Philips 12362XVB2 Datasheet

Philips 12362XVB2 Datasheet
Philips X-tremeVision
car headlight bulb
12 V
55 W
Feel safe, drive safe
100% more light: boost your vision on the road
Boost your vision with X-tremeVision! Philips X-tremeVision offers up to 100% more light
and a beam that's up to 115 feet longer (compared to a standard halogen bulb) for drivers
who want to see farther.
DOT Compliant
• Philips X-tremeVision headlights are DOT compliant
For maximum comfort and safety
• X-tremeVision projects a beam that's up to 115 ft longer*
High quality upgrade headlight
• Maximum driving comfort and safety
Original Equipment manufacturer
• Philips is the choice of all major car manufacturers.
• Replace your headlights in pairs for more safety
Car headlight bulb
H11 12 V, 55 W
Electrical characteristics
• Voltage: 12 V
• Wattage: 55 W
Marketing specifications
• Expected benefits: More light
• Product highlight: 100% more light
• Product type: Headlights
Light characteristics
• Life time: 300+ hrs
• Color temperature: 3400 K
Product description
Application: Low beam, Front fog
Technology: Halogen
Base: PGJ19-2
DOT Compliant
Range: X-tremeVision
Type: H11
Ordering information
• Order entry: 12362XVB2
• Ordering code: 77717358
Packaging Data
• EAN1: 046677717353
• Packaging type: Twin pack
High quality and visibility
X-tremeVision provides you with a better reactivity
thanks to an earlier recognition of obstacles and traffic
signs. Light is a fundamental part of the driving
experience and light is the first and only part of the
safety circle that actually helps prevent accidents.
Philips promotes active safety protection to prevent
accidents by increasing overall visibility and road
Car manufacturer choice
For 100 years, Philips has been on the forefront of the
automotive lighting industry, introducing technological
innovations that have become standard on modern
cars. Today, one in three cars worldwide is equipped
with Philips lighting.
DOT compliant
DOT/ SAE and ECE certification and homologation
Replace in pairs
It is highly recommended to replace your headlights in
pairs for symmetric light performance.
Up to 100% more light
Based on a unique filament design and optimized
geometry, X-tremeVision is engineered with state-ofthe-art technology for ultimate performance and
bright, white light where it matters the most.* than a
standard halogen headlight
Issue date 2015-04-15
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