PLProfile4 LED Luminaire

PLProfile4 LED Luminaire
B I G. L I G H T
B I G G E R.
With a rich history unsurpassed by any in the industry, Philips Strand Lighting and Philips Selecon
offer the most comprehensive and competitive range of luminaires, dimming equipment, control
systems and software to answer the creative needs of our customers around the world. Whether
working in theatre, television, film, themed environments or the most sophisticated of architectural applications, we stand ready with the ideal solution for everything from complete systems to
simple individual controls.
In 1914, the Strand Electric Company began serving the lighting needs of London’s theater
district, and in 1926, Century Lighting opened for business in New York City to serve the same
needs for the burgeoning theaters of Broadway. Through the successful union of these two
companies, Strand Lighting was born and set out to become the world’s leading name in stage,
television, motion picture, and architectural lighting.
In 2008, Strand Lighting became part of Royal Philips Electronics, a diversified Health and Wellbeing company focused on improving people’s lives through timely innovations. Now as part of
the Philips Entertainment group, along with Philips Selcon, Philips Strand Lighting continues to
serve the world’s lighting community from our headquarters in Dallas, Texas. We are building on
a century of lighting expertise and remain committed and focused on the development of the
most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly lighting tools for lighting designers
Today more than ever, Philips Strand Lighting and Philips Selecon give designers the absolute
freedom to design the exact system that fits their needs. No other company offers the breadth
of products that we have available and once you learn about the versatility, flexibility, and
cost-savings that our full product line provides, it will become clear that we can provide
complete solutions to meet all of your needs.
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LED Luminaires
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Distributed Control and Power
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Control Consoles
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Fixed Dimmer Racks and Switching
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Stage and Studio Luminaires
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LED Luminaires
Today entertainment production facilities rely on high-wattage Halogen or MSR lamped luminaires that generate unnecessary heat and require costly dimming and switching systems to control them. Accurate color rendering and intensity is critical for film and television productions, while theatrical productions look for a broad
range of subtle colors to enhance their productions.
Philips Selecon has embraced LED technology to deliver unique energy-efficient solutions for theatrical, studio, and display applications. All of our LED luminaires are designed to meet the needs of any lighting designer
whether they desire clean, focused light for performers or subtle color washes for scenic and display elements.
Our luminaires deliver energy efficiency with lower power consumption and significant reductions in heat that affect the physical space, performers and all objects being illuminated; all without any decrease in performance.
PLProfile4 LED Luminaire
PLProfile1 LED Luminaire
The development of the PLProfile 4 LED luminaire started with the
beam and quality of light that we get from an incandescent fixture.
We wanted to create a theatrical lighting instrument that worked
and felt like its incandescent counterpart; from its quality of light,
to its output and dimming. In the PLProfile4 we have achieved just
that, a Profile spotlight that does everything a designer and technician would expect from an incandescent luminaire with the performance, responsiveness, and color you get from a very high output
RGBW LED Luminaire.
The PLProfile1 LED luminaire is a variable beam profile that produces precise beam control and pattern projection from a high output
beam. An innovative combination of LED source technology and
precision optical design, the PLProfile1 delivers exceptional projection quality in a compact, robust luminaire.
The PLProfile4 LED luminaire is an innovative combination of LED
source technology and precision optical design, that expands the
family of PL lighting fixtures and uses four high-power, RGBW LED
chips to deliver endless color options along with precise beam control and pattern projections to give lighting designers everything
they desire in a powerful and compact spot luminaire.
PLCyc1 LED Luminaire
A breakthrough in cyclorama lighting, the PLCyc LED Luminaire
delivers smooth and even color in a compact, light-weight design.
Using only 120 watts to illuminate drops up to 16 feet high, the PLCyc
may be used for top or bottom lighting with fixtures spaced on 5 foot
centers for optimum performance. Each luminaire can replace the
equivalent of a traditional 4-color, 500W Cyc light and a typical cyc
can be powered from a single circuit using our convenient Powercon
cabling system along with standard DMX cables.
PLFresnel1 LED Luminaire
The PLFresnel1 is a general purpose luminaire for theatre, small studio, and display lighting applications. It produces an adjustable cone
of light with a soft edge which is easily blended with adjacent beams
to provide even illumination. Using LED source technology combined
with a traditional Fresnel lens, the PLFresnel1 delivers quality light
without the compromising performance of spreader lenses.
Distributed Control
and Power
For decades, dimming systems have been set up with central dimmer
rooms, with expensive wiring runs to each and every load outlet. It may
have worked, but it is inflexible and very expensive to install. Today, we
are also moving beyond conventional luminaires to LED sources and
automated lighting that requires data as well as power.
Strand Lighting distributed dimming and control products deliver silent
dimming, high-speed data distribution, power, and control solutions for
LED lighting sources with wiring and terminations reduced by over 60%.
Combine this with high-efficiency dimming and reduced air-conditioning
costs and you will have the most energy-efficient lighting control system
possible. So whether you are designing a stage, a church or a television studio our solutions will simplify your installation, save energy and
deliver exceptional performance.
Broadcast studio
Television production can happen anywhere, with many production
facilities located in “found” spaces. Our silent distributed dimming and
control systems allow you to create a studio anywhere without worrying
about expensive and elaborate dimmer rooms and power systems. Now
you can design a complete low-energy studio with LED luminaires and
complete control while significantly reducing your air conditioning costs.
Theatrical Spaces
Quiet, flexible, and cost-effective, our distributed dimming products are
ideal for theatrical installations of any size. Our S21 LED and R21 dimming systems connect seamlessly with our network-based Palette family
of control consoles and architectural controls to form a fully
integrated dimming system. These systems allow you to freely mix conventional, automated and LED lighting loads to deliver an optimum system
that is easy to install and operate.
Houses of worship throughout the country are embracing technology to
enhance the spirit of their services while being mindful of the environment and the energy they use. Whether you are planning a renovation
or building a new facility, our distributed power systems provide the
flexibility to meet the needs of any congregation. Our Palette control
consoles provide computer-assisted memory lighting control, simplifying the operation of even the most complex lighting cues for all types of
new lighting technology.
S21 LED Raceway
The S21 LED raceway is a configurable power and data
distribution system for use with our PL1 and PL3 LED luminaires as well as Color Kinetics Color Blast and ColorBlast
TRX series, plus all conventional lighting sources.
There are three standard modules that may be fitted into
the S21 Led Raceway; a dual IGBT dimmer for conventional
loads, a dual relay module with power and DMX connectors for use with our PL range of focusing LED luminaires,
and a Quad power supply module for ColorKinetics Blast
luminaires. The Quad power supply module features auto
identification and simple patching that does not require
individual luminaire patching as all addressing for these
sources are done on the processor.
Each S21 LED raceway can support any combination of three modules and may be ordered
with a range of hangers to support a variety of
installation configurations.
S21 Dimmer Strip
Ideal for smaller systems, S21 Dimmer Strips may be used
in schools, churches or any facility that does not have space
for conventional dimmer racks, and feature quiet, convection-cooled IGBT dimming for low lamp noise and reliable
operation. Silicon-based IGBT dimmers work in tandem
with a dedicated microprocessor to control almost any type
of lighting load and can easily be fed from standard breaker
Light Pack
Now you can have our most advanced IGBT dimming technology in the palm of your hand. The 750 watt and 1200
watt Light Pack individual dimmers provide the ultimate in
control flexibility, allowing you to have a dimmer right at
your light source wherever and whenever you need it.
LightPack LED
LightPack LED is a new addition to our compact and portable IGBT dimmer range delivering power and data for
two ColorKinetics Color Blasts. Each model has auto identification allowing it to determine how many channels
the connected luminaire requires and will set up the appropriate patch assignments for white, RGB and RGBAW
luminaires. DMX In and Out connectors are standard and
users can choose from a range of mounting brackets.
R21 Powered Raceway
R21 Powered Raceway systems feature quiet, convection-cooled IGBT dimming for low lamp noise and reliable operation, and can be mixed and matched as
needed to create a completely flexible lighting system to
meet the needs of any installation. The heart of the system is our powerful Raceway processor which may be
mounted remotely in an easy to access auxiliary rack.
One processor can control up to 96 dimmers over multiple raceways, and each raceway can have dimmed circuits for conventional luminaires and constant power for
automated lighting systems.
N21 ShowNet Nodes
N21 ShowNet DMX nodes provide cost-effective network connectivity for facilities of all sizes. Each node features two or four DMX connectors that may dynamically
be configured for input or output operation, and based on a
32- bit ARM processor all N21 nodes utilize the Linux operating
systems for stable 10/100BT operation. Plus, Nodes may be
configured with our ShowNet software or with any other web
Control Consoles
Today’s lighting control systems are the hub for controlling every type of
lighting load while handling growing numbers of control channels, even
in small installations. From our basic 100 Series to our full-size Light Palette consoles, we provide reliable easy-to-use control systems that will
meet the creative needs of facilities of any size. Strand Lighting delivers
intuitive operation to simplify programming so that you may realize your
ultimate lighting design.
100 Plus Series Console
The 100 Plus Series consoles are complete with twelve-channel,
two- scene preset, and 24-channel single scene preset operation,
all with a unique hold function in single-scene mode. The 100 Plus
Series has a built in effect operation, split crossfaders with time
fade function, bump buttons, Grand Master and Black out keys, and
are available in 120 or 230/240 volt models.
Preset Palette II
Preset Palette II consoles are full capable memory desks with
unlimited cueing capabilities and up to 8,000 channels of control,
and when students are familiar with preset operation, there is literally no limit to what they can learn from the power and intelligence
of the user-friendly PaletteOS operating system.
250 ML Console
200 Plus Series Console
The 200 Plus Series is available in a 12/24 channel or 24/48 channel
model with two pages of submaster memories, 2-scene preset operation, or expanded single-scene preset operation complete with
up to 24 effects each, up to 99 steps, split crossfaders with time fade
function, bump buttons on all channels, Grand Master and Black out
keys, and are available in 120 or 230/240 volt models.
The next evolution of the popular Series 200 console, the 250 ML
features four encoders and an LCD display screen for quick and easy
automated lighting and LED control. Along with all the standard features found on a preset desk, the 250 ML control console is ideal for
smaller productions with a hybrid of lighting instruments.
Light Palette Classic
Palette VL
The Palette VL family of consoles bridge between the clean and simple
operation of our traditional Palette consoles with the control and
sophistication of our larger Light Palette VL consoles. Palette VL features an integral trackball, moving light encoders and direct action
attribute keys to extend the power of the Palette family of consoles,
all available with 500 to 8000 channels.
Light Palette Classic combines powerful moving light control with
a traditional two timed-split crossfaders and 12-combination submaster/playback fader console. The four rotary encoders and a
built in touchpad along with sophisticated onscreen controls provide a depth of control never seen before in a conventional console.
Rack Palette
Whether you are programming a large production, running a live
event that needs the security of tracking backup electronics, or
working in a Show control environment, Rack Palette can meet
your needs.
Light Palette Live
The Light Palette Live performance console has 48 powerful submaster faders for exceptional hands-on control and offers unlimited pages of submaster assignments along with 12 playback faders
for multiple cue stacks for quick access to all aspects of your show.
The Light Palette command line operation makes setting up and
programming your show a breeze with an intuitive and easy- to-use
traditional command structure.
Wireless Focus Remote
The Strand Wireless Focus Remote provides full graphical connectivity to all PaletteOS based control consoles.
Light Palette VL
The Light Palette VL is our most advanced moving light console with
24 submasters and a 100 key direct action keypad. The direct action keypad speeds your production with direct selection of lights,
positions, colors or any other moving light attribute. Our universal
attribute control for automated lighting provides lighting control
the way you design, while the moving light effects generator and
extensive fixture library allow you to always get the most out of
your moving light rig.
Palette PC
Now you have the power of conventional and moving light control
available directly on your PC. Available with either 250 or 500 channels, PalettePC lighting control offers you every feature available on
any Palette or LightPalette control desk in a simple to use graphical
Fixed Dimmer Racks
and Switching
While luminaires are changing rapidly, designers have the option to choose from a wide variety of conventional,
incandescent, low-voltage fluorescent and LED sources.  Strand Lighting is pleased to offer designers a complete
range of dimmers that have precise control over every type of lighting load.  Our IGBT dimming technology is the
most efficient and flexible dimmer on the market and is designed to flawlessly dim incandescent, low-voltage and
phase controlled dimmable fluorescent and LED loads.  Each IGBT dimmer delivers optimum, quiet performance
for all filament-based loads without the large voltage drop found in conventional chokes. IGBT dimming allows
you to future proof your facility with precise dimming and control for today’s lighting loads and the newest generation of LED lighting. Safe, reliable and rugged our systems will deliver years of service to your facility.
C21 Dimmer System
The C21 Dimmer System represents premium performance and
high value for all levels of users. Designed to interface directly
with Strand Lighting’s ShowNet Ethernet, C21 supports an Ethernet port and an optional integral Ethernet switch. Two DMX inputs
are standard with either input available for for integration to our architectural system.
All SSR dimmers feature high-performance chokes. IGBT dimmers
are available in dual 20 amp modules and single 50 amp modules
with integrated status reporting for the ultimate in quiet dimming
for a wide range of loads. The C21 system may be fully populated
with dual IGBT dimmers or mixed with standard SSR dimmers and
True Sine Wave Modules in the same rack offering the best value
and performance. Modules are available for fluorescent and low
voltage dimming as well as sine wave and non dim modules for
power switching. C21 Dimmer systems feature a universal 24 and
48-module rack design that provides support for 90-260 volt operation.
A21 Dimming System
The A21 dimming systems modular design allows them to be flexible
and may be tailored to the varying needs of any architectural or
entertainment application. Each cabinet is a pre-wired enclosure
that can house either three, six or nine power modules.
A21 Power Modules are available in dual and quad power module
formats that are available in a variety of ratings for incandescent/
inductive (low voltage, neon and cold cathode), fluorescent, LED,
and non-dim loads. A21 features standard SCR and quiet IGBT dimmer modules that are simple to install and configure.
All A21 IGBT dimmer modules support our Active Power Management technology which allows each dimmer to report load status
and set a maximum load on a per dimmer basis in one amp increments.
Propack Dimmer
The Propack Dimmer provides high-density, high-power dimming in a compact 2U rack mount package. Each Propack features 12 dimmers connected to Socapex, for 230 volt markets,
and adds a stage pin output for 120 volt markets to meet a wide
range of applications. All Propack Dimmers feature our popular
flat-front circuit breakers that provide clear tripped-status indication and have no toggle handles that can break off. Control is supplied with our simple to set up and use digital processor.
Stage and Studio Luminaires
Philips Selecon has won an enviable reputation, becoming the recognized leader in fixed luminaire
technology for theatrical and entertainment lighting.  We are deeply committed to developing the
best and broadest range of lighting tools for designers, technicians and theatre owners around the
world. The latest optical and manufacturing technologies together with leading performance and ease
of operation are a winning combination, and our luminaires light the stages of the world every day.
SPX represents a fresh new look at the ellipsoidal profile and has
been developed to meet the evolving needs of 21st century entertainment lighting practices. The SPX luminaire is outstanding in
its class with many new and innovative features while still retaining the intuitive controls, beam angles and appearance that you’re
familiar with so there’s no need to re-learn your craft. Available
in 14°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° Fixed Beam models and also 15°-35°
and 25°-50° Zoomspots, the SPX is the first ERS to fully exploit the
output and successfully deal with the high heat associated with the
latest generation compact filament 750W lamps.
Engineered with the needs of all lighting designers in mind, Strand
LEKO LITE luminaires offer a wide range of rugged and dependable lighting instruments for the entertainment industry. These
luminaires provide exceptional performance at an affordable price
with excellent light output, superb distribution, and the smoothest soft edge; while maintaining beam size for sharp gobo, edge,
and shutter focus. Whether your needs are for a small theatre,
studio, display lighting, church, school, or a Broadway production;
LEKO LITE luminaires provide designers with the tools needed to
create the perfect look.
With a wide range of ellipsoidals delivering a “cool” beam of light,
the Pacific luminaire family of products delivers a crisp “white” light
with little or no distortion, ideal for gobo projection and precise beam
shaping. Plus, the Pacific family of fixtures is energy efficient with
active heat management system that delivers longer life for filters
and shutters.
Acclaim Axial Zoomspot
The latest in filament lamps is combined with the efficiency of an
axial reflector system and a custom optical design to produce an ellipsoidal fixture with the precise beam control necessary for stage
Studio Panel LED Luminaire
Studio Panel is a compact light weight LED luminaire designed for
both studio and location use featuring tunable white color temperature control from 3000K to 6000K and requiring just 50 watts.
The battery power input uses industry standard batteries and the
Studio Panel is available with a range of holographic diffusers.
PL3 LED Focusing Wash Luminaire
The PL3 Focusing Wash Luminaires are a focusable wash light family
for all entertainment applications. The PL3 Wash harnesses the power of three LED light engines producing light levels comparable to a
1000W fresnel, but with a power consumption of less than 400 watts.
PL1 LED Touring Wash Luminaire
The PL1 LED Touring Luminaire uses a single, high-powered RBGW
chip to deliver endless color options and is complete with mounting
enhancements. The C-Clamp plate allows for C-Clamp, Side Arms,
and most bolt mount requirements while the locking handle easily
places the PL1 LED at the perfect angle.
Acclaim PC & Fresnel
Ideal for small theatres, studios, and display lighting applications, the
Acclaim PC and Fresnel family is affordable, safe and easy-to-use
general purpose lighting with excellent output.
Rama PC & Fresnel
The Rama PC and Fresnel family features exceptional performance
and operational features from a technologically advanced range,
featuring an internal heat management system and our Fast Focus
Technology option. These fixtures provide outstanding light output
and unmatched beam quality.
Arena PC & Fresnel
Selecon Cyclorama and Flood lights
Selecon offers a broad range of cyclorama and flood lighting luminaires suitable for lighting backdrops of any size from the compact
Hui range to the full size Aurora.
Unmatched light output and beam control with excellent beam
quality are typical features of the Arena PC and Fresnel family.
Fixtures are available as 8 inch/200mm or high-performance 10
inch/250mm lens luminaires for general long throw lighting applications. Arena PC and Fresnel fixtures offer far superior light
output at a moderate cost.
Display Luminaires
Philips Selecon Display luminaires extend our theatrical heritage to the art of display lighting. “Theatre on the
inside” is a recurring theme that our design and optical engineers have applied to every display product where
we design each product around our core principals of precision, performance, simplicity and safety.  Our display luminaires include secure settings to maintain your projects design parameters over extended periods of
time and are designed for ease of maintenance and operation.
The Selecon Display Profile (SDP) is a sophisticated lighting instrument of timeless appearance with accurate beam shaping, two
beam angle ranges: 15°-35° and 25°-50°, and precision projection
optics. Plus, Allen key lock-offs and reference scales for your adjustments offer the means to effectively assure the integrity of
the original lighting design always stays in place. The SDP delivers
on the Selecon brand promise for performance (efficient optical
system; high quality gobo projections); precision (accurate beam
shaping; locking focus adjustments) and simplicity (intuitive operation).
Wing Wall Washer Flood
Wing Wall Washer Flood fixtures are designed for the high-quality
and efficient illumination of walls and general display lighting. With
a visually even wash of light with high color rendering to evenly illuminate walls up to 19 feet or higher, beam edges are well-defined
but “soft” allowing adjacent beams to blend together without distracting highlights. Available in Tungsten halogen and Metal Halide
models, the integrated stylish design will have a minimal visual impact on your architectural space; and the repeatability of performance is guaranteed through the extruded reflector design.
PL1 LED Luminaire
A revolutionary breakthrough in lighting, the PL1 LED Luminaire
is the first LED light source that delivers full control of beam color composition irrespective of intensity. Drawing on the LED light engine
technology developed within the Philips Entertainment group, the
PL1 easily meets the everyday challenges of illuminating the world’s
museums, art galleries and stages as a lighting instrument that extends the creative possibilities of light while significantly reducing
the impact on the environment.
Astral CDM Axial Zoomspot
The Astral Axial Zoomspot combines a high quality projector-like
beam with a long-life (9000 hour) CDM display lamp. This fixture
is available in 18-34 and 24-44 degree beam angles, and the lens
modules are interchangeable without the use of tools.
PL House LED Luminaire
Drawing on technology and specific insight, nurtured and developed with in the Philips Entertainment group the PL House Light
LED Luminaire offers an RGBW 50,000 hour replacement for 300
and 500 watt halogen house lights. Being an RGBW LED luminaire
the PL House light also aides in the overall lighting design of a production giving designers the control and flexibility to immerse the
audience in color.
Aureol Beamspot
Utilizing the MR16 range of lamps, The Aureol Beamspot provides
excellent light control and features for display and commercial
lighting applications. With a hinged opening body for easy re-lamping, the Aureol Beamspot has integrated accessory and two filter
mounting slots. Some versions are available with anintegral onboard dimmer, and all models are available with 20 or 50W 12 volt
MR16 lamp sources.
Aureol Fresco Flood
Providing an even wash of light from a wide variety of light sources,
the Aureol Fresco Flood is the ideal wall washer or subject flood for
both display and commercial lighting applications.
Aureol Recessed Beamshaper
Aureol Beamshaper
The Aureol BeamShaper is an accessory that mounts directly onto
an Aureol Beamspot, turning the Beamspot into a 26-50 degree
zoom ellipsoidal fixture with four integral shutters. With aspheric
lenses to maximize light output and projection clarity, the Beamshaper also has integrated gobo mounting inside the fixture body;
and a rotatable lens barrel allows image rotation, with the screw
lock off.
The Aureol Recessed Beamshaper brings the use of projection and
the control of light in a fully recessed format to the architectural
lighting market. The unit allows the lighting effect to be the feature
without the luminaire being seen.
Architectural Control
With uncertain energy costs and stringent energy codes, today’s facility designers are facing
more obstacles to satisfy clients, meet complicated energy initiatives, and finish the project
on time and on budget. Strand Lighting’s range of architectural lighting control systems helps
you meet all of these needs and give you complete creative control. True energy savings come
from a combination of processes that culminate in an optimum design, and we give designers
the tools to deliver real value to their clients.
Through a complete product range that includes everything from touchscreen-based timeclocks and event schedulers that turn lights off and on when needed, to photocell controls that
allow you to take advantage of the natural daylight, we give you the freedom to optimize each
system for its continued ideal performance.
Our broad range of products are fully integrated allowing you to create a complete solution
for an entire facility whether you are dimming houselights in a theatre, the lobby of a hotel or
switching lights on and off in any space, we have the products that will meet your needs.
Strand System Builder
Strand System Builder is a lighting control design software package
that facilitates the design and specification of Strand Lighting control products. This simple-to-use program guides users step-bystep through the process of selecting the right lighting control solution to fit any need, from architectural to theatrical and everything
in between. Best of all, Strand System Builder is free to download
and use so that you can design and create your entire lighting controls schedule with confidence.
Vision.Net touchscreen technology is designed to bring exceptional
control and flexibility to your project. Whether you are designing a
board room or a large hotel and convention center complex, Vision.
Net provides a wide range of fully scalable solutions. Easy to set up
and program, touchscreens can be combined with control stations,
offering a wide range of push button and slider stations to meet the
needs of any system. Any system command may be programmed to
any pushbutton in your system for exceptional flexibility.
Vision.Net opens a connection to our powerful range of entertainment lighting control systems, providing large scale control for any
interactive display or presentation in today’s modern themed environments.
Contact Relay Panels
Contact Relay Panels are ideal for a wide range of control and energy management applications and are available in four panel sizes
for 12, 24, 36 and 48 relay variants. The system’s integrated time
clock provides full astronomical control for hundreds of events
with full day-of-the-week and calendar scheduling. Contact Relay
Panels are easy to set up and configure with a simple walk-around
interface for connecting control stations to relays, as well as a computer-based configuration for advanced installations. Additionally,
Contact Relay Panels support Active Power Management technology that will report load status and may have a maximum load set
on a per relay basis in one amp increments.
Environ 3 Wallbox Dimmer
Environ 3 is a revolutionary networked system of line voltage master keypads, wallbox dimmers, and infrared remotes that provide
flexible multi-scene dimming capability at a remarkably affordable
cost, yet are easy to install, easy to program, and easy to operate.
Simply use the “purple wire” (line voltage communication) to connect the master control stations with the dimmers and Environ 3 is
ready to provide an endless array of lighting scenes all at the touch
of a single button.
Contact Power Pack
Contact Power Pack is a complete system of occupancy sensing and
daylight harvesting solutions to fit your energy conservation needs.
Utilizing multiple detection technologies, Contact Power Pack sensors are the first true sensors with the intelligence to discern between
human occupancy/vacancy and the movement of air, plants, curtains,
and other inanimate objects. This extremely accurate technology,
combined with the intelligence to learn and adjust to your uses of
the space, will not only save energy by turning on the lights only
when you need them, but will minimize inconvenience to you by
not turning them off at the wrong time.
A World of Service
and Support
Philips Entertainment, through our network of dealers
and distributors and backed by our team of factory
support staff, can deliver a broad range of services
to meet the needs of any project.
From our offices in the United States,
Europe, Hong Kong and New Zealand,
we provide everything from spare
parts to design engineering and
project management in cooperation
with our representatives, distributors
and dealer partners.
Technical data, product information
and our popular design tool System
Builder are available on our Philips
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