LRP 65848 equipment case

LRP 65848 equipment case
LRP LiPo Safe Box - large 18x8x6 cm
No matter, if for charging or storing – the LiPo Safe Boxes are
the perfect accessory for your LiPo batteries.
Art. no.: 65848
The LRP LiPo Safe Boxes are made of several layers of fire- resistant fibreglass material. So, if worse comes to
worst, the surroundings are protected against fire or leaking electrolyte. These LiPo Safe Boxes are available in two different sizes. The small version is ideally suited for 2S Hardcase LiPo
batteries. A strong Velcro® strap prevents the battery from dropping out of the box. The Safe Boxes feature an
opening for the charging wires.
Security box for LiPo batteries
Safe protection while charging or storing
Made of several layers of fire- resistant fibreglass material
Opening for charge wire connection
Strong Velcro® strap
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