300 ft. How?
Air pressure! The Air Burst Rocket System contains a launch pad, membrane boosters, and a rocket. Simply pump up the rocket with a regular
bicycle pump as much as you can, and then set it off. Made of sturdy
plastic, the Air Burst rocket should last many launchings, but we do
offer refills of both the rockets and the boosters.
027862 Air Burst Rockets System
027861 Extra Air Burst Rockets (2)
027864 Extra Air Burst Boosters (pack of 60)
Scooter Boards (ages 4+)
Junior Stilts (ages 5-13)
Pathfinder (ages 3+)
These fun stilts are made up of
what look like upside-down cups,
attached to strings. These upsidedown cups are five inches tall and
made from durable, thick plastic.
The stilts have grooves where feet
should go to provide traction for
the wearer. The stilts feature a
sturdy hand cord attached through two sides of the top of the upside-down cup.
Children can grip the hand cords to keep the stilts under their feet as they walk.
Juggling for the Complete Klutz (all ages)
This book proves that anyone - even if you are a complete klutz - can juggle. Juggling
for the Complete Klutz takes you one step at a time to being able to juggle fairly well. You
start off with tossing and catching
one beanbag in a nice arc. By the end
of the book you could be juggling 4
or 5 bags! This 52-page book includes
everything you need to get started:
instructions, encouragement, and 3
juggling bags so you can practice,
practice, practice!
Frog Beanbag Set (ages 3+)
Six vinyl-covered, frog-shaped beanbags. Frogs are 5" long, and they
come in a package of 6 different colors: green, red, yellow, orange, blue,
and pink. Securely stuffed with polystyrene beads. Great for a variety of
games, playing catch and juggling!
Turtle Beanbags (ages 3+)
This quality, wooden toy is designed
to help develop a young child's problem solving ability, eye-hand coordination, logical thinking skills, fine
motor, and visual tracking skills
through play! Very young children
can simply move the beads around
on the tracks gaining skills as they
discover how to work the beads
through the maze-like paths. Older
children will enjoy sorting the permanently attached beads by color,
patterning, and more advanced children can use the toy with the
eight included pattern cards to try to match the pattern on the
board with that on the card. Eight blank cards are also included,
so Mom can create some new ones. Board measures 12" square,
stands up or lies down, and is great for both home and travel.
Bean Bag Toss (ages 4-10)
This large bean bag toss is unique in design. It features a dog, a bunny
and a gorilla with their mouths wide open (the mouth
pieces are actually separate flaps of wood on a
hinge) into which you toss a bone, a carrot and a
banana. When the little ones toss a food item into
their mouths, the wooden flaps
swing around to display a hat
on top of the dog's and gorilla's
heads and ears on the bunny.
This would make a wonderful
gift for any child as it is made
out of sturdy wood and it is
great for building hand-eye
These six colorful turtles have soft, vinyl bodies with shells that are
different colors than their bodies. They are securely stuffed with
polystyrene beads and are about 6.25" long and 5" wide and come
in varying colors, including blue, yellow, orange, red, and green.
Crusader Play Sets (ages 4-10)
After you unwrap your presents, dress your kids up and send
them off to battle the evil of this world
with this realistic - but plastic! - weaponry
of the Crusader times. The armor will
cover your kid's chest and head (if worn
properly) and there is a shield for one arm
and a 21" sword that will fit just right in
their other hand. There is even a choice
between silver or black armor so your kids
can either compete against each other or
join forces to attack stronger armies - like
their father or older siblings!
024226 Black Set
024227 Silver Set
Wooden Sword and
Shield Sets (ages 5+)
Now your kids won't have to
swordfight with sticks anymore.
Each wooden sword blade
extends over 14” in length, and
the shield fits right onto your arm
with straps. Learn the moves of
King Arthur and the Knights of
the Round Table, bring chivalry
and honor back to the modern
ages, and save the princess from
the fire-breathing dragon! Don't
worry - everything is wooden and
blunt, so you won't have to make
any trips to the emergency room. Lion of Flanders set features crest on a
yellow background; Richard the Lionheart set features his crest on a red
024263 Lion of Flanders
024264 Richard the Lionhearted
Farm Log Set (ages 3-8)
Farm Blocks (ages 3-8)
This painted wooden farm set comes with
enough interlocking log building pieces to build
a multi-level barn, a silo, and a fenced in farm
yard for the included 10 farmyard animals. Also
included are trees, bushes, bales of hay, a farmer
and wife and more.
This colorful wooden farm set includes
everything children need to make a farm
of their own, all conveniently stored in a
sturdy wooden tray. The 61 wooden
pieces include a red barn that can be
taken apart, a silo, trees, fences, animals,
and tractors.
Castle Playset (ages 3-10)
Your youngster will have hours of fun as they become royalty in their own make- Town Blocks (ages 3-8)
believe kingdom. The set is complete with 8 wooden figures including a king and This set comes with 53 solid wood
queen, knight, jester, two guards, and two horses. The castle is 11"x10.5"x2" and pieces that children can use to construct
has a compartment for each of the 3" tall characters.
a village of their own. The blocks
include various buildings, vehicles, signs,
Castle Blocks (ages 3-8)
and trees.
Build your dream castle with the 46
wooden pieces included in this set. The
Table Top Building Blocks Set (ages 4+)
blocks portray detailed graphics of
A monster 90-piece building block set that allows kids to con- bricks, windows, and even vines, with
towers and roofs included. A few
struct Roman, Baroque, and Gothic
knights and horses are also included with
structures. While most kids have a
the blocks. No royalty included, as your
never-ending flow of ideas,
kids can be king or queen for the day!
building designs are also
included. 16 different allwood, natural colored,
block shapes.
Hardwood Unit Blocks (ages 4+)
018133 33.95
Kids will stack, construct, and demolish
for hours with these block sets. Each
quality piece is made from a replenishible
wood source (rubber wood) and kindergarten sized.
Themed Block Sets (ages 4+)
018128 34 Block Set
Add some variety to your child's block collection with these 42-piece 018129 75 Block Deluxe Set 58.95
hardwood sets. Fun stylistic pieces allow you to construct architecture in
the Arabian, Greek, Medieval Castle, or Oriental fashion.
Dr. Drew's Blocks (all ages)
Combine these sets with the Table Top Blocks set or
Nothing beats Dr. Drew's blocks for simplicity, portability, and durause them alone for hours of play!
bility. Unlike most block sets, Drew's blocks are uniform at 3”x
EACH SET 16.95
2”x0.5”. The size makes them well-suited for building elaborate struc018127 Arabian 026527 Castle
tures or just to play with like oversized Dominoes! Made of smoothly
026529 Greek
018131 Oriental
finished, splinter-free hardwood,
Painted Block Sets (ages 3+)
they resist dents and dings. The
Encourage your youngster to learn and play
set of 288 is a "best value buy."
with these brightly colored blocks. Each set
002824 Set of 72 43.95
of wooden blocks contains a wide variety of
002822 Set of 108 70.50
sizes and shapes in red, yellow, blue, and
002823 Set of 288 114.95
green. All "fun" aside, blocks can be used for Unit Blocks (ages 3+)
learning colors and shapes, matching, and
These unit blocks are a great way for young children to learn how to build
motor skills.
just about anything they can imagine. These blocks come in basic shapes,
018430 100-Piece Set
and they are slightly larger
018431 200-Piece Set
than your normal unit blocks.
They have smooth rounded
edges and are unpainted to
reveal their beautiful natural
wood color and grain.
024325 Set of 60 35.25
017357 Set of 84 17.75
Thistle Blocks (ages 3-12)
Kids love to build with these blocks because they fit together so easily (just
push them together and the "thistles" stick) and they will just as easily pull apart.
This set comes with 108 pieces in various sizes (wheels, triangles, and several different varieties of blocks) and they are all contained in a jumbo bucket..
Brick and Stone Sets (ages 8-13)
Octa-Clips (ages 5+)
History will repeat itself as you rebuild these famous ancient and not-soancient structures. The step-by-step guide leads you through assembling the real
kiln-fired bricks into a masterpiece with the help of the special
mortar mix included. The kits are even reusable as the mortar dissolves in water! Extra mortar mix is available.
024703 Alamo
018025 Coliseum
018026 Empire State Building
018033 Great Wall
024711 London Tower Bridge
024719 Mayan Temple
018054 Statue of Liberty
024786 White House
018042 Mortar Mix Refill 5.50
These clips are used to connect cardboard or
corroplast together to design structures such
as play houses, displays, puppet theaters, forts,
mazes, and more. The two-sided clip rotates
around an octagonal post which allows you to
clip and lock your structure at a variety of
angles. The green clips surround a round
post which provides a hinge structure for opening doors and windows.
Get your structures together with
020242 50 pieces
020217 100 pieces
020241 250 pieces
020243 Resource Book
Construction Set in a Box (ages 5+)
Make Your Own Brick & Mortar
024717 Large Set
024718 Small Set
ZoobDudes (ages 4+)
Further expand your Zoob fun with these entertaining characters! You just can't look at them and
not smile. They are made out of those same kidfriendly Zoob pieces with a few extra accessories.
Kids can pose and move them, take them apart
and put them back together again, and play with
them on their Zoob creations.
026805 Fireman 026806 Rock Climber
029198 Ranger
Perfect for the little carpenter, this value-packed kit comes complete
with all the pieces needed to create hundreds of wooden models.
Wooden "screws" are color-coded according to length by bright, primary colors for easy identification. Pieces are assembled easily by
hand, or use the wooden screwdriver provided. Included with the set
is a sheet with a couple of construction ideas to get kids started.
Set is packaged in a solid, compartmentalized, wooden storage
case with a see-through plastic lid.
Over 60 smooth-sanded, solidwood pieces are included. All you
add is creativity for hours of
"constructive" play!
Toobers & Zots (ages 4+)
These are flexible, weird, soft, and safe. Use them to
create hats, creatures, or anything your imagination can
come up with! Each set contains a variety of pieces.
Toobers are long, bendy things; zots are odds and ends
pieces like parts of a crown, strips, different shapes with
holes in them, and so on. Fun for you and your kids.
Girls and boys alike will love them - have fun!
028772 Zippy (20 pieces)
028771 Zany (50 pieces)
028773 Zowy (120 pieces)
Kapla World Block Sets (ages 4+)
Zoobs (ages 4+)
Zoobs are easy to snap together pieces
with endless building potential. Because
of the ball-and-jaw type "joints", kids can
animate their play with movement in their
creations. There are five different types
of pieces that come in a variety of colors.
You can build bugs, vehicles, geckos, and
imaginary things! The range of difficulty
is broad - from some easy things to very
complicated models. It just depends on
what you want to build and how realistic
you want it to be. You and your kids will
have a great time with these!
026800 15-Piece Set
026802 35-Piece Set
026803 55-Piece Set
026804 75-Piece Set
026799 125-Piece Set
026801 250-Piece Set
Taken from the Dutch words Kabouter Plankjes, Kapla means "small planks." Instead of your traditional cubeshaped building blocks you'll find long, thin planks specifically designed with proportions (approx. 4.6"x .9"x .3")
that balance; the two principles of building and sculpting. Exclusively manufactured in France, each piece is made
of French Marine Pine and is precisely cut for great stability in the completed projects. Kapla sets are premier
building units that allow for the cultivation of hands on creativity and ingenuity.
200 Piece Building Set
One of the most popular Kapla building sets. Includes booklet of various
building techniques with 40 illustrations/photographs.
280 Piece Set in Wood Box w/ Red Art Book
This package includes the booklet of building techniques and the Red Art Book.
20 Light/20 Dark Blue Color Kapla w/ Book
A good starter set.. The book is different from the other 4 offered separately
and illustrates structures using light blue, dark blue and natural planks. This set
is a great way to add color to any natural colored building set.
Electronic Snap Circuit Sets (ages 8+)
Why play pretend construction games and toys and imagine about the things you can
create when you could play with real snap-together blocks of electronic components
and create things that really work like fans, lights, clap sensors, and alarms? An impressively detailed book features each experiment with a full-color diagram of the completed setup, an objective, and directions. Directions are clear and complete and even
include an explanation of how that bomb sound or simple water alarm work (which
they'll maybe come back and read when the
initial thrill of playing wears off). Available
in several sizes, each with a different number of parts and possible experiments or
projects. A Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's
Products Award Winner.
028551 100 Experiment Kit 24.00
029506 300 Experiment Kit 47.95
029507 500 Experiment Kit 71.95
Switch On! (ages 8+)
Subtitled “An Electronic Circuit Activity
Set for Young Scientists and Engineers”.
Create projects like a Space Ray, Burglar
Alarm, Adjustable Light, Singing Speaker,
and even a Wet Diaper Alarm! An instruction manual is included giving helpful background information on the components.
Also included is a booklet entitled Experimental Circui Diagrams with the color-keyed layout and alpha-numeric codes of all of the pieces needed for each project. These projects are all built on a clear plastic base that fits over the pages of the booklet, so you can
easily construct right over the layout. Everything snaps together easily for quick construction and dismantling. Approximately 51 high-quality, durable plastic pieces are
included. Four AA batteries are required, but not included.
Get in Gear Hands-On Science Kit (ages 7+)
This kit is a great gift for your budding machinist as it good way to teach kids about
different kinds of gears and show how they work. It has a motor and a gear shaft, so
you just assemble the gears, push on the switch, and watch it move. Learn what types of
gears are used in clocks, elevators, fruit squeezers and the like. Little known facts are
scattered throughout, and there's space for your own gear inventions in the back.
Mighty Builders (ages 5-10)
These all-wood sets will get the excitement going. With solid wood
construction and screwdriver assembly, the fun will never end. Let
your kids building skills and imaginations take off in whatever adventure they dream of most. No cutting or gluing required, screws
included. Four different sets to choose from!
Mighty Builder Jet Plane
Over 14 inches long and very colorful, your child will put this jet
plane together and fly off to wherever their imagination takes them!
Mighty Builder Race Car
This racecar is over 10 inches from bumper to bumper, has doublewide rear tires, and a figure designed for burning up the track.
Mighty Builder Train Set
Choo-Choo! Watch out, this
massive 13-inch train is coming
though! This train doesn't need a
track to run on, but it does need
a kid to push it around.
Mighty Builder Bird Feeder
Now you can watch birds come
and go as you please with this 7" birdfeeder made by you and your
Bubbleology Hands-On Science
Kit (ages 7+)
This science kit is bursting with fun! Your
child will become a bubble maniac as they perform more than 30 experiments and learn the
secrets behind amazing bubble tricks. This kit
comes complete with a bubble lab that contains materials such as a multi-bubble wand, a
bubble obstacle course, a bubble basin, and
much more! Learn how to paint with bubbles,
make a frozen bubble sculpture, and even create a square bubble!
World Record Paper
Airplane Book (ages 12+)
This book shares the story of the
man who made it into the 1985
Guinness Book of World Records
for longest flight duration of a
paper airplane. After telling his
story, this book explains the physics and aerodynamics behind paper
airplanes. It shows how different models fly differently and the best
throwing techniques and places to fly. The rest of the book provides
instructions and paper for making planes. Enough pages are included to make several models of each of the sixteen different plane designs described.
Contraptions (ages 8-14)
This book is packed with ten of the craziest contraptions ever for Legos! These
contraptions clank, roll, spin, and even
launch things. Five of the ten designs can
be completed using the 60 Legos included
with this book, and the other five will need
to be supplemented with a basic Lego set.
GeoMags (ages 4+)
We've all built stuff with blocks, Legos, and other connecting bits and pieces. Why not magnets? Kids love playing
with magnets. When you build objects with strong magnets
oriented in just the right way, you can create objects that
actually move on their own. Each set is made up of small
(but strong) colored magnetic rods, as well as non-magnetic
small metal balls. Suggested structures and shapes to create
are included with each set.
018541 6 Rods, 8 Spheres
018537 12 Rods, 8 Spheres
018539 24 Rods, 18 Spheres
008472 36 Rods, 24 Spheres
018540 64 Rods, 32 Spheres
018538 120 Rods, 64 Spheres
008463 132 piece set
Capsela Science Kits (ages 7+)
These kits demonstrate how things work in real life, and they are very fun to make. Whether they use air, hydraulics,
motors, or another medium, the kits are easy to put together using the pictorial instructions that are included. All are
made of hard plastics. Some kits have you build a basic structure that can be converted to several different things.
Awesome for older kids who love hands-on projects! 10 different kits to choose from.
Capsela 70 - Morpha-Bot
Children use Capsela's easy interlocking pieces along with a rubber band-propelled
motor to create 4 different robots. Or your kids can design their own! The transparent
pieces allow kids to observe how the robot works. A great way to learn while playing!
Pet Tornado (ages 5-12)
Hold one of nature's most destructive force in the palm of your hand.
With a small twist of your wrist a tiny
realistic tornado forms from white
foam clouds. Hold it in the light and
watch the iridescent currents swirl.
Awesome science in a bottle!
Capsela 73 - Robot Racer
A fun introduction to simple robotics. Build the robot racer projects shown in the
guide, then invent your own. All about discovering kinetic energy and friction. Has 24
inter-locking pieces and uses a pull-back motor.
Capsela 90 - Weather Station
Contains everything you need to build 6 weather sets! Contains 40 interlocking parts including a sundial, compass,
wind direction indicator, rain gauge, and many other weather-related items. Observe and record weather and environmental conditions. Designed to help children understand weather conditions and changes.
Capsela 175 - Power Start
Motion energy and torque is what this kit is all about. 25 interlocking parts are
designed to introduce students to the motorized side of Capsela. Build 5 action
projects including a propeller vehicle, revolving machine or even a mini-buggy!
Vehicles can move in forward or reverse. Requires one AA battery (not included).
Capsela 200 - MX Racer
Learn about electrical and mechanical energy using these 36 pieces to create 10 fun projects, including a crazy car,
racing chariot, or even a working fan! Needs one AA battery to operate motorized functions (not included).
Perfume Creations (ages 8+)
Children create their own wonderfully scented Perfume Creations.
Completely safe and educational, this
kit allows children to choose from
eighteen perfume recipes. Eight genuine French essences are included with
three Italian gift bottles, eight eye droppers, ten blotters, and a 16-page booklet. Instructions are easy to follow, and
kids can also experiment to invent their
own fragrances.
Capsela 400 - MX Trooper
Valuable science concepts such as gears, speed transformation, electricity, and buoyancy are all present in this kit.
With 48 interlocking parts, this vehicle is a real trooper! 22 projects for land and sea. Build a car, a revolving robot, or
even a speedboat! Requires one AA battery (not included).
Capsela 620 - Bug Builder
Do Praying Mantis change into a Grasshopper? They do in this kit! Use the Bug
Builder translucent parts to create your own moving insect. The bugs have motorized mouth and wings to bring it to life! Required two AA batteries (not included).
Capsela 660 - Aqua Explorer
With this amphibious motorized vehicle, roar over the land, and send it into the
water! This Capsela kits demonstrates the principles of motion, energy, buoyancy,
and other real-life concepts all in one! Model stands 15"h x 6.75"w x16" long.
Capsela 680 - Lift N' Load
Slime Science (ages 8+)
Make four different hydraulic machines (one at a time). Using water, tubes, plastic parts, and a switch, you can make
What is more fun that ooey, gooey,
a dump truck dump, a bulldozer scoop, a forklift lift, and a crane, um, crank? Learn about water as a power source,
Create 5 different slimes with
great and friction. Water not included!
fun properties to explore - a slime that
jiggles; a sticky ooze that can glue things
together; a mystery material that's solid
Capsela 1000 - Max Out
one minute, liquid the next; a rubbery,
This complete set contains all the components of the Capsela system. A total of 108
stretchy putty; and a classic oozy slime.
interlocking parts used to build over 100 projects that are able to travel on land or
Science booklet, recipe cards, and slime
sea. This kit is BIG! Comes with a basic Science Booklet that covers 18 physical conchemicals are included. Adult supervicepts for advanced learning. Two AA batteries will be needed (not included).
sion recommended for young scientists.
Gears! Gears! Gears!
These fun sets are perfect for budding engineers. Each set has
different pieces and themes for hours of building fun. While
each set stands alone (unless noted), they are all compatible
with each other for endless building possibilities!
Gears! Gears! Gears! (ages 5+)
Gears! Gears! Gears! Gizmos
(ages 5+)
Springs, spirals, small, medium and
large gears and bases are all included in
this 82-piece advanced building set for
hours of whirling, twirling fun.
Under the Sea Gears (ages 7+)
The original Gears! set. Nearly 100 colorful plastic pieces are included in this set,
including cranks, connectors, interlocking
plates and, of course, lots of same-size
gears. Pillars enable the child (or Dad!) to
design vertically as well as horizontally.
Create your own undersea world with this colorful, moving, 67-piece
kit from the makers of Gears! Gears! Gears!. Underwater creatures in
the kit include a peek-a-boo
crab, slippery sea turtles, diving
dolphins, an ornery octopus,
and a spinning school of fish.
Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Set
(ages 5+)
The biggest Gears set yet! This 150-piece
package comes with gears, pillars, six-way
axles, bases, and a crank handle. All pieces
come in a large, sturdy storage buckets.
Gears! Gears! Gears! Power
Motor Accessory Set (ages 7+)
Put power into your Gears! Gears!
Gears! creations when you add this motor
accessory set to any Gears! Gears! Gears!
construction set. This 10-piece set has a
motor, gears, crown gear, and L-connectors. Instruction guide is also included, to
help you get started. Requires two AA
batteries (not included).
Gears! Gears! Gears! Wacky Factory
(ages 7+)
This set offers three different sizes of gears and base
plates to add a little complexity (and more educational value) for your young engineer.
M-Gears Robots (ages 7+)
Dizzy Fun Land Motorized Set
(ages 5+)
Everything you need to create your
own Dizzy Fun Land amusement
park! This set includes a hand-held
power motor, carousel, ferris wheel, bumper cars, roller coaster,
play figures, and plenty of Gears! Gears! Gears!. 120 pieces total.
Safari Express Motorized Train Set (ages 5+)
This motorized train set is brightly colored and has color-coded,
easy to follow instructions. Your children can build the train shown
on the box or create their own original
train. This set has 127 pieces including 4 jungle animals, oodles of
stickers a working headlight,
separate power and sound
buttons, and much more!
M-Gears Motorized Building
Interlocking, whirling gears give these robots motion like no
Set (ages 7+)
other. Each has a unique personality with parts to match and then
Let your imagination do the building.
it morphs into a different vehicle.
With this 350-piece building set you can
Aero morphs into a 2-wheel space
choose between 10 different models or
jet, Lunar morphs into a 4-wheel
create your own. The gears spin, twist,
rover, and Terra morphs into a 3turn, and lock together. Includes instrucwheel navigation cycle. Using
tion guide with building suggestions and
easy to follow directions, kids can
model ideas. Motor requires two AA batbring a specific robot to life
teries (not included). Shown below.
or create one of their own. M-Gears Remote Control Racers (ages 7+) 025180
Kids, get ready to rev up your imaginations and create
025177 Aero
the ultimate racing vehicle! Using color-coded instruc025179 Lunar
tions, you can build two different remote control racers
025184 Terra
from each set or build your very own supercharger. The
infrared motor base requires four AA batteries (not
included) and the hand controller also requires four AA
M-Gears Roadster (ages 7+)
Take control of the open road with this 165-piece build- batteries (not included). Shown above.
ing kit. Gear spinning action and three road hugging 025178 Grand Prix Racer
racer ideas makes this
M-Gears Neon Flyer (ages 7+)
The sky's the limit with this 242-piece, neon-colored
Instructions are includgear
set. Kids can let their imaginations soar as they
ed and gears are red
custom flying machines. Instructions are
and orange. Shown
for 4 models, including: Air Acrobat, Space
Jet, and Chase Copter. Shown left.
025183 11.95
Marble Runs
Crazy Run Magnetic Marble Rails (ages 6+)
Short on floor space? This 80-piece marble run includes
magnetic backings so you can place the marble "rails" on
any metal surface to create exciting marble runs! The set
includes long flat run pieces that can be used alone to create short, straight runs, or can be linked together to create longer, exciting curves. Interconnecting puzzle-like
pieces are also included to form a final landing box for
your marbles... and to stop them from bouncing all over
the kitchen floor! Besides just being fun, children will
learn about scientific and mathematical principles like
acceleration, gravity, weight, and speed as they continue
to adjust and customize
their tracks.
Super Marble Run Vortex (ages 6+)
Spiral Rail Marble Run Set
(ages 4+)
Sturdy base pieces support the twisting,
turning, exciting tracks of this 80-piece set.
Your marbles will travel at speeds and
through obstacles that you never imagined
Marble Rails (ages 4+)
These 140 colorful roller-coaster pieces
allow you to design your own marble
run. The curve-shapes and straightaways, bases, marble entry-points, and
vertical stacking pieces are provided.
Glittery marbles included.
A huge, thrilling 220-piece marble run! Pieces
include brightly colored spirals, two vortex chambers, double entrance funnels and much more to
construct the largest marble run available.
Transparent Marble Run
Opaque Marble Run (ages 4+)
Skyrail Marble Roller
Coaster (ages 4+)
Design your own marble
roller coaster with these
Skyrail glow in the dark marble
tracks. These two sets are
instruction manuals to help
guide your rollercoaster creation.
019416 150-pieces (20')
019417 250-pieces (40')
Design possibilities are limitless with this
68 piece marble run. It includes 12 marbles
to run through the flippers, down funnels,
across ramps, around twists, and into the
catch-all hoppers at the bottom. Pieces are
sturdy and solid plastic and are
easier to construct for smaller Transparent Marble Race
(ages 4+)
Send your marbles zipping around cor008476
ners and zigzagging through obstacles
again and again. Interlocking pieces fit
together easily for small children. 46 colorful pieces are also transparent, so you
can watch the race! The combinations
are almost endless, so it's a different path
every time you rearrange the track.
Includes 10 marbles.
Nuudles (ages 5+)
Nuudles are dyed biodegradable packing peanuts.
To create a unique object, dampen the ends on a
sponge stick them together. A sponge is included for
this purpose, but if your kids decide to lick and stick,
they're safe; nuudles are completely non-toxic. With
600 nuudles in a bag, you can cheaply create many,
many durable, nuudle originals. Bloxx nuudles are
longer, flatter, and more rectangular than normal
013641 Nuudles - Bloxx
013642 Nuudles - Bold
013643 Nuudles - Pastel
(ages 4+)
Never lose sight of your glittery marbles as the fly through a brilliant marble run of your own creation. 104 fluorescent pieces.
Glow and Glitter Marbles
Brighten up any marble run with 100 glowing, glittering marbles! The white marbles in this set glow in the dark and the glitter marbles come in fun neon colors.
Uudles of Nuudles
(ages 5+)
Take your nuudles to new
heights with this book of 14
unique project ideas. Some are
appropriate holiday decorations and others make use of
styrofoam balls and wiggle eyes
to create adorable little creatures such as spiders and caterpillars.
Pretend & Play Kitchen/Baking Sets (ages 4+)
The complete Kitchen Set has over 70 pieces including pots, pans, cups,
bowls, dishes, utensils, tea pot, strainer, pitcher, cookie cutters, roller, juicer,
cutting board, dish pan, and more. As the box says, it has "Everything but
the kitchen sink!" The pastry cutter, timer, tongs, masher, juicer, strainer and
ice cream scoop function just like grown-up versions. The Baking Set contains a mixing bowl, measuring cup and spoons, muffin pan, mixing spoons,
pastry cutter, timer and eight cookie cutters. The Cooking Set includes tea
kettle, frying pan with lid, two handled pot with lid and five utensils with big
grip handles. The Dish Set has four place settings with plates, cups, saucers,
knives, forks and spoons.
Sets are all primary-colored, with some white and clear pieces. Makes pretending a lot more real!
015857 Baking Set (A)
015859 Dish Set (C)
015858 Cooking Set (B)
015860 Kitchen Set (D)
Pretend and Play Cash Register with Currency
Picnic Play Food Basket (ages 4+)
(ages 4+)
After winning almost every imaginable toy reward, we felt this
"toy" deserved a place in our catalog! It is a real, working, solarpowered calculator with a cash drawer that holds real-size bills
and coins. Oversized buttons and big number display make it
perfect for even your littlest storekeeper. Comes complete with
play bills, plastic coins, pretend Citibank credit card, and suggested activities. Measures 10.5"w x 9.5"d x 5.5"h. Mom will
be tempted to borrow this one for her next garage sale!
For the taste buds, this set includes a chocolate ice cream cone, corn on the cob, hamburger patty, 2-piece hamburger bun, slice of
watermelon, pear, roll, cake slice, chicken leg,
4 potato chips and even a 16 square-inch, redchecked table cloth. Everything but the ants!
Pretend and Play Work Belt Tool Set (ages 4+)
Pretend and Play Checkbook
and Checks (ages 4+)
Every child needs a checkbook, right?
Well…maybe not, but until they're
old enough for the real thing, teach
them the basics of money management with this realistic-looking set. Vinyl
case holds checkbook and register sheet, just
like mom and dad's. Great for little children
to "pretend" with, but also can be used as a
real learning tool for older children.
This see-through tool box comes complete with 20 plastic tools that
every "handy-man" needs around the house. A saw, hammer, screwdriver, and power drill are just a few of the tools this set includes. The
tool belt allows your child to "fix-it on the go" as they help with any
home-improvement project. Two AA batteries needed to operate
power tools.
My Little Sandbox Play Sets (ages 4+)
These five different play sets will bring the sandbox or the beach
into your home for those cold and snowy days when you can't enjoy
the real thing. Kids will love playing in the ultra fine sand contained
in a 10"x10"x2" wooden box. Each play set includes the wooden
box, sand, a no-mess play mat, themed toys to play in the sand with,
and a re-sealable box to keep everything together. Even adults will
enjoy sifting through the sand, raking designs or playing along with
the kids in reminiscence of
their youth or as the perfect
stress reliever. An enjoyable,
relaxing activity for all ages.
028051 Beach Party
028052 Big Builder
028053 Dino Land
028054 Funny Farm
028055 Trail Blaster
Fruit and Vegetable Play Food
Basket (ages 4+)
For the healthy eater, this 13-piece set
includes an apple, pear, banana, cucumber,
green pepper, carrot, tomato, red onion, celery, two strawberries, and a head of lettuce.
The fruit and vegetables all fit nicely in their
plastic blue basket for easy transportation.
They are very realistic looking, so when
reaching for an apple, make sure you have
the real thing!
Cutting Food Box (ages 4+)
Perfect for your future chef as this
product is tons of real-life fun! All 33
pieces of the set are stored in a wooden
box with a durable plastic cover. The set
includes a mini wooden cutting board, a
wooden cutting knife, and eight wooden
pieces of food. These colorful food
items are pre-sliced into 2-5 pieces and
re-attached by Velcro. Children can take
a piece of food, place it on cutting board, and cut through the Velcro-ed pieces like they
are cutting through real food. The Velcro provides the perfect amount of resistance to
make it actually feel like you are cutting the food. Cutting a loaf of bread, watermelon slice,
carrot, and other items will give children practice and make them feel grown up, and it will
provide them with hours of fun and play while you prepare your holiday meals.
Folkmanis Puppets (all ages)
Kittens in Basket Finger Puppets (all ages)
Do you have a puppeteer at your house or anyone who Three little kitten finger puppets, each of a different color, have been
likes playing with stuffed animals? These adorable pup- sewn into a small, 6" wide plush basket, where they eagerly await your finpets will entertain children for hours as they name them, gers to bring them alive to wriggle, squirm and tumble all over each other!
play with them, and do puppet shows! These puppets 018073
are top quality plush, life sized (except the dinosaurs!),
Mice in a Box Puppet (all ages)
and loads of fun! Great for indoor imagination on cold,
Open the lid of this cheery little red and white
winter days and keeping your hands warm!
box, and up pop three wriggling,
018070 Baby Turtle
mice! EEK! But don't worry,
013120 Black Lab Puppy
these realistic-looking mice are actually finger
013121 Brown Bunny
puppets. The plush, furry mice are sewn into
018072 Dinosaur Egg
the lining of the 4" box. Three holes at the bot013124 Orange Cat
tom of the box allow you to use your fingers to
013127 Rabbit In Hat
control their movement.
013128 Raccoon
018076 Raccoon in Garbage Can
013129 Scruffy Dog
Glove Puppets (ages 3+)
013130 Tabby Cat
These adorable puppets are made of soft velour and fit hand sizes from child
013131 T-Rex
to adult. The puppets are designed so that the head, arms, and legs of each fig013132 Raptor
ure are controlled by the movements of your fingers. Encourage the develop018077 Woodpecker Family
ment of your child's oral language skills by using the puppets for story telling,
013133 Yellow Lab
songs, and other assorted verbal activities. Children will also be challenged to
stretch their imaginations as they write play after play for their puppets to perform for family, friends, and neighbors. These puppets are bound to keep your
children entertained for hours time and time again.
023535 Bear
023536 Bee
023537 Cat
023538 Caterpillar
023542 Dog
023543 Elephant
Tippy Toes Puppets (ages 3+)
023545 Ladybug
The cutest thing on two fingers! Tippy Toes are some of the most adorable
023546 Mole
finger puppets you'll find! Small, high-quality plush animals, two of their legs
023547 Mosquito
are made especially for fingers so they can "tippy toe" around. Little kids
023550 Pig
(and grown-ups too) will love these little
023551 Snail
guys! A variety of characters to choose
023552 Spider
023553 Wolf
Acorns Squirrel
Trotter Horse
Fleece Lamb
Soars Eagle
Sparky Dog
Tippysaurus Dinosaur
Castle Pattern (ages 3-12)
Build a full-size, life-like castle
using this pattern and pieces of
cardboard. Please note: cardboard
is not included but check with your
local furniture or appliance stores
for free large cardboard boxes. The
easy-to-construct model takes from
3-6 hours to make. Build it
for a party, use it for a
Medieval study, or just play
in it! Children can creatively paint and decorate
the completed castle. The
pattern creates a turret,
tower and chapel that fit
on the corners of a central
008874 9.50
Tabletop Puppet Theater (ages 4+)
A must for up-and-coming puppeteers! This little theater has all the essential
elements for an outstanding production: a chalkboard marquee along the top so
producers can change the performance title whenever they
wish, a red curtain that splits
down the middle to slide to both
sides or will slide as one piece to
either side, and a sturdy frame.
Theater folds flat for easy storage, and the side panels are
attached with non-pinch hinges.
Break a leg!
Puppet Theatre Pattern (ages 5+)
Build a full-size puppet theatre (or general store) using
this pattern and pieces of cardboard (not included check with your local furniture or appliance stores for
free large cardboard boxes). This could take around 26 hours to complete. The kids can paint and decorate
their theatre as they like. Parental help will be needed
with the cutting of the cardboard and overseeing the
construction and painting. Then let the fun begin as
their imaginations go wild with all the fun puppet
shows they will put on for you.
Family Doll Set (ages 4-10)
These multi-generation dolls are colorfully
dressed, wire-framed figures so they can be
posed in many ways easily. The set includes
seven dolls - mother and baby, father, grandma,
grandpa, a daughter, and a son. They come in
their own home-shaped box and can fit in most
dollhouses. Any girl would be happy to add
these dolls to her dollhouse collection.
Furnished Dollhouse
(ages 4-10)
This great dollhouse measures 22"x24"x17" and is made
out of white wood.
includes a built-in handle, and
the balcony and atrium of the
house can be removed for
easy access to the inside.
Features like opening doors and moving shutters add some realness to the
house. Two adult dolls and two child dolls are included which are proportional to the house. The house also comes with movable, attractive furniture including a sink with mirror, bathtub, toilet, a shelf with a television on
it, a coffee table, couch, chair, table, four kitchen chairs, a cabinet, refrigerator, a stove and sink, a clothing bureau, and a bed.
Fold & Go Dollhouse
(ages 4-10)
This wooden house with an
attached garage is made out of
white wood and can be folded
open to display the inside of the
house. A convenient carrying handle is attached to the roof of the
house. The lightweight and durable house features four rooms, opening doors,
and even a working garage door. Two dolls are included with the house, as are
twelve pieces of wooden furniture. When the house is folded together, it measures 11.5"x16"x10".
Fold & Go Barn (ages 3-8)
This wooden barn is painted red on
the outside and can be folded open to
display large stalls, stable doors, and a
hayloft. The barn doors are made to
slide open and a convenient carry handle is attached. Seven animals are included with barn including: a sheep, pig,
cow, goat, horse, turkey, and dog. Barn measures 14"x16"x10.5".
Fold & Go Easel (ages 4-12)
This handy easel provides a low-fuss area for kids
to create. The easel is double sided, with chalkboard and magnetic surfaces, and the easel easily
folds up for storage. Included with the easel are
paints, brushes, crayons, chalk, glue, and a paint
cup. Also included are four round magnets to hold
paper on the easel so children can work without
worrying about holding their paper in place. The
easel also features a convenient pull out storage
drawer to hold all your children's supplies for easy
access. Easel measures 16"x14"x3.5" when folded,
and it has a wooden handle for easy transport.
Make Your Own Dollhouse Furniture (ages 6+)
If you've ever wanted quality dollhouse furniture that was realistic looking and
durable, this is it. And even better, you get to personalize this furniture yourself!
These sets contain 6-7 pieces of plain wooden furniture for you to paint and
decorate with your own design. These sets include paints, stickers and helpful
hints. Solid or print? Floral or plaid? Stripes or polka-dots? It's up to you!
018420 Bathroom Furniture
Includes a sink, stand with drawers and shelves, bathtub, toilet, mirror/cabinet,
and a plain cabinet.
018421 Bedroom Furniture
Includes a double bed with pillows, wardrobe, dresser, two nightstands and two
018422 Kitchen Furniture
Includes sink, hutch, oven, table, and two chairs.
018423 Living Room Furniture
Includes couch, chair, television, television stand w/ drawers, end table and
Folding Wooden Castle (ages 4-12)
This thing is huge! The castle boasts of a courtyard, turrets, a dungeon, staircases, a drawbridge, and more. And it comes with 3 wooden dolls and a horse,
so your kids could be playing with this for hours. Set up stations and prepare for attack! Defend the queen and remember
your training! With this very sturdy castle, which
stands almost 1.5' tall, your children will conquer the
world and bring justice to all evil.
Folding Horse Stable
(ages 4-12)
For your child's homeless horses,
this wooden stable is like a miniature of the real thing. It features
seven working doors, a hayloft with a ladder, and a fenced in corral attached to
the stable. The stable can be folded out so you can get to the different stalls
inside it. When the stable is folded together, it measures 14.7"x20.5"x13". No
horses are included.
Bear Dress Up Puzzle (ages 3-8)
What a nifty idea! This small pine box has a lid that doubles as a puzzle frame,
with a teddy bear outline on its underside. Very much like a paper doll, this puzzle has several pieces that allow you to change the bear's clothes, shoes, and
even her facial expression. This 18-piece set
includes 6 complete outfits, 6 pairs of shoes,
and 6 different "moods"; happy, sad, surprised,
angry, asleep, and sick. Sturdy wooden pieces
make this a perfect choice for small hands that
have not yet developed the coordination necessary for cutting out paper dolls. With its
bright colors and versatility, Bear Dress Up is
sure to keep your little one busy for hours!
Magnetic Dress-up
Dolls (ages 3-8)
Magnetic Dress-Ups (ages 3-8)
These beautiful wooden doll sets each come
with their own stand and have over 20 colorWhat more could any litful, magnetic wooden pieces to create stylish
tle girl ask for than
outfits. They each come with a nice storage
Magnetic dress-up dolls?
box for when your little girls are done playing
They don't have to worry
with them for the day. 2 dolls to choose from.
about cutting or punching
025243 Ballerina
them out or having those
025244 Princess
little tabs on the clothes to
try and make them fit and
stay on. Presto - with these magnetic dolls, the clothes fit and stay on the first time and
every time thereafter! Each set includes two extra thick moveable dolls with at least ten
outfits and accessories to match! Also includes a 12"x 9" beautiful magnetic playboard
and re-usable storage pouch.
024500 Dance Recital
024504 In the Attic
024501 Dress for Winter
024505 Princess Set
024502 Fairies
024506 Tea Party
024503 Fashion Show
024524 Teddy Bears
Magnetic Dress-Up
Puzzles (ages 3-10)
Your little girls will have fun
with these! These magnetic
wooden dolls each come with
14 mix-and-match outfit
pieces and their own stand.
All are beautifully illustrated
and each piece fits back on the
puzzle board when not in use.
025231 Ballet
025232 Bedroom 6.95
Magnetic Playsets (ages 3-10)
These playsets have a 14"x18" playboard surface which is sealed with a clear, resilient
coating to make clean up easier. The boards fold in half to 14"x 9" for easy storage.
Each set includes several washable, durable vinyl magnets to play with on the playboard surface. The magnets are thicker than most for greater holding power. The
sets also include a re-usable storage pouch to help prevent losing pieces. Your kids
will have hours of fun creating endless combinations of scenes using their imaginations. These are great for travel too! 24 sets to choose from.
024487 African Adventure
024489 Ballet
024490 Beach
024491 Bugs
024492 Building Site
024493 Construction Site
024496 Dinosaurs
024498 Doll House
025633 Fairy Tales
024509 Farm
024529 Fire Fighters
024511 Forest
024513 Horse Show
025634 Noah's Ark
024516 Ocean
024517 On the Go
024518 Pet Shop
024520 Pirate
024521 Play House
024522 Railroad
024523 Rainforest
024525 Town
025635 When I Grow Up
024527 Zoo
Magnetic Dress Up
(ages 3-8)
This wooden box with a durable
plastic cover includes two flat,
wooden, female dolls with white tshirts and underwear painted on
them. These magnetic dolls are
about 9" tall and 2" wide, and come with their own stands. Over 32 clothing items and accessories to decorate the dolls are also included. These
clothing items are magnetic and affix themselves to the dolls quite strongly.
Items include three dresses, three pairs of pants, eight pairs of shoes, three
skirts, four long sleeved shirts, three short-sleeved shirts, three pairs of
shorts, one jacket, one backpack, three purses, and three hats.
Wonderboard Magnet Sets
(ages 4-12)
The fun never ends with these educational and entertaining magnet sets! Each
contains a 9"x12" magnetic board to hold
Small Magnetic Playsets (ages 3-10)
your unique designs. Perfect for both atSame as the magnetic playsets above except these play board surfaces open to
home and
12"x9" and fold up to 6"x9". Magnets have great holding power even in their small
on-the-go fun.
size. These are also great for travel.
017752 Build-A-Bug (39 pieces)
024488 Airport
017753 Create-A-Castle (105 pieces)
024494 Construction Site
017754 Dress-A-Doll (one doll plus clothes and accessories)
024497 Dinosaur
017755 Explore-A-Galaxy (68 pieces and solar system overlay)
025632 Fairies
017761 Junior Architect (150 pieces)
024510 Farm
017762 Make-A-Face (80+ pieces)
024519 Pet Shop
017763 Make-A-Monster (33 pieces)
024528 Zoo
017764 Wonder Wheels (6 vehicles plus accessories)
Magnetic Playset Tins (ages 3-10)
These magnetic tins provide the pieces and
play surfaces for hours of fun. When done
playing, the tin stores all the play pieces. Each
hinged box is 10"x8" and folds open for two
magnetic playing surfaces. Also great for travel!
024495 Dinosaur (4 scenes)
024499 Doll House (4 scenes)
024512 Fun With Shapes (40 magnets)
Write-Your-Own Magnetic Poetry
(ages 6+)
Write your own brilliant poetry with lines like "the sun
set over the ridge" as you attract your family and friends
to the fridge! Includes over 100 magnetic blanks of different sizes to write poetry with the watercolor pen
Harvest Time (ages 4+)
Secret Door (ages 5+)
Hurry! Winter is coming, and you and your
neighbors need to harvest your vegetables
before the snow comes! Each turn,
a roll of the die decides if you
get to harvest one of four
types of vegetables, slow the
progress of winter, or speed
it up. The goal is to get as
many of the vegetables harvested as possible before all
winter tiles are placed, so players can use their rolls to harvest their own vegetables, or, if
they've already harvested all of the vegetables of the color they roll, they can
harvest their neighbors and help them out! One of our favorite games when
my sisters and I were little, it was always exciting to see if you could harvest
all the vegetables before everything was covered with snow!
Inside a large mansion, 1-8 players must team up to find the stolen valuables and stop the thieves before midnight, when they plan to get away!
Players discuss ideas and
strategies, and try and figure
out what is behind the Secret
Door. Every game is different,
exciting and tricky - AND a race
to beat the clock! Not
just fun for the whole
family, this game exercises those memory and
critical thinking skills as
Winner of a
Parent's Choice Award.
A-MAZE-ing Labyrinth (ages 8+)
This constantly shifting maze game has
stood the test of time at our house, and has
continued to be one of our favorites for
years. The unique game board features
square maze tiles placed every other space.
The rest of the maze tiles are randomly
placed on the board around the immovable
ones at the beginning of each game, leaving
one remaining tile. All players start their
marker at a corner of the board, and are
dealt a number of treasure cards. Each
turn, a player picks up the extra maze tile,
and slides it into some row of the board, with the goal of being able to move his
marker down a complete path to the next treasure in his deck of cards. Once a
player has reached a treasure, they put that card down, and try to figure out how to
travel to the next one. It's not easy to plan though, as each player's turn could move
you further from your treasure - or move you clear to the other side of the board!
Note: Game board includes some “magic” treasures such as ghosts and fairies,
which may be undesirable to some families. Understanding this, we have always
included two identical sets of stickers with the game, so that you can cover items
without missing out on such a well-designed and unique game.
Silly Faces Colorforms Game (ages 4 to 8)
Another one of our favorites, young children particularly enjoy this
one. At the beginning of the game, everyone chooses a shiny, colorful cardboard blank face. Then the Colorform
pieces are spread out on the game board around
the spinner. Each turn, a player spins the spinner to determine which feature they can add to
their face. Players take turns collecting eyes,
noses, mouths, hair and more to add to their
faces. The first one to collect all the pieces
wins, but everybody always wants to
play 'til the end anyway to finish
their silly faces. The sturdy
Colorform pieces never wear
out, are hard to tear, and if
they "lose" their stick, just wipe
with a damp cloth to restore.
Finish Lines (ages 8+)
If your family is like ours, you like pulling out
"quotables" at different opportune times! In
"Finish Lines," you (or your team) is challenged
to finish a famous line from one of five
different categories: Quotables,
Challenge yourself to see
how many famous lines
you can recognize and
complete, but remember,
"It's not whether you
win or lose…!"
Rivers, Roads, and Rails (ages 4-8)
Another of our family "classics". 1-8 players are dealt a portion of the 140
sturdy cardstock cards, each with a portion of river, road, or railroad on it, in
some combination. Each turn, players lay down a card, attempting to match
and continue each river, road, or railroad. The goal is to use all your cards,
matching them up correctly to the growing map, but this grows more difficult
every turn!
between a puzzle and a game,
this enjoyable set is fun for
kids to "build roads", but
challenging and fun for older
kids too!
Finish Lines
Expansion Card Set
11-In-1 Game Compendium (ages 8+)
This quality hardwood set includes eleven "classics"; there's got to
be something for just about every game-lover here!
Set includes all boards, pieces and cards to play
Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Pachisi, Mancala,
Chinese Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, Snakes & Ladders,
Dominoes, Solitaire, and more. All pieces store in
the brightly-painted wooden drawers of the case for easy clean-up.
Sequence (ages 6+)
Gather round the table for some quality family time over the holidays
with this age-friendly game that puts the whole family on an equal playing field. The game includes a board portraying two of each card (in a
regular playing deck) excluding the jacks, two decks of playing cards, and
three colors of playing chips. Each player starts out with five cards in
their hand, with the object being to be the first player to create a
sequence of five of their colorod chips
in a row (horizontally, vertically, or
diagonally). Drawing a jack
allows a player to
either remove an
opponent's chip from
the board or play their
own wherever they desire.
This is an exciting game of
strategy that the whole
family can enjoy. Ours did!
Sequence for Kids (ages 4-6)
Sequence Travel Edition (ages 6+)
This version of Sequence deviates from the original in just a few minor ways.
The travel edition comes with only one deck of cards and only forty-eight cards
pictured on the board. Rather than chips, it includes pegs that can be pushed
into holes on the board so pieces aren't jostled in the car. It is contained in a
5"x8" travel case for easy storage.
Sequence Dice Game (ages 7+)
Same general concept as Sequence, but with
many deviations. Instead of card faces, the
board is composed of number squares, and
players roll two dice to try and get a sequence
of five numbers covered on the board. The
board contains 4 spaces each for numbers 212, exempting 10's and 11's. If a ten is
rolled, the player gets to
remove an opponent's chip;
if an 11 is rolled, the player
can place their chip on any
empty smace on the board.
This children's edition of the Sequence game features a board portraying all
kinds of colorful animals, two of each. 42 corresponding animal cards are
included; the first player to make a sequence of five is the winner. 2-4 players.
Squint (ages 9+)
You roll a three. Uh-oh. You need to construct a set of bagpipes out of the
shape cards - and get your fellow players to guess it before the timer runs out!
You reach for the shape cards and quickly sift through the assorted parts of
doodles printed on the cards while your family and friends yell out "cows!",
"porcupine!", "suitcase!". Can you do it? Harder than a game of Pictionary,
Squint challenges players to form objects out of a set of 72 Squint cards, each
containing random lines, doodles, curves and more. There are three challenges
on each card, ranked from 1 (easiest) to 3 (hardest). A roll of the die determines whether you will construct an easier or a more difficult object. The creators spontaneous "creativity" are sure to get a lot of laughs as the rest of the
players finally hear what the mysterious object they've been trying to guess really is! For 3-8 players.
Squint Jr. (ages 7+)
Easier in format for younger
children, this version of Squint features actual pictures on the challenge cards,
rather than printed words. This allows kids to simply re-create the picture using
the shape cards, rather than trying to make up their own representation of the
object. Sure, it sounds a little easier, but can you build it in time?
Oodles of Doodles (ages 12+)
You don't have to be an artist to play this game, but you do have to be a quick
"draw"! All players split up into two teams for this game, and decide on the
first "doodler". Each turn, the doodler must quickly draw eight objects well
enough for his teammates to identify the objects correctly… in 90 seconds or
less. To begin, the doodler draws a category card, and inserts it into the cardholder, so their teammates can only see the category, such as "Fluffy Things".
The reverse side of the card, shown only to the doodler, lists 8 objects from
the category that he or she will doodle. With "Fluffy Things", these could be
marshmallows, pillows, earmuffs, or rabbits. Then the doodler is off, hurriedly sketching objects
with a dry-erase pen
on the doodle board.
The more objects the
doodler's teammates
guess correctly, the
more points they win!
Double Pointer and
Doodle Duel liven up
the game with more
twists. Are you ready
to pit your doodling
skills against your
family and friends'?
Spy Alley (ages 8+)
It's spy vs. spy in this game of secrets and mindtwisting strategy! At the beginning of each game,
every player receives a spy identity card. The object is
to win the game in one of two ways: by
either collecting all of the spy items
(password, disguise, code book,
and key) for your spy's country
and then getting safely to your
country's embassy, or by looking
at the evidence on your opponent's
scorecards and removing other players by guessing their spy identity! Each
round, players may buy spy items, and
keep track of items they have bought on
their scorecard. Of course, the cards aren't
private, so players can easily figure out which
country you spy for if you are too obvious about
which country's spy items you buy! Thus, players
must strategize to win the game, deciding how to throw other player's off their
scent, as they collect the spy items they need to win. The concept is simple, the
deception is difficult! Although noted as 8 years and up, younger children are often
surprisingly good at this game! For 2-6 players
Clay Mania: The Frantic Sculpting Game (ages 7+)
Ready to start speed-sculpting? A great family night, or party game, players divide
into teams, with one member of each on opposite sides of a table. One player from
a team will draw a card, and he or she will start frantically sculpting it, while their team members just as
frantically must guess what it is! If the guesser yells
out the right answer within 45 seconds, they win a
token. Play continues, team by team, until all have
won a token. For even more craziness, divide up into
two-man teams, and both sides take turn
sculpting an object simultaneously while
all team members holler out guesses!
Already a proven and much-loved game
at our house, Clay Mania has also
won awards from Dr. Toy, Family
Fun Magazine, and was a Games
magazine Top 100 pick.
Telepaths (ages 7+)
How well do you know how your team member thinks? If you can guess it
right, it is definitely to your advantage in this often-hilarious word association
game! During most turns of the game, one team or another must look at a card
showing either a picture or a word, and write down a specified number of words
that they associate - or that they think their team member will associate - with the
word on the card. These frantic list-writings are timed, and Brainstorm cards,
which allow everyone to compete at once,
let teams go head to head! We think
(and we think you'll agree) that
these games go by much too fast.
You just have to keep playing!
This new game was an instant hit
in our home this year - and remains
one of our absolute
favorites. We would
definitely guess that
you'll like it too!
Basari: The Classic Game of Barter (ages 10+)
In the world of Basari, all players are merchants and they compete
to collect gemstones and points as they travel around the board.
Each turn, every player plays one of their action cards, which may
entitle them to collect more gemstones, gain points, or roll the die
for points. If two players play the same action
card, they must barter for the right to win that
action. The two players barter, using gemstones of different values to entice the other
player to give up their right to the action card.
If 3 or more people all play the
same card, nobody gets the
right to the action. Three
rounds are played, and
gemstones acquired
can constantly be
converted to points,
which each player kept track of
on the outside of the board. So, how
good are your bartering skills?
Similarius (ages 8+)
How well do you think you remember faces? Well enough to draw them
yourself? This hilarious sketching game challenges players to remember
various faces of the members of the Peapod family. At a glance, they all
look very much alike, but they do show some small differences! Between 2
and 5+ cards are laid out in the middle of the players, and the players are
given time to study them. After one minute, the cards are turned over, shuffled, and one is removed. Players then have one minute to remember and
replicate the missing person on the dry erase board! A few different sets of
included on the board
to help jog the players'
memory - but don't
count on those to bail
you out if your memory fails! A hilarious
addition to family
game night!
LINQ Game (ages 13+)
Not the missing link or the weakest link, but the matching linq! Four
players match wits as they
try and figure out who has
the matching cards. Each
round four cards are dealt
out, one to each player.
Two contain matching
words, the other two have
question marks. Players
have to give a one-word
clue related to the word
they hold; if they hold a
question mark they have
to bluff to try and throw
other players off track,
while trying to figure out
who has the matching cards. Two go-rounds are accomplished for each
word card, and players have to bid, gaining points (and spaces on the
board) for correct identification of those holding the matching Linq
cards, and losing spaces for incorrect matches. Bluff your way to the top
in this game of strategy!
Apples to Apples (ages 12+)
A favorite at our house, this hilarious association game often gets all of us laughing!
The game is centered around two decks of red apple cards and one deck of green apple
cards. First, 7 red apple cards are dealt to each player. These contain nouns like
"William Shakespeare", "a locker room", "Green Bay Packers", "mud", "chimpanzees",
and much more. One player is chosen to be a judge, and they flip up one of
the green apple cards, with an adjective on it, such as "awkward",
"obnoxious", or "fabulous". And if you don't know the meaning of an adjective just read the bottom - definitions are
included. Then each player must select the card in their
hand that best resembles that adjective, and the "judge"
decides who's card best fits that adjective, and that player
wins the green apple card. The player with the most green
apple cards wins. 4-10 players are recommended, and when
you play with 6 or more, a new twist is introduced, where the
last player to lay down a card doesn't get judged! So now you
have to be fast and creative! New crazy associations are made every
turn, and some of the unlikeliest matches will make everyone laugh!
Apples to Apples Expansion Sets
If you've played Apples to Apples as much as we have, maybe the cards, now familiar to all of you, have lost a little bit of their "punch". Four expansion sets are now
available, each with an all-different set of 288 cards.
008836 Expansion Set 1
022606 Expansion Set 3
010401 Expansion Set 2
022607 Expansion Set 4
Apples to Apples Customizable Cards
Add a more fun, personal dimension to your core Apples to Apples game with these
customizable, printable cards. Each set contains 32 red apple cards and 8 red apple
cards to customize. Simply visit the manufacturer's website, and it will guide you
through the process, resulting in your own professional-looking Apples to Apples cards
that look practically indistinguishable from the ones included with the game! Available
for both ink jet and laser printers.
018505 Inkjet
010402 Laser
Apples to Apples Junior
These junior versions of Apples to Apples are played exactly the same as the "core"
game above, but include nouns and adjectives appropriate for younger readers. Easy
for kids to learn, and hilarious to play, your kids will be breaking this one out often!
008837 Junior (age 7+)
Apples to Apples Party Crate & Box (ages 12+)
A more extensive game package, for those who want to start off
with LOTS of cards! The Apple Crate and Party Box sets both
contain all the cards from the original Apples to Apples game, as
well a the first two expansion sets, giving you a total of 1004 cards
to play with. Party Crate is packaged in a creatively designed
wooden "apple crate", while the less expensive Party Box is packaged in a regular game box.
019636 Apples to Apples Party Crate
025451 Apples to Apples Party Box
Apples to Apples Party Crate/Box Expansions
If you'd like to add even more cards to your Party Crate or Box,
these expansion sets each contain over 550 cards from the
Expansion Sets 3 and 4 for the regular Apples to Apples game.
Party Crate Expansion is packaged in a wooden crate, similar to
Party Crate game, while Party Box Expansion is packaged in a box.
025454 Party Crate Expansion #1
025452 Party Box Expansion #1
025450 Junior 9+ (age 9+) 13.50
Imatchination (Ages 8+)
If I said "Christmas," what words
come to your mind? Snow, red,
trees, lights, presents, December, holiday, garland? Imatchination is a
word association game, played by
teams of two. During each round, one
of the 220 cards included is pulled from
the box, and depending on the
roll of the dice, one of the four
items off the card is chosen (each card contains 2 words and two pictures). Then all players have one minute to write down as many
words as they associate with the word or picture. Points are awarded to each team according to the number of matches they have, and special spaces along the board allow a team
to do a solo round that only they receive points for. It's a race to the finish as you try to
"read" your partner's mind!
Paired Up (ages 12+)
The clue might be "Jesus' parents" - the answer: Mary and Joseph! 36 players or teams go head to head in this game of famous pairs. One
team member (or player if playing singly) gives clues, the other tries
to name the pair, trying to get as many of the four correct pairs per
card as they can within a 45-second time limit. Points vary as a die
is rolled at the beginning of each turn to determine how many points
a correct pair will earn! Intense and challenging, this game promises
fun times all around!
026475 Paired Up
026476 Paired Up Junior (ages 7+) 12.95
Missing Link (ages 12+)
Quick, what's the "missing link" in this list? Mongomery, Juneau, and Little
Rock. Hmmm… you might figure out that these are all capital cities in states
beginning with an 'A'. Now, since you have Alaska, Alabama, and Arkansas here,
which 'A' state might be missing? Arizona - yes! And the capital - Phoenix! All
right, now if your team
guessed that answer within the time limit, you've
just won two links. If
you guessed it, and time is
already up, you win one
link. All players divide up
into teams and each
round they are presented
with this type of challenge, and try to figure
out the "missing link" in
the word list before time
is up. Play continues
back and forth until all links have been won, and the team with the longest chain
wins the game. Over 300 double-sided cards are included, offering plenty of challenges from geography, sports, advertising, entertainment, literature, and more.
Smart Mouth (ages 8+)
How fast can you think on your
feet? Use the “Letter Getter” to
dispense a pair or letter tiles, like
‘C’, or ‘E’. Then, quickly think
of a word that starts with a ‘C’
and ends with an ‘E’. Just be the
first person to yell out an answer
(like creativ e, compete, or casserole) to win the letter tiles. The
player or team with the most letter tiles at the end of the game wins! Several interesting variations, like the Name Game and Trump Time, are described in the
Smart Mouth instructional booklet. Game includes 36 pairs of letter tiles, with
‘F’, ‘I’, ‘J’, ‘U’, ‘V’, ‘X’ and ‘Z’ ommited for simiplicity.
Trhyme Game (ages 12+)
Challenge your friends and family in this "game of
Time, Intellect, and Rhyme"! Players advance by
answering Trhyme's (a set of three answers that
rhyme) with gradually decreasing time
increments as they move
toward the center of the
board (starting with 60
seconds, than thirty, and
finally only fifteen!).
For instance, a player
may get the following
clues: 1) What you
decorate, 2) A frenzied shopping trip, and 3) A joyful feeling, with the
trhyme answer being tree, spree, and glee, get it? Be prepared to steal a
Tryhme from a player who cannot answer it or to block a player from winning the game!
Jumble (ages 7+)
Taking the opposite approach as many other word games, this one challenges players to unscramble a given set of letter tiles to find a specific word! Three levels of
difficulty make play more challenging and interesting. Players roll the die to determine the difficulty they will play at, and receive the letter tiles they will need to unscramble. If
you're stumped, trade in a clue
tile to receive a hint. Sure,
maybe you can make a few
words out of the tiles, but
how easy is it to use them all?
Addictionary Game (ages 8+)
Addictionary: the Addictive Word Game - the name says it all.
To start the game, each player is dealt seven cards, and the first
player forms a three letter word out of his set of cards. Play
then passes on to the next player who must change the word by
replacing letter(s) or adding letter(s) to the previous word, or
covering letter(s) at the beginning or end of each word. After
each turn, players draw again from the pile so they always have
seven cards. Scoring is done at the end of each player's turn by
adding up the cards' values (shown in the upper right hand corners). Each player only
has two minutes to change the word, so they need to think fast! Game includes spinning 9-slot
card holder, letter cards, timer, scoring pad and pencil. For 2-4 players.
Gotta Be Quick! (ages 8+)
So maybe you can string together letter cards
to make random words, but can you be quick
enough to construct words to answer a question? At the beginning of this fast-paced word
game, players are dealt a stack of letter tiles,
then the dealer asks a question such as "name
the parts of a cow", or "name something red in
color". Then everyone scrambles to come up
with an answer from the tiles and yell it out first!
Tiles are two-sided, so the options are endless,
but players need to think fast to use them!
For 2 + players.
Pick Two (ages 8+)
Is it a Scrabble game gone wild, or a fast-paced wildlygrowing crossword without a board? The game includes
180 sturdy plastic letter tiles, and instructions for several
different games (Pick Two and Count Down) and unique
versions of these games. In Pick Two, players race against
each other to use up all their letter tiles by creating their
own crossword. Unlike other word-building games, you
can break down words, and create new ones as you try to
use all the letter tiles! In Count Down, players race
against a timer, and try to build the biggest crossword
with the most tiles before time is up. Because there are no
turns, and everyone is working on their own puzzle,
games go quickly, and everyone can compete! Of course,
words do have to be spelled correctly in order to be used!
With so many play options, and plenty of tiles for multiple players, this is one of our favorite word games!
WordXChange (ages 9+)
This game offers a unique twist to
the basic idea behind Scrabble and
other word games. 2-4 players
compete to be the first to stockpile
six words. Each player begins by
drawing a single letter tile. Then,
five letters are taken from the bag
and placed face-up on the board,
and the first player tries to form a
word from those letters and his
own letter, if he wishes. Game
continues to the next player who
gets five new letter tiles, but also
has the option of adding to the
first players word and stealing it! It is a game that relies heavily on both offensive
and defensive strategy - you have to recognize opportunities to steal from your
opponents while creating words that won't be easily stolen! Includes game pad,
126 letter tiles, 14 plastic trays, a digital timer, and an instruction booklet.
WordXChange Junior
(ages 4-9)
A variance of WordXChange specially
adapted for younger players. Instead
of players have to create their own
words, magnetic word cards are
included which are prep-printed with
base words and a list of nine anagrams
(i.e. "act" is an anagram of "cat"). Six
word card are placed around the
board, with the suggested anagrams
hidden. Once a player draws the right tiles to complete a word, they get that word
and the word list is revealed which then allows other players the opportunity to
easily identify tiles they need add in order to steal the word away. The first player
to accumulate 5 word cards wins!
WordXChange Junior Booster Packs (ages 4-9)
Each booster pack offers 20 new cards to WordXChange Junior with increasing
levels of difficulty. Level 1 is simply additional "fresh" words of the same level as
the cards included in the game, Level 2 doubles the options with lists of eighteen
words formed from the base word, giving players twice as many chances to steal
words, and Level 3 offers only a list of nine suggested letters or letter groups that
can be added to the base word without giving the actual word.
029890 Level 1
029891 Level 2
029892 Level 3
Quiddler (ages 8+)
Each round, every player is
dealt three cards, and the
number of cards dealt goes
up each round. Players are
challenged to use all their
cards in their hand to make
a word or several. After a
player uses all his or her
cards, everyone else gets one
more turn to use up their
cards, before unused cards are deducted from their points. Cards include
single-letter cards and combination cards such as "cl", "er" and "in". An
extra 10 bonus points are awarded to the person with the longest word!
Instructions included for both multiple-player and solitaire games.
(ages 11+)
Think you're good at
word puzzles? You may
want to give this one a try!
Each round, a word puzzle is
revealed, and each player
races to see who can get
the answers first. All
clues/questions are based
on anagrams, where the
answer can be found by rearranging words found in the
clue to form the answer. Clues
are included for 24 different games, each consisting of 20 anagram puzzles. An example of a clue might be "a chef reacts when asked to provide
food service". The answer, rearranged from "reacts" is "caters". Once
the first player comes up with an answer, he or she turns over the timer,
and everyone else races to answer too. When the time is up, everyone
must reveal their answer; if the first player got it right, they may move two
spaces, and all other players that arrived at the right answer move one
space. A quick, word-bending mind is to your advantage here! Game
includes board, clue cards, answer sheets, pockets, sand timer, instructions, 6 markers and 6 pencils. For 2-6 players.
My Word! (ages 6+)
Gotta be fast on this one!
Letter cards are dealt out on
the table in a row, and the
first person who can pick
out a word of 3 letters or
more from the cards on the
table and yells it out wins
the cards! Everyone can
play simultaneously, and the
cards on the table are always
changing, so it makes for a continuously fast-paced, word-finding competition that only ends when the cards
run out! Great for parties, family nights, and any time there are more
players around than all those "up to 4-player" games can handle! Original
version contains both single and double-letter cards, while Junior version,
geared for younger kids, contains only single-letter cards.
014119 My Word!
014120 My Word! Junior
Take Four Game
(ages 7+)
If your family enjoys scrabble, they will love Take
Four! With the added element of speed, players
compete to compile their
own crossword. Play begins
with each player grabbing
four of the 96 included letter tiles and forming a word.
As soon as one player has
accomplished this they yell "Take Four," and each player must grab four new tiles
and assemble (and re-assemble) them into words with their original four tiles.
This continues until all the tiles are gone, and one player has them all built into a
crossword-style arrangement. Watch out - any unused tiles count as points against
you at the end of the game! Perhaps you're good at Scrabble, but can you handle
the speed of Take Four?
Word Rummy (ages 7+)
Wordigo (ages 8+)
Think of this as a crossword-like version of
Scrabble. The object of the game is to race
against your opponents while forming words
along designated paths. Each player plays
with his or her own game board and set of letter tiles. After selecting which board to use
(there are four to choose from but all
players must use the same board type),
players each draw eight tiles from their
individual sets and simultaneously form
words along the paths. Paths must be
played in numerical order, and after each
word is played, additional letter tiles are drawn so that there are always eight tiles to
work with. Tiles may be discarded by any player at any time, but are no longer available to that player after the initial discard. Players race to complete all of the paths
on their board while attaining the highest point score before the time runs out.
Although rapid word formation is the essence of the game, strategic letter placement is just as crucial. For 1-8 players.
Letterflip (ages 7+)
A fun and challenging cross between
Guess Who? and Wheel of Fortune,
this is a word game where it pays to
be both observant and word-smart!
Each player has a game board, which
features all the letters of the alphabet, on flip-up tabs. When the game
begins, all tabs are up, and both players select a card. Then let the questions begin! Each player asks the other player about specific letters in their word like
"does your word have a 'D'?", to which the other player will answer yes or no. Letters
that are not in the word can be flipped down. Players each play with a word of the
same number of letters, so neither person holds a clear advantage. As you might
guess, the first player to guess the word wins the round!
Mad Libs (ages 5+)
Perfect for long car rides, loads of fun for parties, and even great for a
brush-up on your parts of speech, these simple, classic word games are
always fun and often hilarious! Each pad of Mad Libs features a selection of
short stories, letters, songs, and articles with twenty-some key words missing.
Each blank in the story features the type of part of speech printed underneath, so no matter what crazy adverb they supply to fill it in, it at least makes
sense grammatically! Use the top page to gather your nouns, adjectives,
verbs, adverbs, numbers, exclamations, and more, fill in the blanks, read
aloud, and just try to make it through without laughing so hard you can't talk!
006727 Camp Daze Mad Libs
027260 Christmas Carol Mad Libs
006723 Goofy Mad Libs
006726 Kid Libs
008243 Mad Libs 40th Anniversary Deluxe
008590 Mad Libs From Outer Space
019651 Mad Libs in Love
008997 Mad Libs on the Road
001471 Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Libs
006724 Off-the-Wall Mad Libs
006720 Original Mad Libs
019766 Slam Dunk Mad Libs
006721 Son of Mad Libs
006722 Sooper Dooper Mad Libs
007826 Upside-Down Mad Libs
006725 Vacation Fun Mad Libs
027261 Worst-Case Scenario Mad Libs
Pit your word-making skills against other players in
Word Rummy. Use the seven cards in your hand to create any word (of three letters or more). You get points
for each word you form, but beware - any other player
may steal your word, add to it and switch it around to
make their own word, so it's definitely to your advantage to form words that would be
hard to change around to make a
new word! An exciting game where it
pays to watch your opponent's words
as closely as your own!
WordSense (ages 11+)
This fast paced word game will
have you racing to think up acceptable words first. 31 tiles hold every
letter of the alphabet plus special
double letter tiles (st, ll, th, ed, ea).
Players take turns flipping up to five
tiles and racing their opponents to
think of words containing those letters. Whoever
wins the round claims those tiles, and so play continues until all the tiles
are used. For easy play, exclude the double letter tiles and difficult letters.
For more challenging variations play that words cannot start with the letters on the tiles, or that the letters must be used in adjacent order. Or use
the “steal” die to allow you to steal tiles from other players to become the
game tiles - thus allowing you to keep them if you win the round. The
game comes with everything you need contained in a small, durable box.
Word Trek (ages 10+)
You draw a card, and the
words on top read "fast ball".
Can you change the first word
into the second? To win each
round, a player must do this by
changing one letter at a time, or
by rearranging all the letters but each intermediate word
must be a real word too! Players
race against each other to come to a solution. Let's see… change "fast" to
"mast", then "mast" to "malt", then "malt" to "mall", then "mall" into "ball".
Good job! Compare notes with the other players - if several come to a solution,
the player who solved the puzzle in less changes wins the point! Some word
changes are easy, while others take a lot of thinking, challenging spelling skills,
vocabulary, and mental acuity. 216 puzzles - and solutions are included.
Sentence Says (ages 9+)
A reverse-acronym game where players are challenged to form a sentence
conforming to a drawn topic out of a
collection of letters. The number of
letters and the time allotted to each
player or team are randomly assigned
by rolls of the die. The topic card is
flipped over; for instance, a player may
have thirty seconds to form a sentence
out of the letters C, T, W, S, and H with
the topic of beverages and could make
the sentence "Hot Chocolate Warms
The Soul". It's not always easy, my sister and I once had 30 seconds to construct a sentence out of X, Q, J, W, Z, and K!
Magnetic Dart Game (ages 6+)
Throwing darts can be a lot of fun,
unfortunately, the sharp points on most
darts make it unsafe for younger children
(and unprotected walls as well). This
product provides a safe alternative without taking away from the game. The set
includes six magnetic darts without tips
that are shorter than a regular dart but
have been professionally weighted. A
reversible magnetic mat made out of
fabric is also included. The two different styles of dartboards featured provide dozens of game possibilities. The
mat measures 18.75"x14.75" and is black with a medieval font to give the board
a renaissance feel. A thin rope is attached to the top of the mat with a plastic
bar so it can easily be hung on any surface (and is easily stored in the rare case
when it is not in use). Instructions on how to play different games and the
proper throwing technique are included.
Shipwrecked (ages 11+)
You and your fellow players are all shipwrecked on an island. You all
made it this far, but now you need to gather some essentials to survive. To
do this, you need to bid against your fellow players for these essentials. All
players start off with a certain number of gemstones,
and cards are turned up on the board. Players go
around the board bidding for the card using Pass, Stop,
and Strike cards. Smart bidding will get you far, but
guessing correctly how other players will play their
cards will net you even more!
An exciting mix of strategy,
lots of guessing, and even
more fun, you may even look
forward to being shipwrecked!
Fish Eat Fish Game (ages 8+)
In this fast-paced board game, players (and their fish) duke it out with
each other to see who will go home
with the biggest "catch of the day".
Each player begins with 5 stackable fish
and a set of Challenge cards. As the
game begins, players each place fish
on the board, with no two fish of
the same color placed adjacently, and
then the fish can begin to attack each
other! Fish attacks are similar to the
game of "War", with a few twists. Number cards
may decide the winner of the fight, but Octopus
and Shark can give the player an advantage too.
After stacks of fish reach five fish high, the stack is
removed from the board and are given to the player whose fish is on top to add to his "catch" pile. At
the end of the game, whoever has caught the most
fish is the winner! Kids will love challenging other
fish to fight, and being able to "gobble them up"
when they win!
Large Concentric Circles Dart Board (ages 4+)
Now even your tiniest tots can play darts
safely. This colorful magnetic dart board
contains six "Kid-Safe" darts with no
sharp points and the board centers are
formed of foam. It employs the world's
strongest magnets (Neodymium) to ensure
they'll stick on contact. The dart board is
11.75" in diameter with scores ranging
from 20 points to 100.
Face-It (ages 5+)
This unique game was designed to be played and enjoyed by both young
children and adults. For children, the challenge is in matching, counting, and
adding, while adults will enjoy the strategy players must use to win. All players start with 4 randomly-drawn faces, and a set
of coins numbered 1-5. Each turn, players can
play up to four faces of the same color on the
board as a group. By adding to groups of the
same color, players score points for similar faces
in a group, or points for
each face played. After
playing, players can collect their point payment
from the player on their right, who must
give the player that amount of their
coins. Special white "sneaky" faces let
players steal faces from their opponents.
Play continues until all faces have been played and only the sneaky face is left,
with the highest score winning. A Games Magazine 100 pick.
Penguin Ultimatum (ages 10+)
This unique strategy game challenges players to think carefully about which cards
they play, and which they keep. Players in this game have all been chosen to plan
and orchestrate the penguin "party of the century". They are in charge of inviting penguins to the party, placing the entertainers, and making sure guests are
happy. Each turn, players add another penguin to the playing surface, move an
invitation marker to a guest without one, and score the effectiveness of a party
entertainer on the surrounding guests. Players win points if "special guests" with
invitation markers are entertained, meaning that they share the same card color, or
enjoy the activity that the entertainer is performing (unicycling, singing, etc.)
Entertainer cards are also worth
points at the end, so will you lay it
down and risk your players winning points for it amusing their
guests or decide to keep it? A
unique storyline, but a fun and
challenging strategy game all
Who Stole Ed's Pants? (ages 11+)
The perfect gift for the strategist. This game
is for 3-4 players who try to incriminate the
other players while maintaining their own
innocence. Players use Evidence, Fact, and
Witness cards to incriminate others, deincriminate themselves, and increase their
credibility; when one type of card runs out,
play ends, and someone becomes Ed's new
Traverse (ages 9+)
An addicting strategy
game, Traverse has
received the "Best of the
Games magazine and
was a Parents' Choice
Mancala (ages 5+)
Award Winner. Players
This classic strategy game originating in Africa offers a fun and hands-on
assemble their pieces on
strategy challenge for players of all ages. Players move colored stones from
the checkerboard-like
hole to hold in the game board, and into their "store" at the end of the pine
playing board, with the
board. They can even acquire other player's stones by placing a stone in one
objective of moving all
of the empty holes on the game board, and scooping up all the stone in the
pieces from the starting
hole opposite the empty one. Play goes on until one side of the board has
row to the destination
no more stones, and the player with the most stones is the winner.
row opposite. However, there is a twist - differently-shaped pieces move in
different ways: round pieces move in any direction, square pieces move in
4 directions, diamonds move diagonally, and triangles move in 3 directions. Checkers 2000 (ages 7+)
These moves combine for fast-action jumps and maneuvers. Both levels of
Don't be fooled by the word "checkers" in the title play strengthen observation skills and strategic thinking as players race to
besides the number of round pieces, there is nothing
move all their pieces first to their destination. Trickier than checkers, but
else very similar to the actual game of checkers. Each
less challenging than chess. For 2-4 players.
of the two players' pieces are numbered from 1-12, and
are arranged in any order on the diamond-shaped
board. The object of the game is to
Quick Chess (ages 6+)
capture your opponent's #12 piece.
This introduction to chess brings kids up to Pieces can move forwards and
speed gradually. Game includes a full-sized board backwards, jumping both their
and full set of chess pieces, but beginners start own and their opponent's pieces learning the intricacies of chess by playing first but there is a catch! For a piece to
with only pawns. As they begin to grasp be able to jump another, its number
the game, they progress through ten must be equal or higher to the piece
different levels of play until they're it's trying to jump. So low-numbered pieces can be easily eliminated, while
quickly up to speed - or even better powerful 11's and 12's can eliminate a lot of other pieces! Try different stratethan Dad! Game includes a splash- gies every time, but watch out - one wrong move and your #12 could be gone!
proof board, 32-piece full chess set, and 009396
easy-to-follow instructions with lots of diagrams. Winner of a Parent's Choice Classic Award, and a Dr. Toy award.
Gobblet (ages 6+)
Gobblet puts a fun, satisfying "hungry" spin on the classic fun of tic-tac-toe.
Tic Tac Chec (ages 6+)
Although Chess is the ultimate
game of strategy, learning to
play the complex game is often
frustrating for beginners and
This scaled-down
introduction to chess acquaints
children to the game with a 16square game board and 8 pieces one pawn, one knight, one bishop and
one rook for each player. Players take
turns placing their pieces on the board,
and then moving them and capturing the other
player's pieces. Once captured, however, the
piece is returned to the owner, and it is put back
into play. The player who aligns all four of his
pieces in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally is the winner. The small size, less intimidating format and quick set-up all add up to make it
a perfect strategy game to share with kids, while
the short game times keep it fun and challenging
enough to play over and over. Game includes
hardwood pieces, 5"x5" board, and brief instructions. Winner of a Games magazine Top 100
award, a Dr. Toy and Edusource Top 10 choice.
Basically, two players attempt to line up four of their twelve pieces on the 16square board. The catch? Each players hollow pieces come in three different
sizes, and unfortunately for the smaller pieces, they can be "gobbled up" by bigger pieces! If one player places one of their smallest pieces on the board, and
their opponent would like that square, he or she may place a larger piece right
over it to steal the space! However, you can take it back if you have an even larger piece available! Lots of
strategy comes into play as
players must decide when to
use - and not use those biggest
pieces. Game is constructed
out of hardwood, and all components fit neatly inside the
Gobblet Jr. (ages 4+)
A more scaled-down, simpler version of Gobblet for
younger kids. Each player has six brightly-painted pieces
(two of each size), which are played on a 9-square board.
They must line up three of them on the board in order to
Abalone (ages 8+)
In this award-winning strategy game, the object is to move your marbles around the board, and try to push your
opponent's marbles off the board. Sound
simple? Well, maybe, but there are a lot of
strategic variables coming into play. You
can only push marbles if you are pushing with more marbles than the other
player (for example, you could push two
of his marbles with three of yours), but it
may take several moves, and meanwhile, he
or she could be simply getting out of the
way (or recruiting more marbles to
their aid!). Simple to learn,
but challenging to win,
strategy-lovers will enjoy
this one.
Blokus (ages 5+)
A tactical (and addicting) game
of strategy. 2 to 4 players can
complete here, as all race to get all
of their plastic Tetris-shaped
pieces on the board. There is a
catch, however - a player's own
pieces may touch only at the corners! Strategy comes into play as
players discover which pieces they
need to get out on the board early,
and how to best block other players from filling the board. Games
go by so surprisingly quick you
almost have to play another and
another… Europe's 2002 Game
of the Year.
Quarto! (ages 8+)
We just love games that are fast-paced, thought-provoking, challenge
thinking skills AND give kids the chance out outwit Mom and Dad!
We know you guys love these mind-stretching strategy games - and this award-winning This attribute-matching game gives thinking skills a workout as play"maze game" is one of our favorites as well! By the same makers as Quarto!, this tricky ers pick a playing piece, give it to their opponent, and he or she must
game challenges players to move their pawns from one side of the square board to the play it on the board with the goal of matching attributes of four
other. Each player has one
pieces in a row or four in a square. Pieces are keyed to attributes of
pawn, and they must move,
height, shape, color, and solid/hollow. Two players contend at a time,
one space at a time across
with the winner yelling "Quarto!" when he or she succeeds. Game
the board. Each turn they
includes sixteen hardwood playing pieces are durable wooden gamemay either move forward,
board. Also available in a less expensive magnetic travel edition.
backward, right or left OR
Winner of a Parent's Choice, Mensa Select, and Top 100 Games
place one of his or her
small wooden walls to
006184 Wooden 25.25
impede the progress of
016964 Travel
another player. The only
restriction is that you cannot completely wall in your opponents. 2-4 players can play at a time, which changes
the character of the game dramatically. With two players, it's a fierce and intense struggle to the end; with three or more players, every move will impact someone for the
worse or better! Game play lasts from 10-20 minutes, and ties are impossible, although
there are a lot of close wins. Winner of Game of the Year Award in 1998.
000703 Quoridor
Quoridor (ages 6+)
Quixo (ages 6+)
Quixo is similar to the game of
tic-tac-toe with the exception
that it is played on a constantly
shifting board, allowing for all
kinds of possibilities! The
game begins with all 25 cubes
arranged in a 5 x 5 pattern
on the board, blank side up.
Cubes each also have a side
with an 'X' and a side with
an 'O', and both players will
pick which symbol they
want to play with. Each turn, players select a blank cube, or one with
their own symbol on it from the outside row, and then replace at the
end of any of the rows made incomplete by the removal of the cube.
This shifts all the cubes in this row, which ideally moves you closer to
your goal, and frustrates your opponent's plans! A simple strategy
game that is easy enough for young children to learn, but challenging
enough for adults to enjoy too. All pieces are of sturdy wood construction, and game is available in two sizes, a larger "classic" size, and
a smaller travel edition with a 7" diameter board.
020911 Classic
020912 Travel
Sahara (ages 6+)
While we're used to moving diagonally or in straight lines like in checkers or
chess, this unique game challenges players to move in a triangular fashion.
The game consists of a hexagonal leather mat printed with light and dark triangles and a set of 12 wooden pyramids, six light and six dark. At the beginning of the game, the pyramids are
placed around the edges of the
board. To move, players tip or roll
their pyramids to an empty triangular space, with the goal of surrounding an opponent's pyramid
on all sides. With six pyramids to
move around the board, it's difficult to keep all your pyramids out
of harm's way while trying to capture one of your opponent's! Well
designed to be easy to learn, but
difficult to master!
Doubles Wild (ages 8+)
(ages 12+)
Strategy rules in this
unique dice game where
the object is to "knock"
your opponent's dice off
the board and into the
gutter. The hexagonal
board somewhat resembles a honeycomb, and
each player moves his or
her 9 dice around the
board. The twist here is
that these dice come in
three different shapes; pyramids, cubes, and diamonds. Once rolled, the dice
can only move as far as the number on its face during any turn. If no dice are
in the moving die's way, it is simply moved, but if it runs into an opponent's
die, the opponent's die must continue the move! And, if moved too far, it will
of course fall off the board and into the gutter. But a guttered die may not be
all that bad, as they can actually block other dice from landing in the gutter! A
challenging 2-player game.
3 Stones (ages 8+)
Enjoyed by gamers for centuries, 3 Stones
is very simple to learn, but the balanced
blend of luck and strategy makes it a new
challenge every game! Each player must
draw a stone (white, black, or clear) unseen
from the black bag, and place it on the wooden board. White or black stones belong to
their respective players, but clear stones serve
as "wild cards" and can help either player. The
stone must be placed in the same row or column as your opponent's last placed stone.
Players that form a row of 3 stones in
their color (and clear stones) score. The
game grows more challenging as it progresses - as the board fills up, will the stone
you place help you or your opponent? Winner of
a Mensa Select, a Parent's Choice Honors, and a Dr. Toy award.
Create Your Own Game (ages 6+)
For all creative individuals and latent game-inventors out there, this
customizable game makes it easy to take your game ideas to actual
game format in much less time than it will take you to make that game
board out of a cardboard box! Inside this box you'll find a blank white
heavy cardstock 21"x15" game board, 20 thick 2.25" square cards, 110
blank game cards, a bag of small plastic chips in five colors, two wooden dot dice, one number die, and four colored pencils. Pull out your
finished game and
surprise the whole
family on game
This easy-to-learn game challenges players to place three or more of their
chips in a row. A roll of the dice decides where a player must place a chip,
but if it reveals a space you don't want, you get a second chance to roll! Doubles are
always wild, so if they are
rolled, the player can place
his chip anywhere. With up
to four players competing at
once, players are simultaneously building rolls, blocking
opponents, and battling for
control of a square. Winner of
Mensa Select and Parent's
Choice Honors awards.
Diangle (ages 8+)
Each turn, players roll six dice, and try to move both up and down
their triangle shaped board in one turn. A new challenge appears at
every turn as players try to manipulate their dice around the board,
using the powerful "little red numbers" to try and
help them. A fun mix of strategy, luck, and
concentration, this little game offers something for all kinds of game-players.
Make Your Own-Opoly (ages 7+)
Sure the original game of Monopoly is a lot of fun, and everybody knows they
want Boardwalk and Park Place… but what if you could design your own version
of Monopoly substituting names of places and things that are familiar (or a familiar joke) to your whole family? This unique game kit gives you just the option to
do that. The game includes a basic Monopoly-like board, minus names and pictures, six game board markers, two dice, self-stick printable labels, paper of different colors, a CD-ROM and a Game Board Publishing booklet/clip art guide. Pop
in the CD-ROM and you can custom-design your own labels for the box, stickers
for the game board squares, print your own custom money (even using family
member's photos), your own "good news" and "bad news" cards, property deed
cards, and more.
We're guessing this
Monopoly version is
bound to be a hit!
Computer requirements:
Pentium Processor,
Windows 98 or later,
CD-ROM drive, 32M
of RAM, and a color
inkjet or laser printer.
Gold Digger (ages 6+)
Wheedle (ages 5+)
Players can stake claims and mine gold in this quick-playing game - but
watch out for those bags of fool's gold! There are six different, available
mines, and each player can stake up to three of
them, and mines can also be shared between
players. Gold cards are played beneath the
mines, determining how many bags of gold
are yielded by the mine, but worthless fool's
gold cards are also played, lessening a mine's
overall value. The challenge is staking claims
when there are still mines available, but also waiting it out so
that the mine you claim isn't
filled with just fool's gold!
An easy game to teach to
kids, but fun for everyone, this is a
For months, not a night could go by without my younger siblings "wheedling"
for a game of Wheedle. Why so addicting? Maybe it's the fast-paced, competitive play as players all race to buy majority stock in as many companies as they
can! To start each game, cards are dealt to the players, and one is left face-up in
the middle. Then the race is on as cards are being thrown out and traded left
and right.
remember that the
card in the middle
when the game is
over is the one that
goes bankrupt! Did
we mention that
games are quick?
Each hand lasts only
about five minutes,
with games lasting a
half hour or less!
great family game night pick!
Blink (ages 6+)
It's a taunting title, because in this fast-paced game, you really don't have
time to blink! Players are dealt a hand of cards, each with shapes and objects
in different colors and numbers on them. As the first card on the draw pile
is uncovered, players must try to play a card on it that matches its color, number or shape - but be quick, because other players will most definitely have
some sort of match, too!
Players all race to get rid of
their cards, and the first
player out of cards is the
winner! A great, easy-tolearn game for kids to hone
their observation skills, and
a terrific game for sharpening Mom's and Dad's visual
skills too!
SET (ages 6+)
It's fast-paced, challenging, AND lots of fun! And, because it's based on quick
thinking and observational skills, young kids with sharp eyes with can play very
competitively with their older siblings and parents! The game is simple; twelve
cards are laid down between the players, and they race to see which three cards
form a "set". Cards feature different shapes and symbols in different colors, and
shading patterns, and a set includes three cards that share some characteristic.
There's no turns, and no waiting - the first player who can make a set wins a
point. Chosen by MENSA as a top mind game, this is one game that plays quickly and never gets old (at least from our experience!)
Qwitch (ages 6+)
Speed-lovers, start your engines; this game is for you! The object of this game
is simple - each card features a letter and a number from A-H and 1-8. Cards
are dealt out to all players, and one remaining card is turned over on the table.
The dealer rolls the die, and which reveals either a '+', '-' and '=' signs. If a '+'
is rolled, the next card played has to be exactly on letter or number higher than
the current card, so if the card on the table said
C-6, a card with either a D or a 7 could be
played. Similarly, if a '-' sign is rolled, the card
played would have to have to have a letter or
number one lower than the card on the table,
and if a '=' sign is rolled, the card played would
have to match one of the numbers or letters of
the card. As soon as the card on the table is
revealed, it's an all-out scramble for
players to play all their cards. There
are no turns, so everyone is
constantly throwing down cards and
changing the play card!
Snap It Up! Match Three (ages 4+)
A fast-paced card game that challenges kids to make logical connections
between objects to match sets
of three cards. The cards,
each featuring a picture of an
object area are dealt to each
player, with the remainder in
the center pile. Players must
make a match between the top
card in the center pile and two
they hold in their hand. What
do football helmets, goggles,
and earmuffs all have in common? They're all things you
wear on your head! The first
player to make three "logical"
matches is the winner!
Over and Out (ages 7+)
Phase 10 Card Game (ages 8+)
A simple, fast-paced game
that's easy to learn and
requires basic math skills,
some strategy, and maybe just
a little luck! Each player is
dealt four cards, and a "Tip
Top" card is uncovered. Each
turn, every player must lay
down a new card on the pile
begun on the "Tip Top" card,
add the number on his or her
card to the current total, and
announce it to the other players, as long as the "Tip Top"
number is not exceeded. Depending on the cards a player has, they may also be
able to subtract from the total, multiply the total, change the direction of play,
or even choose a new "Tip Top" card. If a player is unable to play a card without exceeding the "Tip Top" number, they must give up one of their chips. The
last player left in the game is the winner. 2 to 8 players.
A classic game we've enjoyed for years! The large deck of cards contains several each of the numbers 1-12, several skip cards, and a handful of wild cards.
Each round, every player receives 10 cards. All players must then follow the
"phase card", and try to build the sets detailed
on the card, in order. For example, one set
might be "two sets of three". All players need
to collect two sets of 3 cards of the same number and lay them down before moving on. As
soon as a player makes a set, they move on to
the next, so at any given round, players may be
working on forming completely different
sets. The first player to complete all
the sets on the phase card wins!
2 to 10 players can compete,
and the more players involved,
the more difficult it is for each
player to make sets. A great compact game for travel!
Five Crowns (ages 8+)
Target (ages 7+)
Based on rummy, this fast-paced card game
is a mix of luck, observation, and quick
moves! Five Target cards are set
out to start the game, and
number cards are dealt to
the players. Each Target
card describes a different set like
"the total of 3 cards must be four or
less", or "mixed straight - 4 cards in a
sequence, one of each suit". Players continue around, picking up new colored
number cards, and discarding old ones,
and when they collect the right cards
to meet a Target card's requirements, they
get to grab it! New Target cards are constantly
replacing the old ones, while players' hands are always shifting to meet the
demands of the Target cards. Game is over when all 28 Target cards are gone,
and the player with the most Target cards wins.
Putting a new twist on a classic card game, Five Crowns features a deck of cards with five
suits - hearts, diamonds, clubs,
spades and stars. Similar to
rummy, players must lay down
sets of three (called books) or
runs of three or more cards.
The twist is that in the first
round, each player is dealt three
cards, in the next round, four
cards, and so on, up to the 11th
round, where each player gets
11 cards. After a player plays
his or her last cards, everyone
else gets one more turn to get
rid of theirs as well.
Triple Four (ages 7+)
Dutch Blitz Game (ages 8+)
The perfect family/friends card game for those cold snowy evenings.
Dutch Blitz is a frenzied game with double solitaire-like attributes.
Each player has a set of forty cards of four different colors, numbered
1-10. You are pitted against up to three other players with the goal
being to be the first to get rid of your "woodpile" (a stack of ten cards)
and yell "Dutch Blitz!" You'd better hurry, though, somebody else
may beat you to it, and all cards left in your woodpile are negative
points! The whole family will be addicted to this easy to learn, fun to
play, and quite contagious game of speed!
Another simple but exciting competitive game from Jax! The object of this game
is to match four sets of three playing cards to four "triplet cards". Triplet cards are
similar to the categories in Phase 10, except, they require you to collect certain trios
of playing cards like "a 2, 3, and 5 of different suits", or a run of three spades".
Each player receives four triplet cards, and seven playing cards. Players then draw
a card, and if they can match to one of the sets designated on one of their triplet
cards, they lay down the three cards with the triplet card, and take a new triplet card
from the deck and two more cards from the draw deck. Play continues while everyone attempts to make four triplets. Players can also keep an eye on the triplets that
other players have already laid out, and
if they hold three cards that meet that
triplet's requirements, they can steal
the other player's triplet! Who knows
what player will steal that last triplet
and win the game?
Solitaire Frenzy (ages 7+)
This game is similar to another card game called Nertz that is a favorite at
our house. The board features places for stacks of each suit, from ace to
king, as in Solitaire. Also like Solitaire, players keep four piles in front of
them, which they play cards on, red on black, and they have a pile of "free"
cards that they flip through, three at a time. Players each receive 13 cards
which are the most important cards they need to play, although they can also
play cards from their four piles or their flip pile. Game is over when one player is out of all thirteen of their cards, and other players that are still holding
these cards must subtract points from their score. Game comes with six decks
of cards and can be played by 2-6
players. Add more players and
additional decks for an even
more intense game! Watch
out - this one is very competitive and fast-paced we can't guarantee
that no fingers will
be jammed as players race to get their
cards out to the middle first!
Klutz Book of Card
Games (ages 7+)
When my sisters and I were
younger, it seems like the only
card games we knew were Go
Fish and Solitaire, and we were
always trying to get people to
teach us new games to expand
our limited repertoire! Well,
this book and card kit offers
instructions and rules for 20
card games including Hearts, I
Doubt It, Crazy Eights, Knock
Rummy, Goofenspiel, and a
couple great solitaire games
too. And of course, Klutz
can't limit their contagious
enthusiasm to just games, so they've also thrown in a couple card-related
magic tricks, and a plan for a house of cards as well. Oh, and yes, the
deck of cards is included!
Crazy Eights and Other Card Games (ages 8+)
Natural World Playing Cards (ages 5+)
These unique playing cards feature a different beautiful full-color illustration of
a plant or animal on every card. The number of the card and the symbol are printed on opposite corners of the card, and the photo or illustration is in the middle.
Decks of horses, butterflies and horses feature detailed illustrations while the Wild
Cards feature photos of over 50 edible wild plants on the back side of the card,
and all necessary information on the facing side of the card. Unique, high-quality and multi-purpose, the cards are fun to use, and young children love to flip
through them and look at the pictures.
030395 Butterflies of the World
009994 Dogs of the World
002038 Horses of the World
004464 Wild Cards: Edible Plants
From the basics of learning to recognize each suit, to lessons on how to
hold, shuffle, cut and deal cards, this book starts at ground level for young
card players. Once the basics are addressed, twenty different card games are
detailed, complete with rules, instructions and tips. Aces Up, Go Fish, War,
Slapjack, Old Maid, Steal the Pack, Twenty-One, Casino, Poker and more
are included to liven up a rainy day or a car
trip. Profusely illustrated, and written clearly
for children. 76 pages, Softcover.
Great Book of Family Games
(ages 8+)
Ever all gather around to play a game as a
family, but either nothing appeals to you, or you can't agree on what to play?
Maybe you need to break out some new game ideas! The Great Book of Family
Games is a great, inexpensive resource that contains a wide variety of games the
whole family can enjoy. Over 130 games are included here, with rules, instructions,
any applicable strategies, a list of necessary game equipment, and more. Games
include classics which have been around for centuries, card games, games of
chance, solitaire games, children's card games, dice games, pen & paper games, old
favorites, puzzles, and more from the popular to the lesser-known. A terrific
resource for rainy days, bored family members, or anyone else looking to learn
some new tricks.
Chinese Jump Rope (ages 8-15)
Into the Forest: Nature's Food Chain Game (ages 7+)
The classic game of "War" meets the forest food chain in this exciting game.
Game consists of a deck of full-color animal, insect and plant cards, each with
assigned energy points, and a list at the bottom of the card lists what it eats,
and what organisms eat it. After the cards are dealt, players can engage each
other in a "showdown", or a "challenge" to try and win cards from other players. Two "Death & Decay" cards and a few other twists add fun and excitement. The player who holds the most energy points when play is over wins.
Definitely a favorite in our house - my sisters and practically wore the cards out
playing after school, in the car, and whenever we could squeeze in a game!
For those of you uneducated in the ways of Chinese jump rope, it is played with
three people. Two people attach the rope to
their ankles or knees, and the third jumps
over, onto, around, or through the loop.
Sound easy? Not really, because as you get
better, the steps become more complicated!
This Klutz book includes two sturdy elastic
jump ropes, directions for 9 games, and instructions for making
your own jump rope!
Cubes (ages 7+)
This fast-playing game from Jax challenges mental math skills! Each round, players put five points into the "pot". Then, players take turns rolling the cubes in the
shaker cup to determine if they can take points out of the pot, or if they must add
more to the pot. Play continues round after round until one player does not have
five points in chips to add to the pot. Player with the highest
score after three rounds is the winner. Game includes 50
playing chips, 6 colored number cubes, 1 shaker cup, a score
pad, and instructions.
For 2-10 players.
Chips (ages 4+)
This game is great practice for kids just learning their numbers and addition, and a great strategy game (plus mental math practice!) for adults! At the
beginning of the game, 10 playing chips numbered 110 are given to each player. The first player then rolls
the dice and tries to use his chips to match the number on the dice. For instance, if a player rolls two 6's,
all players will need to use a combination of his chips
to add up to that number, such as a 6, 5 and 1, 7 and
5, 10 and 2, etc. Play continues until
a player can no longer use his chips
to add up to the number rolled, and
the points are his or her chips are
added up to determine their score.
Player with the lowest score after three
rounds is the winner! For two or more players.
1-2-3 OY! (ages 4+)
These award-winning, versatile and often fast-paced card games can be
played and enjoyed by children of different math abilities, including those
just learning their numbers, and those that can already add and subtract.
The deck itself contains 5 sets of numbers 0-16 and five OY! cards. The
included instruction booklet details ten different games (plus variations)
which challenge a variety of math skills. Some games can be
played individually, and others will require several
players. Winner of multiple awards, including a
"Games 100" award. With games involving speed,
slapping cards, and yelling "OY!", we suspect this game,
although "educational" might be a winner in your household as well.
Borderline Geography Games (ages 8+)
This fun and easy-to-learn game makes learning geography almost effortless! Each
game consists of a deck of cards representing states, countries, continents, landmarks,
bodies of water or parallels and meridians, depending on game edition. After players are
dealt cards, one card from the draw player is revealed to begin the game. Basically, each
player during his turn must play a card on the play card which shares a border with it, or
shares some other geographical entity with it. For example, in the U.S. version, if the card
on top of the play pile showed Illinois, a player could play an Iowa card, since they share
a borderline. Other cards can be played, but no match is found, the player could draw a
new card… or throw one down as a bluff - and hope they don't get caught! More challenging than you think, the game is fun for the whole family and a great way to learn the
location of our 50 states, the countries of the world, and more! Africa and Europe editions challenge players' knowledge of country locations, USA edition tests knowledge of
our U.S. states, and world edition challenges players' knowledge of countries, continents
and bodies of water all over the world. Borderline Explorer Gift Pack contains Africa,
Europe, and U.S. editions.
013447 Africa
013448 Europe/Middle East
013449 USA
000901 World
000226 Borderline Explorer Gift Pack
A-B-C OY! (ages 4+)
Like 1-2-3 OY!, A-B-C-OY! offers a wide variety of fun
and educational games, but is geared towards language.
Children both just learning their ABC's and those that are
already reading and spelling well can all play and enjoy these
OY! games. Game consists of a deck of 110 cards (105 letter cards and five OY! cards), and instructions for eight different games are included. Children and adults of all ages can
play Yo Yo OY!, Quick OY!, Line OY!, Quad OY!, Flash OY!,
Surprise OY!, Slapspell OY!, and Panic OY! practicing a myriad of language skills and having some fast-paced fun at
the same time.
Stock Market Tycoon (ages 8+)
A fast-paced, thrilling introduction to the stock market - and you
won't lose any money! Janine and Mark (ages 10 and 14) tried out
this game and were instantly hooked, surprising all of us. Since
then, it's become quite the family night request! Day Trading,
Market, Dream, and Reality cards simulate real-life stock market and
personal life situations. The first player to earn over one million
and try to close the market - juts makes sure your stocks are up
when you do so! Created by stock brokers, the game wsa designed
to familiarize young players to the stock market in an easy-to-understand and fun way. Players need only basic addition and multiplication skills, and the average game takes about two hours to play. For
2-8 players.
Breyer Game of Horse Sense (ages
Herd Your Horses Game (ages 8+)
Give your resident horse lover a gift that not only will they
enjoy with the entire family, but that they will also
gain much valuable horseknowledge from! This
fun-filled educational game
teaches players how to recognize horses by breed, color,
and markings. Whether players are ranch hands or are joined
up with a herd of wild horses, they
learn all about 32 different breeds!
Make a horse-lovers dream come true this
Christmas with this clever board game that
teaches all about the care horses require, how
they are ridden, how they grow and develop,
and the different types of horse breeds around
the world. True/false and multiple choice
questions are designed to
enhance knowledge; no
prior "horse-sense" is
necessary to enjoy this
game. And who knows,
maybe it will help prepare for the next year's
Christmas gift!
Made for Trade (ages 8-14)
Breyer Horse Play Card Game (ages 6+)
The perfect gift for horse lovers, these imaginitive card
games are simle to learn, quick to play, and fun for the
whole family! Oversized cards are perfect for small
hands to hold, and the sturdy box is perfect to stow in a
suitcase or backpack when on the go. Learn
games like No More Horses, Find
the Horses, Color Rummy, Classic
Rummy, and Horse Memory. It
even includes a special bonus
Limited Edition Breyer collectible horse!
Set against the backdrop of colonial America, players are colonists trying to
obtain the goods they need for daily life. Players must barter or buy what they
need without letting taxes and
other "bad luck" get in their
way. There are three different
levels of play, but basically, to
win players must collect their
designated object cards before
the other players.
shillings, playing pieces featuring illustrations of colonial men
and women and cards with
descriptions of the tools and
objects used in colonial times
add to the early American flavor. For 2-4 players.
Outburst® Bible Edition (ages 8+)
Worst-Case Scenario Games (ages 6+)
If you've ever played the original game, you know that to win points here,
your teammates need to shout out specific answers to categories. The Bible
version takes a fun twist on the game, with topics like "Names for Christ",
"Animals in the Bible", "Sons of Jacob", and "10 books of the Old
Testament" and nearly 250 others. When the timer is started, teammates
will yell out answers to each of the ten topics on the card, and try to nail
the ten target answers printed on the card in sixty seconds or less. A special card viewer is provided along with a timer, game board, and game
pieces. The winning team is the one who correctly answers fifty questions
first. A fast-paced and hectic game where fast thinking, a lot of biblical
knowledge and good guessing will come in handy! Game best played with
two teams of at least two people each.
Building on the popularity of the Worst-Case
Scenario books, these games challenge players to
guess the solutions to some of those tricky problems
like "how to wrestle an alligator" or "how
to escape from a forest fire". Players round
the board, answering multiple
choice "worst case scenario" questions as they progress. Guess the
right one and move ahead, but guess
wrong and your opponents move forward. The first player to make it through
the desert, forest and jungle first wins! The card game version features 55 new
cards and 108 original Worst-Case Scenario situations. One player reads the
question off the card, wand whoever answers five questions correctly first wins!
Game of Scattergories® Bible Edition (ages 8+)
We've always enjoyed the original game of Scattergories® at our house, and this
version, centered around the Bible makes for an additional challenge? Just how well
do you remember specifics about names, places, and
events from the Bible? Like the original game, the goal is
to fill in a given list with items starting with the same letter. For example, if a "C" is rolled on the letter die, players answer questions using only "C" words. Quick!
What's a place where Christ walked? Canaan! Things that
separate us from each other? Carelessness! Use the timer
to limit response time for additional challenge! The player with the most original answers after thee rounds is the
winner. For 2 to 4 players.
GeoSafari (ages 4+)
GeoSafari Laptop (ages 4+)
Teaching tool or toy?
Originally designed to teach
geography skills, its popularity
prompted additional lesson
packs to be developed in the
areas of history, science, logic,
and early learning activities.
The setup of the unit allows for
one or multiple players. Players
simply place the card they
would like to play off of into
the slot, enter the card's code, and begin. The roving lights on the edge of the
unit mark a question, or an item to identify, and players enter their response on
the number pad. Adjustable response time allows for different skill levels and
a handy volume control lets the student use it during school without disturbing
others or in the car without getting on Dad's nerves. Four D-cell batteries (not
included) make the unit portable, but the AC adapter cuts down on battery
expense. The unit comes with a card pack to get you started entitled Basic
Geography, and was developed by the National Geographic Society. The
GeoSafari Junior unit is identical in function to the original GeoSafari, but is
more brightly colored, and comes with the Learning Fun pack instead of the
Geography pack. GeoSafari School Version below includes two headphone
jacks, and A/C adaptor. Original GeoSafari and Geosafari Junior do NOT
include A/C adaptor, and include one headphone jack.
008219 GeoSafari (A)
014828 GeoSafari Junior (B)
012874 A/C Adapter
004628 GeoSafari School Version
This quiz game shares many
GeoSafari unit, but it is
designed to look a little bit like
a laptop computer, with card
storage on top, and the main
unit on the base, including
space for the quiz card, and
the response number pad.
Cards used on the GeoSafari
Laptop are also smaller than
those used on the regular
GeoSafari unit. Two different
Laptop units with cards are
sold, one for children ages 8
and up and one for children
aged 3-7.
Each package
includes 63 double-sided cards
appropriate in skill level to that age group. With its more compact, batteryoperated design, this model is a little easier to take on the road, while retaining a lot of the features that made the original so popular.
006756 GeoSafari Laptop (ages 8 and up)
010569 GeoSafari Laptop (ages 3-7)
GeoSafari Expansion Card Sets
These card sets were designed for use with the original GeoSafari or GeoSafari Jr.
models and work identically on either machine. Each pack includes 20 lessons on 10
double-sided cards and includes lessons on a variety of subject areas.
For Ages 4-7:
For Ages 8+:
014579 More Learning Fun
014462 Basic Geography
014657 Phonics
012875 More U.S. Geography
008609 Reading Games
012876 More World Geography
014658 Sight Words
014363 U.S. History
012877 Puzzles & Thinking Games
008617 Eye Clue
For Ages 10-AD
006731 Beginner's Bible Lessons
004226 Word Power
For Ages 6-10:
004227 Eras in U.S. History
001946 Dinosaurs
004231 Great Cultures of Past
004232 Weather World
For Ages 8 and up:
008073 Wild West
008631 Sports
006732 Bible Skills
004005 Explorers
Geosafari Laptop Expansion Card Sets
In case you have or want to purchase one of the packages above, but want
to be able to use it with children of different ages, we also offer the card
sets separately.
010568 Card Set (8+)
010570 Card Set (Ages 3-7)
GeoSafari CD-ROM Platinum Edition (ages 8+)
The popular GeoSafari quiz game is also available on CD-ROM. Lessons
in geography, history, science and animals utilize live action video, animation,
photographs, and audio. An "artificial intelligence" interface creates a dialogue which can call individual players by name, tracks performances, and
offers personalized encouragement. Science topics include aircraft, volcanoes, insects, weather, and inventions. History covers political leaders, artists,
writers and major events. Geography includes currencies, flags, and landmarks from a variety of countries. Animals covers exotic and endangered animals as well as everyday pets. 15 games are incorporated into each program,
for 1 to 4 players. Programmable response times keep games competitive.
CD's work in either IBM or Mac computers with 2x CD-ROM drive, 256color display, and 4 MB RAM. New versions are separate by subject, as
opposed to the original all-in-one version.
005076 Geography
005079 Science
005078 History
005080 Animals
Are We There Yet? (ages 7+)
Magnetic Travel Games (ages 8+)
This easy-to-play travel card game contains no small, lose-able pieces, and is easy
to customize for trips of any length or time of year. The set of 500 cards contains 450 category cards and 50 Shortcut cards. Players will be looking hard to
find things like drivers
with one hand on the
steering wheel, people
waving at them, and various other landmarks and
objects. Instructions also
include 10 variations to
help keep travel-tired
young'uns entertained for
even more hours on the
These games are all feature magnetic boards and pieces, so when dad
turns a corner or passes someone on the highway, the pieces won't
slide off the game board and onto the floor. These kinds of games
can easily keep your kids busy for hours on long road-trips. With over
10 different games to choose from, there is something for everyone.
Each game comes with an instruction sheet, storage bag, and a folding 8"x6" magnetic game board.
024477 Backgammon
024485 Hangman
024480 Car Bingo
024515 Magnetic Mosaic
024481 Checkers
024530 Naval Battle
024482 Chess
024533 Tangram
024484 Glow Solitaire
Rubberneckers (ages 4+)
Being a "rubbernecker", that is, staring
at every interesting thing besides
the road, may not be a good
idea if you're driving, but if
you're in the backseat, it sure
makes the drive a lot more interesting! And if you're a true rubbernecker, you'll be good at this travel game!
This deck of cards each contain a
name or picture of something to
look for and most also include
bonus points, if what you see is special in some
way. For example, the card may ask you to find a
basketball hoop, but you get another five points if people are actually playing basketball with it. Other special cards in the deck give a more competitive edge to
the game, such as players racing to see the same thing first, or trying to get another car rider to interact with them in some way. The first traveler to amass 100
points wins. The Junior version is played much the same, but the cards feature
simpler objects to find, and all are pictured, so pre-readers can play. Both decks
measure 3" x 4.5" and cards are laminated.
024231 Rubberneckers
024230 Rubberneckers, Jr.
Original Colorforms Set (ages 6+)
Designed in 1951, this is the original Colorforms set with shapes
instead of characters, for
open-ended construction
and play. Spiral-board book
contains 350 geometric colorforms shapes in red, blue,
green, yellow and white.
Black and white playing
boards and design booklet
included. Great play value
and take-along for travel.
My First Amazing Game Board Book (ages 3-6)
Geared for younger children, this version of the Amazing Game
Board Book includes over 50 activities and games designed just for
them! Wipe-off pages and game boards are interspersed with fold-out
activity sheets, with simple instructions written for
young readers. Kids can play games like memory,
matching, opposites, and Gumball Bingo, play
with the clock face, practice tying shoelaces,
create designs on the pegboard, and much
more. All non-bound parts are enclosed in the
storage box under the pegboard.
Klutz Cat's Cradle Book & String (ages 5+)
We all got hooked on string games after discovering this
"find" at a relative's house! Five string games are presented in
this sturdy, spiral-bound board book, complete with illustrations of the hand and string positions for each step. You'll all
be playing cat's cradle, the cup and saucer in no time! Tiedyed loop of string included.
Amazing Game Board Book (ages 6+)
This portable all-in-one book and game kit contains plenty of games
and activities to keep kids (and adults!) entertained on long car trips, or
during travel "down time". The case includes a game sheet ideas sandwiched between two-sided game and activity boards,
offering plenty of options for using the game
boards, and some board-less ideas as well. All
the pieces needed to play each game are
included as well, in the handy inside compartment. A Parent's Choice Honors award winner.
Global Puzzle (ages 10+)
Shaped Puzzles (ages 8+)
This beautiful 600-piece puzzle features 193 pieces cut in the exact shapes of
the countries of the world and pieces of the 50 states of the U.S. and the
Canadian territories. The remaining interlocking ocean pieces are each have the
name of a world country and some country facts printed on them, and are
arranged in alphabetical order, making those expansive oceans a little easier to
put together! Pull this out for a family evening together, or for a little geography lesson. You won't be able to tear yourself away from this great puzzle, and
the geographical knowledge will sink in almost automatically!
One-of-a-kind puzzles for your one-of-a kind family member! Not only are
these puzzles fun and attractive, but they have hidden animal pictures in them!
Some of the puzzle pieces are shaped like animals, and not all of the straight
edges are border pieces as the finished puzzle is in the shape of the item listed in
the title. All this just makes the puzzle more challenging and fun! In the end, the
finished puzzle will be a work of art that you will want to frame when you are
025528 Dinosaur Days 300 pc
025534 Ladybug Landing 1000 pc
025535 On the Wings of an Eagle 500 pc
025530 Bear Country 1000 pc
025531 Dolphin Dreams 1000 pc
025537 Prince of the Pond 1000 pc
025532 Guiding Light 1000 pc
025538 Statue of Liberty 1000 pc
025533 Humpbacks World 1000 pc
025539 Swan Lake 1000 pc
025540 White-Tailed Deer 1000 pc
Global Animal Puzzle (ages 8+)
This is a zoo of a puzzle! The Global Animal Puzzle features 100 exotic
animals from across the globe. Keep in mind, this puzzle is still constructed
very similarly to the Global Puzzle as it has 600 individual country pieces and
interlocking ocean pieces displaying the names and facts from each country.
The Global Animal Puzzle differs in that each country features a picture of an
animal indigenous to that country. Each animal name is then listed at the very
bottom of the puzzle, below Antarctica. Learn geography, country capitals, and
native animals all in one!
Global Puzzle, Jr. (ages 3+)
This junior edition of the Global Puzzle features pieces shaped Pieces are
formed not of individual countries, but of continents and oceans. To pack in
a little more information, the pieces are lenticular, or holographic, showing continents and landmarks in one view, and individual countries inside the continent
in the other. Like other puzzles geared for the young ones, this one is put
together in a sturdy cardboard frame to keep all the pieces together.
IZZI 2 (ages 4+)
Or, "Is he through?" In the same vein as IZZI, however, IZZI 2 has four colors on the tiles to drive you dizzy! Combine the 12 colorful tiles to build 30
different geometric puzzles. You get a lot of puzzle for the price here, plus
help with patterning, visual, and problem-solving skills, too. The only rule to
IZZI 2 is that the edge colors of each touching tiles must match! Simple
to play, but delightfully difficult to master!
Crazy Puzzle Games (ages 4+)
Provide hours of fun (not to mention an exercise in visual logic). These puzzles
may appear simple but are really mind-boggling. Each Crazy Game has nine playing cards. The goal is to form a perfect square, with all objects on each side matching, however, there are over 250,000 puzzle configurations and only ONE correct
solution! Original and eye-catching themes to each set.
020046 Frog
020048 Rainforest
004169 Crazy Trucks
018523 Ancient Egypt
018524 Butterflies
020047 Train
IZZI (ages 4+)
Or Izzn't he? Finished solving this puzzle, that is! It will take some time to solve,
but your visual, spatial and patterning skills will get a great workout! 64 black and
white patterned cards. All you have to do is create a big square with white to white
and black to black. Simple - and challenging! With almost a
zillion solutions, it's never the same game twice!
Scramble Squares Puzzles (ages 4+)
Scramble Puzzles (ages 4-8)
These colorful puzzles will leave everyone's mind scrambled, no matter
what their age. This puzzle is great as kids will love the bright pictures,
and adults will love the challenge. Each puzzle consists of nine 4"x4", flat
squares which form a completed picture when arranged correctly. The
trick to this puzzle is that an individual piece has 4 characters on it with
only half of each character on each side. The sides of each piece then
need to be matched up to the side of another square which has another 4
half-characters to complete the puzzle. That seems simple enough for the
first few squares, but when you're left with only one piece that doesn't
match up right, it takes lots of thinking and rearranging until you get all
nine squares pieced together right. Great for one or more players. Variety
of puzzle images to choose from!
004859 Butterflies
009098 Forest Animals
004862 Horses
004863 North American Birds
004867 Puppies
009099 Snakes of North America
009100 Stingrays
A close cousin to Scramble Squares, but simpler for younger puzzlers. Each
8"x8" wooden puzzle is cut into 9 squares, each of which shows half of an
object on 2 or more sides, and all sides must be matched up to the sides of other
pieces showing similar objects in order to correctly complete the picture. Each
puzzles comes with a handy wooden work tray that keeps puzzle pieces together. Chose from one of three fun scenes!
012543 Dinosaurs
012544 Insects
012547 Sea Life
Katamino (ages 5+)
Squzzle Puzzles (ages 4+)
If you enjoy our Crazy Puzzle Games, you will like this one, too! Nine square pieces must
be perfectly matched to complete the puzzle. Although thousands of mathematical combinations exist, there is only one correct solution. Each box contains three different puzzles
for three times the fun! 9 colorful and fun sets to choose from!
022503 3D Scramblers
022506 Creature Kingdom 022511 Play Ball
022510 Optical Illusions
022507 Illusions
022514 World Money
022505 Around the World 022508 Insect Infested
Tantrix Discovery (ages 8+)
This fun puzzle is a great stocking stuffer and it will keep any player busy for hours. The
puzzle consists of ten flat, sturdy, six-sided tiles in a black mesh bag. The tiles are
1.5"x1.5" and are numbered from one to ten and display red, blue, and yellow lines. The
purpose of the puzzle is to create complete circles or loops by connecting the lines on the
tiles. You begin with three tiles, make a
circle connecting lines of the same color
on the tiles, then try to do it with one
more, and so on. Puzzlers add one tile at
a time until finally creating loops with all
three colors, using all ten tiles. With less
than ten tiles, only one color of loop is
possible to create, but with all ten tiles,
each color has its own solution. If this
does not sound challenging enough for
you (and believe me, it's harder than it
sounds!) you can play with two sets of
tiles for more complex loops.
This fun logic game is easy to start but challenging to work and complete. The aim of the game is to build perfect units called "pentas" by
placing a certain number of pentaminoes on the game board in the
correct configuration. When you find one of the many different possible solutions (or shall I say, IF you find a solution) simply use the
wooden "wall" to increase the board size for an bigger challenge, as
the game becomes harder as the number of pentaminoes used
increases. Great for one or two players. Puzzle includes two wooden
playing boards, twelve wooden pentaminoes, and instructions. The
pentamino blocks are an assortment of various colors and shapes.
The boards are very durable, and are notched so you can create smaller challenges using the included wooden wall. The boards measure
31x19.5x4.5 cm.
Aha! Brainteaser Classics (ages 8+)
No one likes to get teased, but your brain will love it! Each of these
8 brainteaser puzzles comes with its own set of pieces, how-to-play
card, and three hint cards. Use the hints as needed to get a nudge in
the right direction when you get stuck. These puzzles can be solved
individually or with a team of friends as you work to reach the "AHA!"
experience when you discover the solution to the puzzle. This collection of 8 brain-building puzzles include: Pack It In, Wing It, All Up
Hill, and the Fifth Chair and these along with the others will help you
realize that thinking can be a whole lot of fun!
Wedgits Sets (ages 3+)
Mighty Mind Game (ages 3-8)
Wedgits are geometric, construction puzzle toys. Their
3-D shape and endless design possibilities making them
appealing for people of all ages. The Starter Set has 15,
larger pieces that are great for young toddlers. The
Junior Set has 15, standard sized pieces that are great
for beginners. The deluxe set is for "Wedgit Wizzes"
and comes with 30 pieces and two storage racks
and is great for more advanced puzzlers.
Wedgit sets can easily be stored in a pyramid
shape in the racks - if you can get them back that
way! It also comes with a design booklet so you can
try to construct the figures provided, or you can just sit
back and let your imagination run wild. All Wedgit
sets are compatible and you can play alone or with a
007937 Deluxe Set (30 pc)
026783 Starter Set (15 pc)
026781 Junior Set (15 pc)
This wonderful thinking-skill building game starts out easy and
progresses into harder puzzles so younger kids can develop skills as
they advance to solve even more challenging puzzles. It contains a
tray with 32 colorful design tiles and 30 sturdy puzzle boards. While
the first puzzles consist of spaces to match single shapes to, the
puzzles progress to a point where they have just an outline of a figure, and children are required to think and solve the puzzle, experimenting with different pieces until they find the correct combination. Play alone or with a friend!
SuperMind is a sequel for children who have successfully completed the Mighty Mind puzzles. The puzzles in SuperMind are
based on the same tiles as Mighty Mind, but are more difficult.
Regular editions include plastic pieces while deluxe sets include
wooden pieces.
008163 Mighty Mind Regular
008162 Mighty Mind Deluxe Wood Edition 14.95
005130 SuperMind Design Book only
Wedgits Design Cards (ages 3-AD)
For use with the Wedgits set, these 48 cards offer new building challenges. The cards are in color on one side, and black
and white on the other for an even greater challenge. The cards
range in level from easy to more complex designs.
007934 Regular Set (48)
026782 Starter Set (46)
026780 Advanced Deck (50)
Shape by Shape (ages 5+)
Shape by Shape is a tangram puzzle that has twice the number of pieces, in
two different bright colors, and in a few new shapes, too. Also, they are a lot
thicker than regular tangrams for easy handling. The puzzles require you to use
one color to build a tangram-like puzzle in the square plastic tray, and then use
the other color to fill in the rest of the background space. Each of the 60 fullcolored cards has the solutions displayed on the back, and they store neatly in
a drawer in the base of the tray. This unique but familiar puzzle will be a challenge for all!
Tangoes Game (ages 4+)
This is a fast-paced, ancient Chinese educational game that that uses tangrams
and keeps you guessing! This puzzle game comes with 54 puzzle cards and two
sets of basic tangrams (one red and one blue). The objective of the game is to
figure out the puzzle using all 7 pieces before your opponent. The double-sided
cards have the solution on the opposite side, if you happen to get stumped. All
this fits into a compact box. A portable mental challenge that teaches creative
thinking and problem solving skills!
Brick by Brick (ages 4+)
Who knew that five brick pieces
could easily drive you up the wall?! This puzzle game is similar to Tangoes, but is unique as it is a creative building game
using five brick combination shapes. Comes with 60 different puzzle cards with brick wall challenges to solve and
build. Brick by Brick is great for improving visual, spatial, and problem solving skills. Includes a travel bag
for easy transportation and storage.
Block By Block (ages 5+)
Similar to Brick By Brick, but three-dimensional!
The puzzle is made up of seven different shapes,
which must be built in different configurations to
solve the 3D puzzles shown on the card. Not only
terrific practice in spatial perception, but a challenging brain-twister as well!
Square By Square (ages 10+)
For those who love the challenge of ancient Chinese tangram puzzles,
you'll flip for the latest brainteaser, Square by Square. This 5.25"x1.75" tray
comes with 6 green pieces to make up the image and 8 blue pieces that
make up the background. 60 different puzzle cards provide hours of nonstop pure puzzling fun! Of course, if you think you've been outsmarted,
there is a two-part solution on the back of each card to keep you going!
Rush Hour Traffic Jam Puzzle (ages 6+)
Rush Hour Jr. (ages 6-9)
Traffic jams have been called a great many
things - inconveniences, frustrations, and
major aggravations, just to name a few. How
about fun? Yes, fun! In this new thinking
skills puzzle, your goal is to move all the other
15 vehicles from the congested formation to
get yours home without a scratch. 40 different puzzle cards are included, along with a
multitude of little brightly-colored cars and
trucks in a sturdy gray street-like base. Four skill level
cards - beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert make it more enjoyable for everyone, regardless of age.
Now everyone can know the joy of bumper-to-bumper
traffic, while trying your sequential thinking skills - not
your patience!
Rush Hour puzzles are wonderful for all ages, but once
younger kids get through the beginning cards and a few
harder, it can get too difficult for them. The solution to
this puzzle? Rush Hour Jr.! It has all the fun of the original, with minor changes. For example, their playing piece
is an ice-cream truck they guide through the maze of fire
trucks, police cars, and other vehicles. The game comes
with 40 new junior challenge cards, and a bag to store
the game in. A great travel toy.
Railroad Rush Hour (ages 6+)
Rush Hour Expansion Packs (ages 8+)
Think you’ve mastered the original Rush Hour game? You might
want to further test your skills against one of these all-original sets of
puzzles! Each expansion pack features 40 new puzzles, ranging in
skill level from intermediate to GrandMaster. A new vehicle is
included with each set also; a red sports car with Set #2, a white
stretch limo with Set #3, and a yellow taxi with Set #4. Please note
that you must have the original game pieces to use these puzzle packs.
000217 Set #2
002466 Set #3
005255 Set #4
A new twist on a classic game - made accessible for even the youngest puzzle solver in
the house. An exciting train version of Rush Hour, complete with beautifully designed
boxcars, tank cars, locomotives, cabooses, and bulky baggage platforms - it's a switchman's nightmare! Can you steer the bright red locomotive to the exit? This newest Rush
Hour game sports a larger game board (7"x7"), two adjustable exit gates, pieces that
move in multiple directions, and 50 new challenge cards (including 10 junior challenges
for younger kids). Package includes an engineer-striped bag so you can take the game
"on the road" without the bulky box. All abooooooard!
Safari Rush Hour (ages 6+)
Another fun Rush Hour set with a whole new theme! This time you're in a Rover
crossing Africa, but you're surrounded by elephants, tigers, lions, zebras, and other safari
animals. Your job is to slide them around the puzzle piece by piece until you've opened
a path for your Rover, which can move in multiple directions. Includes 50 challenger
cards, ranging from Beginner to Expert, and comes with a storage bag that can tote the
Roadside Rescue Rush Hour (ages 8+)
whole game. Happy trails!
Save the day by getting the emergency vehicles to the front of the traf005258
fic jam! Simply arrange the vehicles and roadblocks according to one
of the 42 puzzle challenges illustrated in the brainteaser booklet. Then,
slide the cars around so that the ambulance, police car, and fire truck
make it through the traffic jam. Solutions to all puzzles are also provided in the brainteaser booklet; but trust me, it's much more fun to
solve the puzzles on your own! Includes an 18 roadblock and vehicle
pieces, a 9"x 4" street-like base, the brainteaser booklet, and a drawstring travel pouch.
Raging Rapids (ages 8+)
River Crossing: Perilous Plank Puzzle (ages 3+)
Man overboard! The aim of this puzzle is to fit all
12 paddlers back into their whitewater raft. You'd
think it would be a snap, but watch out! These
waters are tricky and you need to be prepared for
the unexpected. Don't worry, if you get stuck in
the water, the Hints-to-Solution booklet
will pick you up downriver.
Don't let your hiker fall in the water and get eaten by hungry alligators! 40
challenging puzzle cards invite you to defy the hazards and obstacles you face.
Stumps are placed in different places on every card and magnetic planks of
three different sizes are your only tools for getting safely from one side to the
other. The hiker has magnetic feet to allow player to easily move planks from
one space to another. Great for a challenge at home or on the road!
Amaze (ages 8+)
River Crossing 2: North Woods Adventure (ages 7+)
For those of you who have mastered the first River Crossing, its time to take
on a new challenge! This card set is to be used with the original River Crossing
puzzle. Within this set you will find 40 new river crossing
challenges that will give you brain a workout while dodging
grizzlies, leaping salmon, roaming otters,
and busy beavers. The additional
challenge to this game is that you
must rescue a Husky trapped midriver! Great news for those of you "onthe-go," all this new gear will fit in your
original River Crossing Travel Bag!
Prepare to be "Amazed! This handheld maze has 16 challenges in one
and it is easy to move onto the next challenge after you've solved one. This
7"x 6" plastic maze can be set up differently every time you play just by
sliding the red indicators left or right to match the challenge setups that are
on the back of the board. To play, simply
trace your plastic stylus along the path from
start to finish without lifting it over the lines
or obstacles. As you work your way through
the maze, you'll discover red bars that can be
pushed to the left or right to
create new paths. But watch
out - you may trap yourself!
LiveCube (ages 8+)
LiveCube is the first
personalized, interactive,
3Dimensional puzzle in
the market. LiveCube
comes complete with 12
shapes that fit into a 3" x
2 ½" cube, 30 Master
Cards and Play Cards, an
instruction manual and a
carrying bag. The Play
Cards have rating levels
from "no-brainer" to
"brain-buster." Each different level provides a different clue to form shapes. You
can play alone or compete with other Live Cube Fanatics to solve the puzzle. Each
puzzle piece is made from high quality, durable plastic to help it last a lifetime. Basic,
3-D Kids and Parents Adventure set is similar to the classic LiveCube, however, the
pieces are two-toned with half of the pieces light, the other half dark. This set is
more suitable for children, as the Play Cards show the 2-dimensional puzzles on one
side of the card to prepare you for constructing pieces of the 3-dimensional puzzle
on the other side within a given plane
The Advanced Player Game Cards have 30 all-new puzzle cards with 3 challenge
levels. LiveCube is a puzzle that will keep on growing as manufacturers plan to
release additional card packs. The Kids & Parents Game Cards contains 30 cards in
the same format and difficulty level as the cards in the 3-D Adventure Set. All in
all, these puzzles are great and very mind-expanding! These puzzle sets have great
visual, spatial, geometrical, and dimensional challenges - guaranteed to keep any
active-minded puzzle worker occupied for hours!
018467 LiveCube 3-D Adventure Set
022443 LiveCube Classic Puzzle Set
022444 LiveCube Kids & Parents Game Cards
022442 LiveCube Advanced Player Game Cards Set 1
Fifteen Puzzle (ages 8+)
You could spend hours playing with this without getting bored! The Fifteen
Puzzle is a beautiful stainless steel sliding-tile puzzle. Enameled number tiles
(from 1 to 15) are arranged in rows and columns of four on a 2.5"x2.5"
square frame. The empty space allows you to easily slide the tiles around on
the puzzle. Unlike plastic versions, these tiles won't fall
off! The premise of the game is simple. On a piece
of paper, arrange the numbers 1 through 15 in any
pattern in a four by four array. Then, see if you
can reproduce the arrangement on the
puzzle. To get you started, 30 puzzle
challenges are included. The puzzle
comes with its own travel case and provides fun for all ages!
True Colors Mug and Poster
These items feature the names of colors, displayed
in a different color. For example, the word "orange"
is shown in blue. The object is to read down the list
of colors, saying the color that you see, and not the
color that is spelled out to develop thinking with
both the right and left brain simultaneously.
022512 Mug
022513 Poster 4.95
Twist-Up Crayons (ages 4+)
Absolutely the best twist-up crayons we've tested, these write
smoothly with full, bright colors. The crayon "leads" are not
spring-seated, and they are not
easily breakable, so when you
twist the crayon down, it will stay
at that level (until worn down by
coloring!). Great for travel, the
leads can be twisted back up
into the pen so no marks or
melted crayon will be left on
your seats.
022982 Set of 8
024209 Set of 16
Silky Crayons (ages 4+)
Irresistibly smooth and creamy, Silky
Crayons write as well as their name suggests
and can be used as a crayon, pastel, or watercolor. They glide over paper with the greatest of ease, they blend with the ease of pastels, and if you brush over your drawing with
a wet paintbrush, it gives the effect of watercolors. A diverse and enjoyable drawing
medium that offers something for everyone… and so much fun, you almost feel a little naughty - like you're finally getting to draw with Mom's
lipsticks. Colorix Silky Crayons are basically the same as
Silky Crayons, except they are pointed at the tip, where regular Silky Crayons have a flat top. Both are about the size of a tube
of lipstick, perfect for little hands.
S i l k y Crayons
6 Color Set
12 Color Set
18 Color Set
24 Color Set
Colorix Silky Crayons
6 Color Set
8 Color Set
16 Color Set
24 Color Set
Draw Thumb Art (ages 4+)
Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered (ages 8+)
Too embarrassed to let anyone see your doodles? Too afraid to even doodle? Then try this one from Klutz! This is not your typical drawing textbook. Starting at the very basics, they wrote it specifically for those who
aren't quite sure which is the "pointy end of the pencil". And in fact, with
the vast space on most pages for you to practice, it's more like a sketchbook.
But, unlike a sketchbook, every page contains amusing art work, useful tips
on technique, and lots of suggestions, drawing starting ideas, and more to
help you fill up all that white space!
How could anyone not be inspired to draw with these cute little books? Each
set includes a spiral-bound book with a sturdy cardboard backing, with a marker and stamp pad mounted beside the book. Each flip of the page reveals a cute
drawing using fingerprints and a few clever marker additions. The rest of the
page is free for you to add your
thumbprint masterpiece. Everyone
can be a "unique" thumbprint artist!
019496 Animals
019497 People
019498 Things
Make-a-Plate Kit (ages 4+)
This unique, spiral-bound journal was designed to spark lots of ideas to get Make personalized plates for all your relatives at Christmas! Each kit includes several paper circles and 10 markers. Kids can color in the circles to show off their
the writer or artist in you thinking.
artwork, commemorate special events, or even try their hand at portraits of relaEach page presents a different writing
tives (always a hit). When the plates are colored, simply send to the manufacturer,
or drawing prompt, like writing what
where they will transform them into sturdy 10" dishwasher-safe dinner plates. The
you would say if someone from the
quality of the finished product will last for years to come. Finished plates should
newspaper interviewed you about
be received within 10 business days. Individual kit contains 5 paper circles, and
what you like to eat, or drawing yourTeacher kit contains 50 (for lots of mess-ups!). Please note there is a small charge
self on an island with three things you
plus shipping and handling for the molding of each plate.
decide to bring with you. At nearly
001769 Individual Kit
100 pages, there is plenty of room for
001798 Teachers Kit
creative expression! 8 colored pencils
are included.
Create! A Sketchbook & Journal (ages 7+)
Bonus Bucket of Chalk
(ages 3+)
This fun, square bucket of chalk comes
with 49 pieces of sidewalk chalk and 12
pieces of school chalk. A great variety of
colorful pastel pieces are included in the
set and the chalk easily washes away with
water. The reusable plastic bucket measures 6 ½"x 7"x 5" and the lid snaps on
nicely and a convenient carrying handle is
attached to the bucket.
BloPens (ages 4+)
Blopens Painting with Air Craft Package (ages 4+)
Airbrush meets typical marker in this unique and versatile product. Blopens look a
bit like regular markers inside a plastic casing. But just lightly blow into one side of
the casing, and a light mist of ink sprays out the other end. The ink cannot be
inhaled, so even small children can use these! And, of course, if you get tired of
spraying, you can also draw, write, or paint with these guys. The possibilities are practically limitless. They work really well with stencils, leaving you with a brightly colored, speckled, spattered
image, or you can stagger and overlay them and paint
with different colored Blopens for a really neat look too.
All you need is a little air and an imagination!
Includes three Blopens, stencils, a glitter stick, stickers, and book of
ideas and projects to use with your Blopens.
008864 Set of 5 Bold Colors
(black, orange, hot pink, blue and turquoise)
008865 Set of 5 Brite Colors
(brown, red, yellow, dark sky blue and green)
010208 Rainbow Pack
(ten Blopens; red, orange, yellow, lime green, Kelly green, light blue, royal
blue, black, pink and brown)
BloPens Air Coloring Set (ages 4+)
Includes 7 Blopens, 1 color-changing Blopen, 1 secret writer Blopen,
8 stencils, 8 sheets of paper and instruction booklet.
Blopens Creative Activity Kit (ages 4+)
Kit contains 10 Blopens, 5 color-changing Blopens, 12 stencils, one
four-fold stencil, 10 four-fold stencil refill sheets, workstation, carrying case, instruction booklet, 8 sheets of paper, and a secret writer
IlluStory (ages 7+)
Create your own long lasting, professional-looking book! IlluStory contains
non-toxic, washable markers, writing pages, instructions, hints, a story planner,
and a postage paid envelope. Write your story (up to 12 pages, 20 word limit on
each), and illustrate it. When you're finished, mail it to Creations By You (at no
additional charge) for completion and production. They'll typeset and bind your
book, returning a 7”x9” hardcover book that even has a place for dedication and
"About the Author" pages. A great gift idea for parents, grandparents and relatives.
PhotoStory (ages 12+)
Plate Works (ages 6+)
Design your own personalized and break-resistant, dishwasher-safe plastic plate, bowl
or mug with this kit. Kit includes design drawing form, washable markers, and order
forms. Children can use markers or other art supplies to design their own plate, or
they can send in a photo to use instead. A special name or message can even be typeset around the border of the plate, for an extra personal touch. When design is finished, simply send to Creations By You for transformation into a special dish.
The more "adult-geared" version of this product offers a few differences from the junior version, most notably the lack of cute Mrs.
Grossman stickers, and more "adult-friendly" book cover color options.
Like Illustory, you write the text for each page, and decorate the area
around where the photograph will go with washable markers. Print or
digital photos are accepted for placement in the book, and the finished
book will be 8.5"x11" and 15 pages in length with a hardcover binding
(options for longer books are available). The production of your book is
completed in 2-3 weeks. What a neat way to commemorate an event, or
highlight a special person!
PhotoStory Jr. (ages 9+)
This kit is similar to Illustory but also features a few neat options. Like
Illustory, children can write their own text or captions, but they can also
submit photos to have printed on the page. They can also decorate the
page around the photo with markers and the included Mrs. Grossman
stickers. This lets children create a professional-quality book highlighting
a memory, like a scrapbook. Kit includes markers, 168 stickers, tape, and
pages to construct your book. Finished book measures 7"x9" at a standard
length of 15 pages (although additional options are available. Cover photo
and book title are laminated onto your choice of nine cover colors.
Scratch Magic (ages 5+)
Scratch Magic Stickers (ages 5+)
Forget plain white paper! Once you doodle on Scratch Magic paper, nothing else
will seem quite the same! Basically, Scratch Magic papers are multicolored or glittery paper coated with a black layer on top. As you scratch at the top layer, the
colors and glimmer below are revealed to create a unique, colorful etched picture.
A wide variety of Scratch Magic products are available, from packs of different
types of art paper to stickers, journals, photo frames, and more! Use with stencils
for a neat effect, or draw favorite doodles or drawings on it for a beautiful result.
Now you can experience the fun of scratch art on a smaller scale. Design your
own star, moon, flower, and heart-shaped stickers. Included are 10 Rainbow
black stickers, 10 Scratch & Sparkle stickers,
and one wooden stylus.
Scratch Magic Paper Packs
Each of these packs contains four sheets of Scratch Magic paper, each measuring 5.5"x8.5". Each set also contains a wooden drawing stylus and a stencil
for creating amazing designs.
009544 Scratch Magic Rainbow Black
This set features black paper that scratches off to reveal a rainbow of colors.
009546 Scratch Magic Scratch & Sparkle
This set is black, but scratches off to reveal holographic, glittery paper.
020143 Scratch & Sparkle Multicolor
Paper that both sparkles and showcases a rainbow of different colors.
009547 Scratch Magic Scratch Lite
Use this paper to make stained glass designs. 4.75"x8" in size. After your
scratch your design, hold it up to the window and let the sun shine through!
009543 Scratch Magic Combo Pack
Try them all! Pack contains one sheet each of Scratch-Lite, Rainbow Black,
Rainbow White, and Scratch & Sparkle. Includes wooden stylus, 1 hand
strip, and 1 30-shape stencil.
Scratch Magic Stickers Super Set
Even more stickers with this set of 48. There
are more possibilities thanks to the larger assortment of sticker shapes (car,
hand, and butterfly in addition to the ones named above). This kit includes
24 Rainbow Black stickers, 24 Scratch and Sparkle stickers, 1 stencil with more
than 30 shapes, and one wood drawing stylus.
Scratch Magic Photo Frames
(ages 5+)
These frames are totally awesome! You
will receive 3 Scratch & Sparkle and 3
Rainbow Black photo frames with
stands and magnets. Also included are a
wooden drawing stylus and a stencil with
more than 30 fun shapes and instructions.
Each frame you design will be unique, as it
is an original by you. Great for framing all your Scratch Magic masterpieces! 3
frames will hold photo sizes of 1.5"x2.25", 2.25"x3.25", and 4"x6".
Scratch Magic Super Stationery Kit (ages 5+)
Scratch Magic Deluxe Scratch Art even makes handwritten letters look cool! The effect is similar
to gel pens on black paper, but much brighter. This kit contains 5 sheets each
Kit (ages 5+)
of Multicolor and Fluorescent Scratch Art Paper and 5 sheets each
16 assorted sheets of the four
varieties of Scratch Magic, 2
wooden drawing styli, 1 stencil, 3
easel frames, and 2 hang strips.
Amaze your friends with your
dazzling creations!
of Silver Foil and Gold Foil.
Twenty colored envelopes, a stencil with 25 shapes, and two wood
drawing styluses are also included.
E-mail definitely can't beat these!
Scratch & Sparkle Deluxe Kit (ages 5+)
Create 16 dazzling master pieces with these multicolor
sparkling and shimmering paper! There are 4 sheets of
each variety of paper, including: multicolor, glitzy gold,
shimmering silver and brilliant blue and over 30 shapes
in a stencil to make designing fun and easy. There are
also 3 fun easel frames to show off your favorite designs.
Scratch-Art Scratch Knife (ages 8+)
This knife is to use with the Scratch-Art materials. Expand your
drawing possibilities with the curved edge knife (rather like a miniature shovel), which can scratch clean thick or thin lines. It comes with
a 5.5" long plastic penholder for better
grip and control and is made from high
carbon steel.
Scratch Magic Notes
A creative way to leave colorful
notes for anyone. Just scratch your
note into the black surface to leave a rainbow colored message. The note sheets
are 3.5"x3.5", and come in a package of 125 with a wooden stylus in its own
designer dispenser. Great to use at home or the office.
Scratch-Lite Sketcher Kit (ages 5+)
Scratch Magic Journal (ages 5+)
Rainbow colors light up as you draw! This kit comes with a portable sketcher light
box. Turn on the light, scratch your designs on black coated Scratch-Lite Sheets, and
watch rainbows of glowing color
appear. Hang your "stained glass"
masterpieces in the window and let
the sun shine through them.
Included with this kit are one
Scratch-Lite Sketcher, 10 sheets of
scratch lite stained glass paper, 2 double-ended drawing tools, 1 stencil
with 30 shapes, 10 hang strips and
instructions. Scratch! Reveal! And
Glo' Crazy! 3 ‘C’ batteries (not
included) are required to light up
sketcher box.
With a total of 40 pages, this 4"x7"
journal provides an extra creative
place for kids to write, draw, and doodle. There are 10 rainbow pages,
ten sparkle pages, and then 20
sheets of regular white paper.
Included with the journal are a
design ruler, a fun curve tool, a
wooden drawing stylus, and 2 stowaway pockets.
Twirled Paper (ages 8-15)
Once again, Klutz has impressed us with a new craft
book and kit on a lesser-known, but well-established
craft - paper twirling! To create twirled paper crafts,
you simply curl strips of paper with the twirling wand
and glue them to make assorted objects. We were
amazed by the huge variety of projects that are
included here, such as bug and insect pencil toppers,
birds, fish, letters of the alphabet, and more.
Included in the book/kit are: over 100 multi-colored
paper strips (24"x0.125"), a twirling wand, glue, and
wiggle eyes. Once you master a few simple papertwirling shapes, you are limited only by your imagination!
Origami Fun Kit for Beginners (ages 5+)
Are you interested in learning the art of origami but
don't exactly know where to start? This kit is specifically packages for those dedicated to learning the art of
paper folding. Don't let the title deceive you. The projects contained in the three books range in skill level from
simple, to high-intermediate. The books included are
Birds in Origami, Favorite Animals in Origami, and Easy
Origami. The kit also included 96 6"x6" sheets of
authentic origami paper (54 sheets of traditional, 24
sheets of rainbow, and 18 sheets of metallic) for you to
practice your projects with.
Book of Artrageous Projects (ages 8+)
If you want to dabble in
the arts, but aren't sure
how to get started, Klutz
has prepared this book just
for you! They designed
this hands-on book with
the cooperation of the
Metropolitan Museum of
Art, and it will introduce
the curious dabbler to collage, drawing, watercolor
painting, hieroglyphs, weaving, photography, metal-working, stained
glass, and more all in the enthusiastic and humorous Klutz way. The
pages in the book are meant to be drawn on, scribbled, painted, etc., and
while you will need to provide the art materials, Klutz has thrown in
some unique and hard-to-find materials (such as copper paper and colored sand) with the book as well.
Tissue Paper Flowers (ages 7+)
Surprisingly realistic, these flowers don't need to be watered, will
never wilt, and won't attract bugs! This Klutz book provides
wonderfully written instructions (and pictures, of course!) of
many different gorgeous flowers you can create from tissue paper.
Use your imagination and create arrangements, wreaths, and other
decorations for your room, centerpieces, for gifts, or just for fun!
Included with the
book are 75
sheets of paper
in a variety of
colors, 40
pipe cleaners
cardstock templates.
abound in your
house - even in
Fun with Origami (ages 5+)
For the slightly "older folder," this origami booklet with
instructions for 17 projects comes with 24 sheets of 7"x7" origami paper in 12 different colors so you can start folding right
away. Beginners can master simple shapes such as a
sail boat, jet plane and paper cup. Intermediate
level projects include a bird, whale, fish, and penguin. Veteran origamists can enjoy the challenges of
creating a seal, butterfly, and a flapping bird.
Diagrams are clear and easy to understand, but
projects are slightly more complex than you find in
other origami kits.
Origami Paper (ages 3+)
Here is the perfect gift for your origami
enthusiast. These "paper packs" serve as inexpensive "refills" for your folding fanatic to
practice with. Each set contains 100 sheets in
primary colors.
008470 7"x7" squares
008477 9"x9" squares
Sculpey III Creative Clay Case
Shape & Bake Clay Sets
(ages 3+)
This kit includes several Sculpey products to
provide hours of sculpting fun. Nine oneounce bars of clay are included, in white,
orange, black, brown, tan, yellow, purple,
green, and red. Two flexible push-molds
are also included to create a variety of animals and objects. The six clay cutters can be
used to cut circles, hearts, teddy bears, stars,
elephants, and hippos, with four sculpting
tools that will assist with the detail work.
Also included are such items as Popsicle
sticks, gems, string, wire, and a roller. All of
these handy supplies come in a small, durable,
reusable storage bucket complete with lid.
(ages 6+)
If your kids love hands on art projects, Shape &
Bake will make the perfect gift! Each Shape &
Bake Clay Set includes simple, full-color, step-bystep instructions, six (1oz.) bars of Sculpey III or
Sculpey SuperFlex oven-bake clay, and a sculpting
tool and/or a clay roller. After you bake your creations in the oven, they are still stickable, flexible,
and repositionable for hours of fun!
014151 Australian Outback Shape & Bake Clay Set
Create a fierce-looking alligator, lizard, and snake!
Sculpey III in green, sweet potato, yellow, black,
brown, and white.
014152 Butterflies Shape & Bake Set
Enough clay to make several beautiful butterfly window
decorations! Sculpey III in lime, violet, atomic orange,
black, hot pink, and lemon. This set also includes jewel
beads, glue, and craft wire.
014153 Clip Critters Shape & Bake Set
Make four cute key chains - butterfly, snake, heart, and bird! Sculpey SuperFlex
in red, blue, green, black, yellow, and white. This set also includes four key chains
and craft wire.
014156 Flexible Friend Bookmarks Shape & Bake Set
Make four flat bookmark friends - cat, dog, frog, and octopus! Sculpey SuperFlex
in red, blue, green, black, yellow, and white.
014158 Wizards, Knights and Dragons Shape & Bake Set
Create a wizard, a knight and horse, and two dragons! Sculpey III in red, blue,
green, black, yellow, and white. This set also includes craft wire.
Sculpey Amazing Eraser Clay (ages 3+)
Imagine a set of six brightly colored Sculpey clay blocks: pineapple,
orange, lime, blueberry, bubblegum and purple. You can mold and form
this clay into any shape, then bake it and.... voila! You
just designed your own eraser. You can make an
eraser to go on the end of your pencil or a handheld eraser to rub out those unwanted pencil
marks. The set comes with 6 - 1 oz. blocks
of clay, a sculpting tool, roller, step by step
cooking directions and photo ideas for
some cool erasers. For even more fun, purchase the deluxe set with bigger blocks of
clay and two extra colors - white and walnut!
Bright packaging makes these perfect gifts!
014684 6 Colors
014683 8 Colors
Makit & Bakit Bowl Set (ages 9+)
These unique translucent bowls are easier than it looks to make! Simply sprinkle a layer of Makit & Bakit
crystals into a pie pan in any
design you wish, bake until
hard, and then take out of the
oven and form over a metal
can to create your own original "stained glass" bowls.
Kids can give them to friends
and relatives, use them to hold
and display accessories, keys,
candy and more!
Incredible Clay Book: How to Make and Bake Zillions of
Clay Creations (ages 5+)
If you think "zillions" is an exaggeration, then you don't have children like
mine, who at one time seemed to "make and bake" Sculpey® creations on an
almost daily basis! This book
includes over 150 clay projects and
ideas, accompanied by full-color
photography and clear instructions
to inspire all kinds of fledgling
sculptors. There's even a special
section on sculpting (or rolling?)
Millefiore beads so you can
"model" your clay in style! Book
includes 8 one-ounce bricks of
colorful Sculpey III® clay.
All Occasion Beeswax Candle Kit
Makit & Bakit® Baking Crystals (ages 9+)
Refill baking crystal sets below each contain ¾ oz. of
four different colors, for a total of 4 oz. of crystals.
009326 Blue, Green, Aqua, and Clear Crystals
009327 Pink, Purple, Magenta, and Aqua Crystals
009328 Red, Orange, Yellow, and Brown Crystals
(ages 6+)
Making beeswax candles is an easy and relaxing craft
that several employees (and their families) have since
gotten hooked on! This kit contains everything you
need to get you started, including six 8"x8" sheets and
six 4"x4" sheets of sweet-smelling, honey-combed
beeswax in an array of different colors, glitter, tiny
"treasure charms" to decorate with, wick, and clear,
straightforward illustrated instructions. Beeswax candles don't drip or smoke, and emit a light, honey-like
fragrance. With no hot wax to deal with and room for
tons of creativity, it's a great family craft or homemade
gift idea.
Watercolor Magic® Paints (ages 6+)
Whenever my siblings and I painted watercolors
years ago, we almost always practically ground the
bristles off our brushes trying to mix just a little of
that stubborn paint cake into the water for a nice,
bright painting! Refreshingly, doing perfectlybright and cheerful watercolor paintings with
Watercolor Magic® paints is anything but
frustrating! Right out of the bottle, these liquid watercolors are bright, bold, and easy to
work with. For lighter colors, or to "stretch"
their usage, just add a bit more water. When
tested with young kids in our family, they overwhelmingly preferred these liquid watercolors to
their own hard-as-a-rock pans of watercolors - and
we're sure the conversion won't take long in your family
022991 Black
022992 Blue
022993 Brown
022994 Green
022995 Magenta
022996 Orange
022997 Red
022999 Turquoise
023000 Violet
023001 Yellow
022998 Set of 10 Above
Watercoloring for
the Artistically
(ages 8+)
Another one of our
favorites from Klutz.
Authored and illustrated
by Thacher Hurd, noted
children's book illustrator, who inspires even
the most "undiscovered"
talent through humorous
instruction, wild colors
and disarming art work.
The package is likewise designed to spark the latent artist
within: the wire-bound book contains 48 pages of watercolor
paper, 24 pages of text packed with tips and techniques from
the author, and a permanently affixed six-color box of professional quality Reeves watercolors with a #5 watercolor
brush. All you need to provide is a glass of water and your
(as yet) undiscovered talent.
Watercolor Magic® Sampler Set
Paint Palettes (ages 3+)
This inexpensive sample set contains six 1 oz. bottles of Watercolor
Magic® 1 oz. including red, yellow, green, blue, violet, and black.
Designed for use with all types of paints, these
heavy plastic circular trays have 10 wells with a
center mixing area and a snap-tight cover so
you can keep paints from drying out if you
have to put aside the project temporarily. We
recommend having at least one per child; we
keep several more on hand for friends, who
always seem to be around at craft time!
Dip 'N Dab Paint-ATie Kit (ages 7+)
Sure, most dads get ties for
Christmas, but not usually
one that screams "wow", like
this one will when you get
done with it! This unique kit
contains one 100% silk tie, a
bonus 11" square hand
kerchief, one foam brush,
four Dye-na-Flow paints
(dark blue, golden yellow,
magenta and black), a package of salt, four mixing cups,
and instructions. The result
will be a beautifully swirled
and tie-dyed handkerchief
and tie set that you will have
to make sure your dad wears
to church or work!
Build Your Own Battery-Operated _____ Kit (ages 8+)
These unique kits allow kids to not only paint their own wooden model,
but also construct the battery-operated motor that makes it move! Each
kit contains the parts necessary to build a moving wooden race car, elephant, or dinosaur, including pre-cut wooden pieces, assembly gear kit,
motor, and an instruction booklet with step-by-step instructions. Kids
can build the wooden model and put together the motor,
then give it a custom paint job! Kids will need a few
basic tools, paint, and two AA batteries (not included)
to make their creation roll, walk, or stomp.
030281 Elephant
030282 Race Car
030283 Triceratops
030284 Tyrannosaurus
8 Well Slant Tray (ages 3+)
This sturdy plastic 4" x 12" paint tray
features eight wells to hold paint, and
eight slanted, shallower wells for mixing. Works great for mixing different
tempera colors, watercolors, and more.
Colossal Box of Crafts (ages 5+)
Do you ever have those days when you just want to do something different? Store
the Colossal Box of Crafts away for just such a time. Children will be delighted
when you pull this out and explain what fun you are all going to have. Full of wiggly eyes, pom poms, colorful feathers, jumbo stems, WonderFoam, chenille stems,
craft sticks, tinsel stems, sequins & spangles, glitter glue pens and tacky glue, you will
all have a blast going to town on your own creations or doing some of the fun project ideas which come with the kit. All these items and more come in an 1.5'x 1'x2.5"
Lauri Lacing Puppet Sets (ages 5-9)
Snuggle Pets Activity Kits (ages 5+)
Easy enough for even the youngest crafters, these award-winning Lace-a-Puppet
sets offer kids the opportunity to put some simple lacing skills to work to create
their own unique puppets! Each set includes several pre-cut felt figures (fronts and
backs) with pre-punched holds around the edge, plenty of pre-cut yarn, and several plastic, ball-tipped needles. Kids can lace around the edges and create a working
hand puppet, then use the included punch-out felt shapes and scraps of felt and
yarn to give their puppet a unique look. Then, it's off to the puppet theater!
Available in different sets of people and critters.
003033 Crawling Critter Lacing Puppets
Makes 3 insect puppet front & backs (bee, ladybug and butterfly)
026861 Lace-A-Circus Puppets
Makes 6 puppets including lion, seal, elephant, circus performer, and
two horses
026862 Lace-A-Person Puppets
Includes pieces to build 4 people puppets, and 4 uniforms for them
026863 Lace-A-Pet Puppets
Makes three puppets, including a bear, cat, and dog
026864 Lace-A-Puppet
Includes fronts and back pieces to make 6 people puppets
018349 Lace-A-Saurus Puppets
Makes six different dinosaur puppets including a brachiosaurus, a
stegosaurus, a triceratops, two T-Rexes, a parasaurolophus and a
pterodactyl finger puppet
001212 Swamp Creatures Puppets
Makes six "creatures" including an alligator, a turtle, two frogs, and
two salamanders
Each of these kits contains everything kids need to sew their own soft,
fuzzy "snuggle pet". Made of soft, machine-washable, hypo-allergenic
Vellux®, the results are impressive - and very cute! Each kit contains everything needed to create each pet, including pre-cut Vellux with pre-punched
holes, polyester fiberfill, yarn, blunt metal needle, and step-by-step instructions. The pre-punched holes make sewing easy, with an estimated project
time of 20-40 minutes. Most pets measure 11" to 12" when completed,
although Pocket Pets are smaller, at 5" to 6".
030382 Bunny Rabbit
030383 Dinosaur
030384 Dolphin & Baby
030385 Kitty Cat
030386 Pocket Pets
030388 Sea Turtle
030389 Teddy Bear
Make a Teddy Bear Kit (ages 8+)
This teddy bear is so adorable, it's hard to believe he can be stitched
together by a beginner! Kit includes everything you need to give him
life - and personality - with pre-cut felt, polyfill, embroidery floss,
needle, ribbon, and of course, easy-to-follow instructions. Teddy
bear measures 9.5" tall when completed.
Needles for Lacing or Sewing (ages 5-9)
These plastic, ball-tipped needles are perfect for young children to
use in al their "sewing" projects using yarn to stitch in felt,
paper, needlepoint canvas, loose-weave fabric, etc. Ball-tip
needles are safer for younger children, but require pre-cut holes
in material. Sets of ten needles per pack.
003039 Ball-tipped
003045 Blunt-tipped
Felted Snake and Egg Kit (ages 7+)
This very unique kit explores the art of
making felt from wool fleece. Kids can use
the wool fleece to create fuzzy, soft and
bendable snakes and felt eggs. The fluffiness
and versatility of the fleece fosters almost
unending creativity with this project, allowing kids to give their snakes and eggs faces,
hairstyles, and more. The kit includes 100%
wool fleece in four colors, colorful nubs, two
egg forms, wiggly eyes, plastic mat, wire, and
an illustrated instruction booklet.
Make Your Own Puppy Kit (ages 8+)
If you're not all about cute little teddy bears, this puppy kit
just might win you over. Kit includes everything needed to
create a long, floppy-eared smiley puppy including plush felt,
polyfill, embroidery floss, needle, ribbon, and instructions.
Puppy measures 9.5" tall when completed.
Craft Weaving Loom (ages 6+)
PegLoom (ages 5+)
Children love creating things - especially useful
items that they can see being used everyday. This
small loom gives kids the opportunity to quickly
and easily create such masterpieces as potholders,
placemats, and more from brightly-colored cotton
loops. Kit includes 7.25" square sturdy plastic
loom, plenty of cotton loops, a weaving hook,
and instructions. The weaving is surprisingly easy
for small children and the small, square "potholder" units can be attached together to create larger
crafts. A bag of refill loops is also available.
002611 Craft Weaving Loom
002612 16-oz. Bag of Loops
The PegLoom is a great way for young beginners to learn how to
weave. The PegLoom is constructed of sturdy hardwood, and its slanted pegs on both sides ensure that weavings in progress don't fall off.
Instead of shuttles, children weave the wool yarn through the loom with
a sturdy plastic needle (great for
building those fine motor skills!).
The 7"x10" loom is perfect for
such projects as wall hangings,
purses, coasters, blankets and rugs
for dolls, and whatever else they
can dream up. Kit includes
PegLoom, cotton warp string,
100% wool yarns in red, purple,
green and gold, plastic needle, and
illustrated instructions.
Potholder Kit with Friendly™
Wool Loops (ages 6+)
This simple weaving kit is similar to the Craft
Weaving Loom, but children weave potholders
and create other crafts using 100% wool loops.
The loops come in bright, rainbow colors, and
are fire-resistant, which is always handy in a
potholder. Kit includes 7"x7" metal loom,
enough wool loops to make two potholders, 2
hooks (1 metal one for weaving, and one plastic one for finishing) and illustrated instructions. A refill bag of wool loops is also available, with enough loops to make three
029114 Potholder Kit
029109 Refill Loops
Begin to Knit Kit (ages 9+)
Knitting's not just for adults! The clear
and easy-to-follow instructions in this
kit teach kids how to cast on and knit
while they create some impressive projects for themselves, friends or family
members. Kit includes instructions, knitting needles, and enough yarn to complete
either a doll blanket, scarf, or purse.
Lap Looms (ages 7+)
Lap Looms are constructed
of hardwood, and
portable enough to take
anywhere. Each loom kit
contains a Lap Loom, 1 oz.
of Cotton Warp String,
100% wool yarn, tapestry
needle, two shed sticks, a shuttle (one shuttle comes with
Size A loom, and two shuttles
come with Size B), and illustrated instructions. The instructions
show the basics of weaving, and
explain how to weave and create pillows, purses, small rugs, wall hangings, tote bags and much more. A different color scheme of yarn comes with each loom; the "Fiesta" design
with a Size A loom incorporating colors like purple, green, gold, orange
and red, while the "Sierra" design, featuring black, white and red comes
with a Size B loom. Portable, hands-on, and with plenty of room for creativity.
029110 Size A - 12"x16"
029111 Size B - 14.5"x18.5"
Quick-to-Knit Scarf Kits (ages 7+)
This kit teaches beginning knitters the basic garter stitch, and then sets them loose to
create their own scarf. The kit includes easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions to teach
children the basic stitches, two wooden knitting needles, and enough silky-soft Mohair
and fine wool yarn to knit a scarf approximately 3"
wide and 50" long. Kids love to be able to learn a
skill, and use it right away to start creating.
Available in three yarn colors.
029115 Purple Scarf
029116 Red Scarf
029117 Teal Scarf
Begin to Crochet Kit (ages 9+)
Learn to crochet while immediately creating useful objects and gifts for family
and friends! This kit includes instructions on the basic crochet stitch, crochet
hook and enough yarn to make either a
doll blanket, scarf, or purse. Once they
get going, all you'll need to supply is
plenty of yarn!
Begin to Crochet
Slippers (ages 8+)
Crafty kids can learn to
crochet while creating a
pair of warm, cozy slippers
for themselves. This kit
includes clear instructions
for performing the basic
crochet stitch, instructions on how to use it to make the slippers,
enough yarn to make one pair of slippers, and a crochet hook.
Klutz Book of Beads (ages 9-15)
This book offers dozens of bead jewelry
ideas, tips, and clear instructions in typical
high-quality Klutz style, with plenty of fullcolor photographs and diagrams. Wire, jewelry hardware and hundreds of Bohemian glass
beads are included in a sturdy plastic case just
waiting for your creative touch.
Crochet Cuties Fashion Show (ages 7+)
This beginner crocheting kit teaches youngsters basic crochet stitches,
which they can start using right away as they crochet unique fashions to
dress up large clothespins, or "crochet cuties". Kit includes detailed,
illustrated instructions, wool fleece, yarn, wooden pins for the "cuties"
bodies wooden bases to stand them up in, a crochet hook, and cards to
display the winners of the "fashion show". Then they can dress up their
"models" as crazy or sophisticated as they'd like, add fuzzy fleece hairstyles, and draw expressive faces on them.
Klutz Beadimals Bucket (ages 5+)
The Klutz Beadimals Bucket comes with all the
supplies for several bead animals. The pocketsized instruction book covers everything you
need to know about making 7 different bead
animals, including an alligator, snake, and
hippo. With simple instructions and pictures,
even younger kids can make
Beadimals. The kit
also includes hundreds of brightly colored beads, two different
colors of cord, and four clips
to make keychain Beadimals.
Klutz Hemp Bracelets (ages 6+)
Hemp is a naturally-colored fiber that resembles twine, and mixed with a few
beads and some cool knots makes for a sophisticated but casual look. With
clear instructions, wellillustrated diagrams, and
full-color photographs,
crafters will learn ten different styles of hemp
bracelets. Book is packaged with 150 feet of
hemp and plenty of
Klutz Book of Bead
Rings (ages 8+)
Creating your own unique beautiful bead rings is easier than you
think! In true Klutz fashion, this
book offers clear and detailed
instructions for making seven
basic bead ring designs. A basic
ring is introduced first, including
how to bead and finish it. From
there, young jewelry-makers
progress to slightly more difficult
rings, including the daisy chain,
butterfly, and twisted ring. Fullcolor photography and illustrations enhance the already clear
and easy-to-follow instructions. Book includes caddy full of Czech seed beads
and wire to get you started right away
Friendship Bracelets (ages 6+)
Ten different designs, along with basic friendship bracelet making instructions
are included in this book, with clear instructions, diagrams, and terrific full-color
embroidery floss and
beads are included for
about 12 bracelets, and
the back cover of the
book serves as a handy
workspace to attach your
Boondoggle (ages 8+)
What is "boondoggle"? It's a camp term for the brightly-colored plastic laces used heavily for braiding
camp "basics" like zipper pulls, and lanyards. This book includes full-color instructions for 16 great
projects including those above, and adding a few new ones such as headbands, shoe bobs, bracelets of
different types, and more. Includes six 5-yard skeins of colorful lanyard, 2 metal clips, one bracelet
blank, one keychain ring, and one bolo slide.
Makit & Bakit® Jewelry Kits (ages 8+)
Makit & Bakit crystals make unique, stained glass jewelry when baked into small metal charm
and pendant frames. Each kit below contains metal frames, Makit & Bakit® crystals in various
bright colors, the necessary jewelry findings, and easy-to-follow instructions. Charms and jewelry pendant shapes include stars, teddy bears, butterflies, flowers, hearts and more.
022755 Charm Bracelet & Necklace
Includes 9 charms to attach to charm bracelet or to string on a necklace
022756 Flower Bracelet & Butterfly Necklace
Includes 8 flower charms and a butterfly pendant for necklace
022759 Mood Color Changing Crystals Jewelry
Includes 9 charms and mood-changing crystals. Crystals are darker colors when cool,
and neon colors when warm
Makit & Bakit Jewelry Deluxe Set (ages 8+)
022761 Necklace 4-Piece Set
This kit includes everything you need to make five jewelry
Includes two necklace chains and 4 pendant charms
projects, including two charm bracelet, a necklace, earrings,
and a jewelry stand.
Make-Your-Own Chest of Drawers (ages 6-12)
This lavender and purple wooden
chest has 3 drawers and comes with
gemstones, glitter and accents to decorate it with. Young girls will love to
decorate this special keepsake for
themselves or give it away as a wonderful gift. It will hold jewelry and
other special little somethings. It
measures 8"x5"x10".
Jewelry Box (ages 6-12)
This 6"x5" jewelry box is made
of wood and very sturdy. It is hot
pink in color with yellow, blue, and
green accents. Flip open the top and you have a nice
mirror and velvet lined area for your special jewelry.
There is also a place to insert your rings to keep them safe and sound. A pull-out
drawer provides additional storage. Included in this kit are self-adhesive gems
(hearts, circles, and flowers); stickers; pink, gold and blue glitter glue; decorative ribbon; wooden flower accents; and a bottle of glue tucked into the drawer. All of
these decorations are in a nice partitioned tray which can also be used for storage
on your dresser top. This would be a delight for any girl.
Balloon Animals (ages 6+)
Got a kid that likes to "clown around?" Then this is the perfect gift for them! Once
your child has the basic twist down they can make every animal in the book. The
step-by-step booklet includes pictures, allowing them to see that their technique is
right. You start out with simpler animals, then move on to the harder ones, and
before you know it, you'll be making all 20, repeatedly. Kit comes
with booklet, 20 balloons, and air
Braids & Bows (ages 8+)
I'll bet you didn't know there were so many fun ways to wear your hair! This unique Klutz instruction book/kit
includes tons of project ideas for both hairstyles and making your own scrunchies, barrettes, and other hair accessories. Full-color photography, and clear instructions with lots of diagrams make it even easier for young hairstylists to experiment. Book comes packaged with a treasure box of ribbons and barrette makings just waiting for
your personal touch!
Band in a Box (ages 3-8)
Marching Drum (ages 3-8)
I think there must be a universal desire in all
children to create music with rhythm instruments. Band in a Box is guaranteed to bring
hours of entertainment to your aspiring musicians. A great value, this set includes a small
tambourine, rhythm sticks, triangle and striker,
"clacker," mini cymbals, and a pair of brightly
striped maracas. All this comes neatly packaged in a hand crafted wooden carrying tray.
Pieces are constructed of metal and solid
wood to withstand years of "music."
When we were little and had our musical
parades around our house, the drum
was always a favorite. Everybody wanted it! This colorful plastic drum has
a real drum head and a strap to
hang behind your neck. It is 5"h
x 9"w and is ideal for younger
kids. Drumsticks are included to make this the
perfect set for your little Drummer Boy or Girl!
Wave Drum (ages 3-8)
It's an ocean in your hand! Twist and turn this
plastic drum to create "sound-waves"
with the little colorful balls
encased in the drum. A plastic
mallet is also included to make
unique rhythm sounds. It is 1
½"h x 9"w and is an ideal introduction to music making and
Beginner Band In a Box 1
(ages 3-8)
This 3-piece wooden set includes
a xylophone, kazoo and castanets.
With all its bright colors, the little
ones will have so much fun making
their own creative music! Comes
complete with a wooden storage
tray to contain all this fun!
Easy Christmas Duets: A 9-Note Recorder Book (ages 5+)
Handbells - 8 Note Set (ages 5+)
These top quality bells are
durable with great intonation.
The bells are 5" tall with long
handles that enable players to
grasp the bells securely. Each of
the metal bells has note names
and numbers clearly marked on
the top of its handle. The bells
are all different colors and feature springs inside that are very durable
and also make it easy to control playing. The 8 Note Set has bells for
lower C to upper C, but does not include sharps and it comes with a
song sheet. The bright colors and clear sounds of these bells are sure to
delight musicians of all ages.
Children's Folk
Guitar (ages 6+)
This guitar is a perfect
starter instrument for
kids who dream of being
a famous guitarist. Kids
will love this 30" guitar
with a genuine wood
body. This guitar is made
for smaller hands and it
comes with a songbook
to get them strumming
right away.
This book contains forty-one Christmas duets and trios. It uses only nine basic
notes so the songs are simple and fun to play. Musicians can play soprano
recorders or any "C" instruments. A fingering chart is included in the book for all
the notes needed. The forty-one songs that are given are mainly religious ones, but
a few secular carols are included as well. Examples include: Away in a Manger,
Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, What Child is This,
and Ring out the Bells.
Aulos Soprano Recorder (ages 5+)
This recorder is dark brown with an ivory colored mouthpiece. It is one piece, has
a built-in thumb rest to help place your right hand in the correct position, and it has
a curved wind way, which gives is accurate intonation. Single holes for low C and D
provide ease of playing in the lower register. A red carrying bag and fingering chart
is included.
Canto Recorder (ages 5+)
This inexpensive recorder is a one-piece, Baroque fingering, soprano recorder. It is dark brown with an ivory colored mouthpiece or
black with a white colored mouthpiece. It comes complete with a
carrying bag, fingering chart and a cleaning wand.
Flutophone (ages 3+)
A simpler recorder-type instrument for the not-so-serious musician.
This 11" long, plastic wind instrument is the ideal first step to taking a
love of music to the next level.
Soprano - 3-Piece Recorder (ages 5+)
Guitar Bag
Store your Children's
Folk Guitar in style in
this black, woven nylon
bag. Great for the aspiring guitarist on the go!
If you are looking for an easy-to-learn beginner instrument for
your child, the recorder is a perfect start! This 12" long, ivory
colored recorder is made out of lightweight plastic and songs
and playing activities are included to get them started making
music. This instrument is a perfect way to learn how your fingers and breathing work together. After they master this instrument, they can move onto a wooden recorder or another wind
instrument with ease!
Beginner Band In a Box 2 (ages 3-8)
This 3 piece wooden set includes a jingle stick, harmonica and recorder.
They come in a nice wooden storage tray and are very well-crafted of
wood and metal. The little ones can combine this set with the first set,
invite some friends over, start their own band and have loads of fun!
Beginners Harmonica
Instruction Package (ages 5+)
This package has everything to get
your child started - a harmonica, cassette tape, and instruction book. Songs
and playing activities are included in this
package and the accompanying case will
help keep this harmonica in top playing
condition for years to come!
Blues Band Starter Package (ages 5+)
Get off on the right note with your harmonica
with the help of this starter package. The 8-page
songbook features songs like Amazing Grace or
Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Learn how to do train imitations, too! Also included in the package is a 30minute instructional cassette, case, and your official
Blues Band Harmonica.
Learn to Play Harmonica (ages 3+)
This is the same harmonica that you'll find in the Learn to Play
Harmonica Package, just without the complete instructional
booklet. This harmonica stands well on its
own, as kids will love the music that
is held within!
Learn to Play
Harmonica Package
Blues Band Harmonica (ages 5+)
Wail out the blues with your very own Blues Band Harmonica. This harmonica has 10-holes, and is in the Key of C. It has a plastic body with metal
plated covers. Overall, it has a smooth, responsive tone and
volume when you play. This harmonica is the same
one that you find in the Blues Band Starter
Package without the accessories.
(ages 3+)
For the very young, this plastic
harmonica is a perfect musical
gift! This four-hole harmonica
comes with a complete instructional guide and is sure to provide hours of fun creative and
educational music for everyone.
Music Maker Harp (ages 3+)
Anyone can play great sounding music on these wooden harps. You just slide
your sheet of music between the strings and wood. The notes show up directly
under the corresponding strings, so even young children can easily play songs.
The harp comes with twelve songs, a tuner, an extra wire, and a pick. Please note
that you can also purchase additional accessories which are listed below. The
"pick pack" includes a pick, a small tuner, and spare wire. The pick clip is a pick
attached with a non-removable string to a small clip, allowing you to clip it directly onto your harp so you can easily keep track of it.
Additional Sheet Music for the Music Maker Harp
12 songs in each set.
EACH SET (unless otherwise noted)
010646 Beatles Songs
003948 Children's Favorites 1
003950 Children's Favorites 2
003947 Children's Favorites 3
003955 Christmas #1
003956 Christmas #2
003957 Classical
010648 Country & Western
010647 Cowboy Songs
010649 Disney #1
010650 Disney #2
010651 Disney #3
Favorite Hymns
International Music
Introduction to Music
Jewish Music
More Fun Songs
Old Time Favorites 1
Old Time Favorites 2
Romantic Ballads
Russian Folksongs
Toddler Tunes
Music Maker Harp Accessories:
Canvas Case (black)
Canvas Case (red)
Small Tuner
Heavy Duty Tuner
Spare Pick
Spare Wire
Pick Pack
Pick Clip
Stained Glass Coloring Books (ages 3+)
Turn your windows into a museum with these stained glass coloring books. These
are unique in that, after colored front and back and removed from book, they are
translucent when hung in windows. Your children can color the stained glass pictures with crayon, felt-tip pen, acrylics, watercolors, tempera, or oil paint. If you
mix your coloring methods, you will get a more interesting effect! They make beautiful gifts for children to give to their friends and family for the holidays! Available
in two sizes; large format sixteen-page 8.5”x11” and smaller-format eight-page
4"x5.75" size.
EACH BOOK BELOW (unless otherwise noted)
007043 Baseball
006087 Boats
006088 Cinderella
014604 Horses
009620 Airplanes
013051 Knights in Armor
000494 Angels
024641 Little Cars
000493 Angel Ornaments
024642 Little Circus
012886 Animals
000498 Nutcracker
012887 Baby Animals
013599 Nutcracker Ornaments
000495 Ballet
007046 Pets
012888 Birds
006089 Ponies
013027 Bugs
014599 Seashore
012889 Butterflies
012890 Cats
019778 Sharks
000496 Christmas Ornaments
009646 Snowflakes
014598 Dinosaurs
019780 Sun, Planets, Stars
012891 Dogs
012895 Teddy Bears
007044 Dolphins
017677 Teddy Bear Family
014603 Exotic Birds
006090 Trains
000497 Fairies
013628 Tropical Butterflies
024608 Fairy Princesses
012896 Tropical Fish
012892 Farm Animals
001155 Tropical Flowers
012893 Flowers
024682 Wedding
001154 Forest Animals
012897 Wildflowers
013040 Frogs
007050 Wild Cats
017607 Garden Flowers
012898 Zoo Animals
Sticker Picture Activity Books (ages 3-12)
Each sticker activity book is colorful, slightly whimsical, and builds
into a very busy scene as you add your stickers! The inside cover of
the book is your scene. To use, simply remove the inside staples and
separate the sticker pages from its cover. Then use the inside cover to
bring this book to life time and time again with the reusable stickers.
The larger-format scene is a big 18.5"x 12.25". The smaller format
scenes are 8"x 5.75". Many scenes to choose from! Enjoy!
000456 Advent Calendar
013063 Advent Calendar
013585 Merry Christmas
013458 Animal Hospital
017640 Monkey House
002781 Ballet
024649 Mother Goose
006076 Birds
007811 Mr. McGregor's
013490 Birthday Cake
023812 Birthday Party
013590 My Bedroom
017578 Camping Fun
008587 My Play Kitchen
007865 Carousel
013069 Nativity
013483 Christmas Village
008172 Noah's Ark
013556 Construction Site
000489 Nutcracker
002787 Decorate a
002786 Pet Shop
024657 Picnic Fun
000481 Dinosaurs
013073 Pirate Ship
000482 Fairyland
017648 Playground Fun
007867 Firehouse
006083 Police Station
006081 Flower Garden
017649 Pretty Faces
002783 Ice Skating
024661 Pretty Jewelry
000487 Jungle
024662 Princess the Pony
017622 Jurassic Dinosaurs 013615 Sea Horses
013550 Library
002788 Train Station
013067 Log Cabin
000491 Western Ranch
EACH LARGE FORMAT (unless otherwise noted)
000467 Angels
024619 Horses
019771 Aquarium Fish
024624 I Love America
001160 Audubon Birds
023739 Beautiful Butterflies 028404 Magical Horses
024652 Nativity
012881 Butterflies
012884 Sea Life
024595 Castles
012885 Tiffany Designs
005887 Celtic
000466 Fairies and Flowers 000469 Tropical Flowers
006037 Twelve Days of Christmas
024609 Fairyland
013630 Victorian Designs
012883 Floral Designs
014601 Wild Animals
017606 Garden Fairies
006033 Geometric Designs 007042 Wildflowers
014608 Woodland Animals
013515 Guardian Angels
000468 Christmas Ornaments 3.95
Sticker Paper Dolls (ages 3+)
All the fun of stickers and paper dolls rolled into one! Each of the
large format (9"x12") paper doll books feature four young ladies to dress
in period clothing. The smaller (4"x5.75") books feature one character
each, with four pages of dresses, pants, shirts, hats, shoes and other
accessories for hours and hours of sticker fun. Best of all, the stickers
can be used over and over again (as long as you are careful to put them
Dover Stickers (ages 3+)
Dover stickers are high-quality, colorful and come in a wide variety of styles.
Stickers labeled as "realistic" stickers are typically very accurately drawn and beautiful. The "cute" stickers are generally more whimsical, wihle "glitter" stickers have
real glitter to accent the pictures. "Shiny" stickers are neon-colored on a metallic
silver background. The "old-time" stickers have an antique look and use softer
tones. Stickers come in small, 4 ¼"x 5 ¾" books that each contain anywhere from
15-20 stickers in each. These make great little gifts or prizes, and are really nice to
dress up stationary, envelopes, and anything else!
EACH STICKER BOOK BELOW (unless otherwise noted)
017588 Classic Racing Cars
017655 Realistic Monkeys
008658 Toy Soldiers
008588 Airplanes
002791 Aquarium Fish
005952 Insects
017569 Realistic Baby Animals
017630 Little Trains
024603 Cute Baby Animals
017632 Little Trucks
023549 Bears
024643 Littlest Angels
005170 Butterflies
013578 Lizards
005236 Cats
005180 Old-Time Cats
013486 Common Birds
005201 Old-Time Dogs and Puppies
008650 Construction Trucks
005227 Old-Time Flowers and
008653 Cowboys
005169 Dalmatians
005206 Old-Time Horses
005238 Dogs
008655 Police Cars
000503 Fairies
024659 Ponies
005239 Farm Animals
017652 Realistic Butterflies
005223 Favorite Flowers
017656 Realistic Sharks
017603 Favorite Trucks
002795 Reptiles
002794 Fire Engines
024672 Shiny Bugs
013078 Flowers
024673 Shiny Christmas
005158 Forest Animals
024674 Shiny Dinosaurs
005164 Frogs and Toads
024675 Shiny Fast Cars
026222 Glitter Butterflies
017676 Tanks and Armored Vehicles
024614 Glitter Fairies
005267 Toy Trucks
026223 Glitter Roses
002793 Train
024615 Glitter Unicorns
005229 Wild Cats
005241 Horses
005168 Wildflowers
Mrs. Grossman Stickers,
Jumbo Variety Pack (ages 3+)
If your kids love stickers, they'll love
what is in this fun variety pack! A wide
assortment of over 500 brightly colored
stickers in one 4"x7" bag! You can create
scenes, decorate craft projects and personal items, and illustrate stories. Stick
'em up!
back in the pages of the book to store them).
013023 Anne of Green Gables
013024 Betsy the Colonial Girl
013025 Billy the Union Soldier
013533 Joe the GI
013049 Johnny the Confederate Soldier
013537 King Arthur
005957 Knight in Armor
013541 Lauren the Victorian Girl
013597 Northeastern Indian Girl
017651 Priscilla the Pilgrim Girl
013074 Polly the Prairie Girl
Mrs. Grossman's Portables (ages 3+)
These classic stickers come in their own portable carrying case! The case
is 5"x 8", so it fits easily inside a backpack or desk and hold multitudes of
sticker. This case includes more than three hundred stickers, an 8 page
journal, a ruler, a pencil and other handy supplies for "stickering."
001196 School Theme
001197 Nature Theme
001200 Travel Theme
Mrs. Grossman's Playpacks
(ages 5+)
These small, inexpensive sticker packs
include a mini-sticker book with 20
release-coated pages
and an assortment of Mrs. Grossman's high-quality
stickers to start filling the pages up with. The sets are
each centered on a theme, and include a playful collection of stickers. Each set is packaged in a small vinyl
folder, and is just waiting for little hands to
start filling up those pages with their
prized stickers!
018499 Bear House
018500 Bug Picnic
018501 Circus
018502 Dogs & Friends
Balsa Wood Gliders (ages 4+)
Mensa ___ for Kids
We loved these airplane gliders when we were kids; they are amazingly light,
easy-to-construct and most importantly, they fly really well! Similar to styrofoam gliders, these
consist of a few pieces
to snap together and
you’re ready to go!
Jetfire gliders are simpler, consisting of a
body, noseclip, wings,
and a tail, while the
Sky Streak is a bit
more complex (and fun to fly) with a wind-up propeller that connects to a rubber band. Just wind it all the way up, toss it, and it zips across the yard (or living room) with the greatest of ease. Both planes have a 12” wingspan, are ready
to fly in seconds, and the thin balsa wood can be decorated any way you like.
018653 Jetfire Glider
018654 Sky Streak
(ages 7+)
Stamp Strips (ages 5+)
For your little stampers, or anyone who enjoys stamps. These sets include
three cute stamps, all of them the perfect size to provide a decorative border
or a little splash of color for a finishing touch to a letter, picture, or
paper. Each set also has its own
stamp pad, so you're good to go!
004730 Cats
004731 Dinos
004732 Dogs
004734 Frogs
004736 Vehicles
Boston Buzz Pencil Sharpener (ages 5+)
Dull pencils getting you down? Imagine how easy life would be if there
were a portable pencil sharpener to solve all your pencil sharpening needs!
Well, fantasize no more because this light weight, battery powered wonder
sharpens all standard size pencils. Just place four
AA batteries (not included) into the handsized sharpener and you're good to go.
The sharpener includes an easily removable receptacle to collect all those pencil
shavings. Sharpener is safe, as it will not
operate unless the receptacle is firmly in
place. This sharpener is 3.5"x 2"x1" and
comes in assorted neon colors.
Wild Bird Feeder (all ages)
This bird feeder is perfect for the avid bird watcher who likes to feed those hungry winter birds a daily
holiday feast! Best of all, this is likely the most inexpensive bird feeder you'll find. The feeder part is a
plastic tray that screws onto a 2-liter plastic bottle.
Fill the bottle with bird seed, turn it upside down,
and hang in a tree (hanger included), or mount it.
Now more than one person
can enjoy the same set of puzzles
at the same time! Instead of the
usual quiz book format,
these puzzles are printed on full-color, double-sided cards. Mensa
puzzles exercise kids minds in
a variety of ways. There are 6 sets to choose
from that each focus on a different challenging aspect, and each set
contains 75 puzzles, boxed for easy access and storage. Great for home and
013172 Brain Bafflers - Riddles; mazes; number, word, and logic puzzles
013738 Mind Mazes - Series of puzzles are linked to one another
013746 Number Puzzles - Grid puzzles, magic squares, dot games
013962 Secret Codes - Grid codes, Morse code, Braille and more
014141 Super Word Puzzles - Crosswords, anagrams, riddles
Battery-Operated Crayon Sharpener (ages 5+)
There’s just something irresistible about a new pack of crayons with
shiny, pointy tips that just invites coloring use. Normally,
once you start coloring, the nice sharp tip is gone
forever, but with this battery-operated, handheld
sharpener, all your has-been crayons with flat
tops can be brought back to life. Sharpener
requires 4 ‘AA’ batteries (not included) to operate. Just snap them in, stick in a crayon, and in
seconds it will have a “just-out-of-the-box” look
again! Definitely a product I wish had been
around during my early years! Colors may vary.
Page Ups
Theses little gumdrop-shaped paperweight gadgets have
a curved slit on top that holds a sheet of paper upright as you type, cook, etc.
Portable, small, and lightweight. The 2.5" base that is filled with either sand or liquid to give it extra sturdiness. iColor PageUps come in six brilliant jewel tones, while
Aqua PageUps are filled with liquid and have aquatic animals floating inside against
a tropical undersea backdrop.
012730 Blueberry
027793 Aqua Clownfish
012731 Grape
027794 Aqua Goldfish
012732 Graphite
027795 Aqua Killer Whale
012733 Lime
027796 Aqua Shark
012734 Strawberry
027797 Aqua Swell Fish
012735 Tangerine
027798 Aqua Tropical Fish
Baby Page Ups
This mini version of the Page Ups is perfect for holding photos, small
notes, and cards. Included sticky pads can be used to anchor them to a
surface to hold slightly heavier papers. Assorted colors.
009427 Single
030352 Babies Tin (tin of 12)
Give the Gift of Learning this Holiday Season...
Take Off! (ages 7+)
Rosetta Stone Foreign Language Courses (ages 6+)
When you play a game with a world map for a game board, you know
you're going to have to soak up some geography. But will it be fun?
Hmm… maybe if you're commanding a fleet of airplanes and you need
to race all the other players from city to city to complete around-theworld flights! This versatile, multi-level game offers variations for players of all ages and with any degree of geographical knowledge. The goal
is to hop your planes from city to city while first learning basic geography and progressing to flags, area, population, flag, capital city, etc. while
attempting to land at certain cities. Map "game board" measures 24" x
36", and since 2-6 players can compete, the whole family can join in!
009393 24.95
Designed to imitate the way people
learn their native language, The
Rosetta Stone utilizes a well-designed
blend of interactive multimedia technology combined with a total immersion approach to help foreign language learners to really understand the
spoken language - not spend minutes
trying to translate it in their heads.
First students listen to words and
phrases in the foreign language, then
use the selected photos to understand
the meaning of the word. After listening comprehension come excellent speaking, reading and writing exercises, all of
which are done on the computer. Lessons progress in a logical manner, exercises are
made simpler with several features that make typing in the new language easier, and by
removing the "translation" process, students will soon be excited at how soon they will
be "thinking" in their new language! No wonder it is the favorite program of many colleges, universities, the Peace Corps, and even NASA. Level I courses contain 92 lessons
(about 400 hours of learning), and Level II contains 118 lessons. Combo sets are available for some languages which offer both for a reduced price. Each level includes User's
Guide, Curriculum text, application CD-ROM, Student Management System CD-ROM,
Student Management System Manual, Handbook for Teachers, and Workbook (not available in all languages). Spanish I also includes tests and quizzes, as well as a Study Guide;
French and German contain a Study Guide, no tests or quizzes. Sound good, but you
want to be sure? Try out a free demo CD that contains lessons from several languages.
Windows Requirements: Windows requirements: Windows 95/98/Me, NT 4.0/2000, or
XP; Pentium 166 MHz processor; 64 MB RAM (96 MB for 2000 or XP), 35 MB free
hard drive space; 4X CD-ROM drive; 16-bit Windows compatible sound card; microphone for speech recognition. Macintosh requirements: Mac OS 8.1 or later (requires
Classic mode for OS X); PowerPC 604 150 MHz processor; 64 MB free RAM (96 MB
for OS X); 35 MB free hard drive space; 4X CD-ROM drive; PlainTalk compatible
microphone for speech recognition. Additional languages and supplementary materials
also available - call for details! We sell only homeschool editions.
002628 Italian I
003615 Italian II
009253 Italian I & II Combo Set
004260 DEMO Package . . . FREE 003141 Japanese I
002995 Chinese I
004136 Japanese II
004120 Chinese II
009261 Japanese I & II Combo Set
008685 Chinese I & II Combo Set
002502 Latin I
002496 French I
002626 Russian I
003610 French II
003614 Russian II
008703 French I & II Combo Set
009815 Russian I & II Combo Set
002519 German I
002494 Spanish I (Latin American)
003613 German II
003609 Spanish II (Latin American)
008737 German I & II Combo Set
010214 Spanish I & II Combo Set
003565 Hebrew I
003157 Vietnamese I
Where in the World? (ages 8+)
Recently re-released by Aristoplay, this classic geography game offers a
variety of game options that are both fun - and really helps geographical
knowledge sink in too! Players can start off slow by playing Crazy
Countries (played like Crazy Eights), to familiarize themselves with different countries.
In Statesman,
Diplomat, and Ambassador games,
players graduate from knowing the
countries to learning their locations,
population, capitals, monetary units, literacy rate, languages,
religions, and even
major exports and
imports. A fun
and enjoyable way
to learn about all
those obscure countries you're not even 100%
sure exist!
Rainbow Resource Center, Inc.
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