Wacebo Europe TeachBus Three
TEACHBUS #7154 Recharge &Storage,lrolley
TeachBus notebook/tablet recharge trolley
TeachBus is a recharge/storage unit for notebook/netbook/tablet.
The system has programmable timer to set recharge phases of the devices. ss
Trolley has two front doors (closed by a safety lock with unique key) for access to the devices's compartment
and two behind doors (closed by a safety lock with unique key) for access to the recharge compartment.
TeachBus is a trolley easy-to-use and easy-to-move with four wheels with brake and two ergonomic aluminium
TeachBus has two fans for forced air circulation and loopholes for natural air circulation.
Electrical units can be powered through the Power Management System-power sequencer, which regulates
the power and allows all devices to charge from a single outlet.
Room provided on the top shelf for a work platform or for use with printers, projectors and scanners.
All trolleys are in CE, LVD, EMC, ISO certification.
TeachBus Three
ISO, CE, LVD, EMC certification
Mem TeachBusThree — Main material: plastic & aluminum
Input voltage AC 100-240V Capacity: 32 positions
Output voltage DC 5V/2.1A Storage panel for laptop/printer/monitor
Maximum load 1000W Best lock door
Compartments/Bays 2*16 (32 total)
Compartments material ABS Engineering plastic
Cooling mode Ventilation holes
Overcurrent protection Optional
Leakage protection Optional
Smart timer Optional
Power Management System Optional
ro ns 905x500x1060
Net weight About 75kg
Via Gianluigi Bonelli, 40-00127 Rome - ITALY
Tel (0039) 06.98383431 | Fax (0039) 06.98383432
website www.teach-sys.com | e-mail [email protected]
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