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1. About The Game
2. The Background
3. Keys, Commands and Symbols
4. Playing The Game
5. Victory Hints
6. Acknowledgements
ARENA has been deliberately designed to carefully combine the most attractive features of both
computer wargames and arcade games. Your progress around the Arena protecting your command tank,
exploring the terrain and seeking out the enemy tanks requires you to develop and use a sense of battlefield
tactics. Once you have pinned down an opponent into a fight the game demands your quick reactions at
arcade games to manoeuvre and destroy your opponent by gun fire on the Vector graphics screen. This
arcade sequence is not designed as a glossy diversion which is irrelevant to the outcome of the game, but is
rather an essential and integral part and success in the game can only be achieved by the successful combination
of your skills in both the arena and Vector parts of the game. We believe this combination of skills and interest
is unique in the computer games field and will appeal to both the wargamer who still feels young enough
to handle a joystick and the arcade game enthusiast who is seeking an extra dimension and challenge in his
computer games.
During the second half of the 21st Century, as the nations of Earth expanded deeper and further into
space, colonising the planets of far solar systems, they faced a major dilemma at home.
Conflict and feud still developed between them on earth; yet the very technology and weapons which took
them through space, posed the greatest threat ever to earth's own security should they be used to resolve
earth-bound conflict.
On February 30 2027, the United Nations passed the historic 'ARENA' legislation which had a three
fold effect:
A) All returning stellar battle fleets were forbidden from entering the solar system. Any battle fleet,
regardless of its nationality which crossed this modern day Rubicon, would be immediately attacked by
the combined resources of earth's defences.
B) War on earth was totally outlawed.
C) Earth bound conflicts and disputes were to be resolved by a return to a medieval concept, the
nation's champion and his prowess in the jousting Arena.
By late 2030 the magnificent Battle Arena had been built on the west coast of Sweden fully equipped
to give live television coverage over the entire planet and for transmission to the space way-stations on the
edge of the solar system.
The weapon system adopted were based on late 20th Century battle tanks with up-to-date technology.
The Arena itself allowed for 4 set piece battlefields to be produced at random or, should both sides
request it, a totally random battle field could be agreed.
Conflict was judged over a series of 4 bouts and in each bout, each contender had to select a different
weapon system all of which comprised a master tank, commanded by that nation's champion and 5 slave
tanks of identical design which could only be activated and controlled directly by the champion from his
command tank.
Truly, did the champions themselves quickly grow to become the world's most elite group combining the
skills and charisma of pop stars and star athletes of previous generations.
You have been selected to compete for the currently vacant position of champion of England following last
month's death in combat, of your predecessor during a bout against Wales concerning the excess use of Welsh
water by the English mega cities of the Midlands.
To succeed, you must demonstrate your command of the battle field tactics together with a keen mental
Searching the battle field for signs of your opponent, you have the facility to view the areas of the battle
field and the locations of your slave tanks. The speed with which you absorb reports and give orders to your
slave tanks will determine your life expectancy in this most hazardous career.
The hallmark of the true champion however, is to be seen during actual combat. Control of all weapon
systems is effected only from your command tank, combat being displayed on your master console giving vector
graphic display of the movement and action of enemy units.
Ammunition is strictly limited, and you are well advised to hold your fire until you can see the whites of
their V D.U.'s.
Have you skill and application to become the champion?
Are you a survivor?
Main map display area showing either the Arena area centred around the position of the tank you are
currently commanding or the view down the gun sight in the arcade sequence during battle mode.
Battle mode radar screen (not used during the Arena mode). Your position is at the centre cross, all
trees, houses and stationary tanks are shows as dots. Moving enemy tanks are moving black dots
and shells will be shown as fast moving dots.
Ammunition status report showing the number of shots remaining for that tank.
Arena mode radar screen which shows the road layout in this particular design and the position of
your own tanks as black dots. There are eight different road designs.
Your command cursor for activating the icons. All icons must be selected by placing your cursor over
them and pressing 'fire'.
6. Score tally, this simply indicates the number of enemy tanks you have destroyed during this round.
7. Elapsed time, you have a thousand seconds to complete the destruction of the enemy force.
8. Pause icon, by placing your cursor over the IM in the word TIME and pressing 'fire' the game can be
paused. Press 'fire' again to restart.
9. Route icon to order your tanks to their destination by the quickest road route.
10. Route icon to order your tanks to select an over land route to their destination.
11. Move icon, activates the movement cursor on the screen to select the destination of your tank, press 'fire'
to indicate your choice and you must then select the route icon of either 9 or 10 above.
During battle mode this move icon acts as a direction indicator with an arrow pointing in the
direction which you are currently moving. Using left or right movement commands will alter the direction
of travel.
12. Message screen, particularly look out for mine warnings and tank under attack — you must
immediately switch to commanding that tank and if under attack, you are advised to quickly enter
13. Damage report screen, as your tank receives damage from either mines or shell fire this screen will colour
red from the bottom, when completely red the tank has less than 5% strength remaining.
14. Mine icon, this allows light tanks to position a pressure sensitive mine under their current location. Up
to 3 mines per tank may be planted but the tank must move away immediately. The mine can be
planted while moving.
15. Battle mode icon. This will take the tank which you are currently commanding into the arcade battle
sequences. The time elapse is automatically paused and no movement takes place on the Arena
screen. You can now move around an area equivalent to a square 8 tanks length x 8 tanks width and all
trees, buildings, and tanks in that area will be displayed in Vector graphics. If your tank is destroyed
you will automatically be returned to the Arena mode. If you destroy the enemy, or he escapes or
cannot be found you can return to Arena mode by pressing 'ENTER'.
16. Radar report Your radar will detect all tanks, except stealth, when in Arena mode and will flash yellow /
green when an enemy is detected. You will not be told which tank has picked up the radar contact.
17. Tank selection icons show your tanks 1 - 6 (reading left to right) tank 1 being your command tank.
These icons change colour depending upon status.
Yellow — you are in command of this tank and the tank currently has orders.
b. Flashing yellow / blue — you are in command of this tank but it does not have orders.
Red — you are not in command but the tank has current orders,
d. Flashing red / green — you are not in command and the tank does not have orders.
e. Black — the tank has been destroyed and disappears from the display, it cannot
be activated as an icon.
Selecting one of the six tank icons puts you in command of that tank, and alters the ammunition display
3 and damage report 13 to show that tank's status.
The game will best be played using a joystick and is compatible with cursor joysticks, Kempston and Interface
2. When usng a joystick the only keyboard command that you will require is the 'ENTER' key to return from
battle mode to Arena mode.
If using the keyboard then the game allows the facility to redefine the keys, the table below gives the key
functions as set after loading.
Arena Mode
Movement Order
Battle Mode
Icon cursor Up
Movement cursor Up
Move forwards
Icon cursor Down
Movement cursor Down
Move backwards
Icon cursor Left
Movement cursor Left
Change direction
anti clockwise
Icon cursor Right
Movement cursor Right
Change direction clockwise
— —
— —
CAP Shift / Space
Rearming site
(you can only rearm
at your own site)
Light Tanks
Heavy Tanks
Stealth Tanks
Hover Tanks
You must first choose your method of control selecting either keyboard or your choice of joystick
(Kempston, Cursor or Sinclair Interface 2). When using the keyboard you have the option to redefine the
keys. You must now choose the type of game:
Tournament Game — this is the method for which the game has been designed You start by selecting
your own type of tank but have no choice over your opponent's choice. Victory will be rewarded by another
round in the tournament. Your score will be carried forward and your opponent will now play a harder game
with more surprise attacks and more intelligent and aggressive tactics- The tournament will continue for an
unlimited number of turns until you are finally defeated.
b. Challenge Game — this is designed more as a practise mode each game being free standing and scores
are not carried forward. Your opponent plays only at his basic level and you have the option to choose both
your tanks and his tanks. Using the Quit option immediately after the Arena design has been printed to the
screen will enable you to alter the design (always chosen at random) until you have one that is to your liking.
To play Arena it is necessary to be able to quickly distinguish your own tanks from the enemy,
especially during Battle Mode. Start by using the Challenge Game and select each tank type in turn Once the
Arena is displayed study the tank outline on the Arena map. Familiarise yourself with the Icon controls and
then take command of a tank If you now select Battle mode you can now manoeuvre around the vector
graphics screen inspecting your own tanks from different angles to note how they appear on the screen. If you
feel especially vindictive you can practice firing at them (they won't fire back).
In Battle Mode it is important to remember that you can destroy your own tanks as well as the enemy
and recognising the type of tank can save expensive mistakes. (If you both have the same tank type you cannot
distinguish enemy tanks and must therefore ensure that you have no other tanks in the area before entering
Battle Mode)
Use the Quit button and now inspect the next tank type.
Light Tanks — a fast tank, especially on roads, which is lightly armoured and has a lower calibre gun.
Hence the amount of damage inflicted is less than for other tanks and its ability to absorb damage is also less.
It is the only tank which has the capability of planting mines (3 per tank). It cannot cross rivers.
b. Heavy Tanks — a slow moving heavily armoured tank with a large calibre gun. Inflicts heavy damage on
opponents and can absorb large amounts of damage before being destroyed but does have some vulnerable
points, and its large size and slow movements make it an easy target to aim at. It cannot cross rivers.
Stealth — a tank of moderations in terms of speed, gun calibre and armour. Its major advantage is that it
can not be detected by radar and because tanks are only visible on the Arena map when in line of sight, you
will receive no radar warning of its presence. It can cross rivers.
d. Hover — a trackless tank giving great speed over almost all terrain features, Including rivers. It has a
heavy calibre gun as per the heavy tanks but is much more vulnerable to damage as it is only lightly armoured.
It is not an easy target to hit and is especially good in cross country routes.
When damage results are calculated they are a combination of the type of gun firing, the armour type on
the target tank plus a random factor to determine how vulnerable a spot has been hit by the shell. Therefore,
the number of hits required to destroy a particular tank is not a constant but will always be subject to some
All the important decisions on the disposition of your tanks and your tactics must be made during this
part of the game.
The use of the Movement Icon will create a flashing cursor over that tank on the Arena map. Your
joystick or movement keys will now move that cursor around the Arena map, scrolling when necessary You are
limited to how far you can scroll unless another of your tanks has already moved over that area of the Arena.
When you are happy with the destination, press 'fire' and then select the Route Icon when requested. The
clock is stopped whilst you move the Movement cursor. At various points your tanks may become blocked by
impassable terrain or a bottleneck in the road. Such tanks will then cancel their orders and flash to await new
If a tank detects mines you will receive a message report but it will not alter its move, that is left to your
If a tank is in danger of being attacked it will report on the message screen. Failure to quickly take
command of that tank and enter Battle Mode will resit in the tank being fired on by the enemy in the Arena
screen and damage will be inflicted. N.B. You cannot fire at the enemy whilst on the Arena screen.
Upon entering Battle Mode, all other movement and possible contact by tanks on the Arena screen is
frozen but will immediately re-start once you return to the Arena screen.
When manoeuvring in the Battle screen it is important to watch your direction indicator on the
Movement Icon and the Battle radar screen.
Trees and houses on the screen will not be destroyed by gun fire but will protect tanks hidden behind them
although these can be seen through the drawing of the house on the screen.
Only one enemy tank is active at a time, if you destroy it another which may be in the area will
immediately become active. If you can see the enemy tank on your main battle screen, it will only be able to
fire at you when it Is facing you. Similarly you must have it in your sights if you hope to hit it. If you cannot
see the enemy he can fire at you but you will be unable to fire at him. You may see his shell on the battle
radar, you may see his shell on the main battle screen, you will see debris from your tank on the battle screen if
you are hit.
Pressing 'Enter1 immediately exits you from the Battle Mode and any shell which has been fired but has
not hit home will be counted as having missed its target.
N.B. Your computer opponent has the same constraints as you have in moving and in ammunition and
will also require to visit his re-arming point.
The score figure on the screen display only records the number of enemy tanks destroyed so far during
the round, it is irrelevant to scoring game points. Unless you survive the first round of the tournament or unless
you win on the Challenge Game you will not score any points whatsoever If you are victorious then your
points will be equal to the number of 'seconds' remaining from the original one thousand seconds allowed after
deducting the time taken to achieve yourvictory. These points will be carried forward in the next round of the
If your command tank is destroyed you will immediately lose.
If you run out of time and the elapsed time reaches 1000 you will lose,
If you destroy all enemy tanks within the time period you will win.
If you destroy the enemy command tank you will immediately win and score the highest points.
The key to your survival and victory is to develop a quick response and interpretation of incoming
information and the constantly changing conditions in the Arena. However, a reckless exposure of your
command tank will almost certainly lead to your early defeat and it should be protected at all costs. The
following points should help you to develop your skills at the game.
Discover the relative strengths and weaknesses of the different tank types and apply this knowledge to
the particular Arena design you are currently fighting.
Once the Arena design has been decided, use the pause command to give yourself time to decide your
initial tactics. If things get too fast at any time, pause will give you some thinking time.
Do not spend too much time examining the Arena from one particular tank, events may be overtaking
you elsewhere.
d. Remember which direction you have sent each tank and use your Arena radar screen to track their current
Do not give movement orders which are going to cause your tanks to become congested. This will only
halt your movements and is particularly important when trying to start the game using road routes.
Choose your road or overland routes with care — overland can be extremely effective but tanks can be
trapped by unpenetrable terrain especially rivers, g. Use your ammunition sparingly and return to base to re-arm
immediately after a major engagement.
Watch your screen display for messages and the flashing radar signal to indicate that one of your tanks
has detected an enemy.
Remember that enemy tanks will not be shown on the Arena unless they are in line of sight of your
tanks. The enemy may well just be over the hill or behind the house
When using mines remember where they are planted and avoid that area. Once a mine has been
planted, your tank must be ordered from the area at once. Discover, by experience, the most likely areas that
your opponent will plant his mines.
Remember on the Arcade screen that only one enemy tank will be active at a time. A second, inactive
tank may present an easy target but beware that you too. are not in turn presenting the active tank with an
easy kill. Watch the top radar screen for moving enemy and incoming shells but do not shoot your own tanks.
N.B. If you are fast enough you can shoot down incoming shells.
If you find that the enemy are using light tanks be on your guard for mines
Battle, Game and Screen Design
Game Development Masterminded by
Roger Lees
Steve Hughes
Argus Press
Software Group
c Copyright 1985 M.C. LOTHLORIEN LIMITED
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