Bosch | BGL4ALLGB | Datasheet | Bosch BGL4ALLGB vacuum cleaner

Product specification sheet concerning the "COMMISSION DELEGATED
REGULATION (EU) No 665/2013"
Trade mark: Bosch
Moder Identifier: BGL4ALLGB
Energy efficiency class: A
Indication of annual energy consumption 28 kWh, based on vacuuming 50 times. Actual annual
energy consumption will depend on how the appliance is used.
Cleaning performance class carpet: C
Cleaning performance class hard floors: B
Dust re-emission class: A
Sound power level: 77 dB
Rated input power: 700 W
Mar 24, 2015
Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH. Postfach 83 01 01, 81701 München, Germany
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