Eclipse Digital Matrix Systems

Eclipse Digital Matrix Systems
Eclipse Digital Matrix Systems
Raising Performance
Raising Performance to New Levels
Robust, flexible and reliable
communication solutions
For 40 years, Clear-Com has provided matrix intercom
solutions to broadcast, live performance, government and
other mission-critical users who demand highly reliable and
uncompromising levels of audio performance.
The Clear-Com Eclipse digital
matrix is the latest advancement in
communications technology, blending
the best of features and functions from
two of the industry’s field-proven matrix
technology platforms: Clear-Com Matrix
Plus 3 and Drake 4000 Series II. With
additional innovations in the use of IP
technology, the Eclipse digital matrix
platform is enhanced to be much more
powerful, functional and expandable than
ever before.
The Eclipse matrix systems provide
a flexible and scalable foundation for
user-to-user and group-based multiconnections communication, supporting
as few as 16 on a single matrix frame or
as many as 3120 user connections on a
networked system platform. Designed
and engineered to meet communication
needs of any size and complexity,
Clear-Com Eclipse is unrivalled in
terms of performance, versatility and
• Powerful, redundant processing
• Integrated Digital Wireless
• Integrated IP communications
with PC users and IP panels
• Individual level control
• Unsurpassed audio quality
• Rugged design
• Intelligent linking of matrices
• Real-time assignment of party-line
conferences with Production
Maestro application
• Multiple choices for panel connection
such as AES3, digital single twisted
pair and IP
• User designed logical routing through
Logic Maestro
Digital Matrix Product Family Overview
The Eclipse product family provides a broad range of robust and powerful digital matrix frames, panels and interfaces to support a
broad range of basic to complex intercom requirements.
Digital Matrix Systems
Eclipse PiCo
User Control Panels
Interface Modules
V-Series 12-key, lever or pushbutton panels
V-Series 24-key, lever or pushbutton panels
Eclipse Median
Eclipse V-Series Desktop,
lever or pushbutton panels
Eclipse Omega
Interface frames
4224 Series
Production Maestro Pro
VoICE 2.0
Eclipse Matrix System
Eclipse PiCo
Eclipse PiCo is ideal for communication needs in small to
mid-size production environments such as OB vans, studio
and sports facilities. It provides high-quality full-duplex
communication requiring a moderate number of ports in a
compact 1RU form. The front user menu enables quick and easy
changes to input/output levels, routes and configurations.
Eclipse PiCo offers 36 full-duplex panel/4-wire ports, including
four 4-wire ports, in a one-rack unit (1RU) chassis. Each Eclipse
PiCo has two power supplies for fail-safe redundancy and
eight on-board general purpose inputs and outputs. It supports
V-Series, I-Series, 4000 series panels , ICS panels and all IMF
interface modules including the AES Co-Ax and DIG-2 modules
for external panels.
Key Features:
• 36 ports in 1RU
• 32 RJ-45 with 4 extra 4-wire ports
• 8 On-Board Relays and General Purpose Inputs
• User menu for I/O levels, routing and status
• Intelligent Trunk Linking
• Seamless interfacing with Clear-Com IMF modules
• DTMF inward access
• DTMF outward dialing
A local High Speed Link CAT-5 connection provides audio
linking functionality between Eclipse PiCo matrices without
using ports. In this way, two locally connected Eclipse PiCo’s can
provide 72 non-intelligent port audio connections for panels and
interfaces in 2RU*.
An intuitive user menu display provides quick and easy access
to all port input and output levels, routing and GPI status. This
provides users the ability to make quick online changes required
in OB trucks and live events.
* Excludes IFB, ISO and controls between frames
• Configurable VOX
• Individual level control adjustment
• Intuitive ECS programming software
• 4 on-board configurations selectable by front menu
• Frequency response of 30Hz to 22kHz,+/-3dB
• < -70dBu Crosstalk
• Dual-redundant power supplies
Eclipse Matrix System
Eclipse Median
Key Features:
•7 x 16-port cards provide large-system performance
in a small package
•8 built-in interface module slots
•Matrices can connect over non-blocking fiber
•Intelligent trunk linking between systems
•Seamless integration with FreeSpeak and CellCom Integra
•Dual redundant processors
•24-bit resolution with audio frequency response of
30Hz to 22kHz, +/-3 dB
The Eclipse Median is a 6RU frame that houses 2 CPU and 7
matrix slots with 8 built-in interface module slots, uniquely
designed for outside broadcast vehicles, mobile flight-case
systems, or any production environment where rack space is
Eclipse Median delivers up to 112 CAT-5 panel/4-wire ports
combined with any combination of interface cards:
CCI-22 party-line, FOR-22 4-wire/relay, TEL-14 dual channel
telephone hybrid, AES-6 Co-Ax or AES interface module, RLY-6
relay output card, GPI-6 input interface modules. The interface
modules are all powered by a redundant pair of Median PSUs.
•< -70dBu Crosstalk
•Individual crosspoint level adjustment
• 8 frame GPI inputs and relays included
•Compatible with V-Series, I-Series, ICS and 4000 series panels
•Powerful, visual, and intuitive system ECS software
•VOX detection controlled from the software
•Redundant Ethernet and a serial link for programming
•System remotely programmed and maintained via Ethernet
Eclipse Omega
Eclipse Omega is an advanced digital matrix intercom platform,
offering up to 240 RJ-45 ports over 15 module slots in a 6RU
chassis – the highest port density of any available system on the
market. Each of the 15 slots can house 16-port matrix cards to
provide full-duplex connections with panels, external lines, and
interfaces to other matrix systems. External interface modules
are connected using external 1RU and 3RU frames, leaving all
15 slots available for port and interface cards.
Eclipse Omega is perfect for large scale communication
productions with thousands of users located in multiple
facilities. By connecting multiple Eclipse Omega matrices, up to
3120 users can be supported on a single networked platform.
Key Features:
• 15 x 16-port cards give large system performance
in a small package
• Matrices can connect over non-blocking fiber
• Intelligent trunk linking between systems over telecom lines
• Seamless integration with FreeSpeak and CellCom Integra
• Dual redundant processors
• 24-bit resolution with audio frequency response of 30Hz
to 22kHz, +/-3 dB
• < -70dBu Crosstalk
• Individual crosspoint level adjustment
• 8 frame GPI inputs and relays included
• Compatible with V-Series, ICS, I-Series and 4000 panels
• Powerful, visual and intuitive ECS system software
• VOX detection controlled from the software
• Redundant Ethernet and a serial link for programming
• Systems remotely programmed and maintained via Ethernet
User Control Panels
Clear-Com’s comprehensive range of innovative user panels offers an unrivaled match of features, functionality and performance
with contemporary styling. Clear-Com has the widest range of user panel types, designed to meet the needs of all production
personnel. These range from modern, fully programmable digital pushbutton, lever key and LCD units, to basic, non-display panels.
Eclipse V-Series Panels
V-Series are innovative display panels for Eclipse, providing
cutting edge Digital Signal Processing and native IP technology
in an acoustically controlled contemporary design. The panel
range comes with the choice of either pushbutton or lever key
in 1RU/12 key, 2RU/24 key and 12 key Desktop forms.
The panels not only have user-configured signaling LEDs,
which makes incoming calls easy to follow at busy times; but
also with “Listen Again” when everything is happening at once,
digital memory can replay up to the last 30 seconds of any
incoming call at a touch.
Source and destination labels are more distinct and easily
identified through 10-character high resolution graphic displays
with international character support.
Leading Digital Signal Processing (DSP) allows for local and
centralized real-time changes to audio routing and effects.
Individual up and down level controls let users adjust personal
audio mix for all calls or to send call alerts to party-lines.
The V-Series panels are capable of simultaneously running
both 8 shift pages, and up to 8 extension panels giving the
user flexible solutions for area intercom (shift) and many extra
physical keys on extension panels for source or IFB routing
(See Production Maestro).
Supervisor functionality allows centralized control of any
V-Series panel, enabling efficient workflow.
Connection options include analog CAT5/CAT6, digital CAT5/
CAT6 with AES-3 or over twisted single pair (T), Co-Ax video
cable and IP direct to the panel.
Eclipse V-Series Features
V-Series panels and desktops feature:
• 12 or 24 lever or pushbutton keys
• Keypad for telephone dialing and quick menu access
(2RU and desktop models)
• Front-mounted loudspeakers
• Main and Auxiliary Rotary level controls with LED
level indication
• Gooseneck mic and Headset with a choice of XLR-4
or XLR-5 connectors
• 10 character displays with international character fonts
• Rear connections for Audio I/O and GPI control
• Native IP connectivity built-in
• XLR type RJ-45 for robust Matrix connection
• Soft Menus for local assignment
• ‘Listen Again’ audio memory replay
• Supervisor capability
User Control Panels
4000 Series 2 VFD
The 4224EBL features 32 (+32 shift) pushbuttons, assignable
crosspoint level control and a high-contrast VFD (vacuum
fluorescent display), giving clear 4-character labels.
4224 Series
ICS-2003E Master Station
The powerful ICS-2003E is a 12-key Master Intercom Panel
with a large, informative display screen and a keypad for
programming, IFBs, party-lines, DTMF dialing and direct access
to any panel or port in a single matrix.
The 1RU I-Series panels are engineered and built to be rugged
and reliable. I-Series panels are factory built with two to four
5-character display selector modules and a microphone headset
module. The fully fitted 4 module panels also includes a keypad.
There are 5 standard variants available:
I-1110E 1x8-key display key module, no keypad
I-1210E 2x8-key display key modules, no keypad
I-1410E 4x8-key display key modules, no keypad
I-1430E 4x8-key display key modules with keypad
(dial and assignment menus)
I-1470E as per I-1430E but with AUX-101 option (local audio
and GPIs plus the I-1410E 4 x 8 display key extension panel)
Non-Display Panels
The Clear-Com non-display panel range provides a
cost-effective solution where continual label changes are
not required.
The ICS-1016E features 32 pushbutton keys.
The ICS-1008E features 16 pushbutton keys.
The ICS-22 is a flush-mount dual channel panel (US 4-gang wall
box size) with headset and gooseneck microphone connectors
and simple A and B channel call selections. It is suitable for use
in corridors and less technical areas.
Interface Frames
The IMF-3 holds up to 11 interface modules in a 3RU chassis.
Modular rear-mounted connector units feature two RJ-45
connectors to the matrix ports and two DB-9s attaching the
connected devices. The frame is used in conjunction with the
PSU-101 rack-mountable dual power supply, providing power
to the enclosed interfaces.
The IMF-102 interface frame combines an internal power
supply, connection for a second redundant supply, a rear input/
output connector panel and slots for two modular interfaces - all
in a 1RU chassis. The compact frame offers a practical way to
add two interfaces to an Eclipse Omega, Median or PiCo digital
intercom frame. A PSU-101 can be added for power supply
BAL-8 (8-way Transformer Balance unit)
The BAL-8 is a 1RU interface containing eight transformerisolated ports. The unit isolates the connection between matrix
ports and peripheral devices such as two-way radios and
4-wires. (All Eclipse matrix direct outputs are low impedance
electronically balanced.)
The PSU-101 is the power supply for the IMF-3 interface frame.
It has both an audible failure alarm and failure relay contacts
to activate a remote signal. A single PSU-101 will power a
minimum of two interface frames, depending on the type of
interfaces and their individual power requirements.
DIG-2 (Digital Twisted Pair Panel Connection Interface)
The dual channel DIG-2 module provides two panel-to-matrix
connections each over a single twisted pair cable, such as XLR-3
tie-lines or mic circuits. A pair of DIG-2 units are required for
all panels except the V-Series panels, which if ordered in the
T-adapter version, come with the DIG-2 interface built-in. The
DIF-102 rack holds up to two DIG-2 dual interfaces.
IFB-104 (IFB line Interface)
The IFB-104 is a 1RU panel that directly connects up to four
IFB feeds to the ports of a digital matrix system. Individual or
multiple IFB ear buds or headphones may be used directly from
each connected matrix port.
The IFB-104 does not require external power to drive its
circuitry. Each channel has a rear-mounted wet/dry switch,
allowing either direct connection or powering via a party-line
intercom power supply. The signal from the matrix port is
transformer-coupled to the XLR connector output.
The 1RU TW-60 interface provides support for “Radio
Interoperability” and includes a physical interface point to
connect up to 4 Land Mobile Radios. The interface connects
to earphone, microphone and push-to-talk radio controls. An
audio output delay, to allow key-up time of a radio system on
the outbound side of each connection, is also included with
delay between 0 and 5000ms. Three separate controls for each
radio are provided, Receive level, Transmit level and Delay time.
Interface Modules
TEL-14 (Dual Telephone Interface Module)
E-Que Card
The TEL-14 is a two-line, auto-nulling digital hybrid telephone
interface module, designed for establishing IFB connections
between the main intercom and remote production trucks, and
enabling telephone calls directly from any intercom station in an
Eclipse matrix.
Allows integration between Digital Matrix and CellCom/
FreeSpeak Integra and enables E1 or T1 trunking.
GPI-6 (6-way General Purpose Input Control Module)
The GPI-6 provides six general purpose Opto logic inputs into
the matrix, allowing external sources to trigger routing changes
and other events through the matrix system.
E-FIB Card
Allows dual redundant audio fiber connections to
14 other frames.
IVC-32 Card
Allows IP connectivity to V-Series IP and Concert Clients.
MVX-A16 Card
Allows a 16-channel port connection to panels, 4-wire
audio direct ports and interfaces.
IP Communications VoICE 2.0
AES-6-CX and AES-6-RJ
The 6-channel AES-6-CX module connects V-Series or 4000
digital panels to Eclipse matrices over AES3 digital audio,
providing two audio paths to the intercom panel
CCI-22 (Dual Party-line Ring Interface Module)
The CCI-22 connects two 2-wire full duplex party-line circuits
with the matrix. The interface supports Clear-Com signaling to
and from the matrix system, deriving its power from the external
party-line circuit. Levels and cable nulling are completely
adjustable. The CCI-22 functions with Clear-Com and other
two-wire intercom systems.
Clear-Com VoICE 2.0 frame (Voice over IP Communication
Equipment) provides customers with a low-cost solution to
extending intercom facilities to remote sites. Each 4-way VoICE
interface frame when operating back to back with other frames
provides these connectivity opportunities:
- Up to 4 remote user panels intelligently linked backed
to the Eclipse.
- Up to 4 intelligent trunk lines between remote
matrix systems.
- Up to 4 four-wire Audio pairs and 4 Asynchronous
RS-422 data links between remote sites.
RLY-6 (6-way Relay Control Module)
The RLY-6 provides six fully programmable SPDT (single pole,
double throw) relay outputs, to support dedicated switching
functions external to the matrix system. This provides for
external DC signal light activation or door control, for
FOR-22 (Dual 4-wire Transformer Balance and
Radio Relay Control Module)
The FOR-22 connects two external 4-wire circuits to the matrix.
The module provides proper impedance matching, transformer
isolation and level adjustments between systems. It also
supports external relay activation and call-sense circuitry.
Eclipse Configuration Software
ECS is visual and intuitive by featuring
graphical views of the panels and control
logic (Logic Maestro). ECS has the ability
to apply labels online in real time and setup
control functions to each individual panel
button. This is combined with a series
of drop-down menus to access different
features of the system such as label
assignments, networking, DTMF access, key
functions and much more.
Based on a stand alone or client/server
concept, programming is done from a PC
through Ethernet LAN connections. Status
and diagnostic messages are available,
allowing systems to be maintained remotely.
Key label and audio route changes are
available in real time without download. An
unlimited number of configurations may be
backed up on a computer and downloaded
to the matrix frame as needed.
ECS Key Features:
• Configuration upload from frames
• Familiar PC Application look and feel
• Real time key assignment routes, IFB
and party-line routing
• Centrally set global and local IFB
• Automatic set-up of initial configuration
by hardware discovery and default
factory configuration
• Programmable and real time V-Series
audio routing-mixing
Logic Maestro image
• DTMF dial tone inward access
• Activation of relays, routes, & DTMF
sequences via controls
• Global label based key latch disable
V-Series Audio Mixer
Logic Maestro
• Configuration of frame and panel relay
• Port I/O audio level control
• Centrally set local and global ISO routes
• Logic Maestro allows graphical logic
control programming
(Optional: Passcode required)
Panel Programming
My Systems
• CellCom/FreeSpeak Integra Digital
Wireless beltpack configuration
(Optional: Passcode required)
• 8 programmable pages on a panel
• 4 configuration maps per frame
• Intelligent linking (analog and digital,
trunks and over fiber)
• Hardware graphical diagnostics
and reporting
• Event and status logging
Eclipse Configuration Software
Production Maestro Pro
Production Maestro Pro is an add-on module for Eclipse systems, which provides a
flexible and fast conference and lines routing tool that can manage live external lines in
and out of any small or large intercom central system to remote users’ panels and their
keys. The graphical assignment system enables users to route 4-wire lines to groups
of panel users via conferences in one action. This tool is very useful for technical
operators handling large sports venue lines upstream of studio users.
Production Maestro Pro
Key Features:
• A real-time production tool
• Intuitive drag and drop assignment
• Multi-user synchronized operation
• Multiple levels of undo/redo
• Resilient fault tolerant design
• Audio input level adjustment
• Real-time conference renaming
• 4-wire route monitoring
• Use Key Groups to assign panel keys
as one entity
• Save time by assembling preset
conferences in advance of their
Production Maestro Pro Screenshot
Linking Eclipse Matrix to PC’s and Panels Over IP
The Eclipse matrix, using the IVC-32
card, can now provide up to 4 X 32 IP
connections in and out of the Eclipse
Median or Omega frames. The IVC-32
card has two main purposes: to integrate
Concert v2.0 clients and to enable IP
connection with all V-Series IP enabled
panels. All V-Series panels in the field can
be passcode enabled to use the new IP
connection back to Eclipse matrices over
LAN, WAN or Internet.
The IVC-32 card , using IV Core
technology, provides 32 IP channels,
competing with a greater density than
any other competitor, is cost effective
against the traditionally high cost of
dedicated interface units.
The IVC-32 card, with Concert v2.0
connection directly to Eclipse TDM
matrices, allows a highly configurable
combination of TDM and IP based
communication infrastructures.
This also allows new, highly flexible
workflows to be achieved, for example
combining office areas, normally
outside of live production areas with
the traditional dedicated panel users in
studios or stages.
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